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 [Multiverse] [WIP] [Relaxed] Cagney Carnation

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[Multiverse] [WIP] [Relaxed] Cagney Carnation Empty
PostSubject: [Multiverse] [WIP] [Relaxed] Cagney Carnation   [Multiverse] [WIP] [Relaxed] Cagney Carnation I_icon_minitime4th April 2019, 5:20 pm

Relaxed Character Profile
Character Name: Cagney Carnation
Gender: Male
Age: late 20s
Universe: Cuphead; Don't Deal With the Devil
Canon or Original: Canon
Character Image: [Multiverse] [WIP] [Relaxed] Cagney Carnation 1111111 [Multiverse] [WIP] [Relaxed] Cagney Carnation 22222211 [Multiverse] [WIP] [Relaxed] Cagney Carnation 33333311
From left to right: first form(fakeout), second form (normal), Third form (plant monster).

Personality Traits: NOTE: all except one are head-canons, as noted with an asterisk. See Universe Specific Information as to why. 

  • *Cunning: He is able to trick the cup brothers into thinking he's just a normal flower, then blindside them before the fight begins. 
  • jerky-loner: The guy just spends his time under his tree, minding his own business and scaring off others. He just wants to be left alone, and is pretty snotty to anyone who's somehow managed to get on his good side- the term good side being used loosely. 
  • sarcastic and grumpy: While he can be talkative, it wouldn't be without insults or expletives under his breath. He's not a people person, and will be the first to let you know. Never short of snarky responses, He's been forced to socialize with others after the cup brothers freed everyone in the land from the Devils' contracts. They won't stop bothering him at his place on top of the hill, under the biggest tree. People just won't leave him alone!
  • fearless & reckless: Unlike other plant-kind, the guy doesn't have the same self-preservation worries that the others do. While others would rather slink away from conflict, he'll face it-sometimes, initiating it. Wile other plants would flee from combat, he'll jump right in. He's not even terrified of fire-just cautious about it-wouldn't you be cautious of something that would burn you to a crisp in a matter of minutes? He's not afraid of rapid moving water either-another strange thing. Most plants are unable to fight any form of current due to their light and fragile, or even thinly-built natures. 
  • An unknown past:Nobody knows where he came from, other then he's not a native to the islands. He just showed up under the biggest tree on Isle I one day, scaring everything and anyone off if they dared to approach his new territory. Nobody knows what his wish was either-and he's the only flower that's ever sold their soul. What would a plant want bad enough to give up their very being? Whenever any questions are brought up, he just ignores it or pretend the question wasn't even asked. The same can be said if anyone asks about his reckless habits. 
  • accidental guardian: Along with his strange arrival, certain flower breeds have, for one reason or another, located their growing spots to the areas around his tree. It's become quite the flowerbed, and some of the new saplings sometimes take on his appearance slightly. These little Daisy saplings very fond of him, and look up to him as a parent or leader. They'll frequently approach his tree and bug him with all sorts of things-which is especially unique, since plant kind don't have functional voice boxes or are capable of speech until adolescence. Cagney has never had a mate, so he's as confused as anybody as to how these little fellas have some of his traits. He's tried many things over the years to get them to leave and grow somewhere else, but each season a new batch always pops up after the previous batch matures and leaves the grounds to start their own lives. (IMPORTANT NOTE:this headcanon about the daises is based on an in-game level of running and gunning platforming, where small flowers rush at the player-suspiciously looking a bit like Cagney. The level is also located in the same forest where Cagney's boss level is located-so it's become a popular headcanon.)
  • quietly cares: Cagney's gotten into more fights protecting the Daisies then he's ever willing to admit. They are quite small before they reach the age of being able to live away from the flowerbed, as most sentient-flowers are. Cagney's fought off quite a few wildlife encounters-his tree's on the edge of a forest, after all. He's also been known to keep an eye on the rest of Isle I from the tree-mostly after the Devil was defeated, along with stopping larger creatures, sentient and non-sentient, from bothering the homes below. It is unknown to most of other citizens of Isle I, just how often this occurs-though few are becoming suspicious. Cagney's thorns don't come off easily, and scratches and scars don't come from nowhere.  

Universe Specific Information: Since the video game Cagney comes from is a Boss-Rush game with no dialogue between characters, aside from the cup brothers and the two major villains of the game, there's a LOT we don't know about Cagney in canon. What we do know is mostly implied through the fight itself, a fight that would last a total of 1-3 minutes. Like all the other "bosses" in the game, he did sell his soul to the devil in the form of a soul contract that would later be taken from him by Cuphead and Mugman upon his defeat. While there are many ideas as to what his contract actually was-much like the other bosses in the game-it is all merely speculation. His personality, likes and dislikes, past, even speech patterns or quirks are all down to fan-interpretation and head-canons as well.
What is canon is that he sold his soul for something, and he booked it to keep the Devil from getting it, like all the other debtors. He is also considered to be the final boss of Isle (or chapter) one out of four, though some players may get him as the fourth isle one boss due to how the locations unlock. 
He also has three forms or stages during his boss fight, including various attacks. The first stage starts with him seemingly looking like an everyday innocent flower, but quickly turns into the opposite. He's able to stretch his face beyond the petals to take up the entire screen, and have his face turn into a Gatling machine gun that shoots out a variety of seeds. These seeds land on the ground and sprout various small plant monsters to cause the player harm. 
The second stage is when we see that he has the ability to sprout legs and stand, rather then stay rooted into the ground. While doing the same attacks as in the first stage, he is able to summon a white boomerang from in between his hands, as well as what looks to be odd seed pods in sets of threes that home in on the player. 
The third stage is when he tugs on his petals in frustration and completely shifts forms. He looks like more of a monster now-deeply rooted into the ground with vines able to cover the entire bottom of the stage. These thick, long and thorny vines shoot up at the player from the ground at a rapid pace, while he's able to throw what looks like white pollen blades at the player with his tongue, that is now shaped like an arm. His teeth also become larger and sharper.
Upon defeat, his facial features sink in to the point where he looks hollow and his petals seem wilted. 
In regards to the game over screens you get when fighting him, they're puns or one-liners retaining to his literal nature and the battle, much like any other boss fight the player would encounter. There are only two: "Fools who attempt to fight this will leave with allergic rhinitis" and "Extreme pollination and total domination" 
At the ending cut-scene of the game, if the player has chosen to refuse to give the contracts to the Devil, he is seen with the rest of the bosses upon Cuphead and Mugman's return after freeing all their contracts. He is in his first form, the form of a simple harmless flower. In the final shot of the scene, Cuphead and Mugman are being held up by his hand as celebrations are being held for their victory. 

Storyline Specific Information: 
Synthesasia: Drawn in Steel- Cagney woke up one morning to discover the entire landscape has changed. There are new buildings, and far more humans then there ever were. Even the clothing is different! And yet everyone is acting like this is how it always was-even the previous debtors, and especially Cuphead and Mugman! The isles don't even seem to exist anymore-the locations of each Isle seemingly scattered randomly on this new continental landscape. Before he begins to doubt his sanity, as even the little daisies seem unaffected by this new plight-he meets Cat. She's a human that works at the thieves guild-the one that's never existed before-that is now right next to the tree and flowerbed he calls his territory. She seems to be aware of things being incorrect as well, and it becomes clear to the pair that their lands have been inexplicably merged together. Being the only two to remember how things really are, can this unlikely duo get to the bottom of things-before it's too late? *Additional info TBA as the RP progresses.* 

Additional Information: Nothing really, but please remember that nearly all of this profile is written based on head-canon, due to the genuine lack of information presented in the video game he comes from. That and I kinda felt like shifting his in-game attacks a little, so they weren't quite as silly or nearly as overpowering. I mean, the ability to constantly create seeds that would produce vicious plant monsters? That's overpowering as heck, wow. He'd still have some of them, but they're presented a bit differently as they are in the game as I see fit, so to speak. I've also added three powers/traits, feeling like they'd fit him being a living plant a bit more in place of the abilities removed. The canon abilities removed are the pollen bladed attack, the boomerang attack, the stretchy face attack, and how the bullets can spawn a variety of plant monsters.  

Power list for RP use and alterations:

  • First form fakeout-is still in use. Cagney takes on a non-threatening appearance. His arms become simple petals, his thorns retract, and his face turns into the most innocent thing imaginable. He only does this to throw people off their mark and off their guard. He actually hates this ability with a burning passion, as he takes pride in how his natural form is off-putting, but it at least proves for more then a few laughs. Plus, the look on people's faces when he shifts back to normal is one of his favorite things to watch. (what a total jerk)
  • Gatling gun- Is still in use, but the Gatling gun forms with both of his hands clasped together for a bit more of plant-ish style instead of rubber-hose cartoon logic having being formed from his face.
  • seed bullets-still in use, but do not sprout vines or produce living creatures that attack others. Basically normal bullets.
  • Tracing missiles pods-still in use, but come from the gun that his hands now become.
  • sticky-hand tongue thing-still in use because it's funny and I have to keep something original here. It can happen at any time now, rather then just his third form. When he's in his normal form, it's just a normal tongue with a little hand thing at the end of it, though. 
  • Third form shifting-He is still able to shift into this form, but doesn't shoot anything out of his mouth. Instead of being immobile, he'll be able to move a bit, though the form is still cumbersome. Cagney doubles in size. He'll no longer be able to use any gun abilities, but will gain the ability to overgrow and control vines to his content, regardless of thickness. Cagney takes on a more predatory and monstrous appearance, and can easily use his jaws to rip and shred things apart. However, this transformation limits his speech abilities, and wounds sustained while in this form are kept upon returning to normal, but have the chance to be more severe-since his normal form is much smaller and weaker. For instance, a small wound on his side larger form may seem small, but the wound size will stay the same regardless of his size-and become much larger when he returns to normal. 
  • NEW POWER: regeneration-Cagney is a plant, so their wounds can close much faster then other species. He's also able to lose limbs, though re-growth would take some time, depending on the amount of damage. Injuries can still be life threatening, however, if not mended in time by outside sources.
  • NEW POWER: limber-he's a long and lanky boy in his normal form, so he's quite flexible. he's fairly strong as well, and is able to lift far more then what you think he would-doubly so if he's in his third form. Climbing is quite easy as well, he's able to navigate the forest he lives near with incredible ease. 
  • NEW POWER: thorn detachment-a rather painful but powerful attack-even more so in his third form. He'd be able to shoot all thorns off of his body to spray around randomly. This could be done to escape a predator or enemy if they've happened to immobilize or trap him with one or as an all-out attack. This power, however, has a decent punishment for using it. The spots where the thorns were become open wounds-wouldn't you have wounds if you shot off your claws or fingernails? These wounds are not life threatening, but will take longer to heal-and the thorns won't be back for use of a similar attack for quite a while. Because of this, he never uses it-and it becomes double-hazardous to use in his third form. 

Source: (Am I just able to stick the boss fight with him as a source? It's literally less then two minutes, and it's literally all the in-game footage we've got of the guy. Will erase upon request)
vid of cagney fight:

RP Sample:


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[Multiverse] [WIP] [Relaxed] Cagney Carnation

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