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 Carnival Phantasm

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Star Seed

Star Seed

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Carnival Phantasm Empty
PostSubject: Carnival Phantasm   Carnival Phantasm I_icon_minitime17th February 2019, 11:39 am

hey all,

any Fate fans? I came across this anime Carnival Phantasm on YouTube through
it's catchy opening on a "Try Not to Sing or Dance Anime Challenge". the anime
is really cute. basically it's a rip on the Fate series and Tsukihime (I never saw
either one.) there are these catlike beings the Aherene (?) and they own this
shop/pub and "host" the Carnival Phantasm, an event where every ten years
characters from different universes converge to socialize and play in whatever.
one episode is a game show, another is a soap opera, another is a Grand Prix.
the common joke is the character Lancer who is always dying. one YouTuber
made the comment "I watched a back-to-back marathon of Fate/Zero and
Unlimited Blade Works. I needed this SOOOOO bad!" so this is obviously the
cure to a depressing series. anyway, do we watch it and if so, what is our favorite
episode. comments are welcome.


Good luck in your new bed. Enjoy your nightmares while you're resting your head. Very Happy
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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Carnival Phantasm Empty
PostSubject: Re: Carnival Phantasm   Carnival Phantasm I_icon_minitime17th February 2019, 9:20 pm

Yo! I used to be big on the Fate/ series back in the day (2005(?)) right before or just as it was being adapted into an anime in Japan. I first found out about it when my dad took my brother, cousins, and I out to lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant and toy store. I remember seeing a figurine of Saber posing with a sword on one of the shelves. I thought she looked really cool so I made a mental note of her and then found a fan-sub of the anime on Youtube shortly after. xD

I kind of lost touch with the series after Fate/Grand Order became a thing (not a fan of this game, sorry people!), but I am definitely interested in the three-part movie adaptation of the original visual novel, and I would like to see an anime adaptation made for the Fate/ Hollow Ataraxia visual novel.

Carnival Phantasm was pretty entertaining--especially if you were familiar with the visual novels and the original memes. The jokes around Lancer's E-rank luck and Rider's riding skills were A+++. As for favorite skits, I liked the one where Berserker had to go to the store for Illya to get batteries, and the one where the characters had to race each other.


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Carnival Phantasm

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