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 Pack-a-Picnic Contest

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Sailor Mercury
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Sailor Mercury

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Pack-a-Picnic Contest Empty
PostSubject: Pack-a-Picnic Contest   Pack-a-Picnic Contest I_icon_minitime17th May 2019, 9:03 am

Pack-a-Picnic Contest CokezUf

Hmmm.... this is quite a conundrum! There's always a picnic under the cherry blossom trees, a time to relax with friends and enjoy the beauty of spring after the chill of winter has thawed, but this year Makoto is struggling with the menu! She just has too many ideas, so she needs your help to figure out the menu!

Show your creativity and let's pack a delicious picnic for everyone to enjoy!

Pack-a-Picnic Contest QUvrKdx Entry Form Pack-a-Picnic Contest QUvrKdx
What's in your picnic basket? Tell us what you packed! Savory sandwiches? Delicious cookies? Fresh fruit? Maybe it's a balanced meal or maybe it's a bunch of snacks that fit a particular theme! It's up to you!
Who did you invite? Is everyone invited, or is this a smaller picnic for a few friends?
Blank Entry Form Code:

Pack-a-Picnic Contest QUvrKdx How to Enter Pack-a-Picnic Contest QUvrKdx
• Fill out the entry form!
• PM your entry form to Sailor Mars no later than Saturday, May 25! (Please use "Picnic Contest Entry" as the subject. Don't send it to Sailor Mercury, make sure it goes to Sailor Mars!)
• Don't post your entry or tell anyone what you came up with! Keep it a secret until after the winner is announced!

Pack-a-Picnic Contest QUvrKdx Important Dates Pack-a-Picnic Contest QUvrKdx
Saturday, May 25 - Last day to submit an entry!
Sunday, May 26 - Voting begins!
Tuesday, May 28 - Voting ends!
Wednesday, May 29 - Winner announced!

Anyone who submits an entry and votes in this contest earns the participant bumper!
Pack-a-Picnic Contest Ov2KdOb
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Pack-a-Picnic Contest Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pack-a-Picnic Contest   Pack-a-Picnic Contest I_icon_minitime18th May 2019, 9:59 am



Pack-a-Picnic Contest 20988_vPack-a-Picnic Contest 20988_sPack-a-Picnic Contest 36226_v
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PostSubject: Re: Pack-a-Picnic Contest   Pack-a-Picnic Contest I_icon_minitime18th May 2019, 12:55 pm

sent in!


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Lotus Crystal

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Pack-a-Picnic Contest Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pack-a-Picnic Contest   Pack-a-Picnic Contest I_icon_minitime18th May 2019, 3:42 pm

Sent mine too!


Pack-a-Picnic Contest Cdbtqb10Pack-a-Picnic Contest AngelicsakuraPack-a-Picnic Contest Melody11

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Pack-a-Picnic Contest

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