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 Senshi// Sailor Rarity

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PostSubject: Senshi// Sailor Rarity   15th August 2012, 9:36 pm

Character Information

Name: Amethyst Iven. Iven means well born.

Age and Date of Birth: Age 16, September 15th

Gender: female

Race: Caucasian, Human

Birthplace: Ponyville, Equestria

Appearance: Amethyst is about 5 foot 6 inches with a slender model build with long legs, slender waist and slightly large hips and a fair bust. She has rich purple hair that goes down to her mid back. The right half of her bangs are swept to the side and tucked behind her ear while the left is raised up a bit and curled at the end. She has blue-violet eyes that sparkle with inner knowing. She has pale skin with no blemishes of any kind.

Amethyst typically wears eyeshadow in hues of blues and purples to compliment her hair and eyes. All of her other make up is more natural, such as light lip gloss that gives her lips a slightly pink shine and foundation powder that evens out her skin tone, though it rarely needs it. Amethyst is usually seen in anything designer, though she tends to stick with skirts and dresses for casual wear. Once in a while she may deign to wear jeans in public, though she usually wears jeans when she is working on her fashions, as jeans are less likely to get in the way and are easier to crouch in. She often loves blouses or tank tops with a lovely patterned chiffon shirt on top.

Skills/Abilities: Her hobbies and skills include sewing, designing and make up. She's involved in the Fashion Club, Drama Club, and Sewing Club in school. She also is usually participating in any fashion shows that might be going on, and runs her own little shop where she makes clothes and cosplay costumes. As such, she is usually very busy in and out of school, and can usually afford the designer clothes she so loves and craves.

Personality: Amethyst is very much a clothes horse. And she takes extreme pride on her outward appearance, she must never have a hair out of place or a wrinkle in her skirt or blouse. If she does, she will immediately drop whatever she's doing and fix it. She does have a touch of OCD at times, but it usually works in her favor more than against. She also tends to be very criticizing of other peoples appearance, but understands that no one can be as fortunate as her in terms of talent, style and money. So she tries to help out who she can, or feels like it.

She often dreams of being a famous designer, with her clothes in magazines, on models and such other places. And so, she works towards this goal, planning to go to college for fashion design after high school. When she's got work to do, her personality does a slight switch, as she becomes no nonsense and professional. Outside of work however, she is rather dramatic and extravagant, though she has a sweetness and streak of generosity that no one would expect.

Biography/History: Amethyst was born to her parents in Ponyville and was a normal child. Until one day, she saw her first celebrity in Ponyville when she was 6. She was stunned, staring at this gorgeous woman in clothes she hadn't imagined existed, and the attention this woman got. Somehow, her mind connected this to the clothes she was wearing, and ever since, she was determined to create clothes just as beautiful as that.

She began learning all she could about sewing, with painful results at first. But as the years passed, she grew more skilled in the art of sewing. And her interests expanded from simply beautiful clothes to designing. Her parents, wishing to support their daughter, eventually gave her the basement of the house for her workshop when her projects got to be too much in her room. From that basement, she began her business that she dubbed the Carousel Boutique, after a little porcelain carousel she had as a child and was a treasured possession.

Soon she entered high school, and from there expanded her business, eventually able to buy a little store to sell her designs out of. It took a little juggling at first, but she swiftly figured out how to balance school, all of her clubs and her business. She sometimes will treat her little sister like an assistant, fetching her coffee or thread or whatever she might need at the moment.

(unknown at this point how she will discover she is Sailor Rarity)

Other Noteworthy Facts:  Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Blood type: A+
Favorite Gem: Sapphires and Rubies
Favorite Flower: Jasmine, which represents grace and elegance
Favorite subject: History of Fashion
Least favorite subject: Gym
Favorite foods: Crepes and coffee
Least favorite food: Corn
Favorite fabrics: Chiffon and brocade silk
Theme song: Lady Gaga- Fashion

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Please only fill out the following sections listed below if they are applicable to your character. You must also fill out the Character Information section in addition to the senshi or antagonist section.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Senshi Information

Senshi/Sailor Name and Title: Sailor Rarity

Realm of Influence(s): Jewels and shiny metals

Her transformation pen is like the Super Transformation rods, with a purple handle and gem with gold accents. The side handle is blue with matching loops that hold up a lavender starburst. Little gold beads surround the top of the starburst. White wings spread out from the side of the bottom of the gem.

Henshin/Transformation: “Sailor Rarity Cutie, Make Up!”. The instrumental for Lady Gaga's Fashion plays as Amethyst does various model poses as sparkles and ribbons swirl around her as she floats in the air. As she raises her hands behind her head, her bodice appears. Her gloves appear as she swings her arms out one than the other. As she spins, her skirt forms along with her sheer sleeves. As she falls gracefully through the air, her bows, shoes and tiara and brooch form, as her make up washes across her face. She lands fully transformed and strikes a final pose.

Tiara is gold with a light blue diamond shape. Her choker is purple with a matching blue diamond shape, and her collar is purple with white stripes. She has sheer purple sleeves that are open in the front that fall down to a few inches above her elbow. She has white gloves with purple piping. Her front and back bows are blue, while her brooch is a triple diamond shape with a lighter blue coloring. Her back bow also has trailing tails. Her bodice is white with piping forming a V at the waist, from which falls a flowing purple skirt. Her shoes are purple ballet slippers with white gems along the side near the bottom. Blue strips of fabric cross the front of her ankles and feet, holding the shoes securely. She wears purple eyeshadow with light pink lipstick and has triple purple pearl earrings.


Ruby Heart Shards! Energy: Medium  Effect: Rarity holds out her hands in front of her, as a ruby shaped like a heart appears in front of her. It glows brightly and seems to pulse before breaking apart, shards flying at the enemy. The shards dig in and cause a burning kind of pain until they are removed.             Weaknesses: It can hurt allies and civilians as well as enemies, so she must be careful with her aim. It can also affect her if any is redirected back at her.

Lovely Golden Embrace!  Energy: Low  Effect: Rarity makes a weaving motion with her hands as energy that shines golden flows out from her hands. They fly out and wrap around the enemy in the motions she does, creating a very secure wrapping that solidifies into hard gold. When she detransforms or the enemy is defeated, the gold turns to dust that fades away beautifully.  Weaknesses: If the enemy can escape the chains, they can be used as a dangerous weapon as they are very hard and heavy.

Enchanted Gem Blade!  Energy: Low  Effect: Rarity holds her hands in a grasping motion as a sword made out of gem appears. What kind of gem the sword is made of varies, seeming to depend on Rarity's mood at the moment. The blade is extremely sharp and dangerous.  Weaknesses: Rarity doesn't know how to sword fight, so is unable to effectively use this attack. If she concentrates however, she can pass it to someone else, but the moment she is distracted, the sword vanishes.


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PostSubject: Re: Senshi// Sailor Rarity   16th August 2012, 5:14 pm

Wonderful profile, Crystal. Approved. ^^


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Senshi// Sailor Rarity

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