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 Rules for Posting

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PostSubject: Rules for Posting   Rules for Posting I_icon_minitime22nd June 2011, 2:20 pm

Welcome to the Questions, Problems, and Suggestions boards. This board is open to all, guests included, if the need should arrive. This is the place for you to post about technical issues around the forum, questions about a specific aspect of GC, and also if you have any ideas for us!

There are few rules to keep this board neat and orderly as possible. Please review them BEFORE posting.

  1. All GC Rules of the Forums apply here.

  2. Read FAQ for the site as it covers a lot of things that may cause problems, or give people trouble. Smile

  3. Make sure there are no topics that already cover what you are looking for. I don't expect you to go back 5 pages, but please at least check the first 2 pages to make sure. This helps the mods keep things from trying to get fixed twice, or confused on what has been answered and what hasn't.

  4. Please be courteous when waiting for an answer. We do try to get to these in a timely manner, but we ALL have a real life. Give them at least 2 days before you poke your thread again.

  5. When starting a thread, please try to be as clear as you can as to what the problem is. Now this doesn't mean a huge long report, but make sure you think to add information that may help us in answering you quickly.

  6. Please ONLY pm the mods if it's a sensitive question or problem, other wise all things should be posted here.


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Rules for Posting

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