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 Senshi: Sailor Neptune

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PostSubject: Senshi: Sailor Neptune   7th December 2012, 12:49 pm

General Information
Name: Michiru Kaiou
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 6th
Age: 17
Birthplace: Unknown

Physical Description: Michiru is known for her gorgeous teal hair that falls in waves past her shoulders, and it often reminds people of her element. It is generally free flowing, but sometimes she likes to wear it up in a ponytail, adorned with a bow that matches her current outfit. Her eyes are as deep a blue as the deepest oceans, and it is another way that her appearance reflects the element within her. Michiru's skin is as pale as ivory and it appears to be unblemished in any way. She is a little taller than average height, but still shorter than her partner, Haruka. Her body has an inherent grace and elegance to it that seems to come naturally to her. Every step is solid and every movement is fluid.

Long and flowing dresses make up the majority of Michiru's wardrobe. You never see her wearing shorts or jeans, as she likes dresses and skirts that are very fashion-forward. Sometimes she switches up the flowing dresses for dresses or skirts that cling to her form a little more. She generally sticks to colors that complement her hair and pale skin, with lots of pinks and violets. She always wears elegant high heels as well and she is still just as elegant with them. She is often seen wearing her school uniform. Her violin is never far from her hands, and a sketch book is usually hidden away somewhere in case she gets inspired randomly. Generally Michiru is seen as having a good sense of fashion, and she sometimes wears things that no one has ever seen before.

Personality: Michiru is calm and mature, it is not often that you see her get upset or angry at anything. She is always smiles and calm reassurance. When hurt or upset, she generally just smiles in a disarming and cutting way, showing her displeasure with politeness. Sometimes, however, this breaks and she shows her emotions without a shield. Hers is a quiet strength, keeping herself in the background and silently watching for weaknesses, but she lashes out when it is called for. This is not something that happens very often, and Michiru would have to be in an extreme situation to react in such a raw way.

Michiru is not the type of person to flounder around, she means what she does and doesn't bother with things that she doesn't find important. Most people think that she is cold and a snob for this mentality, but Michiru doesn't spend much time thinking about them, even though their words sometimes cut her deeper than she would ever let show. She just moves forward without looking back, and she doesn't like to dwell on the past. In point, she has the dream to become a professional violinist, but after awakening as a senshi, she has put that dream on hold in order to do her duty as a senshi and to protect her princess.

Despite the fact that most people believe her to be a cold kind of person, Michiru actually is rather warm, though she only shows this to people that she cares about. She is very motherly as well, and has always loved the chance to help raise Hotaru. She shows her more flirty side when around her love, Haruka. Haruka is one of the very few people in Michiru's life with whom she feels at complete ease. She loves Haruka with her whole heart and would stop at absolutely nothing in order to be with her.

As a warrior, Michiru is able to find weaknesses in her enemies with clear clarity. Her mirror helps her with this as well, and she does not allow herself to become caught up with feelings and emotions when in a fight. Unless there is ever any danger to Haruka, then Michiru throws her mission aside in order to save her. She wouldn't hesitate to throw away the world in order to keep Haruka by her side.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
{} Precognitive abilities that are amplified when using her Mirror.
{} Famous artist and violinist, and a very fast and skilled swimmer.

History: (A mix of anime and manga)
Michiru's past is shrouded in mystery. In the past of the Silver Millennium, she was one of the three warriors who were entrusted with keeping Sailor Saturn from awakening, as well as being the first in line for defense against any alien invaders who might be a harm to the Queen and the Princess. Alone in her post did not meet with her comrades for it was important to keep their talismans from being close to one another. Neptune never met her Princess either, but she had dreams of her, and she could sense the bright warmth that came from her through the powers of her mirror.

After the fall of the Silver Millennium, Michiru was reborn along with the rest of the girls, however there is not much known about her childhood. It is assumed that she grew up in a rich family, and her abilities in painting and violin playing were quickly noticed.

Michiru began to have dreams about her duty as a senshi, and she awakened as Sailor Neptune. She fought alone for a while against the Death Busters, all while continuing to have dreams of another woman, a woman who was destined to fight along her side. When Michiru saw Haruka Tenoh's racing for the first time, she knew without a doubt that this was the same woman who haunted her dreams. She studied Haruka for a long time, watching her from afar. She had a wish to drive with the blonde woman in her car, driving so quickly that no one would ever be able to catch them. She had feelings for Haruka without even knowing her, and it was what prompted her to approach Haruka finally, using their mutual friend Elsa Grey as a way to get close to her.

Haruka reacted badly when Michiru mentioned the things that both of them could sense, but Michiru didn't give up trying to get Haruka to acknowledge her own destiny as Sailor Uranus. Michiru knew it wasn't fair of her, but she wanted Haruka to fight against these enemies with her, but as Haruka kept refusing, Michiru knew that it wasn't something she could continue to force upon someone that she was beginning to feel stronger feelings for.

One day, Haruka was attacked by a Death Buster daimon, and her henshin stick appeared before her, tempting her to take it and awaken as Sailor Uranus. Before Haruka could touch it, Michiru stopped her. She had decided that if Haruka was that against wanting to be a senshi, then she shouldn't have to be. She transformed into Sailor Neptune and protected Haruka and killed off the enemy. Haruka held her after the battle and Michiru admitted to her what she had been feeling; about watching her from afar and not wanting Haruka to be forced to share in her burden, and she also admitted that she admired Haruka for how strong and honest she is.

This seemed to have moved Haruka in a way that Michiru's previous attempts hadn't been able to, and the two finally became a pair. Together they fought against the daimons, and they found their mission was to find the three talismans and bright them together in order to find the Messiah.

They realized what this would mean: that in order to take the talismans from the heart crystals, they would have to sacrifice whoever had the talismans residing within them. But the mission was far too important to allow theirselves to become sentimental. This was up to them to complete, and they could not falter. And so they continued onward, not allowing theirselves to get caught up in the guilt that would only distract them. They made a promise to one another that if something happened to one of them, the other would carry on without hesitation.

Michiru and Haruka met with the other senshi, and they decided that they did not want them to be in the way of their mission and so they were harsh and cold to them, to keep them away. They didn't want to work together as Sailor Moon and her Guardian Senshi were too sentimental to understand what needed to be done. Michiru adores the other senshi however, and finds Usagi to be very endearing, even trying to help her with feeling more like a lady. But that never stops her from remembering her mission.

Eventually, Eudial, a minion of the Death Busters, found out who were the true owners of the talismans and invited Neptune and Uranus to come to the Marine Cathedral. Despite knowing that it was a trap, the two went regardless. Before entering, they reiterated their promise of not letting theirselves get distracted from their mission. Once inside, it was indeed a trap, as Eudial attacked them with thick concrete slabs. They were able to destroy them quickly enough, but one last one nearly hit Uranus. However, Neptune pushed her out of the way and took the hit instead, and was captured.

Neptune isn't sure what happened next, other than the fact that she woke up and felt herself restrained against something hard behind her. But her eyes took in the sight of Eudial standing above Haruka, pointing a strange gun straight towards Haruka's heart. Michiru couldn't let that woman hurt the person she loved and so Michiru pulled at her restraints until they broke apart and falling forward, though still weak from the previous attack, she was able to head towards the two of them. Before getting too far, she was shot by hundreds of bullets from Eudial's concrete slabs. Michiru fell to the ground, but got back up again, because Haruka was far more important than the pain. The bullets attacked her again and again until they ran out completely. Michiru stood up one last time, and reached out to Eudial, not even quite sure what she was trying to accomplish as the pain was blurring her thoughts, but she knew she needed to keep Eudial from hurting Haruka.

Then a hot searing pain shot through her, and Michiru collapsed to the ground.

She awoke once more to find herself standing in front of a teal mirror, and then she realized that Uranus and Pluto were with her as well. They had completed their mission, as all three talismans were gathered together. And they summoned the Holy Grail which Sailor Moon was able to use to become Super Sailor Moon but they did not believe her to be the Messiah because she was not able to use the power for long, and it left her drained.

After this, they realize they had a new mission, to find the Messiah, but this mission was set aside when they realized that Sailor Saturn could be awakened in the form of this little girl that was close to their Princess. The Outers wanted to kill her, because it would kill both Sailor Saturn and the host of Mistress 9, but Sailor Moon and her Guardian Senshi were against the idea and protected Hotaru with everything they had. At the final showdown against Mistress 9 and Pharaoh 90, both Neptune and Uranus pleaded with Sailor Moon to not given in to Mistress 9's tricks. They had to kill her, because that was the only way to stop her. But Sailor Moon disagreed and handed over the Holy Grail regardless. In the end, Sailor Saturn was able to overcome Mistress 9's control over her, and she jumped into the Tau Nebula in order to kill it, even though she knew that it would, in turn, kill her as well. Sailor Moon became Super Sailor Moon and jumped in after her, and was able to bring back Sailor Saturn in the form of a baby Hotaru.

Together with Setsuna, Michiru and Haruka decided to right the wrongs they brought to the child, and decided to raise her up theirselves since she was now an orphan. They became a small little family and they were all happy together, learning how to enjoy being together without the immediate threat of a dark enemy hounding over them. Michiru took great pleasure in raising Hotaru, and she has found that she loves being a mother to the small girl, alongside Haruka and Setsuna.

They felt the threat of Galaxia soon after the defeat of Nehelenia. The Outers searched for more information about this new enemy and they felt that they had failed in their duty to keep outside invaders from getting past their defenses. Michiru and Haruka tried to warn their Princess the dangers of getting close to Seiya; they could feel that there was something not right about Seiya and they didn't want their Princess to get involved. When they found out that Seiya was actually Sailor Star Fighter, they doubled their attempts to keep their Princess away from Seiya but it was all to no avail as Usagi kept seeing Seiya as often as she could.

Eventually, the Outers fought Galaxia, but right off the bat, they realized that Galaxia was far too strong for them. Her attacks were incredibly strong and broke apart their weapons with ease, leaving them weak and struggling to continue. It was then that Uranus suddenly decided that she would join Galaxia’s forces. Neptune saw the look in Uranus’s eyes and understood instantly, so she agreed with her partner, and the two of them gave their starseeds to Galaxia and took on her bracelets instead. However, the bracelets did not give Galaxia control over them, and both Neptune and Uranus had control over their own actions. But they ignored everything that Pluto and Saturn said to them, and they ignored the guilt and the doubt as they attacked their own family in order to complete the new mission they had given theirselves. As they told the two, this was how they fought their battles.

Their ruse went on for a while, and they even had to fight against their own Princess, but still they did not drop the facade, waiting until they had the perfect chance to attack Galaxia with her own powers. Eventually, the opportunity did arise, but it revealed that Galaxia did not have a starseed at all, and that all of their tricks and resolve were for nothing. Galaxia took back the bracelets that were the only thing keeping them going, and together, Neptune and Uranus fell and vanished away, together even at the last.

The next thing Michiru knew was that she was standing in front of her Princess, in a circle surrounding by all of the other senshi, and her love. Usagi had been able to defeat Chaos after all, and was able to bring all of them back to life, giving everyone another chance to live their lives together. They all knew that, eventually, darkness would come back and that they would have yet another enemy to defeat, but that wouldn’t be until later in the future. Until then, Michiru wants to have as much of a normal life as possible, and continues to raise her daughter with Haruka and Setsuna.

Senshi Information
Senshi Name: Sailor Neptune, Senshi of Deep Waters and Embrace
Senshi Fuku: Neptune's main colors are teal and deep blue. Her sash is teal and does not have any white lining, and her skirt is made of the same color. Both of her bows are a deep blue color, and the circular gem in the middle of her front bow is teal. Her gloves are white with three lines of teal piping that end midway up her forearm. She has a teal ribbon choker that has a teal and gold pendant in the center. Her shoes are high heels that had ribbons that criss-cross up to her ankles.
Henshin/Transformation: Neptune Planet Power, Make Up!
Deep Submerge!: An offensive attack, this is the main attack that Neptune uses in almost all situations. It is a quick burst of damage that she can use to her advantage, and sometimes she can merge her own attack with Uranus and Pluto to create a three-planet attack. She raises her hands as the waves create a ball of energy that she sets towards the intended target.
Submarine Reflection!: Both an offensive and defensive attack. As an offensive attack, Neptune uses her Aqua Mirror to send a reflection of the ocean's power to hit the target. As a defensive attack, Neptune's Mirror is able to show the true form of an enemy, or reveal which enemies might be just a fake image.
Submarine Violon Tide!: An offensive attack, where Neptune uses her violin to create a rush of tidal energy that crashes into her enemy.
Weapons or Magical Items:
Deep Aqua Mirror: This is Neptune's talisman, it is a teal and gold mirror that has the metal workings of a mermaid along the side of the mirror itself, and on the darker teal backing there is a white imprint of her symbol. Neptune was originally given this weapon as a way to keep Sailor Saturn from awakening before her time. When this talisman is placed alongside the talismans of Uranus and Pluto, they summon Sailor Saturn from her slumber. However, Neptune also uses this as a weapon to help aid her in the fight against all of the senshi's enemies.
Neptune Crystal: The name of Sailor Neptune's starseed.

RP Sample:

It was the smirk on those pale lips that first caught her attention.

Michiru hadn't been paying much attention to whatever it had been that Elsa was watching. She was not often interested in any kind of sports, and instead put all of her focus on the painting before her. It was another one that Elsa would hate. The last one she had decided was too "dark" and "creepy", but Michiru was only painting the scenes that played out in her dreams. She needed an outlet for those overwhelming feelings.

She was close to being done with the current painting and was working on the finishing touches when she happened to glance up at the television, and caught sight of a woman with short blonde hair and striking teal eyes. And a smirk that could conquer the world.

Even through the glass and the miles that must be separating them from one another, Michiru could feel a connection to this woman. She did not know her name, but she felt as though she knew her intimately.

This was the same woman who was always in her dreams. It didn't matter if the dreams were nightmares full of dead bodies on the ground and a dark silence, or if the dreams were happier with a warm presence at her side; this woman was in all of them.

"Who is that?" Michiru questioned, her voice cutting over the sounds of the commentary. From the looks of it, this woman was about to start racing her car in some sort of Formula One race. Michiru was struck with the image of being in the passenger's seat next to this woman, with the wind blowing through her hair and a smile on her face.

It was a nice thought.

"That's Haruka Tenoh," Elsa answered, glancing over her seat on the couch. She was grinning in that teasing way of hers. "You haven't heard of her?"

Michiru shook her head, hair brushing against her shoulders. "No," she said. "I haven't."

"She's a fierce opponent." There was admiration in Elsa's voice. "I race her in school sometimes. She's so fast, I can never beat her!"

"Can you introduce me to her?" The words had left her lips before Michiru had even thought them over. The strength behind them surprised her. But this was important. In her pocket, she could feel the heavy presence of her henshin stick. And yet, in the same way, she felt that it was more than just simple duty.

Elsa blinked at the sudden question before answering, "Uh, sure, I guess?" She gave a small shrug. "I'll find out when our next track meet is."

Michiru didn't bother to reply, and instead stared up at the television screen, watching Haruka Tenoh as she answered another interview question. She watched the other woman's facial expressions and understood her without listening to the words she said.

She knew that the day she met Haruka Tenoh would change everything. And a small part of her hoped, just a little, that perhaps she would not longer have to continue fighting alone.


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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Neptune   8th December 2012, 1:28 pm

This is lovely!

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Senshi: Sailor Neptune

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