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 Note: Who is allowed to post on someone's profile submission?

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PostSubject: Note: Who is allowed to post on someone's profile submission?   8th August 2012, 10:53 am

Hey guys!

Just wanted to make it clear the expectations we have for threads in this section, because it's been noted that sometimes conversations that don't necessarily have to do with the character profile are going on within character profile boards. This is not cool.

Conversations/Posts in an individual's Character Profile thread should be limited to:
  • The Creator asking a question about the profile, the profile submission process, or specifics about their character.
  • The Creator bumping the thread for review*
  • The Reviewer (Sailor Pluto) answering questions or remarking on the profile, helping the Creator get their profile ready to be accepted.
  • The Reviewer (Sailor Pluto) requesting additional information.
  • A Member replying to specific questions/requests made by the Creator in regards to their profile.
    Creator wrote:
    Hmm... I'm not sure about her history; does anyone else think it's a little cliche? Anyone have any unique suggestions that might explain her quirky personality?
    Member wrote:
    ((quotes question)) Hey! So, let's see... While I like some aspects of the history you have there, it is a little over-used... maybe choose one aspect of it and focus on that as a major life event? Such as that meeting with her estranged father! You could.... ((etc.))
  • A Member requesting the Creator look at the Character Request board for their RP (aka attempt to recruit Creator's character for a storyline).**

Therefore, posts on a Character Profile board should NOT include:
  • Conversations about upcoming roleplay ideas
  • fangirling (the occasional fangirl post is totally okay, but one post is good, you know? ... not five.)
  • Spamming*
  • Off-topic comments and remarks
  • ...anything that isn't listed above

Our reasoning is that Character Profile creation is supposed to be a stepping-stone to get to the main event. Every time a thread is updated, the Reviewer will come running to make sure that the Creator's questions are answered and to look over the profile again to offer suggestions to get that profile ready for approval. If the thread is updated with fluff and conversations between the Creator and a Member about non-profile things, the Reviewer will come running the first few times, but, just like in The Boy Who Cried Wolf, eventually they'll just assume that any update on that thread is just more conversation and they won't check in, even if it's really the Creator asking to be reviewed.

So... if you want to have a conversation with a Creator about their character and possible roleplay ideas involving said character, please either make a thread in the OOC section or PM that person to have a private conversation. Smile This just helps our reviewers immensely!

Thank you!

* - Concerning Bumps for Review: If you have requested your character be reviewed and you haven't received a response within 2 days, feel free to bump your thread again or send a PM to the appropriate reviewer (Sailor Pluto)
** - Concerning Advertising for a Specific RP: If you would like to recruit a new character to your RP, please only mention the RP or recruit board once. Any more and you'll be considered spamming.


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Note: Who is allowed to post on someone's profile submission?

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