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 Chibiusa and Helios fic ideas

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Chibiusa and Helios fic ideas Empty
PostSubject: Chibiusa and Helios fic ideas   Chibiusa and Helios fic ideas I_icon_minitime4th March 2013, 5:06 pm

Okay fanfic writers I need some help or ideas rather. I'm working on a fic or very well a long one shot about small lady turning eighteen and having a ball in her honor. The king and queen have really put the pressure on her when it comes to choosing a husband yet she still clings to the promise Helios made her all those years ago. Small lady has no idea that her parents pretty much told Helios he couldn't be in her life because it would bring her false hope since they can never really be together. Helios breaks his vow and breaks into the party to confess his true feelings to her and that's all I have so far...


Chibiusa and Helios fic ideas 30d50210Chibiusa and Helios fic ideas ZM92h7g  Chibiusa and Helios fic ideas 83e9ea10
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Chibiusa and Helios fic ideas

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