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 Sailor Star Cipher

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Star Seed


Star Seed

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PostSubject: Sailor Star Cipher   Sailor Star Cipher I_icon_minitime31st May 2012, 11:03 pm

Oh, goodness, this little darling is still rough around the edges, but I'm happy with the basic concept so far. I'll try to update this as I refine the character. I'm not sure what I want to do with him, but I would greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions anyone has!

About the Girl Boy

Name: Kazuki Tsukino

Age: 14

Birthday: June 30

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blond, slightly longer than shoulder length, usually tied back in a ponytail.

Skin: Faint tan

Build: Short and scrawny. (Those kinder might say 'slender.')

Blood Type: A

Sun Sign: Gemini

Likes: Fond of small animals with a soft spot for cats. Big eater and prefers sweets and junk food. (That diet won't be kind when the metabalism slows down.) Sports, physical activity. Being surrounded by people. Singing despite the inability to carry a tune in a large bucket. Hearing stories of the shining silver kingdom.

Dislikes: Being left alone, spicy food.

Strongest Subject: Phys ed, art class.

Weakest Subject: Mathmatics.

Strong Points: Bright and enthusiastic, a dreamer who sees the best in people. Clever and quick thinker (for the short term, at least).

Has Trouble With: Directing that enthusiasm somewhere useful. Planning ahead. Oh, goodness, such trouble planning ahead.

Dream: To see the shining kingdom.

Personality: Kazuki is bright and full of sincere smiles, bursting with good intentions, but utterly bewildered as how to best direct that energy. Still, Kazuki tries very hard to find a goal and purpose worth dedicating a lifetime to, a mission that just might justify his life.

Personal History: Kazuki Tsukino has grown up hearing stories. Stories of a tragic kingdom on the moon, stories of a beautiful crystal city of the far future. His mother never told him of the final battle between herself and Galaxia, but he was able to make a guess. What she did tell him, however, was a story of the survivors of that battle. A princess who had lost her guardians, friends, and lover, and of the senshi who had lost their princess and their world. Sailor Moon and the Sailor Starlights formed a new court and did their best to create a new world from the ruins, Celestial Tokyo, a place of light and peace for their loved ones to be reborn to. Crystal Tokyo and Neo-Queen Serenity never came to be and existed only in stories.

Kazuki was born in this world, son of Usagi Tsukino and Seiya Kou. (He stopped asking questions about *how* shortly after he was old enough to start, mostly thanks to Mama Usagi turning red and muttering something about crystals and Mama Seiya making jokes about storks.) Sailor Moon and her Starlights took an active role in guiding the Earth through a troubled time of monsters and the awakening of strange powers.

Dark powers rise and try to devour the light of the Silver Crystal by reaching into the past before Usagi even took up the mantle of Sailor Moon. Kazuki is an unwitting participant in their schemes, tricked by a trusted adviser into revealing the location of a mysterious artifact that would allow them to travel through the Space-Time Door. He realizes their plans too late and is unable to stop them, even if he is able to redirect their travel and leave everyone stranded in a strange past where Crystal Tokyo is still a possibility instead of a lost and distant dream.

Kazuki decides to help the Sailor senshi of that timeline and to help preserve the shining potential of Crystal Tokyo that his own parents were trying so hard to rebuild in Celestial Tokyo. What he doesn't know, however, is if he'll be able to return home. Or if there will be a home to return to, should he succeed here...

About the Senshi

Sailor Name: Sailor Star Cipher

Realm of Influence: Guardian of the Golden Moon (self-proclaimed only)

Transformation Phrase: Cipher Star Power, Make Up!

Transformation Sequence: Kazuki holds the Change Star up and a swarm of pink and crimson butterflies obscure him from view, flying away to reveal a decidedly more feminine body.

Symbol: Golden crescent moon

Colors: Gold, black, and white.

Outfit: Kazuki based his sailor fuku on the standard uniform used by the Starlights, adding a few embellishments to create a connection with Sailor Moon's fuku. Gold trim edges the gloves and boots, and the sailor collar carries a golden stripe as well. A large white bow in the back matches a smaller one worn in Sailor Star Cipher's hair.

Weapons: Sidereal Scythe

Items: Sailor Change Star

First Attack Name: Star Mysterious Kaleidoscope! (Defensive)

First Attack Apperance: Cipher holds the Sidereal Scythe aloft and rays of light burst from the crescent moon at it's tip and turn into a swarm of golden and crimson butteries that cling to the enemy.

First Attack Effect/Damage: No damage inflicted, but the light is usually dazzling enough to distract or overwhelm weaker enemies for a brief time.

Second Attack Name: Sidereal Scythe Reaper Strike! (Offensive)

Second Attack Apperance: A sturdy, if somewhat unremarkable, standard issue weapon of the Moon Court's honor guard.

Second Attack Effect/Damage: Usually a sharp whack to the head, depending on what Cipher is aiming at. Weak melee damage only, no other effects.

Third Attack Name: Star Swarm Confusion! (Other)

Third Attack Apperance: The burst of light and crimson/golden butterfly swarm of the Star Mysterious Kaleidoscope, but surrounding Cipher instead of the enemy.

Third Attack Effect/Damage: No effect and pure diversionary tactic to hold the enemy's attention to the spot where Cipher is no longer standing.

Sailor History: Kazuki grew up idolizing Sailor Moon and the Starlights and admiring their courage and dedication in the battle against the forces of Chaos that still clung to Earth. He had no illusions about becoming a Sailor senshi himself, but did dedicate himself to the physical training necessary to someday be a useful member of the honor guard that protects Celestial Tokyo in the absence of the Moon court. He was approached one day by the captain of the guard, a mysterious figure that joined years before Kazuki's birth. The captain offered Kazuki a strange little trinket called a Sailor Change Star, a Kinmoku artifact that could disguise one's physical appearance, in exchange for sneaking into a restricted area and bringing back a map. Kazuki found the map and even offered to lead the captain to the area marked on it, not knowing the captain was seeking the Space-Time Door.

Kazuki discovered the betrayal too late and wasn't able to stop the captain or the traitors hidden in the honor guard from going through, but he was able to redirect their goal, not knowing he directed them from their own timeline, but to another entirely where Crystal Tokyo could still come into existence. Kazuki went into hiding, uncertain of what would happen if he were caught or how he could return home for help. The captain and the traitors attacked an innocent bystander in their search for Kazuki, forcing him out of hiding. Kazuki used the Sailor Change Star to take on the appearance of the senshi he could never become, Sailor Star Cipher.

"I am the golden moonlight illuminating the darkness. Sailor Star Cipher, stage on!"

Mission: Kazuki knows that he is not a senshi and will likely never fight alongside them in true battle. He also knows, however, that senshi or not, he still has a light to help illuminate the darkness.

Sailor Star Cipher 21j673o

Sailor Star Cipher 8x27h2

Source: Doll Divine
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Sailor Uranus
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Sailor Uranus

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PostSubject: Re: Sailor Star Cipher   Sailor Star Cipher I_icon_minitime1st June 2012, 7:59 am

This is really cute! I love it! I love the whole idea!! Very Happy great job!


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Star Seed


Star Seed

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PostSubject: Re: Sailor Star Cipher   Sailor Star Cipher I_icon_minitime8th June 2012, 3:40 pm

Ack, late reply!

Thank you very much! I'm still trying to decide what to do with him, but it's nice to hear a positive reaction to Kazuki/Cipher. :3
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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: Sailor Star Cipher   Sailor Star Cipher I_icon_minitime9th June 2012, 9:27 am

This is definitely different! I haven't really seen any male offspring for this pairing, or much male offspring at all. So, I guess you're also using the Toei influence for this character (about the visibly changing body types)? Still, he would be interesting to interact with. Very Happy
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Sailor Star Cipher

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