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 Credit Information

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PostSubject: Credit Information   22nd June 2011, 12:09 am

Credit and Copyright for Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi. These Forums make no claim to them in any way shape or form.

Cosmos Guardian Sprite was custom edited from Sailor Moon: Another Story by Azha (website defunct).

Neo Queen Serenity sprite originally from Sailor Moon: Another Story, via an emulator.

Neo Queen Serenity used for this rank icon was edited by user, Neo Queen Serenity - Founder.

The Following Sprites in the rank below were used ONLY with Permission and belongs to Honest-Beauty .

The Following Sprite came from: Crossing Zenith

The following sprites in the rank buttons are used ONLY with Permission from XPushingOBorders.


The Following Sailor Moon pixels in the ranks are credited to verdy-k.

The following icon pixels are credited to bitmapdreams.

The following icon pixels are credited to Sailor Moon Resource.

Sprites Currently found in the Senshi Sprite Symposium belong to Ai-No-Senshi and GC member PallasMercury.

The following CMS icons are credited to famfamfam:


By -broomvideos

By - fosterpython

By - Synfull

By - Synfull

By - Synfull

By - Synfull

By - Synfull

By - Synfull

By - Synfull

By - Synfull

By RavenScarlett

By Shteen

By Brindis

by fear-the-brilliance

by fear-the-brilliance

         by by =ArtistMeli

                                                       by                                                   by *PrettySoldierPetite

 ~ From firstfear on deviantart

        by Andalusite

created by @Moonstone.

If you feel you deserved credit for something please private message or email
Neo Queen Serenity



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Credit Information

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