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 POLL: Favourite 90s Sailor Moon Anime Season?

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Which is Your Favourite Anime Series?
Sailor Moon
 21% [ 22 ]
Sailor Moon R
 13% [ 14 ]
Sailor Moon S
 27% [ 28 ]
Sailor Moon SuperS
 17% [ 18 ]
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
 22% [ 23 ]
Total Votes : 105

Sailor Mercury
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Sailor Mercury

Inner Senshi Admin Activities Director

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PostSubject: Re: POLL: Favourite 90s Sailor Moon Anime Season?   23rd March 2018, 6:29 am

I voted on this ages ago, but apparently never commented. I love SuperS, especially the Amazon Trio. I love the style and quality of the animation for SuperS. It's also so colorful, both in terms of character design and settings for episodes, which I think lends a dynamic visual quality. I like the variety and "scary clowns" feeling of the Dead Moon Circus. The Amazon Trio whining at their bar while they try to seduce men/women in the creepiest ways always keeps me entertained; there's a lot of humor in most of the episodes for that season.

S is probably next in line for me. It's so dramatic and tense. Rei's visions of destruction and the scenes with intense shadow really provide a constant atmosphere. It has beautiful background music, as well, with good use of those motifs to build feeling. I love the moments with the watercolor sketch look. The plot is very strong and engaging for this series, and I think the 90s anime conveys it well. The final episodes are wonderfully done.

R, S, and SuperS involve a significant amount of influence from my favourite anime director, Kunihiko Ikuhara, as he took over as series director during the R series. I can definitely see his influence on these seasons, so I tend to prefer them. His style of visual storytelling really appeals to me.
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Mistress Rei
Star Seed

Mistress Rei

Star Seed

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PostSubject: Re: POLL: Favourite 90s Sailor Moon Anime Season?   12th June 2018, 7:13 pm

My favorite season is Sailor Moon S because it is a very interesting season and one of my favorite Sailor Guardians Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn along with my favorite villain Mistress 9 both appear in that season.


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An Ordinary Girl
Lotus Crystal

An Ordinary Girl

Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: POLL: Favourite 90s Sailor Moon Anime Season?   23rd July 2018, 2:01 pm

'Classic' = R > S > SuperS > StarS 

I can't pick between Seasons one and two... 

However, if we split the seasons up a bit:

  1. R: Cardian Arc
  2. Classic: Zoisite & Kunzite
  3. SuperS: when it has plot
  4. StarS: Nehellenia arc
  5. S
  6. Classic: Nephrite
  7. R: Black Moon
  8. Classic: Jadeite
  9. StarS: Galaxia arc
  10. SuperS filler


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PostSubject: Re: POLL: Favourite 90s Sailor Moon Anime Season?   11th October 2018, 1:04 pm

LOOOL "when it has plot" XD.

S really is quite cohesive though isn't it? Even with the different Witches 5 starring in the same way that the Shitennou did in Season 1. I love so much about S actually - especially the background about the Outers!! But in the end, I had to go with Season 1 as my favorite, even though it's been done to death in other media now especially with the whole 25th anniversary stuff. Still, the side-plots it had in the 90s anime (and definitely the regular inclusion of Naru) and of course the fact that it was my intro to the series makes it unmovable in that number one spot~.


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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: POLL: Favourite 90s Sailor Moon Anime Season?   11th October 2018, 3:15 pm


Stars Stars Stars.

I love almost everything about it. Where do I even start...

Well no better place to start than the opening theme song! I'm of the minority who prefers the Sailor Star Song to Moonlight Densetsu. It was a nice change of pace.

The arc itself is laid out like my favorite cookie of all time, the single-stuffed Oreo. It's got light (filler) wedged between two wedges of darkness (Nehelenia's return, the final battle with Galaxia). It isn't too short nor is it too long.

I love the 'finale' feel of it all. How all the Senshi are together, powered up and spruced up to the max, facing my favorite foe of the series. Galaxia. She's how I like my villains best; bold, powerful and domineering. Stars also broadens the scope of the Sailor Moon universe by making us aware that there's many other Sailor Senshi out there beyond just the solar system.

Some other things about the arc I like are the Starlights, how there's a lot of male monsters of the day, and of course its obscurity. Stars is the "lost season", the one which never hit US shores thus making it the least known of all the different story arcs. And I like being a contrarian hipster so that detail serves as only another plus in my book.

My only major complaints about it are the lack of Chibiusa and lack of background characters like Umino or Naru. A bit of a shame they had to kill off Mamoru too but hey, unlike Chibi Chibi with Chibiusa, Seiya actually made for a good Mamo stand-in. Dare I say, I prefer Seiya over Mamoru.

In conclusion, Sailor Stars is yet another great thing the year of 1996 gave me. Alongside Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, Super Mario RPG, and the N64.



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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: POLL: Favourite 90s Sailor Moon Anime Season?   11th October 2018, 3:27 pm

From my early childhood, I always was drawn to S. I remember sitting on the edge of the couch when
Just in case any newer fans haven't gotten there:

Shockingly enough, I remember more of S when I think about my past watching Sailor Moon, so that may be why I remember it more. S has always had some sort of different charm about it. I don't know if it was the change in certain voice actors, the better colorization, or what but I loved it. I feel like the evolution of the main Character Designer had a lot to do with it too. So a bundle of great story line, lovable characters and the voice acting wasn't that bad to be completely honest. Sailor Moon S will always hold a special place in my heart, and forever be my absolute favorite, with StarS almost tied at a very close second.

StarS was something I didn't own until my freshman year of high school, 2006, when I saved up enough money for the [bootleg XD] DVD set. I loved the introduction of more Sailor Soldiers, having already been a huge fan of Otaku Senshi it made me happy to see more not just based on celestial bodies. Although StarS could be a bit filler-y at times, it was what made the season so amazing, most of the moments I found hilarious came from the StarS season. (And SuperS, but that is honestly my 2nd least favorite season, despite JunJun and the Quartet being in it). The only time I cried in Sailor Moon was episode 195 onward. It was so touching, and really brought my love for the series home.

Noteably also, my favorite songs are in S and StarS respectively, Tuxedo Mirage, Moonlight Destiny, and Sailor Star Song. (And every Starlight's Song.)

And another fun trivia, the first Japanese word I figured out was 'hanabi' from Tuxedo Mirage, and it has been my favorite Japanese word since that day. XD


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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: POLL: Favourite 90s Sailor Moon Anime Season?   11th October 2018, 7:54 pm

SO i never actually voted on here because I wanted to write out my thoughts, but the time has come. It's really easy for me to default and say Stars because Yaten is my favorite character, so that has to be my favorite season?? BUT I wanted to think about it a bit more deeply.

Classic - it's really good seeing all of the senshi introduced, but I don't feel this could be my favorite simply because it takes so long to get to everyone, and also just... it is fun seeing everyone how they initially are, but I prefer their dynamic once they know each other more... I like the Dark Kingdom, and the generals, but they aren't my favorites of the villains, especially the 90s anime version. The finale and leading episodes are possibly the best from all the seasons, though.

R - I very seriously considered voting for R. I love the makaiju arc, and the Black Moon Clan is one of my favorite sets of villains, especially the Ayakashi sisters and Saphir in the 90s anime. and while there is filler... every episode feels like something is happening, and I feel like everyone gets really good development. but then i remembered R is also where they have the whole lost memories thing... and the breakup arc.... and it's just. It's not something I necessarily hate story-wise, and it's definitely fun to theorize on, but it does make the episodes less enjoyable to watch because I spend the whole time mad at mamoru.

S - I honestly haven't seen S in forever ajghjklfhg. I know it's good I just cant remember it. Rather, I feel I remember the infinity arc of crystal better than the S arc of the 90s anime.

SuperS - Ok, ok. Alright, alright. SuperS might win for villains. The Trio and the Quartet are both wonderful, and the whole circus theme is just so fun to mess with and has great music, but... so a huge downfall is no outers. And also just. For me, superS is something where the episodes are almost... better individually rather than taken as a whole?? It's really fun to watch one from, but whenever I'm binge watching I'm always like pls...........I want faster development............

Stars - So the Nehelania arc is amazing and I love it. Good things about the main arc are Yaten (!!), sometimes Seiya depending on my mood, and the villains. Bad things are Mamo is dead, the starlights are boys, sometimes Seiya depending on my mood, and Taiki exists. On a more serious note, I really like the way Seiya's feelings are dealt with in the musicals, it's like. A good, solid, painful unrequited love. But in the anime it just sorda annoys me. There are a few scenes I can really appreciate it during, but yeah... i mostly get annoyed lol. But, while I don't like Mamoru's being dead, I do really, reallllly like the angst it makes with Usagi. While I also like the angst in R, it's often overshadowed by my feelings of "stop being stupid, mamo." like i'd be fine if he broke up with her solidly but he just can't keep away which is like nice and cute and meaningful but also INCREDIBLY ANNOYING You can't really blame him for Stars though, so I'm able to enjoy Usagi's sadness, and trying to hide it from her friends and aghhhh its so good. Also, like. Those Death Scenes. OMT. Sign. Me. Up. 

So... after much thought... I arrived at the same conclusion that I could have arrived at with very little thought! Stars is ultimately my favorite! While the 90s anime isn't my favorite version of stars, Stars is the part of the 90s anime that i've watched the most, and have the most fun watching, both from an overall structure-of-the-arc standpoint, as well as from an episode-by-episode standpoint.


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POLL: Favourite 90s Sailor Moon Anime Season?

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