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 Antagonist: EriEri

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PostSubject: Antagonist: EriEri    5th December 2012, 6:48 am

General Information
Name: EriEri {From the dwarf planet and greek goddess "Eris"}
Gender: Female
Birthday: N/A
Age: Unknown, but appears to be in her mid-teens
Birthplace: Deep in an unknown jungle

Physical Description: EriEri’s purple hair is long by happenstance. When she lived in the jungle, she didn’t bother to cut it or worry about it, and it became a long tangled mess. Her skin is tanned from long days in the jungle sun, and her body is athletic and nimble from her constant flitting through trees and running through thick underbrush. Her eyes are a deep purple, and a purple gem sits in the middle of her forehead. She is very tall and she uses her height to her advantage whenever possible. Whilst in the jungle, she had no use for clothes and preferred to run around naked, caked in mud and dirt.

Ever since joining Nehelenia, EriEri has taken more interest in keeping herself clean and presentable. She keeps her hair in cone shaped odangos, each with three braids falling to her knees. She believes that if she keeps her hair in this style for long enough, she’ll have hair that falls in elegant waves just like her Queen. For now, she is happy with her six braids, which she decorates with a single purple bow inbetween the odangos simply because she can.

EriEri also wears clothes more often now, although sometimes she’s been known to be seen wearing nothing at all within the rooms of the Circus. She feels that clothes are far too confining, so she wears as little as possible, or anything that catches her interest. When not naked, she adorns a dark purple bikini top that has purple and white beads come up towards her neck and encircle her throat in a purple ribbon. She has white fingerless gloves that come up to her elbows, with purple bracers. Her skirt is purple and very short, and gets paler in color towards the ends. In the center of the skirt, EriEri has put a decorative piece that replicates that crescents that adorn Nehelenia's forehead. EriEri wears sheer transparent white shorts underneath her skirt. Her shoes are purple high heels with ribbons that encircle her calves. In the center of each ribbon layer are alternating white and purple gems.

However, whenever she has to hide herself away with regular humans, EriEri wears a very short purple dress with heels, and lots of silver and gold bracelets that she likes to make clink together.

Personality: EriEri is a possessive and selfish person. She likes to own pretty things when she can get her hands on them and she does not hesitate to take something that she wants. Growing up alone in the jungle has taught her that she must take things to survive, and she continues to live by this learned tactic even after having been given a home in Nehelenia's employ. EriEri is emotionally unstable and has a hard time relating with other people. However, she understands power and beauty, and she finds both in Queen Nehelenia. Since the first time EriEri saw the elegant woman behind the dark glass, EriEri has been obsessed with the power, beauty, anger and strength that exudes from Nehelenia. EriEri isn't sure what to call the feelings she has for Nehelenia. All she knows is that she wants to please her beautiful Queen and always wants to be by her side.

As a warrior, EriEri's unpredictability comes to her advantage, but it also can be a hindrance. Her opponents can never predict what she will do next, but EriEri reacts on pure instinct and never thinks things through carefully. This can be a problem at times. With the gift of Nehelenia's powers added to her own personal strength and agility, EriEri has defeated many enemies, however there have been a few times when she has made a mistake she would later have to fix.

EriEri generally does not like other people. She doesn't trust them and only tolerates them at best. She rarely believes anything that someone says to her. Unless it comes from her Queen because she trusts in her Queen without doubt. One person could tell her something and she would not believe them, but if Queen Nehelenia told her the exact same thing, EriEri would listen without complaint. EriEri will do anything in her power to bring about anything that Nehelenia desires. Her one hope is that one day she will see her Queen in person, and perhaps to see a smile grace her lips.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
{} Can steal Dream Mirrors with the use of her Amazoness Stone (given to her by Nehelenia)
{} Quick and agile
{} Inherent strength
{} Speech gifted to her by Nehelenia

History: EriEri has no recollection of ever having a family. She only remembers the wild jungle and the need to survive. She has been alone all her life, even as a child, and she has never known any other way of life. The harsh environments of living in the jungle has taught her to take what she wants and to trust her instincts. She uses her strength to her advantage and she does not get caught up in sentimental values.

One day she caught sight of something dark and shining lying on the floor of the jungle, and she became curious. It was a strange and alluring mirror. A beautiful woman with angry eyes spoke to her and it surprised EriEri that she actually understood what was being said. There was something about the strength in the woman's eyes that drew EriEri in, and she found herself hanging off every word. She didn't understand many of the concepts, but she understood that this beautiful woman was requesting her help, and EriEri agreed without hesitation.

With Nehelenia's powers, EriEri was granted the ability of speech, something that she had never had the need of before, as well as the ability to search for Dream Mirrors through the use of the purple Amazoness Stone. It took some time for EriEri to understand how things worked outside of her jungle. The first thing she did was learn how to tend for her tangled mess of hair. She painstakingly combed it and braided it so that it would be more pleasing to the eye. She also wears clothes more often than not, though clothing is something she can't understand.

Through her working under Nehelenia, EriEri has only grown more obsessed with her dark Queen. Together they created another minion from the figure of a male fox, and they named him Fox's Eye, but after her initial fascination with Fox's Eye wore off, EriEri has decided that she doesn't like him. She wants to be the only one that her Queen goes to for requests and jobs. She thinks that Fox's Eye gets too much attention from Queen Nehelenia that she would rather be directed at herself.

Recently, Nehelenia has had them ready theirselves for a much bigger fight as they search for what their Queen desires.

RP Sample:  

It was the glittering of gold that caught her eye first. EriEri frowned and knelt down low to the ground as she crawled her way through the underbrush to get a little closer to the strange object. Glittering things were always her favorite, but they were not common. Back in her tree, she had a small collection of sparkling items. She didn't know what most of them did, but they were pretty and that's all that she really cared about.

Now only a small distance away from the glittering object, EriEri was surprised to see that it was much bigger than she had first thought. It would be difficult to fit it in her tree.

EriEri took one low step closer, and pushed away the long stalks of grass in order to get a better look. It was a long flat thing; thin interweavings of gold encased a black smooth glass that shone as the light of the sun reflected from it.

Frowning to herself in confusion, EriEri grabbed her handcrafted spear and, still low to the ground, she reached out and poked the rock end of the spear against the gold metal. As soon as the spear end touched the gold, EriEri drew the spear back quickly and knelt even lower to the ground, her head a breath away from the dirt.

Nothing happened.

Deciding it must be safe enough, EriEri stood up straight, her stick-spear still clutched in her hands. She walked over to the object and peered into the black smooth surface. She could see someone looking back at her, and the girl in the mirror moved in exactly the same way that she was! EriEri grunted at the girl and held up her spear as a warning. She wasn't going to tolerate this person mocking her.

But then, the image shimmered, and a different woman came into view. EriEri stumbled back in surprise, her spear ready to attack at the slightest hint of danger. But the woman was beautiful, and she had eyes that spoke stories of anger and sadness and revenge. And power. Even with the glass separating them, EriEri could sense immense power and poise from this woman.

Her spear lowered just a fraction as EriEri took a step closer to get a better look at the woman. She had seen other people before, of course. It wasn't something that happened often at all, but once in a while, a small group of people who made a lot of noise as they crashed through her jungle. EriEri had killed one of them who thought it was okay to get close to her tree.

But they had always been bumbling idiots with no sense of direction or self. This woman was much different. Her hair fell in waves behind the dark glass, and it shone like one of EriEri's treasures. Her dress looked soft to the touch, and it clung to her form before falling elegantly around her. But it was her eyes that caught EriEri's attention most. Pale and full of fire and strength and a hint of something kind of sad.

The woman was stunningly beautiful. EriEri had never seen anyone like her before. She reached out, wanting to touch the woman, to see if she was real. But before her hand could connect with soft skin, her fingertips bumped into cold glass.

EriEri didn't have a chance to linger on this, because the woman began to speak of revenge and needing her assistance. Some of it was hard to follow, but it didn't matter because EriEri wanted to help this woman. When prompted, EriEri nodded her agreement without hesitation, her hand still touching the black glass.

Anything to keep her close to this regal and powerful woman.


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PostSubject: Re: Antagonist: EriEri    6th December 2012, 7:58 pm


P.S. I find it funny that both characters have a fondness for being naked.



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Antagonist: EriEri

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