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 Mamoru's Missing Perspective

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PostSubject: Mamoru's Missing Perspective   Mamoru's Missing Perspective I_icon_minitime15th April 2019, 6:22 am

So, I've been thinking about this while rewatching the first season of the 90s anime with the club...

There seems to be a sudden shift after Mamoru starts to "date" Rei where a lot sort of goes on that we don't see from his perspective. Suddenly he's hanging out at the arcade. Suddenly he's got some private thoughts about Usagi that aren't just "what a weird girl" and he actually tries to talk to her. (The one line I noticed is translated by VI as something like 'I guess we're not compatible after all'... I'll go look it up and correct later if needed XDD.)

Anyways, I want to say that a lot of this is probably stemming from the fact that Rei is constantly trying to get into his life and probably talks his ear off about her own life which of course has started to center around Usagi very quickly... And I guess maybe he's asking Motoki about her after the three of them realie their mutual connection... (Y'know, I have to assume he has some sort of natural interest in her and just asks about her 'cause... Well, because he's Mamoru and she's Usagi XD.) But I really wish there was more exposition of his thoughts and actions pre-Nephrite especially but really all through until their mutual identity reveal in the Starlight Tower. I feel like this off-screen development is what has given a lot of fans the impression that his character is actually personality-less in Season 1 or at least is entirely different from the personality we see develop in the later seasons. 

It's one of those "blink and you'll miss it" sort of things I think... There are a few little hints as to what's going on with Mamoru, but I feel like it would take some effort to really follow them properly instead of just leaving each episode with a vague impression that things are progressing (or not progressing >.>). I intended to go back and carefully watch each episode to note down all the small interactions they have and ones between Mamoru and their mutual acquaintances but... I can't do that and keep up with the club's rewatch atm ^^;;;. So maybe some other time or if someone else has the inclination... Also, I do wonder if the audio drama(s??) from the first season might shed a tiny bit more light on what was going on with him at the time... So much else happens in the first 35 episodes that it's hard to squeee everything out but it'd be nice anyways XD.

I hope this all makes sense. Does it resonate with anyone at all?


Mamoru's Missing Perspective BcBCRaS

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Mamoru's Missing Perspective

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