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 Who is Boss?

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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Who is Boss? Empty
PostSubject: Who is Boss?   Who is Boss? I_icon_minitime31st July 2019, 6:57 am

Maybe somebody can answer this for me because it's been bugging me for a long time now. I finished all of Codename Sailor V and the Sailor Moon manga and they never once explained who this 'Boss' character is. Is it Queen Serenity? Luna? Someone else? Who is it!?


Who is Boss? SailorVSig2
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PostSubject: Re: Who is Boss?   Who is Boss? I_icon_minitime31st July 2019, 7:10 am

It's never officially stated who Boss is, but I kind of made an educated guess going from Sailor Moon canon where they talk to Queen Serenity via the projection on the Moon Palace's computer, that it is possibly Queen Serenity. I get the feeling that it wouldn't be Luna because Luna would have been busy searching for Usagi. She also doesn't seem to know who Sailor V really is (but that could have been feigned ignorance). We also don't know how long Luna had that bandaid on her forehead either and then there's the fact that it ends up being Venus that was communicating to Usagi through the Sailor V game to help train her, so it makes me feel Luna was oblivious to everything.

I think its the same thing that projects Queen Serenity on the Moon Palace. I think another thing is that we don't know if Boss is male or female, though I always just assumed female. There's also another possibility that Boss is just the computer talking and not even necessarily Queen Serenity's soul (or however that was explained, i forgot lol). Maybe it's an AI. We don't really know the extent of the technology of the Moon's civilization though it does seem pretty advanced, all things considered.

Anyway, thats just my 2 cents on it. xD


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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: Who is Boss?   Who is Boss? I_icon_minitime4th August 2019, 10:34 pm

Ooooh! I never heard the possibility of it being just an AI before! I kind of love that theory, Brit! As of recently I thought it was Queen Serenity as well but an AI from the Moon Palace.... I could totally see that being a much more convenient answer XD.


Who is Boss? BcBCRaS

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PostSubject: Re: Who is Boss?   Who is Boss? I_icon_minitime

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Who is Boss?

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