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 Infinity One-Shot Event!

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Infinity One-Shot Event! Empty
PostSubject: Infinity One-Shot Event!   Infinity One-Shot Event! I_icon_minitime7th July 2019, 2:22 pm

Welcome to the Infinity One-Shot Event!

What better way to celebrate the theme of infinity, than by immortalizing it on pen and paper? For this event, we’ll all be celebrating the theme of infinity with our very own one-shots!

Without any further ado, onto the rules!


This is not a contest, so there are no winners. Only participants!  

This event will last throughout the entirety of the Anniversary, from the minute it opens til the minute it closes!

Since this isn’t a contest, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one entry, but for now the max is 3.  

Please do post your entries on the main thread! No need to PM them to me!  

If your one-shot contains spoilers for a series, a spoiler warning is very much appreciated!

As always, please do keep the GC rules in mind, no matter the content of your story.  

Any fandom is allowed, as long as it is appropriate.  

The idea of what infinity might mean is totally up to you! Infinite love? Infinite peace, perhaps? Go crazy with it!

And most importantly, have fun!


Infinity One-Shot Event! DduJg0sInfinity One-Shot Event! 0od88dOInfinity One-Shot Event! J4rfbjT
Infinity One-Shot Event! PD4JnAM Infinity One-Shot Event! H79IpEU Infinity One-Shot Event! L2wJINd 
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Infinity One-Shot Event!

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