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 The What, Why and How of GC Ranks

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PostSubject: The What, Why and How of GC Ranks   29th June 2012, 9:51 pm

Welcome to the Basics of Galaxy Cauldron Ranks. Smile This thread is to cover the what, why, and hows of Ranking.

What is a "Rank"?
A Rank is a level of membership. Ours are easy and fun to attain. We have three of them: Star Seed, which is the basic level, Pyramidal Crystal, which is the middle level; and lastly, Lotus Crystal, who are our senior members, and pillars of the community. This rank comes with a few perks on the side as thanks for being a member so long.

Why do you have Ranks?
Ranks give the members of the forums a goal while being a part of the community. Each rank helps show how involved and helpful you are in the community. No rank makes a person better than another, it merely is a thanks to the time spent here.

Non-Staff Ranks:

Star Seed:
This is the starting level for all registered members

Pyramidal Crystal:
This is the 2nd level on the site.

To gain this rank you must:
Have been a member for 2 weeks and active the whole time. When you have reached your 2nd week mark, send a PM to Sailor Jupiter or Artemis and they will review your number of posts and content within 24 to 48 hours. If you are ready, you will be administered a quiz on the Rules & Code of Conduct and must pass it to become a Pyramidal Crystal.

Lotus Crystal:
This is the 3rd level and final level below Moderators, this is also considered to be a Senior Member. You will have access to a special lotus-only forum and chat, extra entries into giveaways, extra avatar changes, lotus-only games and other bonuses. <3

To achieve this rank you must:

Like a Star @ heaven Be active.
Like a Star @ heaven Have been a member for 3 months.
Like a Star @ heaven Not be on probation, or a ban from any areas. You are the example of the rules, and a representation of the site, if we feel you have not been a good example, we will ask you to review the rules, and wait a short while.
Like a Star @ heaven Write a two paragraphs (about 3-4 sentences each) about your favorite anime or manga. Tell us what drew you to it, and why it's special to you.

When you have reached your 3rd month mark and written your paragraph, send a it via PM to Sailor Jupiter or Artemis and they will review your raising.

Special circumstance: If you have been a member for 3 months, but were just recently raised to pyramidal crystal, the wait time to be raised to lotus crystal is shortened to three weeks after your pyramidal raising if you are in good standing with on the forum. For example, if you became pyramidal on May 1, you may become lotus 3 weeks from that date.

Founder Administrator note:
Although to some having rank requirements may seem strict, each one is carefully thought over to ensure that all members remain active, have a sense of achievement and to keep things anime and manga oriented Smile

Please PM Sailor Jupiter or Artemis for all Rank Advancement requests.



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The What, Why and How of GC Ranks

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