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 Call My Name (And I'll Be There)

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Tuxedo Mark
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PostSubject: Call My Name (And I'll Be There)   30th September 2012, 5:50 pm

First, I'll state the obvious: this is a rip-off of the "Friends" theme (which, considering the plot of how Raye worked really hard on her songs, is hilarious). That said, it's a million times better!

Anyway, anyone know why Mars' singer (Sandy Howell) sang this in "Raye's Day in the Spotlight", but it was sung by Moon's singer (Jennifer Cihi) on the soundtrack album? Not only is this irritating (although I do love Jennifer's performance; don't get me wrong), but it's also perplexing, because Sandy Howell cowrote the song!


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Star Seed


Star Seed

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PostSubject: Re: Call My Name (And I'll Be There)   22nd May 2013, 12:54 am

And her other song is a rewritten version of a Japanese one. Laughing

Anywho, i'm guessing either...

1) For the soundtrack, DiC/Kid Rino felt it would be better if they rerecord it but with Jennifer Cihi, afteral, they also redid Only a Memory Away for the soundtrack as well because DiC didn't like the original.

2) They already had this song made up with Jennifer Cihi singing it and they where going to place it in another episode, but changed their minds and put it in Rei's episode, and they kept the one with Jen singing it for the soundtrack.

*shrug* Only a guess.


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Call My Name (And I'll Be There)

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