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 TO BE READ: Information Concerning Usernames and Avatars

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PostSubject: TO BE READ: Information Concerning Usernames and Avatars   22nd July 2011, 4:37 pm

Hello my fellow Moonies,

As the Galaxy Cauldron is growing and expanding, and a slew of new users have joined and other senior members are elevating in their ranks, the time has come for me to state some important rules and changes involving your memberships here.

Several of you have been changing your Avatars and others may have inquiries on changing their usernames. Please read through these new developments carefully. You will be expected to note these new rules and kindly abide by them. Smile

For the topic of Avatars
- Max image size for avatars are 110px by 170px.
- Must conform to a PG-13 rating.
- An avatar may be changed 2 times in the first (1) month on GC, or until you are raised to the 2nd level on the site and once a year after that.
- You are not allowed to change your avatar on your own. If you would like to change your avatar, you must contact me, Sailor Jupiter, via PM. Please include your new image so that I may change it for you. Smile (And do not worry, I am quite the friendly Admin here. I do not bite.)
- Special occasions of when you can have your avatar changed: During celebrations or special events being held on GC or as an Admin announces.
- If a member has been found changing their avatar without permission, it will be noted and I will have to contact you on the matter. I understand that people forget things and I do like to keep things here comfortable and without stress. So please try to take note of what has been stated above. Smile

Founder's note:
The reason for limiting how often you can change it is because a person's avatar is their face on here. It it the one thing we really have to associate with them since not all members do well remembering others by names, or usernames. I do it for the same reason we limit changing usernames.

For the topic of Usernames and Username changes
- No name that is a recognized name within the Sailor Moon series and/or belongs to Naoko Takeuchi may be used "in full" in any part of your name when registering.
This includes the following:
++ Sailor Moon Japanese Anime
++ Sailor Moon Japanese Manga
++ Sailor Moon American Anime
++ Sailor Moon American Manga
++ Sera Myu
- The names Lady Galaxia and Sailor Cosmos are used only by the two founders of the GC; and Inner Senshi names have been reserved for the Admins of the GC.
- Some of the names not allowed, but not limited to are: Princess Serenity, Sailor Moon, Mina Aino, Serena Tsukino, etc.
- The exceptions to this rule are the words "Sailor", "Princess", a planet name, or any last name. They may not be used in conjunction with each other though.
- Username changes are limited to one occasion only. If you would like to change your username please contact me via PM stating why you would like to change your name and the desired new name. Do not worry -- I am not going to make you have to pass a test or anything like that. Smile But your request does need to be approved by me first.

If you have any questions about what has been written about in this post, comments or would just like to express yourself about it, please feel free to PM me. I am quite conversational and I like to hear what may be on your mind. If you did not understand something stated here, I will not be bothered to clarify or explain it for you. Wink


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TO BE READ: Information Concerning Usernames and Avatars

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