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 Senshi: Sailor Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe

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PostSubject: Senshi: Sailor Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe   17th December 2012, 4:54 pm

General Information
Name: Hotaru Tomoe
Gender: female
Birthday: January 6th
Age: varies - infancy to early adolescence
Birthplace: Japan

Physical Description (include clothing generally worn):

Hotaru is a petite framed girl with shoulder length black hair cut into a simple yet fashionable bob. Her fair skin is like that of a porcelain doll, unblemished and smooth. While possessing a delicate beauty, her physical appearance is not one that would stand out to most people upon first meeting her. The most remarkable thing about her appearance are her eyes; their deep purple draws you in with their depth, intelligence, and wisdom far beyond her apparent age; a trait that exhibits itself even in infancy.

She dresses simply, yet elegantly. In her previous incarnation she usually wore black when not wearing the uniform of Mugen Gakuen. Due to an accident, as well as perhaps her weak constitution, the majority of the clothing she wore covered as much skin as possible. After her rebirth, she wears a greater variety of clothing, although she still tends to harbor a preference for simple dresses in a darker color; favoring a quiet and mature elegance over the fashions of the day.


Like the other Outer Senshi, Hotaru's personality takes on a form that belies her age. Before her rebirth, her personality was usually quite sad, due to loneliness and her poor health. She also had a large amount of social anxiety and lack of confidence in herself, believing herself to be unworthy of friendship. Her possession by Mistress 9 of the Death Busters caused her to have wild mood swings at times, with displays of violence that she was unaware of and unable to control. In truth, Hotaru was simply a rather quiet and socially anxious girl who longed for dear friends above all.

Following her rebirth, Hotaru's personality and demeanor takes on a more cheerful and confident flavor, although her maturity and quietness are still dominant. Her accelerated physical growth does not match her intellectual growth, and her knowledge and interests are superior to those of her chronological age. She also has the wisdom of many centuries and past lives present in her intellectual arsenal. Were she not home schooled, she would likely be labeled as being profoundly gifted, leading to possible ostracization by classmates. She is not an unhappy person, but the weight and knowledge of her fate and that of the world around her tend to weigh heavily on her mind, so her moods tend to take on that of quiet contemplation rather than the carefree and playful qualities common in her peers.

She is a deeply loyal and caring friend and is her happiest when spending time with her loved ones. Even in this incarnation she has a tendency to keep to herself, spending most of her time with her adoptive family. She has a deep fondness for literature, although she'll devour any book she can get her hands on in her thirst for knowledge.

As a soldier she displays great courage, confidence, and loyalty to her cause - fearless in the knowledge of her fate and the power she wields. If the need arises, it's almost unsettling her lack of hesitation to use her powers of death and rebirth, despite the consequences. Loyalty and maturity in the face of fate are her two most dominant personality characteristics no matter her form.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:

Acceleration of healing
A degree of precognitive abilities


(Mostly anime canon/a bit of manga)

Little is known of Hotaru Tomoe's past, but the overarching theme would be that of loneliness. Her time in the Silver Millennium was like that of the other soldiers, alone and isolated on Saturn in her home castle of Titan. However, she did play an important role in the history of the Silver Millennium. By bringing down her glaive upon the kingdom she brought about it's final destruction and eventual rebirth into present day Tokyo.

Her first reincarnation in present day Tokyo was wrought with tragedy. She was borne to Professor Souichi Tomoe , a prominent scientist in the field of genetics, and his wife Keiko. One visit to his laboratory during her childhood, an experiment went terribly wrong, leading to the death of her mother and the serious injury of Hotaru. Using knowledge gained through his experiments, as well as power from Pharaoh 90, Souichi Tomoe was able to save his daughter. Unfortunately, the life that was preserved would go on to be one of isolation and affliction.

When Souichi Tomoe saved his daughter by his hands and the help of Pharaoh 90, it resulted in her having a cybernetic body and becoming possessed by Mistress 9. These factors were the leading cause of her tragic life. Due to her cybernetic body, her constitution was quite poor, causing her to be unable to participate in many of the activities of youth. In addition, her possession by Mistress 9 led her to uncontrollable outbursts of anger and violence. These outbursts led to the injury of at least one of her classmates and the complete ostracization of the young girl by her peers.

Until befriending Chibiusa, Hotaru led a lonely life, coming home from school to a room dimly lit with many lamps. Her father being engrossed in his experiments, as well as heading the Death Busters, left her alone much of the time, her only human interaction at home for the most part coming from Tomoe's assistant, Kaorinite. In her spare time, she enjoyed watching sports, idolizing Hayase Shun, who overcame illness as a child to become an outstanding athlete. She had a tendency to be a dreamer, fantasizing about what she'd like to become from the confines of her weak body and social isolation.

One day on a solitary outing to the park, Hotaru met Chibiusa. At first Hotaru was hesitant to befriend her, pushing her away on account of her past. However, Chibiusa was persistent, and Hotaru reluctantly accepted her friendship, her heart singing at the opportunity. Through Chibiusa, her circle of friends expanded, eventually including the majority of the inner senshi, who would protect her as Sailor Saturn slowly awakened.

Her initial relationship with the outers was hostile. While she herself did not have any hard feelings for the older soldiers, the lack of understanding of the implications of Saturn's awakening caused fear and an overwhelming desire to destroy the soldier of silence in the interest of saving the world from complete annihilation. Ultimately the outers were unable to prevent the awakening of Sailor Saturn, and along with Super Sailor Moon, Pharaoh 90 was defeated, and the world saved from the approaching silence. However, the use of her powers as Sailor Saturn led to her rebirth as an infant.

This new incarnation is destined to have a happier history than the last. After the death of her father during the battle with Pharaoh 90, the outer senshi adopted Saturn as their own. Growing quickly, Hotaru was home schooled under the loving guidance of "Setsuna-mama", her accelerated growth rate making traditional schooling inappropriate. For a time, the outer soldiers enjoyed the peacefulness, and Hotaru grew quickly into a happy and precocious child. However, this time of happiness and peace was not meant to last. The arrival of Queen Nehellenia and the Dead Moon Circus reawakened the past, bring about the birth of Super Sailor Saturn, as well as the promotion of the rest of the outers to Super Senshi status.

This rebirth of the outers brought them back into contact with Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon, and her guardians. Hotaru and Chibiusa immediately picked up their friendship where they left off. Despite the new threat, one could say that Hotaru was happy. After the final confrontation with Nehellenia, Sailor Saturn would take a step back until the final battle with Galaxia, where her brief attempt at defeating the corrupted soldier would be overwhelmed and her star seed stolen.

Following Galaxia's defeat at the hands of Sailor Moon, Hotaru would continue her life in peace with her adoptive family.

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Saturn, Solider of Silence, Soldier of Death and Rebirth

Senshi Fuku:

No matter the form, Saturn's fukus will always have a purple skirt, collar, and lace up boots. The bows/ribbons on her uniform will always be a deep garnet/burgundy in color. Her tiara will also always feature a white gem in the middle, and her white gloves will be accented with purple. The major differences between fukus consist of sleeve and rear bow/ribbon style. Her first appearance as Sailor Saturn featured sleeves that resembled flower petals, and white crystals on her front bow and choker that took the physical shape of pure heart crystals. Her rear bow was also short like the other planetary senshi. When she received her promotion to Super Sailor Saturn her uniform would follow the norms of the other soldiers, with a long rear bow, her purple sailor crystal featured prominently in the middle of her front bow, and transparent cap sleeves.

Henshin/Transformation: Original henshin phrase unknown, Saturn Crystal Power, Make up!


Death, Reborn, Revolution!: A powerful offensive attack that Saturn first uses against Pharaoh 90. A mass of ribbons surround her, slashing through her opponent. Like her other offensive powers, the full description of this attack is unknown.

Silence Wall!: A defensive attack stemming from her glaive that forms a wall of energy, protecting those in the vicinity.

Silence Glaive Surprise!: An attack whose full power is unknown. First making it's appearance against Nehellenia, it seems to take on the characteristics of both a defensive, distracting attack, as well as an offensive one.

Weapons or Magical Items:

Silence Glaive: A powerful magical weapon that can bring about the complete destruction and rebirth of planets. Can also be used for purely physical attacks.

Saturn Crystal: A purple crystal, the source of all her powers

RP Sample:

Hotaru was so excited! Today she was going to visit her daddy's laboratory, a rare treat for the precocious youth. It was not often that she got time to spend time with her father, but she cherished every moment. Even if those moments were overshadowed by his obsession with his research.

As her mother pulled up to the lab, Hotaru jumped out of the car, her excitement barely contained. "Hotaru, keep in mind we're going into a scientific laboratory. " her mother, Keiko, chided needlessly as she locked up the car. Hotaru smiled at her quietly. She knew how to behave in her father's lab. She'd been there on several occasions before, each time more interesting than the last.

As she walked into the lab hand in hand with her mother, she was nearly overwhelmed by an ominous feeling, yet she ignored it. Nothing could put a damper on her joy. When they entered the lab, Hotaru couldn't help but run over to her father and excitedly embrace him around his waist.

"Ah, Hotaru." Souichi Tomoe said, smiling warmly. "I'm glad you could make it." The professor's attention was then directed towards his wife Keiko, who gave him a tender kiss. Hotaru decided it best to leave her parents alone for the time being, she understood that her mother was as lonely for her father's company as she. She looked down at her feet as she slowly made her way around the lab.

The other scientists in the room were clearly busy, milling about computers and an observation window, behind which was kept one of her father's advanced gene splicing machines. She knew it best to keep out of the busy technicians' way, so she decided to make her way over to the window. The machine was complicated, and her father never had time to explain to her exactly what it did, other than briefly mention it's purpose. She had been warned on many occasions not to stand too close to the window, for it was dangerous, but she never understood exactly why. Today, as she stood near the window, her delicate hands on the glass, she noticed a flickering of movement within the machine's large glass orb. At first she didn't believe her eyes, but whatever it was appeared to be growing.

"Papa, what is that?" Hotaru inquired of her father, but before he had the chance to answer, an explosion originated from within, shattering the large glass window and throwing her back several feet, and into one of the lab benches. She could feel the sharp sting of the lacerations from the shattered glass, and the metallic taste of blood in her mouth. Her head was still spinning from the shock, but she immediately regained her full mental faculties at the sudden awareness of the fire that had broken out. She made an frantic attempt to rise, but she could not. Falling painfully back to the floor, it was then that she noticed the large shard of glass through her ankle, as well as the other fragments that were embedded within her flesh. This was the last memory she had before another explosion rocked the laboratory.
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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe   18th December 2012, 6:02 pm

Quote :
(Mostly anime canon/a bit of manga)
That is fine ^_^

Approved for General Use.

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Senshi: Sailor Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe

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