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 Which Series Had The Best Songs?

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Houyou no Senshi
Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Posts : 4565
Join date : 2011-12-12

PostSubject: Which Series Had The Best Songs?   Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:36 am

The Sailor Moon series has ALOT of songs in it. So which out of

The Sailor Moon Anime Series [approximately 85 songs]
The Sailor Moon Musical Series [approximately 180 songs]
The Sailor Moon Live Action Series [approximately 19 songs]

do you think has the best songs, and for what reasons [not including background music or instrumental pieces, this argument is purely for lyrical songs]

Note, this is about which version's SONGS you like best. Not which version you like best overall Wink

Here are four very recognized songs which hold some sort of importance to itself from each version as an example, remember they all have many more wonderful songs! I've tried to use slideshows and still photo videos over things like AMV and video clips although it has not always been possible. Keep in mind this is about the songs not the videos Wink:

Moonlight Densetsu [Opening Theme Song for first four series]
You're Just My Love [Sailor Moon first season, final episode insert song]
Sailor Team no Theme [Accompaniment Song for Sailor Moon S Movie, Team image song]
Sailor Star Song [Opening Theme Song for fifth series]

La Soldier [Overarching Theme Song]
Sailor WAR! [Recurring Battle Song]
Millennium - Koi no Senshi ja Irarenai [Recurring Team image song]
Ginga no Sanctuary [Theme song played at milestones]

Kirari ☆ Sailor Dream [Opening Theme Song]
C'est La Vie ~ Watashi no Naka no Koi Suru Bubun [Recurring song throughout series]
Here We Go! -Shinjuri Chikara- [Usagi Tsukino Image song]
Friend [Final Act Closing Song]


If you guys are having trouble placing them the songs
"Koisuru Otome wa Makenai"
"Onaji Hoshi ni Umareta Futari Dakara"
"Sunlight Moonlight" fall under the category of "anime" in this discussion.

Last edited by Miki on Sun Apr 15, 2012 7:01 am; edited 1 time in total
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : ❤ Dead Moon Queen ❤
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Age : 26
Location : Florida, USA

PostSubject: Re: Which Series Had The Best Songs?   Sun Apr 15, 2012 6:26 am

I personally think the anime series had the best songs.

Sera Myu has really nice songs, but it doesn't spark the same way for me as the music did in the anime. PGSM also has incredibly great songs, but still just doesn't get me like the way the music from the anime has.


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Houyou no Senshi
Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Posts : 4565
Join date : 2011-12-12

PostSubject: Re: Which Series Had The Best Songs?   Sun Apr 15, 2012 7:00 am

For me it would have to be SeraMyu, the anime has nice songs, but its a bit of a mixed bag although I love songs like "Tuxedo Mirage", "Unmei wa Utsukushi", "Tuxedo Night" and "Tsuki ni Shikumarete" there are songs that are okay, but wouldn't make it into my top 50 such as "Ai Kotoba wa Moon Prism Power Make-Up!" and "Rashiku" Ikimasho". The anime also has many songs that I like but it just doesn't stick in my head like "Sei Hi Ai ~ Fire Soul Love ~" and "Nagareboshi He" and so the anime, outside the major songs such as "Sailor Team no Theme" "Moonlight Densetsu" "Morning Moon de Aimashou" "Otome no Policy" and the other opening and ending songs, are just okay and don't blow you over, I find PGSM's are slightly less catchy than the anime's but many of them are either too peppy or not peppy enough. So in the end it comes down to myu which has such a extensive variety of genres and styles, pretty much all brought by the same woman. Unlike the anime and PGSM which stick to "generic 90s / 2000s pop" of their times respectively. Their songs are just a little dated... while myu's songs are more timeless Just songs like "Amazon kara Circus dan ga Yatte Kita" "Galaxia Gorgeous" "The Last Change" "Honoo no Messenger" "Sailor War Supreme" "Ai yori Houseki Kaguya Shima" "Triangle Secret" "Tsukiiro no Syndicate" and all the rest just get stuck in my head and don't go away, I also find that for me the myu music has more heart and love into it... the best way is to compare the similar songs between the anime and myu say "You're My Jewelry" over "You're Just My Love" or "Namikimichi no Koi" over "Anata no Yume wo Mita wa" or even "Tuxedo Loyal" over "Toki wo Koete...". PGSM on the other hand, didn't really have enough songs coming out of it. A grand total of 19... the last of which was "Happy Time Happy Life" which is sort of a disappointment had i been "the final song associated with Sailor Moon ever written" luckily the musical's "Yakusoku no Uta" replaced that title in 2005...

In short what song do you think is the better send off to an epic series as it reachse its end?

Last edited by Miki on Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:06 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Houyou no Senshi
Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Posts : 4565
Join date : 2011-12-12

PostSubject: Re: Which Series Had The Best Songs?   Sun Apr 15, 2012 7:08 am

Doublepost because I thought it was best to include this, in case someone's heard a song that they don't recognise or wants to see which season/series a particular song is from or even wants to see what songs they haven't seen. Multiple versions of a song are NOT including unless there's a major lyrical change such as between "Tabidachi" and "Usagi to Yonin no Zureru Omoi" however songs like the French remake of Moon Revenge has not been included:

This list was compiled by me, if there's anything missing comment!


Sailor Moon

Moonlight Densetsu
Heart Moving
Princess Moon
Ai Kotoba wa Moon Prism Power Make-Up!
Hottokenai Yo!
Ai no Energy wo Ubae
Tuxedo Night
Tsuki ni Kawatte Oshiokiyo
Maboroshi no Ginzuishou
Yumemiru Dakeja Dame
Someday... Somebody...
Eien no Melody
Anata no Sei Janai
Anata no Yume wo Mita wa
Toki wo Koete...
You're Just My Love

Sailor Moon R

Otome no Policy
Moon Revenge
I am Sailor Moon
Suki to Itte
Onaji Namida wo Wakeatte
Sei Hi Ai ~ Fire Soul Love ~
Dakishimete Itai
STAR LIGHT ni Kiss Shi~te
Route Venus
Ai no Senshi
Ai wa Energy
Watashi no Hito Gingahen
Koibito ni Hanarenai Kedo
Wasureru Tameni Koi wa Shinaide

Sailor Moon S

Tuxedo Mirage
Moonlight Destiny
Sailor Team no Theme
Overture ~ Moon Heart Sequence ~
Kaze ni Naritai
Unmei wa Utsukushiku
Yume wo Ijimenaide
Ai no Etude
Ai Dake ga Dekiru Koto
Fly Me To The Moon

Koisuru Otome wa Makenai
Onaji Hoshi ni Umareta Futari Dakara
Sunlight Moonlight

Sailor Moon SuperS

Watashitachi ni Naritakute
"Rashiku" Ikimasho
Sanji no Yousei
Morning Moon de Aimashou
Romance Mokushi Roku
Moonlight Magic
Tsuki ni Shikumarete
Je t'aime Shimpi Taiken
Ai wa Shugohosi
Akahana no Tonakai
Jingle Bells
Seija ga Machi ni Yatte Kuru
Omedetou Christmas
Santa Claus ga Yatte Kuru
Santa ga Machi Yatte Kuru
White Christmas
Christmas no Uta
Ave Maria
Kiyoshi Kono Yoru

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Sailor Star Song
Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto
Nagareboshi He
Todokanu Omoi: My Friend's Love
Arano no Hate ni
Mama ga Santa Claus ni Kiss Shi~te
Hoshi ni Negai wo
Koibito ga Santa Claus
Last Christmas
Golden Queen Galaxia
Ginga Ichi Mibun Chigai na Kataomoi
Chikara wo Awasete
Mayonaka Hitori
Initial U
Senshi no Omoi
Bai Bai tte Itta
Honoo no Sogekisha (Flame Sniper)
Ashita mo Mata Jitensha
We Believe You
Ai no Megami no How to Love
Ai wo Shinjiteru
Motto Suteki na Asa ga Kuru yo


Sailor Moon - Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen & Kaiteiban

La Soldier
Mystery Sagashi
Natsu wo Shimashou Vacation
Bara no Himitsu
Waltz ni Koi wo Nosete
Namikimichi no Koi
Saikyou no Couple Gundan
Onnanoko no Shinsou
Sailor War
Yami koso Utsukushii
Fuyu wa Nan Tatte

Sailor Moon S - Usagi Ai no Senshi e no Michi, Henshin - Super Senshi e no Michi & Kaiteiban

Solar Miracle, Make Up
Talisman wo Sagase
Gondola no Koibitotachi
Matamata Chibiusa Desu
Chou Bi! Uranus to Neptune
Dream Yume wa Ookiku
Muma no Odori
Tuxedo Mission
Sailor War '94
L'amour D'amour Moonlight
Stay Alone
Sailor War '94 II

Sailor Moon SuperS - Yume Senshi - Ai - Eien ni... & Saturn Fukkatsu Hen Kaiteiban

Double Moonlight Romance
Mori de Tanoshiku
Amazon Kara Circus Dan ga Yatte Kita
Dead Moon no Kuroi Yume
Fukkatsu! Crisis Yurusumaji
Mop, Hop, Step, Jump
Miss Dream
Triple Dreams
Usagi Circus Show Time
Ii Ko wa Yameta
Omoidashite Anata wo
Tuxedo Loyal
La Moon
Over The Moon
To a Brand-New World

Sailor Moon - Sailor Stars & Kaiteiban

Chasin' After You
It's Chou Very Bad
Lonely Distance
Star Hunter
Sailor Busters
Fukitsu na Kaze ~ Fukkatsu wa Higeki no Zenchou
Sailor War Supreme
Galaxia no Dokusai
Light ni Aventure
See Me, Bokutachi no Jidai
Knockin' Down Hesitation
Sorezore no Elegy
A Knight for Sailor Soldiers
Densetsu Seitan

Sailor Moon - Eien Densetsu & The Final First Stage Kaiteiban

Orleans no Sei Senshi
Yami no Hitsugi
Itsuwari no Forevermore
Kick Out a Bloody Mystery
Galaxia Gorgeous
I Miss You
Toki Michite Kourin
Tenkuu no Utage
Kakyuuouhi to Three Lights
Mizusakiannainin no Game
Onna no Ronsou
Orleans no Sei Senshi ~ Uranus・Neptune no Uragiri ~
Mou Ii no
La Fatalité Sei Senshi
Tabidachi '98

Sailor Moon - Shin Densetsu Kourin

Shadow on My Sweet Memories
Seishun no Shoumi Kigen
Amazon Trio no Yume Sagashi
Kokoro Tabanete Makin' For the Right
Triple Dreams '98
Yami koso Utsukushii ~ Galaxia no Iradachi ~
Chibiusa no Kokoroiki
Tekichi wa Ginga TV Kyoku!
Miracle Twister
Everlasting Moonlight

Sailor Moon - Kaguya Shima Densetsu & Natsuyasumi! Houseki Tankentai Kaiteiban

Overture ~ Suisei Coatl no Hibou
Ruby no Aka
Yume wo Kaimasu Shima no Tabi
Onna Kaizoku no Sakusen
Ai Yori Houseki Kaguya Shima
Arashi no Naka no Zenshousen
Natsukashii no wa Naze?
Welcome Hare Hare Hire Hare
5000nen Kaguya Shima
You're My Jewelry
Chibiusa no Hanran
I Do Justice
Hitosuji no Hikari no Kokoro
Yabou no Kao
Star Glory
Hyouchaku Shi~ta Keredo...
Usagi Papparanpapaa
Okaasan te Nan Darou?
Just Love Wasurerarenai
Yatto Aeta Ne
And Believe In All
Minna Dareka ni Aisarete

Sailor Moon - Shin / Henshin - Super Senshi e no Michi - Last Dracul Jyokyoku

An Evil Dream
Wake Up! Usagi!
Kubisuji wo Sashidase
Homunculus Tanjou Zenya
Dracul Hakushaku no Kodoku

Sailor Moon - Kessen / Transylvania no Mori - Shin Toujou! Chibimoon wo Mamoru Senshitachi & Saikyou no Kataki Dark Cain no Nazo Kaiteiban

Millenium・Koi no Senshi ja Irarenai
Image de Mon Père
Yumeyume Utagau Koto Nakare
Set Me Free ~ Euro ・Wasurenai Natsuyasumi ~
Ankoku no Madonna
Honoo no Messenger
All Of You Shall Die
Kokoro Tabanete・Watchin' On The Sight
Zigzag Slash
Yumemiru Mori no Yume no Yume
Here Comes The Tuxedo Mask
Kaikou ~ Lilith to Astarte
Set Me Free ~ Hitomi wa Sora e
Guoul Guoul Guoula
The Last Change
Guoul Guoul Guoula ~ Sabato Hen ~
We'll Be The Last Victory
Set Me Free ~ Euro
Traditional The Grace ~ Ai no Arashi ~
Drive Me The Mercury

Sailor Moon - Chou Wakusei Death Vulcan no Fuuin & Super Revue Musical Show

Wake Up Shining
Itan no Juusei
Chikyuu! Crisis Yurusumaji
Ankoku no Sonnet
Akuma no Ragnarok
Ginga no Sanctuary
Pretty Soldier Sailormoon Non-Stop Medley

Sailor Moon - Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady & Wakusei Nemesis no Nazo Kaiteiban

Forbidden Hades
Private Mystery Circle
Kekki! Hangyaku no Ichizoku
Nijiiro no Monochrome
La Soldier (Full Orchestral Medley Version)
Tuxedo Versus
Innocent Demand
Black Moon Signal
Minna no Ai wo Kaesenai
Kono Kodou Kara Yoru wa Umarenai
Moment Fatal
Feel So Faraway
Harsh! Saint Cry!!

Sailor Moon - 10th Anniversary Festival - Ai no Sanctuary

Negaeba Kiss!
Dark Sirius Gundan
Take Out a Sirius Mystery

Sailor Moon - Mugen Gakuen ~ Mistress Labyrinth & Kaiteiban

Usagi Love Magic
Unubore Shoujo ga Yatte Kita!!
Isei Nottori Keikaku
Triangle Secret!
Chinmoku no Hameln
Usagi to Yonin no Zureru Omoi
Magus Collection
Seijaku no Hostie (Seitai)
Broken MÖBIUS (Talisman Version)
The World Died Out
Kagami yo Moshiya...
Triangle Secret! & Traditional the Grace ~Ai no Arashi~ (Mix Version)
Pinky Typhoon

Sailor Moon - Starlights - Ryuusei Densetsu & Kakyuuouhi Kourin - The Second Stage Final

Tsukiiro no Syndicate
Dancing Mistress
Kaze no Shijin
Koi no Dangerous
Dream Koi no Mebae
Prince of the Earth
Yami koso Utsukushii ~ Galaxia no Sakui ~
Moon Memories
By Heaven! Kami Nomi zo Shiru
Get Across the Moon
A Shooting Star Light
What For?! Shinjitsu no Kajitsu
Here Goes! Shining Star
NEW Double Moonlight Romance
Jewel Managers Toujou
Excite a Ghost Mystery
Uranus to Neptune Uragiri
Teikou no Hana

Sailor Moon - Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu & Marinamoon Final Kaiteiban

Chikyuu iro wa Salad Time
Ankoku no Menorah
Moonlight Justice
Toraware no Artuqa
5000nen Kaguya Shima (Dark Plasman Iri Version)
Ice Doll
Chibiusa no Umi
Haha no Ketsumyaku
Gesshoku no Crime
Junketsu no Narcissism
Yakusoku no Uta


Kirari ☆ Sailor Dream
C'est La Vie ~ Watashi no Naka no Koi Suru Bubun
Katagoshi ni Kinsei
Over Rainbow Tour
Sakura Fubuki
Here We Go! -Shinjuri Chikara-
Hoshi Furu Yoake
Lovely Yell
Change of Pace
Miracle Dance Night
Mi Amour
Sweet Little Resistance
Kiss² Bang²
Sayonara ~ Sweet Days
I'm Here
Happy Time, Happy Life

Last edited by Miki on Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:58 am; edited 5 times in total
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Small Lady Emeritus


Senior Member  Small Lady Emeritus

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PostSubject: Re: Which Series Had The Best Songs?   Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:37 pm

As much as I love select songs from the anime, like Moonlight Densetsu, Moon Revenge (my all time fav song i think), Sailor Star Song, Route Venus, etc. etc., I have to agree with Miki. In my time, slowly watching the myus, the songs are entrancing and easily get stuck in your head.

They have a wide variety of styles from up beat pop to dark beautiful ballads. Its hard for me to get the melodies of many of the Myu songs out of my head.

La Soldier is a classic and songs like Sailor War, Sailor War Supreme, and Koi no Senshi are just epic songs, and you really get the feel for the battle the Senshi are about to begin.

A lot of the songs convey so much strong emotion and are over all just beautiful.

I think PGSM really lacks in the music area, which is disappointing. While I enjoy songs like Kirari Sailor Dream and C'est La Vie...they don't grab me like the songs from Myu and the Anime.


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Houyou no Senshi
Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Posts : 4565
Join date : 2011-12-12

PostSubject: Re: Which Series Had The Best Songs?   Mon Apr 16, 2012 1:24 am

Yeah its not that the anime's music isn't great or anything, it just hasn't got they same heart as the myu's. Especially as the myus have one main composer who wrote all except for about 3 songs of the songs and two main lyricists who wrote almost all the lyrics for the songs between them except for about 5. Their dedication really comes through better for most songs. Its very good to pick out songs from the anime, but on the whole the musicals just win. I want to clear up that I love the anime songs but the myu songs tend to have more originality and heart in them I feel. Below is a comparison of songs that have similar purposes in the anime and myu. Personally I feel in each case the myu wins except Namikimichi no Koi and Anata no Yume wo Mita Wa where I think its about a tie X3

Goodness this is really a video spam page now.

Last edited by Miki on Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:43 am; edited 2 times in total
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Senior Member
Small Lady Emeritus


Senior Member  Small Lady Emeritus

Title : Queen of the Cat Kingdom
Posts : 22608
Join date : 2011-06-24
Age : 31
Location : Lafayette, LA

PostSubject: Re: Which Series Had The Best Songs?   Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:30 am

You know...i have to say... Galaxia Gorgeous will always be > Golden Queen Galaxia. Same with Chasin' After You.

I have a hard time deciding on I am Sailor Moon over Last Change simply becuase they are two different styles of songs completely...and I've always loved the spunky and upbeatness of I am Sailor Moon, it shows her happy upbeat personality, but Last Change is a really good emotional look into her as well, makes her seem more mature, like the manga. So hard. T_T


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Houyou no Senshi
Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Posts : 4565
Join date : 2011-12-12

PostSubject: Re: Which Series Had The Best Songs?   Mon Apr 16, 2012 9:52 pm

:3 Yeah I think perhaps I should have picked another Sailor Moon image song to compare... @_@ Perhaps Yumemiru Dake ja Dame and Knockin' Down Hesitation or something?

Hmm~ what do you guys think of the comparisons above
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: Which Series Had The Best Songs?   Sun Feb 01, 2015 9:49 pm

bump it


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Which Series Had The Best Songs?

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