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 Robin Starwing's Crossover Story

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PostSubject: Robin Starwing's Crossover Story   Robin Starwing's Crossover Story I_icon_minitime25th July 2012, 9:26 pm

So, doing up another story for you guys while you digest my other crossover down and start critiquing it. Nope, no multiple posts in one day for this tale. Just post a chapter and wait and see what you guys think. Which reminds me, critiques and reviews welcomed here as well. ^_^

So, what will this story be about? Well, not only am I a Sailor Moon fan. I am also a fan of the Battletech/Mechwarrior setting. ^_^ Dropping the Senshi into those worlds and well...I will let the intro from Mechwarrior 3 tell you what to expect from the latter half of the 31st Century.

They are going to specifically be dropped in at the start of the FedCom Civil War from 3062-3067.

Oh and yeah, no magic for the gang which will include Mamoru, Luna, and Artemis. Wonder how they will survive hmm?

So without further ado...Sailortech.

Oh, any fellow fans of the setting...Clan Wolf-In-Exile for life! Wardens rock!


Chapter 1: A Moonwarrior is Born

The first thing she noticed upon her return to consciousness was the splitting headache. Sailor Teleports were not supposed to leave one knocked out and waking up with their head hurting. She moved a hand and opened her eyes, regretting it immediately as bright lights assaulted her vision. Oh, she wished for a video game and Mamo-chan right now. Usagi Tsukino slowly opened her eyes again and let them get used to the light. Sitting up, she felt every muscle in her body ache on the hard surface she was laying on. Surface? She looked around and noted what looked a lot like a combination of a hospital room and jail cell, and she was alone in it.

She started to get really scared and brought her knees up before looking around quickly. Usagi smiled when she held her locket and looked around, noting no one watching. She stood up and yelled, "Moon Eternal, Make Up!" She held the locket high but nothing happened. She looked at it questioningly and sensed that the Silver Crystal held power. It just seemed suppressed somehow. That made her more worried as she continued to look around.

Usagi just sat back and waited for something to happen and she wasn't long waiting till she was rewarded. The door to her cell opened and a rough looking man in a uniform appeared. She noticed a badge on his shoulder. It was a circle with red in it and what looked like some sort of cross between a dragon and wolf. "Come with me." The man said in english and she followed. Following him for sometime, Usagi finally found herself in front of a door. "Go in." The man said in a no nonsense tone. She had the strict feeling this was a military base of somekind. Better do what was asked of her.

She stepped in as the door opened automatically and came face to face with a a very old man in obviously some sort of dress uniform and an interrogation room. He was grey but still handsome but the look in her eyes made her gulp. It was a hard look as he said simply, "Sit down." She simply sat down in the chair provided and gulped. "Um, did we do something wrong sir?" She asked as he looked at her. Sixteen years old and in some sort of secret military bunker. No way to tell when or where or even who owned it. Another crazy after world domination?

He looked at he and asked, "Could you care to explain the events that brought you here?" Usagi gulped and for once in her life tried to think very hard before answering. The truth would make her sound like a madwoman, especially if she couldn't transform. That and she'd be handing herself to possibly a new enemy. Lying could make things worse. She started to have tears well up in her eyes as the man smiled and it was warm and fatherly.

"Worried about your friends? They are all awake but none of them want to talk. I guess it will have something to do with how you ended up on Outreach itself. Let me fill you in on how you ended up on my doorstep." He grabbed something from a pocket as a section of wall came alive to show it was a television and replayed a section, including radio transmissions. She noted the date listed as March 31st, 3061.

"Commander. What the **** was that?" Asked a voice and the person replying was this man, the perspective from inside a cockpit of some kind. "I don't know. Everyone okay? Trainees alright?" Affirmatives came as he nodded, "Form a Recon Lance and have the go ahead. We are going to check it out." There were more affirmatives of his orders being followed and then the video skipped to looking at a large and still smoldering crater in an arid, desert landscape.

"Holy cow. What happened here? Clanners get a little too trigger happy with some PPCs?" Someone asked with a laugh as someone else answered in faked insult. "You wound me Freebirth." The man's voice spoke again as he seemed to be on the ground now instead of the cockpit. "Cut it out. Something strange happened here. We need to investigate." He looked around and then she saw it as he exclaimed, "We got people here!"

There was a run as Usagi recognized her own hair style and the hair colors and styles of her friends, the senshi and Mamoru untransformed and back in their civilian outfits. Two people were unknown to her slightly until she gasped. "Luna and Artemis." She whispered, seeing them in Human forms. Usagi gulped again as the man yelled, "Call for Medevac and prepare the Quarantine Cells back at headquarters as well as doctors."

"Yes Commander." A voice said and then the video stopped. He then looked at her and chuckled like some father would at his daughter's antics. "Jumping without a ship I would say is suicide so you want to explain now how you got here?"

Usagi rolled her eyes and said, "Where do I begin?" The man nodded as he sat down in another chair across from her. "The beginning please? By the way, my name is Jaime Wolf." Usagi nodded, "I am Usagi Tsukino Wolf-san and well this is going to sound crazy so either I am dreaming or I don't know what but a very long time ago..."

Usagi sat in the large room and smiled as the double doors opened and in walked her friends. Mamoru noticed her first and ran for her as she ran towards him, the hugging and planting kisses all over his face. "Man guys. You will not believe what is going on here." Usagi said as she turned to look over the Senshi's faces. Ami was the first to speak, "Usagi are you alright? Do you know where we are?"

Usagi nodded, still having a hard time believing what she learned in the last five hours. Still, Wolf-san had left and had her escorted to this room to await her friends while he took care of things. Now that they were here, they barraged her with questions. Luna spoke up, a voice of calm in the storm; "Everyone! Let her get a chance to answer you."

Usagi cast a grateful look to her mentor and friend as she started to speak. "I am okay. We all are. We are in a military installation on Outreach."

Setsuna was frowning as she looked on and asked, "Outreach?" As if something was clicking in her mind.

"Yes. Our Sailor Teleport somehow went way wrong when we got out of the one guy's base as it exploded." Refering to the latest threat to Earth's peace. A madman hellbent on cloning Senshi powers for military use to conquer the globe. That had to be stopped pronto. "We landed in 3061 on the planet Outreach. That's all I know right now." She got looks from the other Senshi and then Rei laughed.

"Okay, joke's over. You and Setsuna can stop playing us for fools now." She said looking at Usagi and waiting.

"Yeah. If there is a joke Rei-chan, I am not part of it." The Guardian of Time answered looking at Usagi as she nodded sadly.

"Well, it would explain why our powers don't work and we can't transform." They talked about it in hushed Japanese on the way here and found similar stories of the Henshin Wands not working. Usagi nodded her head again, "Their power is being suppressed somehow is what I am figuring." Usagi said sadly as the door opened and in walked Wolf.

The others turned and immediately got into defensive postures around Usagi but she just smiled and said, "I assume you took care of things Wolf-san?" He nodded and said, "Yes I did. I take it you explained the situation as I did to you to them?"

"Yes though I wish you told me more. I told you the whole truth." The other senshi looked at her in shock and she nodded. "Considering what he showed me of our arrival here, I figured at least I would look crazy if he didn't believe me." Luna and Artemis looked at each other and nodded.

Jaime nodded and said, "So I am going to wager something went wrong with your teleport and that is how you ended up here. Not to surprising seeing as a number of K-F Drive Jumps that go wrong could be attributed to the same thing possibly." He then looked them over.

"Do not worry, I had all records destroyed and the people involved sworn to secrecy. The problem is what to do with you as you landed in dangerous times for a set of misplaced 21st Century Japanese. Thankfully the Clan Invasion and all the wars since then have given me a couple ideas." He looked them over.

"I will just put on the records the records of your homeworlds were destroyed utterly. That should take care of that but it is dependent on if you take me up on my offer." Jaime said to them as Haruka finally spoke up.

"State it." She simply said, staring down Jaime Wolf along side Makoto. He smirked and said, "Don't worry. It involves nothing that I hope will be distasteful as I and the Dragoon's will take you under our wing and train you to survive in these times till you either find a way home or you make a future for yourselves here."

"Train us?" Usagi asked worriedly as Jaime Wolf nodded. "Yes. Train you to fight and protect yourselves while earning money as well." This started to sound fishy to the Senshi but it was Minako who asked, "What do you get out of it?"

"More mercenaries of course." This started shouting by the Senshi as Makoto said, "No way! We are not selling ourselves to hurt people!" She looked around and noted Usagi as she took a step forward and said, "We accept."

The other's jaws dropped as one as even Hotaru looked at her and asked, "Are you sure Usagi?" Usagi just nodded and said, "I think you need though to explain what all this means and just what we landed in."

Jaime Wolf smiled and said, "Now it's my turn to start at the beginning it seems. Well then, let me start with 21st Century after you left and go from there." As he started to speak, the Senshi listened intently.

Usagi knew things had changed and cried inside but resolved that she would lead the Senshi through this and back out into whatever awaited them in their future.

End of Chapter 1

Wee! End of the Chapter. Chapter 2 will actually be set in the start of 3062 after this to skip the filler of training Usagi to use a Battlemech. ^_^ Yes, comedy will ensue. Oh and for dating and setting of the Senshi. A year after the end of Stars. Now critique me dang it! I don't write this for my own amusement you know!
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Star Seed

Star Seed

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PostSubject: Chapter 2: First Outting   Robin Starwing's Crossover Story I_icon_minitime28th July 2012, 11:59 pm

Author's Notes: So, more fun to be had! This will be the Senshi's first mission as a whole as the Sailor Senshi Mercenary Brigade. Fanservice is to be had in this installment but there is an In-Universe reason for it. ^_^ Enjoy. Also, I know I said it in the first but I really do appreciate input; good or bad. I also know some of you may not understand the setting so I will now hand you this> The link to the Battletech Wiki. Also, feel free to PM me if you want to ask a story question to understand something better. So, anyways...let's rock and roll! *fires up the fusion reactor to full on his Madcat*

Chapter 2: First Outting

January 15, 3062
Planet Halloran V 0800 hours

Usagi stirred from slumber as she recognized the sound of the intercom buzzer by her bunk. She thought for a moment about just ignoring it but decided Luna would take too much pleasure in waking her up. Ever since her guardian and mentor found out how a bucket of cold water with ice cubes could jump Usagi from sound asleep to wide awake faster then a laser hitting it's target; she made liberal use and follow-up on the threat when Usagi ignored it. She hit the button and said, "Yes Luna. I'm up. What's going on?"

Luna's voice sound through the speaker as she replied, "I let you sleep in as long as I could but it is time you got moving if you want a decent shower and breakfast." Usagi thought for a moment and said, "Save the shower for when I come back. Tell Kenny-chan to prepare my usual. Have fresh clothes ready for me when I get back will you Luna?" Usagi slowly got up as a chuckle sound and Artemis replied instead of Luna. "You know we will. You are still our charges Usagi. I just think Luna is itching for a chance to use the big gun on this thing." Usagi chuckled as she slowly rose up, careful of the bunk above hers so as to not bump her head like other times in the past several months.

This thirty-first century world Humanity built was both wonderous and yet terrifying. She always had a distaste for conflict but the scales of the conflicts here waged across Light-years. They ways they were also waged were in some way fear-inducing but wonderous as well. One of those terrifying wonders was a few decks below her in the largest of the cargo bays of the DropShip. She stood up and didn't even bother with a shirt as she walked out in the white bike shorts and sports bra that she wore last night. Stopping in the mirror long enough to do her hair up in her usual style and slip on a pair of boots. She sent a silent blessing to the inventor of spandex.

Then she left the bunkroom all the senshi shared and headed for the elevator by way of the next deck and the ship's mess. She stopped by a hatch in the floor and stomped on it with her foot, smiling as the hatch gave way and the ladder inside fell out. Jumping down onto it and climbing down, she continued on her way. Heading into the ship's mess hall; she stopped and smiled. "Thank you Kenny-chan." A kindly old man turned and offered Usagi up her meal, "Here you go Princess. Your Late Morning Usual, as ordered." What was handed was something that would of induced a nightmare in any doctor. A bagel with cream cheese, a waffle with maple syrup. Then there was bacon, sausage patty, and egg. All of it together in a sandwich.

"Arigato Kenny-chan. I'll make sure Luna puts a bonus in your pay again for keeping the mess open late for breakfast." The kindly old man smirked and said, "Oh don't worry about that. Mechwarriors should never go to work hungry and without a proper meal in their belly. Your lunch is waiting in your 'mech." Usagi waved and gave a bow to chef and turned as a couple of techs came by. They stopped and said, "Morning Commander. Looking good as always." Usagi blushed at the compliment as she left the the mess, chowing down her breakfast. It had taken getting used too when they finally all got together with this crowd but she and the rest of the Senshi were fantasy fuel in their new jobs. It didn't sit well with Haruka but Michiru had made it clear they were both spoken for. Hotaru's age had made her off limits, the technicians treating her like their little sister or daughter depending on age and genders.

Setting foot in the elevator, Usagi chuckled as she hit the button to head down to Cargo Bay One of their home as of two months ago. Getting used to it and outfitted they way they wanted took some effort and serious C-bills. But their DropShip 'Sea of Serenity' was at least something of a home when not back at Outreach. The elevator stopped and she set foot outside. Still awe struck by the massive machines before her. Eight of them in total and while they were all about the same color of metal grey, each at least bore their pilot's personal mark in the form of their planetary symbol. That symbol, heart included on some, became their call signs or type of pilot nickname.

She walked over to her craft, a 45 ton Shadow Cat with a standard loadout. She looked it over and then yelled over to the tech that was walking away. "Good morning. Is she ready?" The old man nodded and said, "Yea yea she is ready." Usagi nodded and wolfed down the last of the sandwich and set to climbing the ladder up into the cockpit. Sitting down, she pulled on the coolant vest and strapped herself in. Usagi then tied in the medical sensors and put on a light helmet with a visor over her head.

Then she set about turning the massive war machine on. Starting with the switch that brought the reactor from standby, she heard a computerized voice speak. "Input Voice Password." She was acutely aware the machine around her was worth what amount to at least thirty-three million in US dollars back home. That meant she'd be crazy to have no password on the thing that only she could speak and know. "In The Name Of The Moon." She said and smiled as the voice replied, "Password Recognized. Voiceprint Confirmed. Welcome back Commander."

She heard the reactor power up from standby to full as she started to flip other switches and hit buttons. Lights and Multi-functional Displays, or MFDs for short, came to life to give her data on her surroundings. Her visor coming to life as well to feed her data and allow control of the arm weapons. A voice came over the radio in her helmet as Rei said, "About time you showed up Odango Atama. We were going to leave without you. Haruka and Mamoru are already over the area relaying data back here."

"Yeah, take it up with Luna. She let me sleep in a little longer. Remind me to tell Artemis to put a bonus in her check next payday." She replied and then said, "Good morning everyone we ready? Moon here and ready. Inner Lance sound off."

"Mars ready."
"Mercury green."
"Venus ready."

Usagi smiled and then said, "Outer Lance sound off." Waiting for the incoming from the others.

"Outer Lead Pluto ready."
"Neptune online."
"Saturn here and ready to go."
"Jupiter ready!"

Usagi nodded and said, "Alright. Moonkitty Command, are you two ready?"

"Moonkitty 1 here. Me and Moonkitty 2 will brief you one hour out from the Operation Area." Came Luna's reply over the headset built into the five kilogram neurohelmet resting on Usagi's head as she strapped it to the vest. She nodded and slowly throttled up to ten percent as the machine left it's bay and slowly moved towards the access ramp all Battlemechs were supposed to use to leave the bay. While it's appearance was deceptive, the 45 ton walking tank moved with grace on it's reverse joint legs. Passing by Minako's Wolfhound, she smiled and set foot on the ramp and then it happened.

Usagi braced herself as something she so far hadn't lived down for the last four months came to be again. 45 tons of metal pitched forward, the gyros suddenly overbalancing and she landed front first on the ramp. Over her head, she heard it as a voice in a Texas accent said, "GOD DANG IT GIRL! WHY DO YOU TRIP OUT EVERYTIME YOU LEAVE THE SHIP! I SWEAR I'VE SEEN..."

"Good Morning Mr. Rogers. Gomen nasai for falling over." Usagi replied, embarrassed heavily again as her friends groaned over the open comms. "Sorry it keeps happening or sorry for now?" The man in charge of all the bay tech staff in charge of keeping the ship, 'Mechs, and their two fighters running smoothly.

"Both." She replied sheepishly. There was a grunt and then the old man just said, "Well I'll let you off again and will make sure the ramp is okay for when you get back. Now get going you girls. You got work to do and no Mercenary Company worth it's salt ever made C-bills by sitting around. Go blow **** up!" She laughed and began the methodical process of getting the the medium weight 'Mech back on it's feet. Then she set foot on the ground and cleared for the rest of the Senshi.

"I swear Usagi. You find a way to klutz out a walking tank with a fusion reactor in it. I'm just wonder why Minako's has not exploded yet." Rei replied as her Jenner IIC stepped out and walked down. Usagi decided to get some revenge for both Senshi and said. "Hey Mars."

"Yes Moon?" Rei replied.

"Put your left foot in." Usagi said, smilingly mischieviously. Usagi watched Rei make her 'Mech move it's left foot in further.

"Now put your left out." Usagi said again and watched Rei comply as she backed the machine up to put the left foot out behind it.

"Now put your left in." Came the command and she watched Rei comply, hearing a low growl as the raven-haired Senshi was getting mad.

"Now shake it all about." Usagi finally uttered and it came.

"USAGI! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU MAKING ME DO THE HOKEY POKEY IN A THIRTY-FIVE TON MACHINE!" Rei yelled over the radio as Usagi giggled and laughed.

"Moon to Mars. Because I can and did." Usagi replied and heard laughs from all over, even in the background as she turned to look over the spherical 6,000 ton Fortress class DropShip. They lucked out in getting it with a full staff minus a captain. He was retiring and enjoyed Luna and Artemis enough during the early training that he handed over the whole thing to them upon doing so. They renamed it of course and Usagi smiled. This was the home of The Sailor Senshi Brigade. This was their first mission away on their own since getting approved by the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission that oversaw all Legal Mercenaries and Mercenary Companies. They themselves were further sponsored by Jaime Wolf personally through his Wolf's Dragoons.

As everyone was unloading, she looked over each machine. Besides Minako's man-walker with it's wolf's head and Rei's chicken-walking missileboat, their came the others. Most of the Senshi were actually in reverse-joint light to medium 'Mechs. Setsuna stopped in her own Shadow Cat. Next to her was Ami in an Owens outfitted specifically for electronic warfare.

"Shall we get started?" Setsuna asked over the radio. Usagi nodded, "Yes we shall. Take up your assigned Lance. Mercury, you have point on Inner Lance. Everyone Passive Radar."

"Mercury here. Roger that." Said Ami as the others also agreed to the other order. No need to give someone warning there was 'Mechs in the area. Especially the targets they were contracted to take care of.

"Move out!" Usagi said and

1300 hours

"Alright Senshi, Mookitty One here so listen up. Welcome to the Caspian Mountains. It looks like the local Militia has started to impose extreme tariffs and outright seizures of cargo on business shipping. Including Battlemechs." Luna's voice came over the radio as the Senshi stopped talking about which tech was hottest or last weeks crazy antics with karaoke in the Mess and listened. "You are coming to a valley. Objectives are at Nav Points Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. We were hired to stop what amounts to banditry by Corvatti Corporation. Each Objective is a Checkpoint that needs to be taken out. Tents, Turrets, Vehicles, Enemy 'Mechs. We are allowed to claim any and all salvage for our own use as we see fit. Got that Senshi."

Usagi looked at a map of the valley on a MFD and thought for a moment before speaking. "Moon here. Outer Lance, take the northern end of the valley and work your way to meet us coming up from the south. Weapons Yellow everyone unless fired upon then go hot. Let's try to reason with them first." Usagi said and settled into the cockpit as she armed the weapons and prepared for the next hours worth of walking as the two groups broke apart. She hated having to team them up like this but this was how things worked and what their training brought them.

A Lance was the smallest operating team of Mechwarriors, made up of four pilots and their machines. That said, it was decided to put Makoto with the other outers and make the Inners Lance a light hit and run recon group. The heavier firepower was with Outer Lance. The other thing was command duty of the two lances. Usagi was immediately the choice for the Inners and then it came upon her to name the one in charge of Outer Lance. Usagi decided to make it Setsuna.

"Mercury, take point and get the BAP. Everyone stay Passive. No need to alert them." Usagi then said and waited.

"Roger Moon. Mercury on point, BAP running." Mercury replied as her Owens turned on it's full sensors suit. The time ticked buy as they kept a steady pace and then stopped at the start of the valley. "Alright everyone. It's showtime." Big heavy metal footsteps sounding as they walked into the combat zone.

Mercury kept out front and then said, "Detecting an Owens, four Bulldogs, two mobile SRM carriers, two mobile turrets, and a mobile command HQ. I also have zoomed in and spotted a powered-down Hellspawn. No Pilot."

Usagi nodded and switched to open lines. "Hello, this is the Sailor Senshi Brigade. Would you kindly like to pack up shop and head home. You are bothering the local businesses and..." Alarms blared as missiles came in and Usagi immediately crouched as some of them rocketed past her. She was shaken by the impacts of a few more.

"Guess they don't want to talk. Sailor Senshi, let's do it!" Minako said as her Wolfhound charging ahead as Mercury said, "MARS! NARCing the Owens!" Usagi nodded and turned to provide support as Minako used her lasers in volley fire to pound into the enemy armor. Usagi lined up a shot and nodded. "Moon going hot. Firing!" She let loose the Guass Rifle as the magnetically accelerated round slammed into the knee of the Owens. Switching to her two ER; or Extended Range Lasers, Usagi continued to savage the enemy Owens' knee joint on the right side. The cockpits temperature rising while the coolant and heat sinks tried to get rid of the heat. Usagi was sweating hard from the high temperatures as the coolant vest worked to keep her safely cool as possible.

"Mars here! Firing!" She cut loose her paired SRM-6's and then switching to the Streak SRM-4. Both sets of weapons were Short-Range Missiles and with the NARC missile beacon currently sticking into the enemy's 'Mech side broadcasting a lock-on signal for all missiles; it would be hard to miss and Rei was on target. Ami joined in with her only weapon, a SRM-4. The damage was too great as the enemy fell down; it's reactor shutting down to prevent the most horrific death any Mechwarrior could have, their machine going critical as the fusion reaction was let out of containment. "Pilot is alright, just unconcious. I think the fall knocked him out." The asphalt beneath them was heavily re-inforced for Battlemechs and other multi-ton machines.

"Venus here, armor mopped up. Turrets and HQ down. Tents lit up. You guys get down with your playmate over there?" Minako went off saying and asking. Usagi rolled her eyes. "Moon here. I guess that clears Nav Point Alpha. Outer Lance, status?"

"Pluto here. Outer Lance approaching Gamma and the word is out. Looks like they are coming to meet us with a Puma and Dasher. Going in hot." Setsuna said calmly and matter of fact. "Moon here. Roger that. Try to make sure those Mechwarriors make it back to their families and friends if you can."

Moon turned her machine. "Let's head to Beta everyone." She felt her sigh as Ami said. "Usagi, remember what Setsuna said?" Usagi nodded, remembering the talk. It was the one part of this job that, well, sucked. In order to earn their living, they had to sometimes kill other people. It had caused an argument the first day they learned it way back last year but it was Setsuna and Hotaru who spoke up. They had pointed out that their enemies in the past had tried everything to kill them, succeeding on some occasions. It didn't sit well with the gentle-natured Usagi but she had set the Senshi down this path; they would see it through. That didn't mean they had to be cold-blooded killers for money.

They would try to reason with their enemies. That failed, shoot to disable if possible. If that didn't work, then came the shoot to kill. Usagi stopped as Haruka came on the line. "Uranus here. Looks like a flight of VTOLs is coming your way. Light attack choppers. Should I and Prince scare them?"

"Negative Uranus and Prince. Do not engage hot unless I say. Venus, Air Watch. Shoot to warn first." Usagi said, the cockpit still uncomfortably warm and the reason why all the senshi wore the spandex sports wear. The weapons firing generated heat and made the cockpits warm to unbearably hot. Makoto had actually cooked cookies on the reactor shielding after a training run back at Outreach.

Usagi waited and watched the sky and then spotted the shapes coming in low over the mountains, four targets in total. "Helicopters...and they are firing. Shooting." Minako lit up the afternoon sky with her lasers, switching them as fast as she could. She got them all shot down and then said, "Targets down." The aerial combat vehicles crashed and exploded as Usagi cried a little. "I would like to lodge a complaint. I do not want people out to kill us!" Minako said as she turned her machine around.

"Lodge it with their commander." Ami said as Usagi rolled her eyes. Luna then said, "Cut the chatter. Outer Lance already reports Gamma cleared. Sandwich them at Beta. Be forewarned they are really battening down and...oh goody. You have not only an Owens but a Shadow Hawk as well, maybe the Clan IIC model."

"Shadow Hawks and the Clan version are mainly dangerous at close ranges." Ami said, having put her mind to gaining and near encyclopedic knowledge of every machine fielded by the Great Houses and the Clans.

"Okay everyone listen up. Mercury, you NARC the Hawk then you and Mars hit it with everything you got. I want Pluto and Jupiter proving support. Neptune, Saturn, you are with me on that Owens. Venus, you take out any combat vehicles and turrets you find active." Usagi said, surprising herself on her first time out without someone watching in a simulator. It had been weird in the last few months, learning how to think like a commander in the field.

"Luna, I don't know if I will ever get used to what I am doing." She said as Luna responded, "If you are referring to giving orders in the field. I'm not surprised but may I say you are showing to be remarkably good with little training, just like Sensei Wolf said." Usagi smiled softly as Setsuna added in, "You aren't going to order us to fight something we can't beat. Now let's do this and earn those six million C-bills. I would like a shower you know." There were agreements.

"Alright. Let's go." Usagi turned as they charged to pinch the final objective.

Usagi was filthy and sweaty by the time they got back that night. They had eaten lunch in the field after calling in a TacOps Salvage to get the Hellspawn and what turned out to be a Shadow Hawk IIC. Setsuna had already asked if she could have it and sell off the Shadow Cat Variant she piloted. Usagi said yes as extra money ment they could maybe but their own JumpShip to experiment with getting home. The plan of action on that had basically been Setsuna and Ami learn how KF Fields worked, and then try to figure out how best to get home without dying. That meant buying their own JumpShip, the vessels used to move between Star Systems in what they had decided was another universe.

Usagi herself was going to look over the Hellspawn and ask Ami which she would recommend. She parked her 'Mech in the bay assigned and powered it down as she got out of the straps, sensors, and vest to crawl out of the cockpit to a bottle of water from a rather old, tough looking man. "Thank you Mr. Rogers." The man just smiled as Usagi took the bottle and got the cap off to chug it down.

"Sorry about the Cat." She said, pointing back to where a lucky hit by the Owens had knocked out the Gauss Rifle. The Chief Technician and Engineer just smiled and said; "Eh, it's what you pay me for. You break'em. I fix'em." She nodded and left to wait for the others, watching them all from her vantage point.

Everyone was in the same state of sweat and stink as they climbed out of their machines. Minako's hair was looking a tad frizzed as they headed to the elevator. "I call dibs on the shower." Usagi replied as the doors opened and out came Haruka and Mamoru. Haruka looked to Michiru and said, "Your hair dear. What will we ever do."

Michiru smirked and said, "Oh I could think of a few things. We got more then one shower on the Serenity. I don't think anyone would mind if we got one together so you could wash me off." She then gave Haruka a kiss as the Senshi rolled their eyes. Hotaru spoke up as she said, "Get a room please. Your making me gag."

They both stuck their tongues out as Mamoru gave Usagi a hug. "It was rather hard to not fly down there and give a speech you know. Having to fight that old habit. I don't think I will get used to it."

Usagi pouted, "You think that's hard. Try not being able to give my speech and strike my poses mister." She then smiled and said to her Prince, "Now let me get cleaned up and into better smelling clothes then we can kick back and cuddle." Mamoru smiled as the group turned to get on the elevator up.

Rei looked to Usagi and smiled, "You surprised me Odango. You did well out there. I was afraid you would klutz out at some random time or not be paying attention but I must say, you grew into a rather good leader these last few months."

Usagi smiled sadly, "I had to Rei. I agree to Sensei Wolf's idea and knew we had to stick to it. I don't like what we may have to do but let's all agree on one thing. We take jobs that make use people's protectors alright? We will be sword and shield for those that can't do it themselves against overwhelming odds...and we win or go down trying."

Everyone agreed as Luna's voice came over the speaker. "I heard that Usagi. Don't start becoming responsible on me now! What would I do with all the free time I would get not having to babysit you." Usagi rolled her eyes and then laughed then it was followed by the other Senshi joining in the laughter. Their first mission out had been a rather surprising success. She hoped everyone of them would be like this.

End of Chapter 2
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Nice story ^^ I'd like to read more.


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Robin Starwing's Crossover Story

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