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 Senshi - Sailor Uranus - Tenou Haruka

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PostSubject: Senshi - Sailor Uranus - Tenou Haruka   7th December 2012, 4:43 pm

So this is a general profile for all unedited uses of Haruka ^___^

General Information

Name: Tenou Haruka天王 はるか (her name means Distant Sky King)
Gender: Female

Birthday: January 27th
Age: 16, later 17 and 18
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Physical Description (include clothing generally worn):

Haruka is definitely tallest of the ten senshi having a slight height difference with Setsuna. She has short blonde hair which she keeps in pixie cut and the shade of her locks changes its color slightly in different light. Haruka’s hair resembles her element since her frisky locks tend to be flicked by the wind, still always keeping their trendiness having overall a very stylish and ‘windy’ look. Her eyes are deep teal having a shade of blue in them which makes her eyes look blue in many light. One of Haruka’s trademarks is her flirty grin but her warmest smiles are only given to Michiru. Haruka has the looks of a grown-up woman and she appears older than she actually is, everything in her looks complementing her mature appearance; the shape of her body, her height and also her face.

When attending to the Mugen Academy Haruka usually preferred to wear the boys’ school uniform. She wore dark green pants which had a dark blue plaid and a belt on her waist. Her shirt was plain white having buttons from the bottom the top and she wore a tie which was made from the same fabric as her pants. In the summer Haruka also wore the girls’ school uniform which had a pleated skirt ending up above her knees, made from the same fabric as the pants of her other uniform and a loose dark red blouse with black collar and black star in front of her dark red undershirt. Her upper shirt had a bow similar to the pattern of her skirt and white, puffed sleeves which ended up above the middle of her upper arm.

In the Juuban high school Haruka chose to wear to girls’ uniform which had a blue pleated skirt which ended up before her knees, being slightly shorter than the one she wore in Mugen Academy and a loose blouse which had a collar similar to her skirt color. The collar of her fuku had two red stripes on it and the blouse itself has a breast pocket. The cuffs of her sleeves were blue, each one having two red stripes on them and the bow of her fuku followed the same blue color as her skirt and collar. Her summer uniform was similar to her winter one but it had puffed, short sleeves instead of long ones.

Haruka often wears necklaces and she always has her trade mark, the golden circle earrings, in her ears. After making the promise to raise Hotaru with Michiru and Setsuna she also wore the ring each one of them had as the sign of their promise and new life.

Haruka appears androgynous, as she is able to pass as both a woman and a man, flawlessly and look beautiful as both. Even though Haruka likes to wear men’s clothing she also has her very feminine side. Aside from her masculine school uniform and some of her pants, jackets and loose blouses Haruka loves to wear miniskirts, daisy dukes and her feminine shirts are usually lady-fit and majority of her clothes is made from leather. Her more feminine clothes are usually very sexy looking. Haruka’s waist is very slender although it’s hidden by the loose blouses she wears when she wants her look to be more masculine and her body is overall very strong and in very good shape due the sports she has done. She has a pale skin tone and sometimes she even uses make-up to highlight the feminine features of her face, especially when wearing silky scarfs or other accessories to complete her look. When sporting Haruka prefers to use shorts or miniskirts but if she’s racing she naturally chooses one of her racing uniforms.


Haruka has a very strong willed but also pretty calm personality as she’s able to keep her head cool in most cases in the battle and in civilian life. In her civilian life she appears more outgoing while deep down in her mind she knows that she can never open up to anyone else than to Michiru. The warmest side of her personality is best seen when she takes care of her loved ones – her Princess, Hotaru and especially Michiru. Just like Michiru, Haruka is mature for her age and well aware of right and wrong, even to the very end of this thought as she may see things even too much only two sided. Haruka is a very strong willed person and when she has her mind set on something nobody, except Michiru, can change her opinion. In a nutshell you could say that her personality is just like the wind and sky; at times calm quickly changing into a storm. She also believes that gender doesn’t mean anything, if someone wants to do something he/she can do it depending on her gender.

Haruka hates the feeling of being tied to something and that’s one of the many reasons why she loves to feel the wind blowing against her as it represents freedom for her. She loves the feeling of speed as it makes her feel like flying freely in the sky and she’s also very competitive – she loves to challenge people and especially herself. Racing, driving along the beach and running are all giving Haruka time to be with her own thoughts and to fall down into her own world to stop for a while and listen to herself. Then she can be in her own world and forget all about her mission just to relax and give herself the time she needs. Playing the piano is also one way for Haruka to get into her own world and to have focus away from her mission.

Haruka couldn’t care less what and how people thought about her and the only thing she truly needs in is Michiru to be beside her and walk with her. She knows she couldn’t move forward but to fall apart if she didn’t have Michiru with her and she loves her more than her own life. Before meeting Michiru Haruka was lost and the biggest dream she could imagine to come true was that she’d become the best racer in Japan but after she got to know the teal haired young woman the most important thing to her in the world has been her. Haruka is very devoted to her mission to accomplish their duty as senshi and to protect their Princess and future queen and till the very end of her life she stayed devoted to hers and Michiru’s own way of fighting as for them it was the only right one, being able to make sacrifices and to put her own life with others’ lives to the line for the greater good, even though it would cost everything for them all.

Haruka likes to flirt with other girls just for her own fun as she’s completely devoted to Michiru and just likes to tease her. Although time to time Michiru can make her blushing as she makes a sudden, unexpected quip about their personal life in public. The moments she enjoys the most are the ones just between her and Michiru, when they can fall deep down into their own world and be their real selves just in the company of each other. Then she can enjoy the company of her lover and spend time together with her, just glancing at her, admiring, holding her hand or kissing her. Just her smile or waving hair is enough to calm Haruka’s storming mind down and she feels relaxed. After the senshi defeated Master Pharoh 90 Haruka became extremely protective towards Michiru as she very often protected her from hits in fights and almost always keeping her arm around her, keeping her close to her own body.

Haruka can be very cold at times while her serious side comes to the surface in the middle of a battle. In the fight she tries to separate her feelings from the battle which makes her a very cold-headed soldier. Despite her ability to do so, even her as the toughest senshi can break down when it’s about their Princess and especially when it’s about Michiru. On the edge of losing her beloved she cannot hold her feelings back. No matter what they had promised or what their mission was, they both would let the world burn or being destroyed for one another. In the end all that matters to her is Michiru who had always been the most important to her and she would save her by the cost of her own life. Her biggest fear isn’t the end of the world but the death of her beloved and without her she couldn’t live herself.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:

Haruka is by no doubt physically the strongest senshi and she has amazing running abilities, her speed can be compared to the wind itself. She has a slight psychic ability as she can sense the coming danger and enemies from the wind and from its actions. She’s a very talented racer, the best in Japan in the junior class, and can ride helicopters, cars and motorcycles. She’s also a talented piano player as she often keeps duet concerts with Michiru, accompanying her in her violin performances and she’s been said to play just like the wind. Haruka also appears to have an exceptionally strong willpower as she was able to prevent Galaxia’s bracelets’ power and was not brainwashed by them.

History: (combined history from both, manga and anime)

Haruka’s past life is shadowed in darkness as much is not known about her life before she was reborn. In the time of the Silver Millennium Uranus lived alone on her planet, accomplishing the mission Queen Serenity had given to her and to Neptune and Pluto. She lived far away from other people and from the Moon Kingdom, on her own planet and defended and protected the Solar System from outer threats in solitude. Gazing to the moon she imagined what kind of life their Princess and Queen spent and how they guided them all with their light.

It is not sure if Uranus met Neptune or Pluto ever before her Talisman resonated together with Neptune’s and Pluto’s because of the destruction of the Silver Millennium. Uranus witnessed Sailor Saturn’s awakening and together with Neptune and Pluto watched how she destroyed the world for it to be born again. Dying when Sailor Saturn lowered her glaive Uranus didn’t know she’d be born again in the present or that her comrades would also get another life on the blue planet.

(The first part of Haruka’s present time history is referred from the manga, anime and her prologue scene from Super season CD)

Reborn to the present time Haruka lived as a loner before meeting with Michiru. She apparently lived in rich family since she studied in one of the most expensive private schools in Tokyo, won races in motorsports and had her own helicopter, motorcycle and a car. She had none who to share her feelings with and she spent her time doing different sports and nobody was a match to her. Assuring herself that this was her real self and that she was happy with her current life she kept going, trying to keep herself satisfied and hiding the reality she saw under the sports she was doing. But she knew this wasn’t her real self and she was about to break apart. In the end the only thing that kept her going was motorsports as she had lost her interest in everything else and began to focus only on racing. She lived a double life, keeping her mask on her face in days but crying every night when she tore it off. She knew it wasn’t her real self and all she could do was to keep searching for the person she had been looking for all the time, irritated and before she would break apart. And that person was Michiru.

The first time Haruka met Michiru through Elsa Grey, a girl the both knew and from the very first moment she realized who Michiru was, the young woman she had seen in her dreams and the person she had been looking for all this time. But she was still running away from her destiny and didn’t want to accept it for she was still scared and refused to accept her duty despite Michiru’s determined attempts to convince her to do so. She tried to ignore the nightmares that had shadowed her nights and decided that she had nothing to do with the coming battle.

Later when a young boy turned into a monster and attacked Haruka her Lip Rod appeared in front of her and she was just inches close to grab it when Michiru appeared and demanded her not to pick the item as it would change her whole life since in the end Michiru did not want to involve Haruka in the battle and have the same kind of life as she had accepted. In front of Haruka Michiru changed into Sailor Neptune and fought the youma but Haruka stepped to defend it as just a while ago the youma had been a human. But when it tried to attack Haruka behind her Neptune jumped to her to get her out of the way and got hit. After Neptune defeated the youma Haruka held her in her arms and listened to her quiet, tear filled words when Neptune told her she had always followed and admired her, being in the very first race of Haruka, looking at her from afar. She couldn’t do other but to listen to her as she told how she had always dreamed about cruising along the beach in Haruka’s car with her, just once. Michiru’s words got Haruka change her mind and to decide the way of her own life as she chose the destiny of a soldier and picked her Lip Rod, becoming Michiru’s partner.

Fighting together against the Death Busters’ Daimons Uranus and Neptune realized what their mission was, to search and gather the three Talismans to summon the Holy Grail and give it over to the Messiah of Light. And they found out what gathering the Talismans would mean; the death of three humans who carried those Talismans inside their Hear Crystals. But they couldn’t stop the Silence unless they had the three Talismans and they decided to accomplish their mission despite human lives would be sacrificed or the whole world would be destroyed.

When Haruka first met the Inner senshi she didn’t want to be involved with them as they would only get in the way of their mission and get harmed since they didn’t have the powers to defeat the new threat. Haruka knew they had no other choice and said that they would do whatever it takes to protect the world from the darkness, even if it meant sacrificing some people’s lives in order to gather and protect the three Talismans and prevent the darkness talking over the world. To accomplish their mission she even made a promise with Neptune, a promise that no matter what happened to the other one of them, the other would abandon her companion to complete the mission they had agreed to fulfill no matter what would happen.

But their promise was broken many times as they couldn’t abandon each other and later Eudial had lured them into her trap which they knew about but couldn’t leave the opportunity to possibly get the Talismans in their hands which made them to leave to the Marine Cathedral. After Eudial had gotten Michiru and threated Uranus almost succeeding to kill her, Michiru broke their promise and tried to save Haruka by the cost of her own life despite Haruka’s desperate cries to stop and to not move and so with her very eyes Haruka saw when Michiru died as Eudial pulled out her Pure Heart Crystal from her chest. Her biggest fear had just become reality and all she could do was to look her lover to get killed, pain and desperateness filling her eyes and heart. Uranus knew she carried the second Talisman inside her and before placing Eudial’s weapon to her chest she spoke to Michiru her head down, almost whispering the painful, grieving words “You’re not fair Michiru, going to the world of your own alone” and killed herself, extracting the second Talisman from her chest. Luckily after the owner of the third Talisman, Sailor Pluto appeared and released her Talisman’s powers Uranus and Neptune were both revived thanks to Pluto separating their Pure Heart Crystals from the actual Talismans and giving their Heart Crystals back to them.

In the manga Haruka had her Talisman from the very beginning as she had the mission to guard it to prevent it getting the contact with the other two Talismans as when resonating to each other when brought together the Talismans would awaken the last senshi who would bring destruction to the world, Sailor Saturn. Uranus, together with Neptune and Pluto was ready to do anything to prevent the destruction to begin. (I am using either the manga or anime history for the Talismans depending on the storyline)

Later Uranus tried to kill Hotaru Tomoe who was about to awaken as the reborn Sailor Saturn to prevent her from destroying the world but also found out that she was actually the hostie of one of the Death Busters, Mistress 9. She was now completely possessed and the Outers saw no other way to save the world than to kill her as she was now a double threat to the future. However Sailor Moon stopped the Outers once. Uranus, together with the other Outers revealed Sailor Moon that the only reason why they treated them coldly and seemed to care the less of them was to protect them as they did not have the powers to fight against the Death Busters since this mission was assigned to the Outer senshi of the Solar System since the ancient times. But before they were able to kill Hotaru, Mistress 9 took control over her body and the destruction was about to begin.

Giving her strength and powers to Sailor Moon with her fellow senshi Haruka watched as Sailor Saturn and Sailor Moon with the powers received from the senshi stopped the Silence and the world was saved. Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna decided to raise Hotaru who was reborn as she was an orphan now when her father was gone. After disappearing from the Juuban district Haruka felt the dark power of the Dead Moon Circus but unable to transform into Sailor Uranus she had to ignore the shadow of the new threat and wait until it was the Outers’ time to fight again.

After coming back to Japan from her motocross race Haruka lived a pretty normal family life with her fellow senshi and she attended to some racing competitions and spent her time with her new family, most of it with Michiru. When she awakened as a senshi again and gained her Crystal power from her Sailor Crystal, given by Hotaru, she arrived to the battlefield with the other Outers and joined the battle against the New Moon and its queen Nehelenia standing on the side of the Inner senshi.

After she saved the Inners with her fellow senshi and fought against the dark nightmares, Haruka and the other senshi teleported themselves to Elysion to rescue the Earth from its dark future. In Elysion, the holy land of dreams, she met her Sailor Power Guardian and lending the powers of her Miranda Castle to Sailor Moon’s Holy Grail she transformed into her Eternal form with the other senshi. Combining her powers with the rest of the senshi and giving them to Sailor Moon they saved the Earth and the Outers decided to return to their peaceful lives. But someone had already started a new battle in the Galaxy.

Called back to the fight once again, Uranus fought against the Sailor Animates with Neptune and they had serious dispute with the Sailor Starlights as Uranus and Neptune didn’t feel they could trust them for they didn’t fight for the Earth’s sake until the final battle. When facing Galaxia in her throne Uranus and Neptune both realized they are not powerful enough to win Galaxia and knew that the only way they can fight against her and try to kill her is receiving her own powers. Without saying one word about their plan, just by sharing their glances they made their decision and stepped on Galaxia’s side, knowing that although all they would do was just an act, they would betray the other senshi. They accepted their bracelets from Galaxia and killed Pluto and Saturn to show their loyalty to Galaxia, as their fellow senshi knew what their plan was and did not fight despite swearing to fight till their last breaths just moments ago. Uranus knew that if she and Neptune didn’t succeed to kill Galaxia with the powers they received from her, Pluto’s and Saturn’s lives would go to waste together with their own ones as if Galaxia found out that they weren’t on her side she would sweep them away into an eternal darkness. Despite that fact, in times Uranus had to sacrifice herself for the sake of others and throw her life on the line to accomplish her mission and she knew that. They even had to fight against their own Princess and the Starlights but they kept their fake role as it was their only opportunity. Later a chance for them to attack Galaxia did arise and they turned against her, racing their bracelets and aiming their attacks straight to Galaxia to pull out her Sailor Crystal.

But for the shock of Uranus and Neptune their attack had no effect on Galaxia as she didn’t carry a Star Seed inside her. Defeated and in shock Uranus and Neptune knew they had no chance to fight anymore, they had betrayed their fellow senshi and they knew what kind of destiny waited for them. As Galaxia took their bracelets away they began to fade away slowly, losing their strength and falling to the ground, telling Sailor Moon that the reason why they did what they did was because it was their way to fight. The last moments of their lives Uranus and Neptune used putting all the strength they had left to touch each other the last time and to share the warmth they had left. Fading away they held hands the very last time and despite being almost faded away and not even feeling anything anymore Uranus felt the warmth of her lover and her last words to Michiru were “You’re warm… Michiru” as she closed her eyes, happy to leave the world with her beloved even though the Earth and the Galaxy were most likely come to their ends. They died together leaving the world and were thankfully given their lives back later when Sailor Moon defeated Chaos.

In the manga Haruka lived normal high school life with Michiru, attending to the Juuban High school and belonging to its Field and Track Club. Haruka and Michiru were once again thrown into the battle when Sailor Iron Mouse attacked them in their duet concert where also the Three Lights performed. After fighting against the Sailor Animates to protect their Princess and trying to keep her far away from the Three Lights Haruka, with the other Outers, decided to investigate their enemy from their Planetary Castles and as Sailor Uranus she teleported herself to her Miranda castle she was later killed there by Sailor Galaxia who took her Sailor Crystal. Later she fought against Sailor Moon when being under Sailor Galaxia’s possession as she gave her a life without a soul and mind, a life only created from the power of her Sailor Crystal. Later Sailor Moon defeated the brainwashed senshi and sealed Chaos and thanks to her decision all Sailor Senshi were transported to the 30th century where Haruka and Michiru continued their lives as lovers, like they had been for a very long time before the battle against Galaxia.

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Uranus, Super Sailor Uranus, Eternal Sailor Uranus (セーラーウラヌス)

Senshi Fuku:

Planet form:

The primary color of Uranus’ fuku is navy blue while the secondary color is yellow. The collar of her fuku (which is one-colored without stripes), layered miniskirt attached to her bodice and the circle shaped brooch attached to the middle of her yellow front bow follow her primary fuku color, all being navy blue. Her navy blue boots are loose but point toed having about 4 inch heels and they end about six inches above her ankles. The bodice of Uranus’ fuku is white and it has a cut under her breasts and a white pad attached to where her skirt and bodice meet, creating a V-shape which follows the shapes of her body. She wears a simple pair of golden circle earrings in her ears.

Uranus’ tiara is golden having a dark blue, oval shaped gemstone in the middle. Her choker also follows her primary color and it had no pendant attached to it. The back bow of her fuku is navy blue and it ends up just before the edge of her miniskirt. She has white gloves which come up only to the middle of her forearms and they have three navy blue cuffs. Her three layered shoulder pads are white, covering her shoulders from hits.

Super form:

When Uranus gets her Super powers the base of her fuku stays the same with few changes. The navy-blue collar now has one white stripe on it, her circle shaped brooch changes into the shape of a heart and her choker now has a five-pointed golden star with a round shaped gemstone attached to it. Her back bow ends up above her knees and her gloves are elbow length when the third shoulder pad protectors of her fuku changed their shape, resembling transparent wings.

Eternal form:

Uranus’ colors change slightly, when her navy blue primary color stays as the same one, she has two secondary colors – yellow and light blue. Her collar still has one stripe but instead of white, it’s golden. Her skirt has two layers; the top one staying in the same color as in her previous fukus, navy blue while the lower one is light blue. Her skirt also changes its shape into a more softer one as the layering is now lighter, causing the skirt to look almost floating and very light. Her navy blue heart brooch changes into a more flat, five-pointed star while her front bow stays the same as in her previous forms. Her boots change into white and very slim ones, having about 4 inch heels and they reach up to her knees. They have pointed toes and navy blue V-shaped borders with golden five-pointed stars at the top. Uranus’ bodice also changes slightly; it doesn’t have the cut anymore. Her circle earrings are replaced with golden studs which have navy blue, five-pointed stars hanging from the bottom.

The gemstone of her tiara changed into a navy blue five-pointed star and her navy blue chocker is now V-shaped having a tiny golden star in the middle. Gone is also the pad around the edge of her bodice when it’s replaced with a V-shaped belt, consisting of two ribbons, the upper one being navy blue and changing into a thin back ribbon and ending up just above her knees, and the lower, light blue one changing into a thick and short back bow, resembling the bow of Uranus’ first fuku. The belt also has a five-pointed golden star in the middle of the V-shape and her white gloves became much longer, reaching about to the middle of her upper arms having three navy blue cuffs like all her previous gloves. The shoulder pads are gone and replaced with round, a bit transparent light blue puffed sleeves having two navy blue cuffs attached to the bottom of the protector sleeves.


Uranus Planet Power Make-Up! – Her first henshin which transformed her into Sailor Uranus
Uranus Crystal Power make Up! – Her second henshin which transformed her into Super Sailor Uranus and later to Eternal Sailor Uranus after lending her powers to Super Sailor Moon when fighting against Nehelenia.


Uranus’ powers are based on the sky and on the wind. Just like the wind, her powers vary from gentle to furious and extremely powerful. Although Haruka doesn’t have the same intuition as Michiru she has the ability to sense the enemy or its actions from the wind and in her senshi form she’s even faster and more powerful than in her civilian form. She is very experienced using her sword although she hasn’t gotten education for handling swords. While Uranus doesn’t have a defensive attack when alone, she uses her sword to avoid the enemy’s attack and to defend herself from hits.

World Shaking! – (Offensive) This was her first attack. Uranus collects energy from the air and aims her attack to the enemies to hit, weaken and even destroy them.

Space Sword Blaster!(Offensive) – This was Uranus’ second attack. She rises up her sword summoning energy into it and aims the attack at the enemy and in some occasions just slices her opponents with the summoned energy inside the sword. The attack is more powerful than her previous one and she uses it to hit and destroy the enemy.

Space Turbulence!(Offensive) – This was her final attack. Uranus summons an enormous amount of energy from the sky and unleashes it aiming it straight to the enemy. The attack is pretty much like a blast of the wind and Uranus uses it to weaken or even kill the enemy

Galactica Turbulence! (Offensive)– The evil version of Space Turbulence which Sailor Uranus used when her Sailor Crystal was taken from her and her body was created again by Galaxia and she was under her possession.

Sailor Planet Power Meditation! (Offensive)– Uranus performed this attack together with Neptune, Pluto, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury to attack Zirconia to harm her. The attack combined the senshi’s powers together and aimed them towards their target

Sailor Planet Attack! (Offensive)– Another group attack performed by the Solar System senshi, Uranus naturally being one of them. The attack combines the senshi’s powers and the senshi aim it to their enemies to kill them.

Galactica Planet Attack! (Offensive)- The evil version of Sailor Planet attack all Solar System senshi used together to attack Sailor Moon when they were possessed by Galaxia.

Unknown Force Field (Defensive)– Uranus performed this defensive attack together with Neptune and Pluto using her Talisman to create a force field around the Mugen Academy to prevent the dark power of Mistress 9 to spread over the Tokyo city. The field was very powerful as it stopped the darkness and Mistress 9 from moving.

Unknown Teleport – Used when Uranus teleported herself to her Miranda castle, she flew to her Planet only in seconds

Weapons or Magical Items:

Lip Rod – Haruka’s transformation item which transforms her into Sailor Uranus by her command. The stick part of the rod is pastel purple having a golden bottom tip. On the top of Lip Rod is a round shaped, navy blue ball which has a V-shaped circle going through it. On the top of the ball stands a golden six-pointed star which has Uranus’ planetary symbol on it. Her Lip rod appeared in front of her when she faced a youma the first time and accepted her duty, awakening as a Sailor Senshi.

Communicator- The origin of Uranus’ communicator is unknown but it seems to be similar to the Inners’ and other Outers’ communicators. She uses it to call the other Outers (in most cases to call Michiru). Her communicator has apparently appeared like her Lip Rod or she made it herself.

Space Sword- Uranus’ Talisman, one of the three Talismans; when brought together with the other two Talismans summons the Holy Grail and awakens the last senshi of the Solar System, Sailor Saturn. Uranus uses her sword to fight against their enemies using it like any other sword but also to summon her second attack, Space Sword Blaster. When in use the sword changes its shape from a shorter, slightly curved one to a very long and straight one. The grip of the sword is silver and decorated, having a jewel like blue part in the middle of the silver decorations. The sword itself has the shade of light silver color and almost glass like outlook since in some light the sword appears to look almost transparent.

Guardian: None

RP Sample:

The ground felt so cold and hard as if it was made of ice but it wasn’t the coldness of the ground that made her hear feel so heavy and cold. They had risked everything they had and even killed their fellow senshi to assure Galaxia about their loyalty to her and now everything they had done was like burnt alive, they had lost their powers and weren’t able to protect their Princess anymore. They had dirtied their hand dying them in the blood of their comrades and they were powerless now when the bracelets weren’t keeping them alive. Uranus felt her body to slowly fade away as all she saw was darkness. Uranus closed her eyes for a second.

“Everything we did goes to waste now…”her dark thoughts kept repeating as she laid on the ground. She knew they had no other choice or they would’ve been already been swept away but the chance changed into horror as their attacks didn’t do any harm to Galaxia. Uranus’ head felt heavy as she kept her eyes closed hearing how their princess cried and sobbed for them. Still able to keep smiling when saying last words to Sailor Moon, Uranus was now surrounded by darkness and emptiness she had never felt before.

But then she was brought back by the tender, gentle words her lover, almost whispered to her as Michiru couldn’t speak with her full strength anymore. Just like always before, it felt like the teal haired young woman was reading her mind and thoughts as her lips formed the words which meant more than anything else in the world, the final, gentle wish they both shared daily. “I want to touch you…Haruka”

Just one simple touch of their fingertips, arms wrapped around each other, cupping one’s face into her hands, a kiss, they were all as important to both them since their feelings for each other were all inside these daily touches full of love, devotion and companionship. The wish that left her lover’s lips was the same as hers, for the last moment of her life Haruka wanted to touch Michiru, to hold her and kiss her. But now they were lying apart from each other and the distance felt longer than eternity in time. Uranus opened her teal eyes to see Neptune’s blue oceans which were glimmering from tears.

Uranus felt her body empty and powerless like she would be nothing else than a shadow anymore. She didn’t have the strength to stand up or even move her hands. Her eyes went almost blank every second but as she looked at her teal haired lover her sight recovered for moments. Michiru looked more beautiful than ever but her fading body and the sadness on her face made Haruka’s heart break into pieces. She knew they weren’t crying their own deaths but each other’s as they didn’t want to see their beloved dying.

Haruka found her mind praying for only one thing “Please, give me the strength to reach for her hand the very last time” she begged over and over again. She gathered all the strength she had left and little by little her hand moved to Michiru, every inch feeling more difficult but she couldn’t give up, not now after all what she and Michiru had gone through. The sky was getting darker but Haruka couldn’t even hear her Princess’ sobs anymore as all she could focus on was to touch Michiru’s fading hand and to feel her warmth to remember it forever no matter where she ended up.

Slowly their hands moved closer to each other and Haruka gathered her strength to place her hand on Michiru’s smaller one. When their hands finally touched a warm smile was drawn to Haruka’s lips as she gently looked at the senshi of the Sea. When her sad and desperate expression changed into a slight warm smile and her eyes had a happy light in them, it swept tears away from Haruka’s deep blue eyes. When they both had already almost vanished and they weren’t supposed to feel anything anymore, the warm, gentle yet fierce wave swept over them both and they felt it. It was the warmth they had always shared with each other and the warmth of their bodies.

“I can see the light” Michiru smiled to Haruka holding her hand. “You’re warm… Michiru” Haruka smiled to her beautiful lover the very last time feeling her gentle warmth all over her body. She was happy since if they both had to die, now they died together and wherever they would go they had each other with them. Even if the world would come to its end, they would always be together. Then her strength was gone and she felt Michiru’s hand fading away as she herself closed her eyes just like her teal haired lover and faded away together with her.


“Can you hear it; the sound of the deep sea's waves?"
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PostSubject: Re: Senshi - Sailor Uranus - Tenou Haruka   8th December 2012, 1:24 pm

You always make me happy with your profiles <3

I love seeing Any Unique Abilities/Skills: section as a paragraph instead of a list.



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@Sailor Saturn wrote:
You always make me happy with your profiles <3

I love seeing Any Unique Abilities/Skills: section as a paragraph instead of a list.


Awie thank you Saturn I'm glad I'm able to make you happy ^___^! *hugs*


“Can you hear it; the sound of the deep sea's waves?"
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Senshi - Sailor Uranus - Tenou Haruka

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