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 KTenshi Oneshot: Glass Slipper Redo!

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PostSubject: KTenshi Oneshot: Glass Slipper Redo!   KTenshi Oneshot: Glass Slipper Redo! I_icon_minitime20th November 2012, 1:03 pm

I posted this over on DA a while back, and thought to share it here. Unbeta'd.
An: My take on how Sailor Moon S Anime Epsiode 101(English Dub 102), season 3 should've gone.


Earlier that day, Usagi had announced it was her birthday, and expected everyone to at least be happy for her. Well, what she got was less than desirable.

"Oh, it's your birthday?" Minako comments reading her book.

"Congradulations" Makoto adds not bothering to look up from hers.

" You better be more mature from now on." Ami adds before finally the girls put their books down and walked right by her.

"G-Guys! You're so mean." Usagi whines a bit feeling utterly put out but follows behind them, "You could be a little nicer."

Rei turns amused, "Well, even if it's your birthday, you still have to come to study group!"

With that the four girls left her behind, though once out of hearing range, Ami glances back, "I hope that wasn't too harsh."

"No, it's fine." Rei nods, "After all, she'll be really surprised when she comes to study group and see that we were planning a surprise party!"


Usagi wanders around, feeling utterly down in the dumps at the prospect of Study group later. Wouldn't it have been so hard if they had given ehr pocky at least? Still, she sighs before glancing over at a window store and a saw a pair of glass slippers.

"Oh, just like Cinderella. " She says to herself before recalling her boyfriend, Mamoru. Giggling to herself she sets off to find him unknown to the dangers behind her. "I'll ask my prince to get them for me."


"Mamo-chan!" A sudden weight on his arm as his girlfriend nearly pounces on him.

"Hey, what's this all of the sudden?" He was rather bemused by what was going at this moment, but she seems rather excited about something.

"Mamo-chan, I've been looking for you." She looks up at him with hopeful eyes.

Mamoru's brows rose a bit, "Oh? Why?" Not that he didn't want her too- he likes spending time with her but she's seems a little off today.

She giggles and finds it utterly cute. Why, he asks. He's just playing with me. She thinks to herself. You don't have to pretend, Mamo-chan. What I needed is a good boyfriend not my friends. He'd remember!

Seriously, what is with her? Mamoru wonders as she clings to him more than usual.

"Mamo-chan, I want something as a present." She starts off coyly saying.

Something, is really off about this situation. Not that she hasn't asked for things before- he's bought her many things when she wanted, but why is she acting like this? "Right..?"

"I mean, if you really wanted to by me a present, my prince," She says blushing prettily, "I would like a pair of glass slippers- like the ones on sale at this art shop that's just around the corner on Third street."

Glass slippers? Mamoru couldn't help but stare at her. Glass, as a product, isn't exactly expensive now in these days considering how cheaply they could be made. Glass slippers, on the other hand might be higher in price but it wasn't an extremely hard to obtain kind of goal, so he doesn't mind that she asked for it. It's just the way she done so is extremely strange. Why did she want a pair anyway? Christmas wasn't any time soon...

Of course he can't really settle on this as she grabs him by the hand and tugs him along, "Please please by it for me! We can go together and get it!"

"But Christmas is still pretty far off." And it would hopefully be cheaper by then, still he stops looking at her.

Usagi frowns, why was he still pretending? "Of course it is!" She huffs, "Don't you know what today is?"

"Whoa, what?" He held his hands up a bit, "Today? Toady is...?" Seriously, what is today?

Usagi's eyes widen, "My gods!"

Out of the male play book of which to defuse a potential hazardous situtation, He grasp for an idea of what today could be, "Of-Of course, I didn't forget an important day- like today!."
Seriously, though what is today? There's just so many holidays that are celeberated in this country that even living here, he tends to forget them. Especially his nearly non-existent social life he had for years until almost a half year or so ago.

Hope springs again in Usagi, "Of course you wouldn't Mamo-chan." She smiles brightly. YES! Maybe he did remember her birthday afterall?

"It's the first time we met, right?" He answers, because girls normally take the minsucal firsts and set them up as anniversaries. At least that was his experience when it came to dating.

Then, out of nowhere, she smacks him across the face as hard as she could, sniffling and holding back tears. "You're horrible, Mamo-chan! Just horrible!"

He held his cheek, confusion obviously written across his face. "What? What is wrong with you?"

"How could you?" Usagi continues before turning to leave- only she couldn't because he grabs her wrists, "Let me go! Meanie! You're like the girls! They forgot my birthday too!"

"Is that what this is about? Today's your birthday?" He asks but utterly sighs. So that's it! Still, the reminder on his cheek left something less than desirable, "Why didn't you just say so?"

"Because you should've known!" She huffs,still sniffling, "I mean, it's obvious! I did tell you-"

"Usako, you never told me when your birthday was." He said letting her go, "For that matter, birthdays were never really discussed."

She turns looking at him, "Of course they were! I..we.." However her memory failed her to recall even one single conversation about that. "I..."

"And for the record, don't ever hit me again." There's a lot Mamoru would do for her and there's a lot he'll endure because he loves this crazy girl so much, but this was not one of those things. "I've never hit you out of anger, because I love you and respect you. I thought I could expect the same thing from you- even if it's over something like this."

"Mamo-chan..." She's actually never seen him this serious like this- at least not when it's about her safety and all. Recalling the time when Chibiusa came from the future and how they broke up because of those dreams they were both having and he did it out of concern for her.. - but this? She glances at her hand and curls it into a fist regretting her actions. "I'm sorry. "

He only shook his head slowly, "There's never any reason for it."He wants to impress upon her how such actions were not acceptable- and wonders idly exactly how henpecked her father is if she thought it was alright to just smack someone like that and it would be alright. It's not acceptable for either people to do that. "Promise you'll think things through first before jumping to conculsions. This could've all been easily cleared up if you- we- talked this through before."

She really hates herself for that and goes to apologize again but sees him moving towards that store. "Mamo-chan?"

He glances back at her, "It's still your birthday, right?"

She blinks, not really understanding what he's getting at until she saw that small smile and felt relief flood through her. He forgave her! Never. she promises herself, I'm never doing that again! How could I hit such a sweet guy over something that little?

"Mamo-chan, " She moves over to join him and held his hand before leaning up, "I love you. I really am sorry and promise I won't do that again. Ever."

He smiles, "Lets go see if they have those shoes in your size."
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Lotus Crystal

Tuxedo Mistress

Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: KTenshi Oneshot: Glass Slipper Redo!   KTenshi Oneshot: Glass Slipper Redo! I_icon_minitime20th November 2012, 2:59 pm


so cute!
and mamo-chan is so understanding, while usagi is being usagi LOL


KTenshi Oneshot: Glass Slipper Redo! Makotochan
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Queen of the darkside of the moon
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PostSubject: Re: KTenshi Oneshot: Glass Slipper Redo!   KTenshi Oneshot: Glass Slipper Redo! I_icon_minitime20th November 2012, 7:19 pm

n.n Thanks, it's kinda how I wished that epsiode would have gone instead of her running of or him letting her and have them talk it out like ..well. 'adult's xD;


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PostSubject: Re: KTenshi Oneshot: Glass Slipper Redo!   KTenshi Oneshot: Glass Slipper Redo! I_icon_minitime

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KTenshi Oneshot: Glass Slipper Redo!

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