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 Theory: Chibi Usa is the incarnation of Artemis?

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PostSubject: Theory: Chibi Usa is the incarnation of Artemis?   31st May 2012, 7:37 pm

No, no. Not Artemis as in our Artemis. Artemis as in the lovely Greek Badass Moon Goddess. That Artemis.

Hear me out on this. During the Dark Kingdom Arc, we meet Queen Serenity who refers to herself as the ‘Incarnation of the Moon Goddess, Selene’.
How far this reference to the actual Goddess goes, we do not know. It
is up to speculation on whether this is an actual truth (because we have
to remember that it is also hinted at that Serenity is not from the
moon, but another galaxy) or if this is simply what the humans called
her. Still, even if the latter is the case, incarnations for the Gods
and even the Gods being factors themselves are still evident in Sailor

Sailor Venus is also described as being the incarnation of the
Goddess Aphrodite and Sailor Pluto has the blood of the Time God Chronos
(Note: not Cronus) running through her veins, either meaning that she was born as a daughter to him or her ancestors were.

What does that mean for the rest Senshi, who are not said to be
incarnations? I do not know. Perhaps they are simply carriers of their
God’s blood, meaning that they are the child of or related to the
reincarnation. Or maybe they are something similar to what Princess
Serenity is.

We know Princess Serenity had no visible father and it is much
believed by the fandom that this is because Queen Serenity created her
by herself, passing her Star Seed (Silver Crystal) into her child. This
would not only make Princess Serenity something of a clone of Queen
Serenity (but not entirely) but also another incarnation of the Moon
Goddess Selene. Which makes sense if that were the case. After all, it
is Princess Serenity whose lover is Endymion and who traveled to the
Earth. Princess Serenity’s guardian is also Luna, who is her Roman

So, if that were the case, what does that make Chibi Usa, the child
of the second incarnation of the Goddess Selene? Some would say that by
some logic, she could be the third incarnation but I don’t see as so.
You have to remember Queen Serenity and Princess Serenity are something
of the same entity while Usagi (who may even by considered the third incarnation on some level herself) and Chibi Usa are mother and daughter. Not the same person and not sharing of the same crystal. Chibi Usa is another person and star and therefore could not be an incarnation of Selene

So, why not Pandia or the Menae, who are daughters of Selene? Well,
here’s why. Pandia is the goddess of FULL-moon, not the entire moon, and
Menae are fifty daughters, all
personifications of the the lunar months during the 4-year Olympaid.
None of these daughters hold full right to the moon, but the cycles, and
therefore are not the Goddesses of it.

So, who is the next Goddess of the Moon after Selene. Why, Artemis of course.

Artemis who is the Goddess of:

  • The Moon
  • Hunt
  • Forest and Mountains
  • Virginity
  • Young Girls
  • Wild Animals
  • Bringing and Relieving disease in Women
Of course, you’re looking at the list and thinking ‘Besides the Moon, this doesn’t really relate to Chibi Usa much’. And you would be wrong, loves. So very wrong.

Think about like this, Chibi Usa, while wishing to be a woman, has
been an eternal state of childhood for 902 years. It is only when she is
given power that she is allowed to grow. Artemis could have been
something of the same thing, acting as a young girl on her hunts while
turning into a full grown woman when she needs to (of course, this my
theorizing on my part. Also, Percy Jackson).

Artemis’ companions were often young virgins. Chibi Usa’s future
Senshi are the young Amazon Quartet and maybe Sailor Saturn, who is a
child also.

It is Chibi Usa that is able to befriend the Pegasus and be the
Maiden he was actually looking for. In Sailor Moon, Pegasus can be
treated as a Unicorn, who only allowed young virgins girls (maidens) to
approach them. Pegesus and Elysion are both surrounded by grand forests
as well.

You can also look at the Artemis and Chibi Usa incarnation at a
personality view point. It can believed that out of the two moon
goddesses, Artemis is the more fierce and the more vengeful, having
killed or cursed many a man who either attempted raped, attacked, or
just looked at her (depending on the tale). In some versions, I think
you could even call Artemis impulsive (again, depending on the tale).

Even though Chibi Usa is her mother’s daughter, she is still another
person and therefore has a slightly different personality. Chibi Usa has
proven to have a little bit more fierceness in her actions, growing
angry when her friends and family are insulted or attacked. She is
impulsive in that when she feels she is alone, she tends to try to take
matters into her own hands (stealing the silver crystal, stealing the
time key, going to the best, rushing to Hotaru’s side when the Outer
Senshi threatened her). In her extreme state (Black Lady) she was also
quite vengeful, attacking her family because she felt unlove and abused
by them. She also fits easily into leading a few girls into battle
(Stars Arc).

And then of course, there is her guardian Diana, the Roman equivalent of Artemis.

Again, thought. This is me theorizing on this subject and
can even be taken as headcanon. Still, I would love to hear other
people’s thoughts on this and if it makes sense.

Do you guys think that Chibi Usa is the incarnation of Artemis in the
same way Princess Serenity and Queen Serenity are in the incarnation of


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PostSubject: Re: Theory: Chibi Usa is the incarnation of Artemis?   31st May 2012, 7:51 pm

Actually in my headcanon, Sailor Cosmos, Queen Serenity, Princess Serenity, Usagi Tsukino and Princess Small Lady "Chibiusa" Serenity are all incarnations of the same star seed... the Ginzuishou which would I guess make them all still incarnations of Selene ^^ but I can totally see your theory working


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PostSubject: Re: Theory: Chibi Usa is the incarnation of Artemis?   31st May 2012, 8:48 pm

This is an extremely interesting theory. I think of Queen Serenity & Neo Queen Serenity as incarnations of Selene & Chibiusa as a separate entity, since it is stated that Endymion is her father. I don't know about her being Artemis, but this is certainly a possibility


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PostSubject: Re: Theory: Chibi Usa is the incarnation of Artemis?   31st May 2012, 10:59 pm

I could easily accept this as a headcanon actually, all your thoughts were pretty clear to me.



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PostSubject: Re: Theory: Chibi Usa is the incarnation of Artemis?   1st June 2012, 12:11 am

Considering all of the other mythological backgrounds, I certainly think Naoko could have had Artemis the goddess in mind for Chibi Usa. Or maybe someone else? Who knows. I really think this is a great theory/head cannon and you've backed it up very well.



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PostSubject: Re: Theory: Chibi Usa is the incarnation of Artemis?   10th July 2012, 1:10 am

Whoa. I really like this theory; you've made a good case. It's really good and completely makes sense. I could accept this as headcanon too since I too can see Naoko thinking of Artemis in regard to Chibiusa.

I too see Chibiusa as separate from Usagi though obviously still her mother's daughter with similarities and whatnot. While it's stated that the pink moon crystal is the evolved form of the Ginzuishou, I see it as more of a separate crystal all Chibiusa's own and separate from the Ginzuishou. The Ginzuishou is also Usagi's star seed and there can only be one star seed per planet. Neo Queen Serenity hasn't passed on and didn't go to the Galaxy Cauldron for Chibiusa. So the Ginzuishou is not Chibiusa's; Chibiusa has her own pink moon crystal. So with that being said and the fact that King Endymion fathered Chibiusa, I definitely see Chibiusa as separate from Usagi since she has her own star seed that's different from her mother's. So therefore, yes, I can see Chibiusa as the incarnation of Artemis.

Princess Serenity and Queen Serenity being one in the same, or incarnations of Selene also make sense because there was a point in time where Queen Serenity was lurkin' 'round the Galaxy Cauldron.

Thank you for giving a new perspective to Chibiusa to think about. This is a cool thought. Smile


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Theory: Chibi Usa is the incarnation of Artemis?

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