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 Robin Starwing's AU/Crossover Story

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Robin Starwing's AU/Crossover Story Empty
PostSubject: Robin Starwing's AU/Crossover Story   Robin Starwing's AU/Crossover Story I_icon_minitime4th August 2012, 7:44 pm

Author's Note: So this popped into my brain and I don't think it or one of it's cast will not let me finish Chapter 3 of Sailortech and Chapter 5 of Moonrise till after I start this. As again, thoughts and criticism are appreciated. So what is this? Well, let's just say it is a complete AU/Crossover Mashup of the 4th and 5th Seasons of Sailor Moon combined with Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Full Metal Panic, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, and Devil May Cry. And I say AU because it is also a fanfic of a fanfic and some of the things will make more sense if you read the Guardians of The Star by Eric den Biesen as there be Dragons. So yeah, Dragons, Elves, Magical Girls, Humongous Mecha, and Lelouch with a completely made up Senshi to boot. And people don't think I am crazy. ^_^ Oh and doing some characterization of Queen Serenity herself a bit.

And so I give you Sailor Moon: Xanatos. Please tell me what you think. ^_^

Destiny. A word humans use to describe Fate.

But it is more then just Fate. Fate is just a part of it.

First, there is the infinite possibilities before you.

Then one must observe to make a choice from those possibilities.

That choice then becomes Fate.

How is this not Destiny?

When many Observers through Free Will make the same Fate at one time.

That is what makes Destiny.

There are many paths to the same fate but only one to the same Destiny.

As you see what is unfolding before us

Remember you may have seen some elements before.

Others will be different.

Even the same Fates can have different starts.

Keep this in mind.

YOU are the Observer NOW watching this unfold.

Sailor Moon Xanatos is about to Begin.

Sailor Moon: Xanatos

Episode 1: Meetings by Design

He sat there, focused on the board before him. The pieces so far arranged as he thought and puzzled over the next move. "King f8." He said, grabbing the Black King and moving it from g8 to f8 on the Chessboard. He looked to his opponent as she looked at the board and smiled, her silver hair done in two ponytails with buns and wearing a white gown. She simply moved her White Queen and said, "Queen f3 and Check."

This put him a huge disadvantage as he thought out the next move to make to answer. He could end the threat of Check by using his own Queen to counter hers but that opened it up to capture by a pawn. He could move his Rook and use it to bait the Queen further into another Check he could attack capture the piece on. He puzzled over the numerous solutions and decided to use the Rook for a block and bait. "Rook to f5."

The woman smiled and moved a pawn opposite of the battle of checks, leaving her Queen threatened. "d7." She was going for turning the piece and he couldn't stop it in time. He could at least deal with the threat posed. "Rook to d2." He smiled as she nodded and moved a rook instead. "Rook to f1."

"Rook captures Pawn, d7." He said, his confidence building as she simply smiled again and moved. "Rook captures Rook, f2." She said back, moving the appropriate pieces, with his black rook coming of the board.

He frowned as he didn't think she would be that quick to finally go on the offensive. He thought over how the rest of the game would go and it would end mostly with him in Checkmate or them both in Stalemate. He decided to be the gentleman and nodded. "Black resigns. You play rather well Queen Serenity."

"You are no slouch either Lelouch." Serenity said as she looked at him and frowned. "I'm afraid I didn't just call you here for a game though. The game itself was a test to see if you were what I needed for the task I am about to set."

"Well then, am I what you need?" Lelouch asked of the Moon Queen of the Silver Millenium.

"Yes you are. I need you to help my daughter bring about her Kingdom. You are the kind of person she needs as while she is a kind soul and a brave warrior...she is not a planner. You though are. I am about to hand you somethings that will make you mission easier." Queen Serenity said with a smile.

Lelouch chuckled and said, "I would like to help but there is this thing about me being dead that might make it a problem?"

Serenity smiled as she laughed, a beautiful laugh that made him smile. "I have a friend who can fix that. She is allowed to revive a dead person from another universe who served their fate in that universe if they can be of help or a neutral thread in our own. She is currently seeing to a spanner in the works to make sure your moves can't be countered and countering all the enemies moves." Serenity replied with that smile.

"Who are these enemies?" He asked, curious now.

"One is an old enemy of mine. I sealed her into a mirror long ago but she is about to escape I think with help from another who has been. Another has gone insane with power. Another has been a foe of creation for a very long time and needs to be removed or at least neutered for they are after accelerating entropy or Chaos of the universe." She looked worried about it but continued.

"The other is one who seeks to reset the game to a certain point to bring about a different outcome and this must not be allowed to happen as it will violate time itself in his arrogant quest to try and better the timeline. His target is a young woman with The fourth is unknown to either of us as they move beyond our sight. But those who can deal with them are in Umanari City." Serenity said to him about the other two.

"You want me to help your daughter stop all four foes at once is that it?" Lelouch said, seeing why he was needed. Her daughter had a slight reputation in the afterlife for causing massive amounts of paperwork to the Angels when she revived people at the drop of a hat or came back from the dead herself, which was an even bigger pile at that.

"I would set them up against each other is how I would open. Keep them guessing who is really working with or against who till the very end." Lelouch mused as Serenity smiled.

"As to how you can help and giving you the means to do so. I've spent the last thousand years working on something I will be sending with you." She picked up the Black King and handed it to him. "This is a Henshin Device called Black King. I made it after designing a whole magical system based off of one I learned of while here from another woman who sacrificed herself to stop a war." A huge book appeared in her hands as she handed it to him.

"This is the manual to both Black King and the system of Silver Senshi I designed." Lelouch stood up, his black bangs and purple eyes looking into Serenity's. "I will do my best but why did you choose me? You had another reason."

Serenity smiled and said one word. "Redemption." Then his world went white.

Usagi stood around by the shrine. It had so far been a week since Haeth and Galen left back to the Star Kingdoms to go on a sightseeing tour. Usagi passed the time doing her homework and hanging out with friends but then Setsuna called and asked to meet up with her here at the Hikawa Shrine. She turned and finally saw Time's Guardian climbing the stairs. She was carrying a guitar case.

"Hey Setsuna-chan, what's up? Sounded like you were weirded out by something." Usagi asked, wondering what could throw the normally calm Setsuna any which way.

Setsuna, her green hair not even disturbing in the breeze as she smiled. "I hope nothing but this was dropped off at our new home with a note to give to you." Handing the case over.

"Who's it from?" Usagi asked, taking the case and staring to open it. Setsuna frowned and then answered, "My older sister."

Usagi looked up shocked and said, "You have a sister?" Setsuna didn't speak much about family if at all and only to talk about the Outers as they were her family.

"Yes, I have a sister Usagi. The fact she is making herself known to you has me worried as she never does anything without a reason or a directive to do so. I sense things are going to not be peaceful sooner or later." She said resignedly as Usagi frowned but opened the case and in it was a silver fender. She picked the electric guitar up and frowned.

"It is nice and all but I do not know how to play." Usagi commented as Setsuna gave a light laugh. "Then I suggest learning as my sister did give it you." Usagi smirked and then asked, "So when do we get to meet your sister?"

"Hopefully never but she's made herself known to you which means she will show up sooner or later, probably after everything has really started to blow up." Setsuna shook her head but smiled. "Don't concern yourself with that now. Let us just maybe find someone to teach you how to play?"

Usagi smiled as she agreed. "Yes, let's do that. I could use something else in my free time. Games are getting boring now since I started donig good in school and my skills in games went up dramatically." The two Senshi turned and walked in to bug Rei into letting them use the internet to find a Teacher for an electric guitar.

The doors opened as a man with white hair and a red long trenchcoat walked in. Strapped to his back was a huge sword and holsters for a pair of huge pistols, one white and one black. He took the sword off and put it aside while drawing the guns and putting them down on the desk of the huge room. There was a pool table on one side and the other held a drum set and jukebox. Behind the desk was a huge assortment of weapons ranging from normal to some being a fantasy-nerd's dream, and an electric guitar. It was white and black as it strummed off something by itself. Another notable was the triple nun-chucku that radiated ice.

"Hey Nevan." The man said as if responding to the guitar. He noticed an envelope on the desk and picked it up. "See who left this?" He asked as the guitar responded back in a feminine and seductive voice, "Nope. It just appeared Dante."

"Hmm. That means things got interesting." He said with a smile, opening the envelope and finding a letter inside it as well as a check from an account in the name of a Shion Meioh for a couple million, a picture, and a pair of tickets to a date six months from now in Tokyo. "Yes, very interesting. Looks like my client payed in advance."

He opened the letter and red it.

Dear Mister Dante,

As you've noted. I pre-paid you for a long-term job of protecting one Usagi Tsukino from the date on the tickets onwards. A picture of her is enclosed so you know what she looks like. You aren't the only one be assigned the task of guarding her but against what is coming, your help will be needed. Also, bring Nevan and you other Devil Arms with. They will find use in every one's hands by the end of this.


Shion Meioh

"Yes, very interesting indeed. Guess it's time to start planning a trip to Tokyo, Japan everyone." Dante said with a smile. Various voices from the wall behind sounded out their liking of that idea.

A young lady walked home from a nearby park with two other young women in tow and a young man with glasses. She had long light brown hair tied into a ponytail on her right side and was flanked by one of the two other women with long blonde hair and the other with short dark brown hair. The young man had short cut blonde hair and glasses as they walked.

"That mission was so fun. A diplomatic mission to another Dimension and those ponies were so friendly!" Said the ponytailed one as she looked to the blonde girl. "What did you think Fate?"

"Well, I really liked discussing all the myriad of topics they asked about though some of what that pink pony asked was kind of strange Nanoha. But I did like that one Pegasus that was yellow I think. Though the rainbow-maned one was definitely fast enough to keep up with me in that impromptu race." The blonde, Fate, replied.

"I think Chrono was thrown by her most of all. She would of annoyed Vita to no end. But I love the cupcake recipes I was given. I think he prefered to " The girl with the short dark brown hair said with a smile.

"Yes, that is true Hayate. Those were some good cupcakes. Yuuno, how did you get along with the purple and white Unicorns? I know the white one gave us pointers on our uniforms to use for next time we wanted to upgrade them." Nanoha, the girl with the ponytail turned and smiled at him.

"We got along very well. The purple one is actually well versed in magic study and had access to a library. I copied some new books for the Infinity Library that I think the Time Space Administration Bureau will enjoy adding to it."
Nanoha smiled and then said, "I am so glad you three are spending the night tonight. Yuuno can sleep in my brother's bedroom with him!" The foursome ran off, blissfully unaware of any of today's events.

Next on Sailor Moon Xanatos: Free Wills meet. Battle is joined. Destiny starts to form. Sides and set.

The Xanatos Bible

In these pages are what appears before the Observer in this tale.

Silver Magic System: A derivative of the Belkan Magic System, it forgoes the Cartridge system for stability and endurance of Armed and Intelligent Devices made from it.

Black King: Also called Black King Zero, it is an Intelligent Device designed by Queen Serenity while in the World of Spirits. It was made for Lelouch to assist him on his quest to help her daughter, Princess Serenity a.k.a. Usagi Tsukino.

Time-Space Administration Bureau: An Interdimensional Police/Military Force formed by the Mid-Childan Governent and a few other dimenions 150 years previous to help protect the dimensions across space. Their main focus is collection dangerous artifacts that could potentially destroy whole Dimenions, known as Lost Logia.

Infinity Library: A massive collection of books and other written materials chronicled and put together by the Time-Space Administration Bureau.

Devil Arms: Weapons gained from Devils in two ways. One is their outright death. The other is them offering themselves to you as such in the form of a weapon that reflects a part of their nature.
End of this entry from the Xanatos Bible

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Robin Starwing's AU/Crossover Story

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