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 Senshi: Sailor Caeneus

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PostSubject: Senshi: Sailor Caeneus   10th September 2012, 12:58 pm

General Information
Name: Suzume Kino
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 23rd
Age: 16
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Physical Description: Suzume has long brown hair that falls in waves and curls, although she tends to have her hair up at all times whether it is in a ponytail or a bun. Her eyes are a dark purple, and her skin has a slight tan from all of the time she spends out in the sun. Because she is very tall, it is hard for her to find clothing that fits her properly, and so Suzume likes to steal a lot of her mother’s clothes to wear because they are of the same height. She generally picks out things that allow her to have a lot of movement, so she stays away from short skirts, although she loves jean shorts and tank tops. She wears boots or sneakers with her regular day clothing.

Personality: Suzume is a loud and brash person, and she never holds back. If she has an opinion, she will share it without thinking of the consequences after, and if she feels she needs to act upon something, she will before ever thinking it through. She is the embodiment of ‘act now, think later’. She is kind and likes to beat up bullies because she is generally bigger and stronger than them, although this tends to lead her into getting detention. She can not sit still for long periods of time, and because of this, she has trouble learning and does poorly in school. It is difficult for her to focus on things, and sometimes she even zones out in the middle of a conversation with someone.

This affects her even as a Senshi. She has no problems using her attacks, but sometimes she will get distracted by something in the middle of a fight and will get hit because of her inattention. She over looks details, and can find herself in trouble because of it. She tends to simply jump into the middle of the fight without taking into account of what is going on.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: She is incredibly strong, and sometimes when she zones out she has strange snippets of premonitions. Suzume rarely remembers all of the details in these premonitions, so it is not a useful skill for her.

History: By the time Makoto knew that she was pregnant, she had already been aware that it might happen. Others had been inflicted by the strange pregnancy due to the starseed mix up, and she knew that it could affect any one of them. It was soon found that Rei was the ‘father’, and the two of them made plans and changes so that they both could help to raise the child. They were excited, and a little scared, to become parents.

When Suzume was born, Makoto and Rei both spent as much time together with the baby as possible. When it was not possible, Suzume would spend half of her time with Makoto in her house, and the other half with Rei. A lot of the time Makoto would stay in the temple with Rei and Suzume, and they created a family of sorts together. Suzume showed her talent of strength early on in her life, and Makoto helped her hone in on those skills by teaching her everything she knew about offensive and defensive maneuvers. In the kitchen, however, Suzume is a disaster and she is only allowed to make herself a bowl of cereal. Rei spent a lot of time trying to teach Suzume her all of the skills of being a shrine maiden, but Suzume’s attention deficit made it too difficult for her. The one thing that she did take to was learning archery, and she seems to excell at it.

Suzume has an aversion to men, and doesn’t want anything to do with them. Most of the interactions she has with guys is when she is beating them up for picking on an innocent girl. She only has a few people that she calls friends, and none of them are particularly close to her. Instead, Suzume spends most of her time outside running and swimming or practicing martial arts and archery. She sometimes likes to go into gardens and look at the plants, although when she once tried to care for her own garden, she forgot to water them properly and they all died off.

One day while she was home and zoning out, Suzume had a premonition, though she can’t remember exactly what happened during it. All she could remember was this feeling that she would be needed, and then a flash of light broke her out of it, and in front of her had materialized a henshin stick. Never one to back out of a challenge, Suzume reached out and took it, enabling her to become Sailor Caeneus, so named for a greek warrior woman who asked Poseidon to change her from a girl into a man, and was granted invulnerability as well.

Senshi Information
Senshi Name: Sailor Caeneus, Senshi of Metamorphosis
Senshi Fuku: Sailor Caeneus’s colors are dark olive green and blood red. Her sash is the green with one line of red running through it. Her gloves reach her elbows and end in three lines of green piping. Her bows are both red, and her skirt begins in green ending in a line of pale pink and dark red. Her shoes are a mix of boots and high-heels, raised to her knees and having a cut out above her toes.
Henshi/Transformation: Caeneus Crystal Power, Make Up!
Scorching Bolt!: An offensive attack, arrows of electricity shoot from Caeneus’s hands and go towards the intended target. Along the way, they ignite with fire and the dual elements strike the intended target. This is Caeneus’s main magical attack, and it doesn’t cost her much energy to create, though it is not the most powerful of attacks.
Double Scorching Bolt!: Same as above, though it sends out double the amount of arrows, and they do much more damage than the previous, though it takes a lot more energy to conjure up.
Phoenix Dragon, Evolution!: Caeneus’s most powerful attack, a fire bird is conjured up and sweeps the intended target off their feet and into the air, burning them along the way. It begins to change shape and before the target can begin to fall, the fire bird becomes an electric dragon and it slams the target into the ground, shocking it with electricity at the same time. Caeneus almost always uses up her energy in other things like physical attacks before remembering that she could use this attack as well.
Weapons or Magical Items:
Martial Arts: Not a material weapon, but Caeneus often will use her own body as a weapon instead of going instantly for her magical attacks. With her knowledge and practice of both offensive and defensive maneuvers, this is a good asset to her arsenal.
Scythian Crystal: Her own personal starseed that was created by the merging of the Jupiter and Mars starseeds. She can not use this crystal in any type of attack.

RP Sample:
Suzume squinted in the bright light, trying to make out what the sign said, but from her spot inside the cafe, she couldn’t quite see what the words spelled out. It was bothering her, because she was certain that she should know that cafe, but at the moment, the name of it escaped her. She frowned.

“Suzume? Are you listening to me?”

Blinking in surprise, Suzume glanced over at her friend and, after seeing Masa’s expression, she grinned sheepishly. “Uh, sorry,” she said, though her eyes couldn’t help but to take another peak at that sign. “What’s that cafe over there?”

Masa sighed but obligingly looked through the glass window to find where Suzume was pointing. “That’s Omotesando Koffee, you know that.”

Suzume remember now. Mako-Mama loved going there a lot, she was friends with the owner. Now that the mystery was solved, Suzume turned her attention back onto her friend. “What were you saying before?”

Masa smiled at her, and rushed back into her detailed explanation of the cute boy who had asked her out. Suzume didn’t even know why Masa allowed those boys to take her out, they never resulted in anything good. Masa never liked them well enough to allow them a second date, and then she would spend the whole time complaining that no one liked her until she found another boy foolish enough to attempt to date her.


Oops. “I’m sorry Masa, I’m just not getting into this conversation.” Suzume paused before continuing. “You should give up on those boys. They’re not good enough for you, anyway.”

“You’re only saying that because you don’t date at all. If you would just give it a chance, you would like it!” Masa had tried to convince Suzume of this before, many times in fact, but Suzume was practiced in ignoring it.

“Boys are more fun to beat up.”

Masa sighed again, but let the subject drop. Suzume found herself staring at Masa, and wondered if perhaps there was another reason why she didn’t want to date boys.


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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Caeneus   11th September 2012, 7:07 pm

Another solid character, though my only issue is that she seems quite a bit like her mother. But, that's personal preference, you don't have to change it.



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Senshi: Sailor Caeneus

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