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 It's Not Easy Being Green: The Green Eyed Monster Visits!

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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

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It's Not Easy Being Green: The Green Eyed Monster Visits! Empty
PostSubject: It's Not Easy Being Green: The Green Eyed Monster Visits!   It's Not Easy Being Green: The Green Eyed Monster Visits! I_icon_minitime2nd August 2011, 8:52 pm

*Authors note-- tried my knack at writing and songs together though I have never written plays before so know that when you read. It's not my best, but I enjoyed writing it! It was something new. Feel free to "review" it or comment. I do like encouragement and people's opinions on my works!! (:*

*also All songs written by me except Sailor War (translated version 'course) 'cause it seemed necessary to add an actual Myu song.*

It’s Not Easy Being Green: The Green Eyed Monster Visits.

Neptune: (appears on stage) Sorry I am late! I was seeing off Haruka and Setsuna!

Senshi: What?

Neptune: (laughs) Yes, it sounds rather strange doesn’t it? Haruka and Setsuna are going on vacation. I could not go because I have an important concert scheduled. I will admit I am a little suspicious of the two going alone. It makes me a little jealous (puts nose in air). Haruka never misses my concerts. It isn’t right. (looks to audience) But you will all attend, right?

Audience: Yes!

Neptune: Thank you! (nods head politely). (sets violin case down in preparation for song).

Thank you all for coming to my show

I will play some tunes and then you all will go

And leave me here to be all alone

For Uranus and Pluto [are on vacation]

I just don’t understand it

Why would they leave me here?

We’ve always stuck together

Through all of these years

Uranus is my love

And Pluto is my friend

Do they no longer care?

I do not comprehend

But Thank you all for coming to my show

I will play some tunes and then you all will go

And leave me here to be all alone

For Uranus and Pluto [are on vacation]

Maybe I’ve grown boring

Maybe I’m too refined

Maybe we’ve lost touch

And she’s changed her mind!

I just couldn’t stand it

If this were true

I want to know what’s up

It’s making me blue

Thank you all for coming to my show

I will play some tunes and then you all will go

And leave me here to be all alone

For Uranus and Pluto [are on vacation]

Are Uranus and Pluto really on vacation?

(Sighs and starts playing violin sadly)

Usagi: (puts hands on hips) Since when do you get the opening number?

Rei: (ignores Usagi) Michiru, I am sure they don’t mean anything by it.

Minako: Yeah, I’m sure they had this plan, and it couldn’t be helped you had a previous engagement.

Hotaru: They didn’t invite me either, if that makes you feel any better, Mama Michiru!

Michiru: (stops playing violin) Actually, that makes me feel worse. They could be off being too adult for the company of children.

Hotaru: I seriously doubt that…

Michiru: (sadly) I’m going to go practice for my performance. (Walks off stage)

(all stare off at her sadly as scene changes)

(five main girls sitting around having tea at the temple)

Usagi: (Mouth full of food) I think it’s rather silly Michiru is jealous of Haruka and Setsuna’s vacation. They deserve it, don’t they?

Rei: (shaking her head) Oh, Usagi, you’d do the same thing if Mamoru went off with one of us.

Usagi: That’s different.

Rei: No it isn’t. It is exactly the same!

Minako: We’ve all been jealous, one time or another, haven’t we guys?

Makoto, Usagi, Rei: Yes…

Minako: (turns to Ami, whose nose is in a book) Oh Ami, surely you’ve been jealous before.

Ami: Jealousy is silly, really.

Four girls: Hm?

Ami: (laughs) Jealousy is silly, guys, really. (stands up in preparation for song)

A girl has a most fashionable dress

You want it so much it makes you blue

This feeling of envy takes over

The green eyed monster’s got a hold of you!

You see your boyfriend look at some girl

seeming much too friendly to you

And jumping to conclusions

The green eyed monster’s got you!

Jealousy, envy, it is all the same

It is all in your head; it’s all some game

It’s better to enjoy life as it comes

And not let old green eye ruin your fun

It isn’t fair your friends got to go

And lounge on a Caribbean isle

Why weren’t you invited you wonder

The green eyed monster got you for a while

Jealousy, envy, it is all the same

It’s all in your head; it’s all some game

It’s better to enjoy life as it comes

And not let old green eye ruin your fun

Don’t you see, guys?

Makoto: I guess…

Minako: Ami, Taiki-san is a whole chapter ahead of you.

Ami: (blushes) What?

Minako: jealous?

Ami:… No. Just a feeling of underachievement.

Minako (laughs) You’re so jealous!
Ami: I am not.

Four senshi: (laughs)

Ami: Well I am going to go home to read on the next chapter.

Four: (as she leaves) Jealous!

(scene changes. Michiru sets her violin down and sits down in deep thought. She could not seem to concentrate on her practicing, not without Haruka there listening.)

Michiru: Oh, ‘Ruka. Why did you have to leave when I have a big concert? I can hardly concentrate. I need you here cheering me on. Your support means so much to me, dear. (sighs)

Without you here I’m very lonely

Without you here I’m very blue

Without you here I cannot concentrate

It’s just not the same without you

When I saw you off, I waved with a smile

But that was just a show

My true feelings were underneath

I did not want you to go

I need you here to cheer me up

I need you here to cheer me on

But how are you to do these things

When you are gone

Without you here I’m very lonely

Without you here I’m very blue

Without you here I cannot concentrate

It’s just not the same without you

Maybe I am being selfish

I know you can’t always be at my side

But being this far away from you

Is eating me up on the inside

Without you here I’m very lonely

Without you here I’m very blue

Without you here I cannot concentrate

It’s just not the same without you

(gets far off look, tenses up, eyes widening) (stands up) What? What is this evil presence? Something is after the princess’s Silver Crystal! (nearly falls backward in fright, but lands in chair). Will I have the ability to fight without Haruka here? She is always my encouragement, my strength…

(Scene changes to the Hirawa Shrine. Rei is sitting reading the fire by herself. Her eyes widened at her findings.)

Rei: I cannot believe this. A new enemy, from Planet Cronia…I have never heard of this place, but apparently they are in want of the Silver Crystal. As sailor senshi, we won’t allow that! (stands up and rushes off to find her friends.)

(Usagi is in the park with Mamoru sitting on a park bench)

Usagi: You say I love you

It opens up a brand new world

You don’t have to give me diamonds

To show I’m a lucky girl

The sky starts to seem bluer

The grass seems greener

The ocean seems calmer

And the air seems cleaner

Mamoru: To say I love you

Is just a mere sentence you say

It’s not about the talk

Or not how much you pay

No, love is much more expressed

With your actions

A thoughtful thing to do

Brings much more satisfaction

Both: I love you, I love you

Is just a mere slip of the tongue

Say it all the time

It starts to seem less fun

I love you, I love you

There’s only so much I can say

But for my thoughtful action

I will kiss you today…

(They both kiss as Rei runs up, out of breath. Usagi breaks away, discouraged.)

Usagi: Rei! What do you want?

Rei: I saw in the fire, (she pants), someone is after the Silver Crystal.

Usagi: (whines) Oh, not now! I want my time with Mamo-chan! (clings to him)

Mamoru: Usa, this is serious. (he pulls her off of him gently)

Rei: A new enemy from a planet called Cronia is approaching…

Set of voices: What?!

(Rei, Usagi, Mamoru turn around to see Ami, Makoto, and Minako all trying to hide behind a bush)

Usagi: Were you spying on me again!?

Minako: (blushes) You’re just so interesting, and our lives our boring.

Makoto: Yeah, we’re sorry Usagi.

Usagi: Even you, Ami? (turns to her)

Ami: (has nose in book)

Usagi: …never mind.

Rei: who cares if they were spying on you. We have something much more important to think about now.

(lightning flashes and a woman appears dressed in black and yellow, a lightning bolt symbol on her forehead and laughs heartily).

Usagi: (jumps up) Who are you?

Woman: They call me Flash! (Brisk stroke of extended arm across air)

Usagi: Where do you come from?

Flash: Planet Cronia, along with my people. Misty Spray, Fierce Flame, Dead Oak, Black Heart, and Feisty Flow! (as she called the names, they appeared. Spray was dressed in blue with powers like Mercury’s, Flame was dressed in red with powers like Mars’, Oak was dressed in green with powers like Jupiter’s, Heart was dressed in pink and had powers like Venus, and Flow was dressed in turquoise and had powers like Neptune’s.)

Rei: What do you want?
Flame: You know what we want, I’m sure. I can sense you have psychic abilities, little girl. (smirks)

Usagi: Well in that case you cannot have it!

Flame: (whips head in Usagi’s direction) You clearly have the Silver Crystal. Hand it over and all will be fine.

Usagi: Never! Moon Eternal Power, Make Up!

(Usagi transforms and the others follow. Mamoru darted away)

Flash: You want to fight? Alright, have it your way. Do away with them (she looks to each of her people and then disappears).

Mercury: I’m Sailor Mercury, and we do not give up so easily.

Mars: I’m Sailor Mars, and we fight to protect what is rightfully ours.

Jupiter: I’m Sailor Jupiter, and we stand by our princess.

Venus: I’m Sailor Venus, and we protect our princess with our love.

Moon: I’m Sailor Moon, standing for love and justice. In the name of the moon, we will punish you!

The five woman: (laugh)

Mercury: Shine Aqua Illusion!

Misty Spray: (quick to defend) Misty Spray Blast!

Mercury: (is knocked to the ground)

Mars: (runs in front of Mercury, defending her, trying to get back at Misty Spray) Mars Flame Sniper!

Fierce Flame: Fierce Flames of Hell!

Mars: (is knocked over beside Mercury)

Jupiter: (aims for Fierce Flame) Jupiter Supreme Thunder!

Dead Oak: Dead Tree Timber!

Jupiter: (is knocked over beside the other two)

Venus: Alright, that’s it! Venus Love and Beauty Shock!

Black Heart: Broken Hearted Sting!

Venus: (feeling a pain in her heart, falls over beside the others)

Five woman: (laughs heartily at the senshi)

Neptune: (runs up) Deep Submerge! (knocks over the five woman) I am Sailor Neptune, and by the powers of the sea, I will not allow this!

Mars: how did you know?

Neptune: You’re not the only one with a spiritual sense if you remember, but no time for chit chat. Get up.

Senshi: (pull themselves back up and ready to fight again)

Feisty Flow: (turns to Neptune) Crashing Waves! (sends rushing waves of the sea towards her)

Neptune: Deep Submerge! (She was not powerful enough against Flow’s waves and got knocked against the wall) (sighs) I really do need Haruka here, it seems…I am not playing up to my best ability.

Mars: (as she kicks Fierce Flame) Neptune, you have once asked me if we must always be in a group of five to do our best. Now I am going to ask you, you’re saying you need Uranus here to be able to do anything? Are you going to let that slow you down? Your power is within you, not Uranus!

Neptune: (looks down) I suppose you’re right, but…

Mars: but nothing! Get up and fight! Uranus is not the one in danger; you are! So defend yourself! Defend our princess!

Moon: I believe in you Neptune, just like you all believe in me.

Venus: This is ongoing war of us soldiers, and we’re going to fight until the end!
Jupiter: Whenever our princess is in danger, we protect her! (punches Dead Oak in the stomach, making her keel over)

[Courtesy of Sera Myu]

[All]: Everyone has one hidden away

Don't forget yours, your precious heart

The joy of having been born on Earth

Harmony smiles as we share it with one another

Crossing through this era, through destiny

The only thing that will be left standing is true devotion

Evil ambitions will surely be crushed

By the Sailor Soldiers of legend

Turn our five oaths into light

Align our five hearts in a straight path

For we know we must fight

For the sake of our dreams and for peace

We must protect those we love

We'll merge love and courage into one

We'll merge love and courage into one

Sailor War!

Sailor War!

Neptune: (nods and stands up, feeling stronger than before, running at Feisty Flow) Submarine Reflection! (more power was behind this attack than she knew was possible, completely knocking out the enemy)

(The senshi manage to defeat all five of the women, who were scowling at their loss) (Flash reappears)

Flash: So you defeated my underlings! I was really hoping I would not have to engage myself in battle, but you’ve asked for it. (raises arms, thrashing them back down in fists, producing large bolts of lightning, zapping each of the senshi, knocking them to the ground. She laughed at this.) Look how weak you all are. You will never win against me!

Moon: (looks up at her from the ground) What do you want? Deep down, what do you want out of life?

Flash: to rule the world, of course, and for that to happen I need the Silver Crystal.

Moon: That is not what you want. Deep down, no one really wants that. Deep down, everyone has a heart, and wants friendship and love. No one was born coldhearted. We live to protect the ones we love. Who do you protect? Who do you love?

Flash: These people, I guess (she nods to the women on the ground)

Moon: You do not love them. You use them to get what you want. Don’t you have friends?

Flash: (closes eyes for a moment as if pondering this, but opens them shortly, looking straight at Moon) Electricity Zap! (Shocks Usagi, making her scream in agony) (A rose stabs Flash in the arm, making her look up)

Tuxedo Kamen: Evil does not come out of a mother’s womb. Evil is brought up over time out of sadness, grief, longing…Something bothered you in your past and you’re trying to cope this way. It is not the right way and you need to be punished.

(While Flash wasn’t on guard, the senshi use a Sailor Planet Attack against her, knocking her over, weakening her)

Tuxedo Kamen: Now Sailor Moon!

Moon: (looks sadly at the enemy, knowing she could have gotten to her heart and turned her good again, but nevertheless raised her scepter) Moon Healing Halation!

(Flash screams in agony and disappears along with her women) (Moon and others look up to the sky after them)

Moon: I feel sorry for them…

Tuxedo Kamen: (puts hand on her shoulder) They’ll be reborn and perhaps in their next life they will choose the right path.

Moon: I am certain they will! (smiles)

Hotaru: (runs up) Michiru, your concert!

Neptune: (eyes widen) I’ve got to go!

Venus: We’ll be there cheering you on!

Neptune: (nods and runs off) They’ll attend the concert? I do have great friends…

(scene changes to Michiru’s concert. Everyone was much more relaxed after all of the battle was over, and Michiru was able to play with confidence)

Usagi: Whoo! (pumps fist in air)

Rei: (whispers) Usagi! This is a classical concert, not a rock concert!

Usagi: Well I figured she’d like some appreciation. After all, Haruka is not here to cheer her on.

Rei: Haruka does not do what you are doing. She is silent and sends secret love waves to Michiru’s head.

Usagi: Heh?

Rei: (blushes) At least that is what I figure.

Minako: Sounds romantic…
Makoto: I agree…

Ami: It really does. (All look to her)

Usagi: You’re not reading.

Ami: (chuckled) Well I caught up to Taiki-san, so I figured I should stop while I am ahead. It is good to relax sometimes.

(scene changes to Michiru’s bedroom. She is asleep when she is awoken by a shake. It was Haruka.)

Michiru: (sits up) You’re back.

Haruka; (Grins) Yes. How did your concert go?
Michiru: it went well.

Haruka: I missed you.

Michiru: I should hope so! Do you know what we went through while you two were enjoying yourselves?!

Haruka: (eyes widen) What are you talking about?

Michiru: While you and Setsuna were doing whatever it is you were doing, we were all being zapped by lightning bolts!

Haruka: What are you talking about?

Michiru: An enemy came.

Haruka: Are you alright?

Michiru: (nods) I didn’t think I would be able to fight. I could hardly concentrate on my practicing, either…

Haruka: How come?
Michiru: Because you were so far away…(her lip trembles)
Haruka: (brushes Michiru’s hair back, but she snaps her hand away) What is wrong?

Michiru: What were you and Setsuna doing? Where did you go? And why didn’t you invite me?!

Haruka: (chuckles) jealous, are we? If you must know, we were going to get this…(she pulled out a box, revealing a small sparkling ring)

Michiru: (jumping to conclusions) Oh so now you’re going to marry her? I would never have expected that!

Haruka: (eyes widen again) Michiru, what on earth? This ring is for you…I brought Setsuna along so she could help me pick it out for you…

Michiru: (shuts eyes tight) I’m such a fool…

Haruka: no you are not. I had a feeling you would freak a little bit…(hugs her tightly before letting go and looking into her eyes) Will you marry me, Miss Kaiou?

Michiru: (Smile spreads across face) of course I will! (throws arms around her neck and kisses her as the lights dim)

(curtain rises again and senshi and Tuxedo are standing in a row side by side)

Usagi: Every day has its own battles

Fighting evil by moonlight

Protecting what we cherish

Fighting for love by daylight

Ami: Reading about romance

Inside of interesting books

Makes life seem so easy

But it is harder than it looks

Rei: You can do as you wish

For everyone is a part

You don’t have to be soldiers

To fight for someone’s heart

All: Always cherish who you love

And protect them and defend

You know you really love someone

When none of it is pretend

Don’t let them ever get away

Fight until the very end

Makoto: Being able to cook sweet things

For someone you love is cute

But make sure that you’re strong enough

To fight for who means the most to you

Minako: Singing a song and being a star

Is really fun and a great thing to do

But make sure you can set your mind

To what is most important to you

Pluto: Time is always on our side with me

I will never back down; I will never depart

Saturn: If the world disappears, you’ll be reborn

We’ll come back together, never apart

Uranus: The heavens watch over you, loving and bright

Neptune: By the powers of the sea, you’re always in our hearts

All: Always cherish who you love

And protect them and defend

You know you really love someone

When none of it is pretend

Don’t let them ever get away

Fight until the very end

(curtain closes.)

The end.

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It's Not Easy Being Green: The Green Eyed Monster Visits!

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