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 Reborn by Media.

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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

Title : Goddess of the Sea
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Join date : 2011-08-01
Age : 28
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Reborn by Media. Empty
PostSubject: Reborn by Media.   Reborn by Media. I_icon_minitime9th August 2011, 1:28 pm

A/N: I know when they're reborn they're like just back to how they were, but I got this idea as a "what if" kind of thing and rather like it. Yes, it is English dub names again, but this time it is actually more fitting as you will soon see! PLEASE R&R <3 Thanks!

*Media is pronounced [Meh-dia] unless speaking of the (lowercased) media. Only when capitalized is it prounounced as such as I said. You will see. (lol I can't explain things well, but you'll get it!)

ps: Yes Michelle's personality is tweaked ever so slightly, as if persay a glitch in the rebornation process (if that's a word Haha) And also this is based as if off one of my other fics I have not finished posting on but all you need to know is that they had adopted a small girl. Alright with that said. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Awakening.

I have lived a pretty normal life of the fourteen years I have been around. I do not come from a rich family, but we are not dirt poor either. My father is self employed, and my mother is a housewife. I am an only child, and I surprise my parents a lot by my talents. I have been able to learn musical instruments on my own fairly quickly. Unfortunately most I learned were only because of school. They were the school’s instruments. We would not be able to afford my own. A few years ago, however, I have wanted to learn violin, and my parents surprised me by buying me one for my birthday. I do not know why I had such a strong urge to learn this instrument, but I became quite good at it over the years.

My parents were proud as always and encouraged me to try out for the orchestra at Julliard School of Music when it came time for me to go to college. I agreed for music was my passion. I always did well in the arts; I could even draw and write some.

I felt music was my calling, but at the same time I felt that it was just what my parents wanted. Another part of me felt I had another calling—a calling I could not ignore. I just had not figured it out yet.

“Michelle?” came my mother Joan’s voice.

I had been watching a special on the sailor senshi. I had been interested in them lately. I could not keep my eyes off the screen just at the mention of any of their names. I felt like I knew them.

“Yes?” I said, not looking up from my TV set.

“Stop looking at the TV and that nonsense of those super heroes. It is all fake.”

“It is not,” I protested, but turned off the TV as she wished.

“You know, there is more to do than just sit around and watch TV. Why don’t you get up and move around some?”

“And exercise, yeah yeah,” I rolled my eyes.

“Exercise is good for you, Michelle. I have been noticing your stomach lately, and it is less flat.”

I looked down at myself, slightly infuriated at this remark, but looked back up and said, “So? I have to eat.”

“Sweets,” She retorted hotly.

“So what? I should be able to eat what I want when I want,” My nose went in the air.

“You are not a pampered princess. You have been acting strangely lately, thinking that you rule the roost around here.”

I became silent. I had sort of noticed this, but was not sure why, just like I was not sure why I was so passionate about the violin.

“Well, you have a recital we scheduled for you tomorrow, and I wish you luck fitting into your dress.”

I sighed. I was getting slightly tired of all of these recitals. Should that not be my decision? They had been happening periodically throughout the summer.

“Do not sigh at me. You wanted this, and all of these performances are going to help towards your career.”

I sighed again, looking away and saying nothing. Once she left, I turned on my Sailor V game. It was a pretty old game, but I loved it even more than the Sailor Moon games. I liked old things. The older games were better, as were the movies and television shows. I wished I had someone to play with though; I was often lonely.

My favorite senshi had always been Uranus, and I did not know why exactly. She was just so cool and very beautiful. All my life I had thought ‘I want to be her best friend,’ and in my dreams, I was.


“What is happening?” Neo-Queen Serenity asked, leaning over Sailor Pluto’s shoulder.

Pluto was looking into her garnet orb, as they were checking on their dear friends who were lost. “It seems Neptune is making progress. I am positive that she will awaken soon.”

“It is about time.” After all, it had been fourteen years since the deaths of Neptune and Uranus. They had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Suddenly, Sailor Saturn appeared. “They will awaken sooner than you think. Something is coming or is already happening. Great chaos is wreaking the earth in the time period they are in.”

Pluto and Serenity gasped, but nodded. Saturn was always right of these things, but they could only hope destruction of the planet would not be necessary this time.


The next night at my concert, no one showed up but my parents. This was very odd for at least a hundred tickets had been sold. I found a note on my dressing table reading, “It seems all of your guests would have rather paid extra to go to a much more interesting concert of Britney Spears. Sucks for you, Miss Violinist—Your Worst Nightmare.”

This was when I started to realize exactly how strange things were getting lately. I crumpled up the note bitterly. I knew that the media was ridiculous a lot of them time, with many people worshipping it, but this was crazy.

I insisted on playing my concert anyway. I had prepared for it, and I would not back down now. My parents tried to stop me, but I was too determined. They left me there, and I played my violin before an empty audience. I had never felt more moved by my own music than that moment. I had always felt my emotions coming out when I played, but I had never felt like this before. I had so many emotions running through me—sadness, anger, jealousy…All of this thinking about the media was getting to me, and I wanted to do something about it.

When my last song was nearly over, I felt something strange come over me. My forehead started to burn; I felt dizzy. I fell to the ground, and I assumed I had passed out, though as I was out, I saw things. When I awoke, I had remembered everything so clearly. It is like it was a vision or a dream, more than just garbled pictures. It was almost as if my life had flashed before my eyes, though it couldn’t have been my life.

There had been a flash to a grand house. Inside were a short haired woman and a young girl that looked about the age of four. There was another figure, but it was a blur.

“Mama?” the little girl had asked.

“Yes, dear?” said the blurred figure.

“What’s that noise?”

The other woman looked in the blurred figure’s direction. “I feel strange vibes. Let’s go check it out, Michelle.”

“No matter what, stay in the house, okay, Annabelle?” the blur spoke again.

The little girl nodded, big eyed and scared.

There was another flash to outside, and it showed Sailor Uranus along with perhaps Neptune, but she was a blur, as well. They were looking up at a levitating woman with a black cloak on with a hood covering her hair. There seemed to be a force field around the house in protection. The woman just laughed, swooping down through the force field, breaking it, and coming back out of the house holding the little girl. “Try to defend her now,” she laughed wickedly.

“Give her back!” Uranus shouted.

“What gives you the right?!” Neptune exclaimed.

“I will not,” the woman said smugly.

“World shaking!”

“Deep submerge!”

There was an evil laugh and a zap. The two senshi lay dead. The vision ended.

When I opened my eyes, I felt even stranger after having seen that. My forehead no longer burned, but I felt light headed. I went to my dressing room and clutched onto the table, leaning over it. My eyes were closed, but when I opened them, I nearly screamed at the sight in the mirror. On my forehead was stamped a strange symbol, and my dress was exchanged for a turquoise senshi outfit. Was I Sailor Neptune? This made no sense, but at the same time, it did.

Everything in my life became clear. I looked down at myself, seeing the outfit was not there. My concert dress was back on. This confused me greatly. Was I going insane?

“No, you’re not going crazy,” a woman’s voice chuckled.

I turned, a little startled to see before me Sailor Pluto. She was so much more beautiful in person, I thought. I sort of bowed, feeling honored to see her.

“Why are you bowing? We are acquaintances,” She laughed softly.

“We are?”

“Of course we are, Neptune.”

“So it is true?”

“I told you that you were not going crazy. You have seen things, yes? A vision, perhaps?”

“It felt like a flashback, really. It was strange…” I explained to her what I had seen. It still amazed me I remembered so much of it, if I had been passed out.

Pluto nodded. “That is what happened fourteen years ago. Your and Amara’s adopted daughter was taken by the evil Chaos. Chaos also killed you both out of her own amusement. You were both reborn, naturally, you in New York and Uranus in Florida.

I closed my eyes, thinking. “Are Uranus and I…together?” I blushed.

Pluto nodded with an amused smile. “Your memories will return soon enough. Hers have been returning more rapidly than yours. She has been missing you.”

“Awe,” I said softly, a little tear falling in spite of myself.

Pluto then gave me a hand mirror with the same symbol I had seen on my forehead. “This is your talisman. I have already returned Uranus’s space sword to her. We three are the holders of the three talismans. Mine is here,” She pointed to the garnet orb on her time staff.

I nodded, trying my hardest to remember anything. Nothing else would come, but I assumed it would with time. Pluto smiled to me and walked off, disappearing into thin air, returning to Crystal Tokyo, I imagined. Was that another memory coming back, or did I just know that from doing so much research?


One day, I was sitting atop my bed, contemplating all I had learned the day that Sailor Pluto had shown up. Some of my memories had started to come back, but nothing was completely clear. When I heard her voice though, everything started to come back slowly.

“Michelle…” I heard her whisper. I could not see her, but I knew her voice. Her whisper sounded pained, and I felt her pain within me.

“Yes?” I whispered back with slight hesitation.

“I miss you…”

“Where are you?” I still had no idea how I was hearing her voice in my bedroom of our penthouse in New York, when she was in Florida, as Pluto had said.

“On my bed…”

“So I am I,” I chuckled softly, finding it amusing we were each on our beds.

“I am glad you can finally hear me. I have been calling to you for some time.”

“Aww, dear, I hate this,” I found myself saying. Something inside me wanted to see her badly. My arm extended in front of me, and I felt the air, as if groping for her. “I want to touch you,” I whispered.

“I want to kiss you,” She returned. I blushed at this. “I made you blush, didn’t I?”

“Yes…Kiss me,” I whispered desperately.

“Okay,” she agreed softly.

I puckered up without hesitation, preparing to kiss Amara, who was not there. I was kissing the air, but in all honesty, I could feel her.

“What are you wearing?” she asked me, amused.

“My nightgown…It is short,” I felt the need to add.

“Mm,” She whispered.

I giggled at this reaction and turned the question on her. “What about you?”

“T-shirt,” she said simply.

“Is that all?”

“Yeah…Well, I mean, I am wearing underwear!” I pictured her blushing.

I giggled again, yet then sighed. “I want to see your face…”

“Pick up your communicator, silly.”

I suddenly remembered the other things Pluto had given me. I looked on my dresser, seeing what I now remembered as my lip rod for transforming. Beside it was a small device that looked like a watch. I put it on my wrist and turned it on. My face brightened as Amara appeared. “I can see you!”

“Of course you can. How did you think we were talking, telepathically?” she laughed.

“Yes,” I admitted.

“You are looking beautiful, Michelle.”

I smiled. “So are you, dear.” I blew her a kiss playfully.

“If you remember, I prefer ‘handsome.’”

“If you remember, I like teasing you.”

We laughed lightly, and then she said, “Have you been feeling the strange vibes?”

“Of the media? Yes.” She nodded. “Pluto also told me that Chaos took our daughter…”

“Yes, and I have a strong urge that Chaos has something to do with all of this, but she cannot be doing it alone. She probably has a puppet.”

“I know my first target—Britney Spears,” I said with narrowed eyes. “She stole my concert.”

“Do not be so quick to fall in a trap. We need to find more about all of this first.”

I nodded. “Will we be able to see each other?”

“Patience; work first, then play,” she smirked a little. “We will definitely keep in touch now though, partner.”

I grinned. “Yes we will, partner.”

After we hung up, my mother came in. “Michelle, your father peeked in here earlier and said you were kissing the air. I think watching all of these fantasy things are bad for you. You are becoming messed up in the head.”

“I am not,” I clenched my fists. “And the senshi are not fantasy,” my eyes glowed.

“Yes they are dear. It is all silly.” I felt my forehead burn again, and my mother gasped. “What is going on?”

“Nothing out of the ordinary. You think the senshi are fake; think again.” I grabbed my lip rod without thinking and shouted, “Neptune planet power!”

She fainted at the sight of my transformation. I just stared down at her. I was about to just leave when a spirit seemed to come out of her body and took the form of a monstrous looking woman before me. “Bad move, Neptune,” it said. “Now I know your true identity. Media will be pleased with this information.”


“She controls the media.”

“How?” I pressed. Cleary this monster was easy to get information out of, and I was going to take advantage of it.

“She has many celebrities under her control, soaking in their energy for herself. I had my eye on you for a while, but now knowing you’re a violinist and a sailor senshi, this will be very good information for her.”

“Hm…She is doing this so she can control this planet, correct?” I said slowly, piecing it together.

“For now,” the monster smirked, indicating Media was seeking more than just Earth. She started to run off, but instinct told me to flush her out.

I ran after her until we got out of the house before shouting, “Deep Submerge!” drowning her with the water of the sea and demolishing her. I could not risk her revealing my identity to Media. I ran back to my mother, making sure to change back to my normal self. I would be more careful from now on about my identity. Luckily, the monster was not inside my mother anymore. I consoled her and managed to get her in bed to rest. She did not remember me transforming, and that was just fine.

Uranus and I now had a job to do. We had to rid the world of Media and restore the media to its old ways before she took over the Earth and possibly more. We were almost positive that Chaos was controlling Media. We only hoped that the end of this battle would lead us to our daughter.

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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

Title : Goddess of the Sea
Posts : 218
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Age : 28
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Reborn by Media. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Reborn by Media.   Reborn by Media. I_icon_minitime10th August 2011, 11:04 am

I don't know if anyone is reading or caring but here is Chapters 2 and 3 anyway.

Ch. 2: The Battle Begins.

What we knew now would shock most. Many would not believe what we know so it is definitely better we keep it secret—our identities, everything…

They had really stirred me up by taking our daughter. She may be adopted, but she meant the world to us. It made me angry, and I really wanted to rid the world of this mess. More than anything, though, I wanted out daughter back, or at least to know that she was safe. She was eighteen by this time.

My first target was Britney Spears, of course, for she had ruined my concert. Well, in reality, it was Media, but it seemed it would bring me some satisfaction if I did defeat her. I saw she was having another concert a few hours away from New York City. I was never a big fan, but I needed to convince my parents I was. I needed a ride and a ticket for that matter. Going to her concert was the only way I could think to get close to her.

“Mom, Dad?” I asked at dinner one evening.

“Yes?” Dad looked up from his plate, swallowing a bit of chicken.

“There is a Britney Spears concert in Pleasantville. Can I go?”

My mother blinked. “Since when do you like Britney Spears?”

“Um, I am having a nostalgic time lately. The tickets are cheap,” I added. “I do not need to be up close.” Truth was I planned on getting a lot closer than my ticket would allow.

“Well, I think it will be fine,” Dad said, “as long as you use your own money.”

“But I do not have $50!”

“Have you not been saving your allowance?”

“No,” I said honestly, “and all of the money I make at concerts, you take!”

Father fell silent at this. It seemed I got him on that, and he pulled out his wallet, handing me his credit card. I smiled, thanked him, and rushed to the computer to order my ticket.

“What has she been spending her money on?” I heard my father ask.

“Sweets and video games.”

My father chuckled at this.

“I do not find it funny.”

“She is fine,” Father assured her.

I smiled at this; I loved my father.


“Is she ready for battle?” Neo-Queen Serenity asked anxiously.

Pluto said, “We will know soon enough. I am not a psychic.”

Serenity turned to Mars quickly. “Hey,” Mars said, hands rising in defense, “if I had a premonition, you would be the first to know.”

“Calm down, Queen,” Venus said. “I am sure they will be fine. They were only reborn, not remade. They are the same!”

“With a few minor glitches,” Saturn said. “This Neptune almost has the appetite of you,” she laughed.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Serenity’s stomach growled. “Is dinner ready yet?”

“Almost!” Jupiter said from the kitchen.


At the concert, I will admit that I was singing along. I had no shame in singing along with Britney Spears. I could not be mad at her specifically for she was only a servant of Media.

Once it was over, though, I managed to move with the crowd, sneaking past the guards and hide behind a wall while transforming before finding Britney’s dressing room.

“Who are you?” she turned around in her chair, asking innocently.

“Invited by a new age, I am Sailor Neptune, arriving with elegance!”

“Nice introduction,” she said, her voice starting to morph into something robotic sounding. “Now it is time for mine!”

I noted the unique bracelets she wore, a gold band on each arm, as if imprisoned.

“I am Britney Spears, and I am much stronger than yesterday!” She exclaimed with a much lower and demonic sounding voice.

“You are going down, you concert stealer!”

“Hm? Oh,” her lips curled into a nasty grin. “You are Miss Kaiou. Well, take this, Miss Violinist!...Soda Pop!”

Her attack sent a huge shot of soda at me. I instantly used my ‘Deep Submerge’ attempting to block it, but still got soaked in soda. “Ew!” I exclaimed.

Before either of us could attack again, another attack was brought from behind me, directed at Britney, blowing her backwards.

“World Shaking!”

I turned to see Uranus with a look of relief on my face. “You should have used ‘Submarine Reflection.’ It would have sent the attack back at her,” she said.

“Do not tell me how to do my job.”

“Do not be stubborn,” she said back.

“How did you know?”

“That you were stubborn? I have known for years,” She chuckled a little.

“You know what I mean,” I narrowed my eyes.

“Lucky guess,” she shrugged.

“How did you get here?”

“Helicopter. Now attack!”

I realized I was talking too much and turned back to Britney, sending my ‘Deep Submerge’ at her before she could defend herself. Britney fell to her knees, her head slinging back, her arms outstretched as the golden bracelets breaking open. I took them.

“I did it!” I said excitedly, watching the pop star fall limp. She would be fine and back to her old self soon.

“Do not get so proud. I have already gotten two others,” Uranus opened a bag, revealing two sets of bracelets.

“You do not have to be so rude about it.”

“I am not being rude. I am just saying we have to keep moving. Do you want to find our daughter or not?”

“Yes,” I looked into her eyes. She took my hands. At that moment, I thought we might kiss, but she turned away saying, “You will be rewarded upon more success.” She let go of my hands and walked away, but from the look in her eyes, I could tell that she could not wait any longer than I.

“See you later, fish,” she said.

“Fish?” I questioned. I had a pet name now?

She turned back. “Yeah. Fish, sea…Neptune.” I crossed my arms. “You are cute,” She smirked.

“You are strange.”

“At least I can do my job without help.”

“I did not need your help nor did I ask for it!”

She chuckled. “Whatever you say, fish.” She hopped in her helicopter and started off. I rolled my eyes. Such style, I thought, but I loved her. I could not help but smile.


“How was the concert?” my parents asked. I had taken the bus to get there and back.

“Great,” I smiled. My purpose for going was successful. The gold bands that had enslaved one star were now in my purse. Media was a little less powerful.

I went straight to shower and then to my bedroom. I sat atop my bed with the broken bands. Were they useless now? Something came to my mind that the monster in my mother had said. If I was considered a celebrity, if only to a small area, could Media enslave me? I quickly put the bracelets up. My gaze went over to my communicator. I wanted to talk to Uranus. Seeing her in person and being that close, made me miss her even more now. I picked up my Sailor Uranus doll that I had had since a child and hugged it. Suddenly, the communicator started beeping, making my heart skip a beat. I picked it up, answering it.

“Uranus,” I smiled.

Uranus appeared on the screen, seeming to be in a helicopter. Of course she could not have gotten home yet.

“This is not a social call. Have you been thinking of your next targets?”

“I only just got home…”

“You need to get your act together, Neptune. I have already gotten two, and I have been planning my next one. I have already pinpointed where a lot of their concerts will be.”

“But how do you know which ones are under Media?”

Uranus sighed. “Can you not feel it? They have a certain aura to them.” When I said nothing, she continued. “Are you not fully awakened yet?”

“I do not know.”

“How much do you remember?”

“Everything about you…” I smiled. I was still stumped why we had not kissed earlier.

“I am not what is important. It is the princess who we dedicate our lives to.”


“Since you are not fully awakened, you will have to listen to me.”

I could not understand this harshness. Did we not mean anything to each other? What about that day we met again? What about earlier tonight when we very nearly kissed?

“We have a mission, you understand? We have to save the earth. We are the only scouts here in this time period. Let us show them we can focus so they do not have to come help us.”

I nodded, but something inside me wanted to cry.

“We also have our daughter to save, remember?” she added.

I gasped a little. It was hard to fathom I had a daughter since I was only fourteen, but I understood. “Annabelle…” I whispered.

“That is right. Now since you cannot seem to work for yourself, you can work with me. I have transportation, anyway…”

I was slightly infuriated with that remark, but smiled. “Alright.” I certainly would not mind working with her.


So we started working together. A couple of days later, we were riding in the helicopter to Nashville, Tennessee, where Miranda Lambert was having a concert. I thought all of this riding around was ridiculous on Uranus’s part, but it made it clearer to me how important this all was.

We had not bought tickets so I had no idea how we were going to go about this, but apparently Amara had a plan. She would not tell me what the plan was, though.

“Just follow me and keep quiet,” she said. She was very good at sneaking around, and it made me wonder if she was a trouble maker at school because at my school, there were some pretty sneaky hoodlums.

I followed close behind her on my tiptoes, hoping I was being inconspicuous enough. Somehow she managed to sneak us past guards and into a dressing room where we found a young woman. She was dressed in cowgirl clothes and hat. Next thing I knew, Uranus punched the woman in the face, knocking her out. I screamed at this, but she shushed me.

“Get in her clothes,” she told me.


“Get in her clothes,” she repeated. “You play fiddle, do you not?”


“Same thing. You will get close to Miranda this way.”

I thought for a moment, processing everything. “Wait, you want me to play out there?”

“Yes, genius,” she smirked. “Now change. I will hide out around here and wait for you to lure her.”

I was so confused. “What do I play?”

“You are smart. Improvise!” Once I just stood there, she said, “Change!”

I blushed. I was to change in front of her? I did, feeling my cheeks turn bright red.

“Why so embarrassed? You look amazing,” she grinned.

I stared at her in wonder once I was dressed, and she pushed me onward to the stage. I was to play for hundreds of people with a well known country star. I was honored, yet frightened. I had no preparations for this.

My aqua green hair was shoved in the hat so from afar perhaps they could not see the difference between me and the brunette woman.

Amara really was smart, thinking all of this through. She must have really done some research. What would I do without her? I really was not suitable for this job or to be her partner, but I was.

I just played what felt right and somehow, everything was okay. I got a couple of funny stares from the rest of the band, but the crowd did not seem to notice or care.

When the concert was over and we were walking backstage, I edged over to Miranda cautiously.

“That was brilliant!” she told me.

“Was it?” I asked.

“What’s wrong with your voice?” she asked.

I realized that the person I was disguised as would have a southern accent so I attempted one. “Sorry, I was just surprised.”

“Oh, well, it was awesome.”

I talked to her all the way back to the dressing rooms, amused with my country accent.

Once Miranda got into her room, I simply followed her in, assuming with my disguise it would be okay. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“Um…” I started.

“Same reason I am here!” I heard Uranus say, emerging from behind a wardrobe.

“Who are you?” she asked.

I ran and transformed at this time, coming back inside, triumphantly saying, “Invited by a new age, I’m Sailor Neptune, arriving with elegance!”

“Another one?” Miranda turned to me, eyes raised. Her lips curled into a nasty grin. “Well, I’m Miranda Lambert, and I can’t be bothered by you!” her voice transformed as Britney’s had.

“Too bad, Miss Country,” I said, ready to attack. “Deep Submerge!”

I managed to knock her over, but she hopped back up. “Is that all you got? I’m a lot tougher than you think I am!”

“Clearly,” I muttered.

“Kerosene Soak!” she screamed, sending kerosene splashing at me.

“Submarine Reflection!” I instantly shouted, remembering Uranus’s suggestion. It sent the kerosene back on Miranda.

“Space Sword Blaster!” Uranus used her talisman, as well, defeating Miranda. She took the bracelets as they unclasped. “Good job, Neptune.”

I smiled, brushing my hair out of my face. “Thanks. You were great, too.”

“We make a great team, don’t we?” she grinned a little.

“Always have,” I walked over closer to her.

“Always will,” she added, taking my hands again. She then leaned forward and gave me a kiss.

I blushed, but kissed her back. This was what I had been waiting for, and it was different than any boy I had kissed. It was magical; we fit perfectly together. Once we pulled away, her hand brushed down my side, giving me chills. I hugged her close and whispered, “You are amazing…”

“Not as amazing as you,” she whispered back.

“Why do you have to live so far away?” I almost whined.

“Actually…I have been meaning to tell you that my dad got a transfer in his job.”

“To where?”

“The big apple.”

I broke away in shock, my hands clapping to my mouth. “Really?” I squeaked.

“Really,” she smiled.

“We can visit each other and everything!” I said excitedly.

“It will make our missions easier, too.”

“Is work all you think about?”

“It comes first.”

“I guess I just do not understand… All I can think about is you.”

She smiled a little. “You just have to know that I love you, and you have to try to focus your mind on our mission.”

“You love me?” my eyes brightened.

“Well of course I do. Do you not love me?”

My eyes filled with tears. “Of course I do,” I whispered with a smile.

She touched my cheek. “Let me take you home, love.”

I nodded with so many butterflies inside me. I was in love and was loved back. It was such an amazing feeling.

She drove me home. Our days as true partners had begun, and soon she would be living near me. I could not wait until we stopped this mess and freed our daughter because then maybe we could be a family again. I did not know what the future held for us, but I was ready to find out.


A World Without Haruka? Let it Burn.
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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

Title : Goddess of the Sea
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A/N: You know how Usagi has trouble with Kanji? Well, when I use the dub names, I make her simply have bad handwriting to compensate for that trait.

Chapter 3: Taking Care of Business

I had so much love in my heart for Uranus that I could not imagine anyone being more important than her. I did not understand about this “princess” we were supposed to fight for. I did not see anyone that was a princess. Was royalty not a thing of the past?

All I knew was that I loved Uranus deeply, and I wished to see her. The very night I was wishing this, it came true. I was sitting up in my bed holding my Sailor Uranus doll that I secretly slept with. I had all of my life, but it made me feel closer to her now. I was daydreaming, remembering our kiss. It had been so wonderful and familiar. She would scold me if she knew I was using my free time to think of her instead of our mission, but I think that should be something we work out together.

I was very surprised to hear a rap on my window that night. I put my doll down carefully and went to see who was at the window. I hoped it was not some idiot boy from school. I really was not in the mood to be flirted with. That had started to happen some once the year started to end. Once I turned 14 in April, suddenly boys started to notice me. I had been flattered, really, but now my heart is for Uranus only. To my delight, that was exactly who was at my window. I opened it, smiling brightly, though confused.

“Hey neighbor,” she said softly with a smile.


“We arrived at our new house today, and I happened to see a very pretty girl through my window and had to come check her out,” she grinned.

“You were peeping on me?” my eyes widened slightly.

“Perhaps,” she chuckled. “Are you going to let me in?”

I looked around, though knew my parents were asleep, and let Amara in. She noticed my doll. “Uranus, eh?” she chuckled.

I blushed. “Yes.”

She opened her shoulder bag, digging out and revealing a Sailor Neptune doll with a sheepish grin. I giggled a little seeing this; it seemed we were both guilty of this.

She placed her bag aside and sat atop my bed. She smiled at me. “You are looking lovely tonight.”

I blushed at this for I was in my short nightgown.

“Come, sit,” she told me. I obeyed at my first reaction, sitting on her lap. Her eyes widened slightly, but she smirked. “Hello,” she whispered.

“Hi,” I smiled, brushing a bit of her hair back. “So whatever happened to ‘work comes first’? Now you are just sneaking in my window?” I laughed softly.

“Of course,” she said simply. She amused me. Her arms wrapped around my waist, giving me the loveliest warm feeling. My fingers ran along her waist and somehow made their way up to one of her breasts, tracing around it. It is like something was telling me to do this, as if I was supposed to, and I was glad I had, seeing the pleasurable look on Amara’s face. She pulled me closer to her, kissing me without a sound. There went that feeling again, the most wonderful in the world when you know you have found the one. Not only did I know from destiny and facts, I knew by feeling. This was the kind of feeling I understood, love. The auras of enemies and stars I did not understand yet, though I wish I did. I assumed I would with time. If nothing, I had Uranus. I trusted her wholeheartedly and would follow her to the ends of the earth. I would even follow her to hell if she so chose.

Soon I started getting strong, wild feelings inside me. She seemed to feel the same for we seemed to quicken the pace with our kiss. Her hand started to feel my leg, giving me chills as it wandered up my nightgown. She then shoved me down on my back as she quickly repositioned herself above me.

“Oh my,” I breathed, though still smiling. This did not bother me; I only wanted to find out what happened next. I stared at her, and she stared back. Suddenly, the wild look left her eyes, and she sat up. She put a hand to her head. “I cannot let myself give into this…”

“Yes you can,” I said a little desperately.

She shook her head. “We have lost track of what we should be focusing on…”

I sighed. “The princess, I know, but can we not have some fun every once in a while? I love you,” I added in a whisper.

She stared at me a moment. “Then if you love me, you will just have to understand…” She got up and put her bag over her shoulder. She was gone as quick as the wind, a very cold wind. I cried a river of tears, on ocean perhaps. All I had wanted was for the sky and waters to meet, but it seemed they would not.

This moment was the brink of my misunderstanding. I knew work came first, but why could we not show each other our love? You cannot love someone, yet hold all of your feelings in.

Our next target was tomorrow. It was a punk rock group named Green Day. They had three members so this would be our toughest yet, being three against two. We had not failed yet, and I hoped this would not be our first failure.


We were up kind of early the next day because the concert was in California. This concert we actually attended, upon Amara’s request. It was a little too loud for me.

This time, trying to sneak backstage, we got caught. I should have known we would not be so lucky every time. Two big, burly men sent us away. Just when we did not know what to do, a small pen fell from the sky in front of us with a note attached. It read: Use the Luna Pen by saying “Disguise Power!” and turn into who you wish. ~Queen Serenity.

“This handwriting is terrible!” I said, marveling over the scrawl.

“Who cares!?” Uranus held up the pen and shouted, “Disguise Power! Turn me into a security guard!”

I giggled, seeing her transformation, but then took my turn, saying the same.

Once we were disguised, we were able to get easily past the other guards and to a wall where Billie Joe, Mike, and Tré Cool were standing. They looked completely stoned so it seemed our job would prove easier or more difficult, depending on how crazy they would be. We went and transformed, coming back to the scene.

“Nice legs,” was Mike’s first reaction to us.

“Oh, thank you,” I said without thinking.

“Nice costumes,” Tré Cool added.

“These are sailor senshi, dumbasses!” Billie’s voice turned demonic, as the other stars’ had done. Suddenly, all three of their eyes turned red, and they were headed straight for us.

“Are you not going to introduce yourselves?” I asked nervously, backing up.

Billie shrugged and said, “We are Green Day.”

“We will defeat you because nice guys finish last,” Mike added.

“Who said we are nice?” Uranus said, punching Mike in the face.

Mike was infuriated by this and sent an attack on her. “Letter Bomb!” A letter landed in front of her, ticking like a bomb, though she dodged it before it blew up on her.

“You are going to have to do better than that! World Shaking!” Uranus knocked Mike over.

Tré Cool turned to me and shouted, “Pop Rocks and Coke!” sending just that at me. Why did I always get the sticky stuff?

“Submarine Reflection!”

Before we could even think to act, the two wounded hopped up and performed an attack of three with their leader. “21 Guns!”

Their attack was a blur to me. All I knew was we heard a new voice say, “Pluto Deadly Scream!” and we each did our attacks. The woman, who was indeed Sailor Pluto, said, “A planet attack, now!” Though I did not know what she meant, I seemed to know how to perform one naturally for we all shouted, “Sailor Planet Attack!” and defeated the three men. Uranus and I took the gold bands and looked to Pluto. “Thank you,” I said.

“You would not have survived that attack without me. I had to be of assistance.”

“We are in your debt.”

“You are doing more than enough. You are doing well, girls. Media is getting weaker. I must be off. If you should need me or any of the other girls, we will come.”

When Pluto disappeared, Uranus said, “We do not need their help. This is our war.”

“We could have been killed!”

“Then so be it. This is not their business.”

“It is the whole world at stake, not just our daughter!”

Uranus’s eyes brightened slightly. “I think your light bulb is starting to turn on a bit.”

“I think so, too,” I said, feeling a warm place in my heart that I had never felt before. It was love, but not for Uranus. It was for a planet and perhaps a princess.


I seemed to be starting to understand things clearer, but I still did not understand why Amara and I could not have made love that night. It just seemed natural to me that we did. I was contemplating this, clutching my Uranus doll. Perhaps I was too old for dolls, but I did not care. I wanted to be able to talk to someone about this, but I had no other friends but Uranus. Just then, I remembered that Pluto was my friend. I looked up to the sky outside my window. “Pluto…” I said quietly. “Are you allowed to come for non-mission purposes? I need someone to talk to…”

A few minutes later, I heard my mother call, “Michelle, you have a visitor!”

I was confused. Amara only came through my window it seemed. A woman appeared at my doorway. I did not recognize her, but at the same time, I felt like I knew her. “Do I know you?”

“My name is Trista, but you know me as Sailor Pluto,” she said quietly, shutting the door behind her.

“Oh,” I said quietly. Of course she would not walk around in her sailor outfit. I myself had a name apart from Sailor Neptune.

Trista sat upon my bed and motioned for me to sit beside her. “What is it, dear?” she asked.

I sat beside her and explained what had happened. I felt as if I were talking with an older sister. It was rather comforting. She even ran her fingers through my hair soothingly. It was perfect. I looked up to her. “It could not be just the mission she is worried about, could it? Not letting herself give in because of the mission makes no sense…”

“I think I understand…Did you notice the necklace Amara wears?”

I closed my eyes a moment, remembering. “Yes, the cross necklace.”

“Well, dear, that is it. The girl longs to go to Heaven, and she fears premarital sex will disallow her entry.”

“Is that a fact?”

“It is my theory, but I think it a good one.”

I thought for a moment. “Do you think premarital sex is wrong?”

“I think that one should do what their heart tells them.”

“Do you always do what your heart tells you?” I asked curiously.

“My heart has told me to stay alone, and that is just what I have done.”

“That is sad.”

“That is destiny,” she patted my head. I hugged her and thanked her for her help, and then she had to be off.


For the first time, I had gotten strange vibes on my own. I chose our next target; it was a woman named Stephenie Meyer. I had started to try to read her book Twilight since it was causing such a big uproar. I enjoyed it, but I could not finish because I sensed something dark, and it was not Victoria. It was the aura of a star bound by Media, waiting to be freed.

Stephenie was at a book signing right in New York, lucky for us.

“Okay, we need to form a plan,” Uranus said.

“Oh, I have already got a plan.”

“You do?” She seemed surprised.

“After all, this is my game, is it not?” I flipped my hair a little with a smile. I pulled out a small bottle and also the Luna Pen. “Disguise Power! Turn me into a coffee girl!”

I was soon transformed, my outfit exchanged for a mini skirt and top, resembling a waitress uniform, my aqua hair in a high ponytail.

“That is becoming of you,” Amara raised her eyes a bit, making me giggle.

“Care for a drink?” I smiled, holding a cup of coffee.

“How is that a plan?”

“Ah. Watch,” I poured the vial inside the cup.

“You are going to drug her? Is that not cheating?”

“I am not drugging her. This will make her have to go to the restroom. It will get her alone for us to confront her.”

“Since when are you a scientist?”

“The internet is a wonderful place,” I said simply and walked up carefully to Ms. Meyer’s table, setting the coffee down.

“Thank you, dear,” she smiled, instantly picking up the cup.

Ah, I thought. Perfect.

I had not realized that I should not have been standing there for she shooed me away, but Uranus and I continued watching from afar, after I had turned back into Sailor Neptune.

Just as I knew she would, the woman stood up, heading for the restroom. We beat her to it and waited for her there.

“Who are you?” she asked.

I could feel the evil presence much stronger now and knew she was one of them.

“Invited by a new age, I’m Sailor Uranus, acting gorgeously!”

“And I’m Sailor Neptune, acting with elegance!”

Stephenie smirked. “And I’m Stephenie Meyer, the queen of all vampires. I don’t need stinking fangs to sink my teeth into you!”

Uranus laughed and said, “Harry Potter is much better.”

Stephenie hissed at her. “Girlie, you are going to be in for it! Red Apple Slice!” She screamed, as red apples started shooting out at Uranus, knocking her over.

“Deep Submerge!” I shouted, knocking Ms. Meyer over.

She hopped back up, hissing again, bearing her teeth, fangs appearing suddenly. “Your neck looks lovely, dear! Mind if I taste?” she said in her newly demonic voice, licking her lips.

She started toward me, but Uranus jumped in the way, yelling, “World Shaking!” causing the vamp queen to shed some blood herself. We took the gold bands once they were unclasped.

“The end is nearing,” Uranus said. We had saved many stars, from pop stars to movie stars to book writing stars. Not every star was under Media’s control, but we knew how to pick out the ones who were. “I can feel it.”

“I can feel it, too,” I nodded. We were each looking up to the stars of the evening sky.

“Queen Serenity, do not worry. Your planet will soon be saved.”

Just then, before us, a ball of light appeared, and a hologram of a beautiful woman who I instantly recognized as Serenity, before us. We had to crouch to see her for she was in miniature.

“Girls,” she said. “You are doing a magnificent job. The last battle is near. It will be brutal, but you will not be alone. Believe in yourselves as well as the rest of the senshi and I.”

“Thank you, your highness,” I bowed slightly.

“Believe…” she repeated quietly and disappeared. Perhaps she could not hear me. Apparently, it was just a sent message, but it was nice to know people had our backs, especially the one who we were protecting.

I then heard a voice in my head—a loud, nasty, vicious voice of a woman.

“You damn senshi would defeat my underlings! You are still no match for my power! If you want your precious daughter back, then come to my castle!”

Both my and Uranus’s hands covered our ears, screaming in agony. We were shown a vision of the location of the castle and our daughter locked up. A stabbing pain in our hearts was being produced as we were shown this.

Once the voice was gone, as well as the ringing echo, and the pain had stopped, we looked to each other and instantly embraced in a hug.


That night, I could not sleep. It was becoming too much for me. We had come so far, but now I was scared. I wanted to see Amara, to be close to her. I put on my robe, and with Trista’s advice in thought, I snuck out my window and went over to Amara’s house.

Her room was on the second story of their house so it would prove harder to sneak in. I spotted a trellis, however, and climbed up it. I rapped on the window, hoping Amara was not too deeply asleep for I was afraid I could fall at any second, and I felt a stinging in my right arm.

Amara appeared at the window, opening it. “Ever heard of the door?” she smirked.

“It is two in the morning. Would that have been polite?”

We laughed and she helped me inside. I suddenly realized the excruciating pain in my arm, gasping a little. Amara noticed this and raising my robe sleeve, looked at my arm, seeing I had cut it. She rushed to her bathroom and fixed me up soon.

“Thank you,” I whispered as a bandage was placed on my arm.

“It looks painful.”

“I am fine. It was a price to come see you.”

This time, I sat on her bed and motioned for her to sit, but not before shedding my robe, revealing my short nightgown. “Come sit, love,” I smiled.

Amara’s lips curled into a little smile. “You do not expect me to sit in your lap, do you?”

I chuckled. “Not unless you desire. Here is fine.” I patted a place beside me.

She sat and said, “Well, Miss Kaiou, what brings you here at two in the morning?”

“I could not sleep…”

“Neither could I. I keep hearing Media’s voice in my head.”

“So do I. I needed to see you to keep my mind off it. We cannot keep worrying over it. We cannot go into battle paranoid. We have to calm ourselves before the storm so we can be ready to fight,” I looked her in the eyes.

“You are finally starting to sound like Neptune,” she smiled.

“Good,” I smiled back. I knew I was changing. I was getting braver, and I was about to try something that took a lot of courage. I noticed she was wearing boxer shorts that night instead of just a t-shirt like she had on the night we had talked.

“You are wearing boxers,” I whispered, running a finger along one of her legs.

“That I am…and you are wearing a very…revealing nightgown.” I could tell that she liked it. I could hear her heart pounding in her chest and could see the sweat droplets forming on her brow. It satisfied me; I intended to get my way that night.

“I heard somewhere that we must follow our hearts,” I said softly, my face very close to hers.

“I did, and it led me to you,” she smiled.

I smiled back. “Well, dear, I am all yours…” I ruffled my hair a bit and sat back a little, giving her the most seductive smile I could manage.

“You are like the devil, Michelle,” she laughed a little, putting her hands at my sides, making me pleased. Then she whispered something I did not want to hear. “Michelle, as much as I want to…”

I interrupted, “Follow your heart, Amara…” She sighed and I continued. “You cannot ignore the place in your heart that is longing for this…” My hand automatically rested on her chest. My face got closer to hers as I whispered, “If you are afraid you will not make it into Heaven, this has nothing to do with it. If there is a God, you would be one of the first he would let in because you are so kind, honest, sweet…” I kissed her once in between each of these words.

She brushed my hair back gently and smiled. “You have the temptation of the devil and the beauty of an angel…” I blushed, and then my dream came true as she leaned me back gently. It seems my words had made sense to her.

We had a gruesome battle ahead of us, but for now time had stopped as we finally let all our feelings out. I could not be happier. Tomorrow we would set out on the journey that would decide everything, and it all depended on us. The world rested on our shoulders.


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Chapter 4: The Final Battle

After the most wonderful experience of my life, I lay against Amara, my head upon her bare chest. She held me close to her, lovingly running through my hair.

“My dear, I think I love you even more than I did when I came in your window tonight,” I whispered to her, wrapping my arms around her slender waist.

“I feel the same way, Michelle…” she held me closer.

I wished this moment could last forever, but she had to ruin the moment by whispering, “You should go home.”

“Can we not just fall asleep like this?”

She smiled. “I wish, but if my parents found you in my bed, or if your parents found you missing, that would not end well.”

“You are right…” I sighed.

“Get a good rest, love. Tomorrow is a big day.”

“I have confidence in us. Do you?”

“After what we just did, I feel like we can do anything.”

“Me too.” I gave her a kiss before getting up to leave. I put my nightgown back on, and she put her t-shirt back on and helped me into my robe. She wrapped her arms around me from behind and said, “Tomorrow we fight to our best ability.”

“Tomorrow we save our daughter.”

“We will save the rest of the world, too,” she added.

I nodded and left. I was much more relaxed and would be able to get to sleep now.


The next day, Uranus and I were headed up to the fortress where Media was. The place looked frightening in the afternoon light; I would hate to know what it would look like at night. Suddenly, I felt a breeze, and then thunder could be heard as lightening struck the tallest tower on the fortress. It started to rain, but we did not move from the spot we stood, hand in hand. I was nervous myself, perhaps a little frightened, and I wondered if she was, as well.

“Are you frightened?” I asked softly.

“No, are you?”

“A little,” I admitted.

“Do not be. We have got this. Look how far we have gotten. We are not backing out now. Think of our daughter.”

I took a deep breath. “Of course. We must fight for her, for Crystal Tokyo, and Queen Serenity.”

“Yes,” She squeezed my hand. After a moment of thinking, Uranus looked to me. “If one of us does not survive, the other must go on.”

I gasped at this. “You mean…?”

“This could be very dangerous. Who knows what will happen? One of us has to save our daughter, though, and the rest of the world…If I never get to do this again, then here…” She took each of my hands and kissed me tenderly.

A little tear fell down my cheek as I realized how dangerous this really was. Suddenly, from behind Uranus appeared Britney Spears, causing me to freak and let go of Uranus abruptly, letting out a little scream.

“Just call yourselves lucky,” she laughed.

Uranus turned to her. “Huh? She was one of the ones we freed! She cannot be real!”

“She sure looks real to me…”

“Well, howdy,” came a voice from behind me. I turned to see Miranda Lambert. “I’m getting ready to whoop your butt!”

“What is going on?” I asked aloud, turning to Uranus.

“I do not know. They have to be some kind of illusions or something!”

We tried to fight them off, but more and more showed up like an army of celebrities. All of the stars we had freed were coming at us like zombies. Green Day, J.K. Rowling, Johnny Depp, and Stephenie Meyer were just a few of them.

“Spellbook Bite!” a book with chomping teeth was sent at Uranus by Rowling.

“Scissorhand Shock!” Ferociously cutting scissors were sent at me by Depp.

“Deep Submerge!” I knocked the scissors out of my way.

“Space Sword Blaster!” Uranus shouted, splitting the book in half before it could sink its teeth into her. With another slice of her sword, Rowling’s head fell off and hit the ground, causing me to scream.

“She is not real. There is no blood,” Uranus pointed down to assure me it was alright. She had found a sure way to defeat the monsters surrounding us. Rowling slowly disappeared, but there were many more.

I kicked Britney until she was black and blue, with her last words being, “Hit me baby, one more time,” and I gladly punched her once more in the face. I was surprised at my strength.

“My space sword can handle this. You go on,” Uranus said.

“What?” I asked, bewildered. I was to leave her alone?

“Go!” She bellowed. I understood and obeyed. I was not much use here, and I believed in her. Someone had to find our daughter. I knew in the end, we would fight Media together.

I walked into the dark castle. I knew it was not going to be a breeze finding our daughter, but what I found upon entering the first room was not anything I had expected at all. The king’s four guardians Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite were chained up in the four corners of the room. “Jadeite?” I whispered.

“Princess Neptune…” he whispered back, holding an outstretched arm, which was chained to a railing behind him. He looked so sad and so helpless. The other guardians looked the same. Poor Zoisite’s arm reached out toward Kunzite, whimpering slightly. They looked so pathetic, and I felt sorry for them. I knelt to unchain them. Though the guardians were grateful, I heard a voice snap, “What do you think you are doing, Miss Neptune?”

I looked up seeing a red haired woman in a purple dress. She, like the guardians, was another memory of my past life. This was Queen Beryl. I am freeing them, you witch! How dare you enslave them again!” I had not stopped to think how in the world she was even here. If my memory was proper, I would know she had been defeated.

Beryl laughed a shrieking laughter. “You think you can just untie them and go on your merry way?”

“Just what are you doing here, anyway?”

“Watching you fail, naturally. You fail, and Crystal Tokyo will be destroyed. I will have my chance with Endymion!” she smiled triumphantly.

“You really think that will happen?”

“Media promised if she wins, I may have Endymion.”

“You believe her? What makes you think that Endymion will have you? You are hated.”

“I hate everyone, too, so it is just as well.”

I stood there, not exactly knowing what to do. How would I defeat Beryl and was she real? The others outside had to be fakes. I then heard a voice in my head. This time, it was much softer and sweeter than the previous. It was Sailor Pluto. “She is real, but under the control of Media. Notice the bracelets? It is all just a big game to Media; she is trying to slow you down.” Then she said to Beryl, “Changing your love into hate gets you nowhere. You should be strong like me.”

“You senshi and your love—it is nonsense!”

Pluto then said to me, “Beryl hates the thought of love so love will be the way to defeat her. Venus has lent you her powers for the moment. They will be of help.”

I smiled. I really was not along. I had friends that were completely willing to help me. I knew it was not because of me, but because of our princess and the future, but it still felt nice that we were all fighting for the same thing.

Beryl smirked like she thought she knew something I did not, that she was going to win. She raised her hands and said, “Media Dark Power,” and sent red sparks at me. I managed to dodge them on the first strike, making the guardians look up hopefully. It pained me to see them like this. It was clear they were not the bad guys here.

I then knew what I had to do before she attacked again. Venus’s power she had lent was what I had to use. I narrowed my eyes at Beryl and with a chain of golden hearts appearing in my hands, I whipped them toward the dark queen saying, “Venus Love and Beauty Shock!”

It seemed too easy to beat Beryl, as her gold bands unclasped, and she fell unconscious. The guardians’ chains came loose, and they stood and thanked me.

“We are with you, Neptune,” Kunzite said, bowing slightly.

I smiled and thanked them, but said, “If you want to help, please go aid Uranus outside. She needs more help than she realizes.” Something inside me told me this. They nodded and instantly went outside with a whip of their capes.

I hesitantly continued through the castle, walking slowly, looking around, and expecting more obstacles. I opened one door, walking inside. I knew what the room looked like that our daughter was in because of the vision. This was not the room. I tried to walk out, but something slapped my hand. It turned out to be a whip, like the ones used in the circus. Four acrobatic children in colorful costumes appeared standing on one another’s shoulders in front of the door. I did not have a clear memory of these children, but it seemed like I might have had a vision about them once. I assumed they were more past enemies that were brought here by Media.

“I am Cere Cere!” said the one dressed in pink, holding a flower.

“I’m Palla Palla!” said the blue dressed one, holding a doll.

“I’m Jun Jun!” the one in green said, holding the whip that had hurt me.

“I’m Ves Ves!” said a red one with a sour look on her face.

Then they started chanting repeatedly, “Don’t dream that you’re all grown up; Big dreams are meant just for kids!”

I stood there, staring. What was I to do about these strange children? I needed to get out of this room. I was wasting my time here. Who knew what Media planned on doing with our daughter?

“How about we look in your dream mirror and crush all of your dreams?” said Ves Ves, throwing a small red ball at me. I was too slow to dodge it, and I suddenly felt a horrific pain. I screamed as the girl dug inside my dreams. I could not see what was going on, but I could hear. “What lame dreams you have—to be with your girlfriend forever and to save the world! Too bad you will not be doing either!” Ves Ves laughed.

There then was a new voice. “How dare you mess with that girl! Shine Aqua Illusion!”

Ves Ves sputtered as Sailor Mercury doused her with water. “Dream beast, come forth!” she screamed.

There were vicious sounds of a monster and then shouts of, “Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!” and “Mars Flame Sniper!”

The next thing I knew, my mirror had disappeared, and I felt fine. We then all attacked the four girls, their bands unclasping. Mercury and Mars then shoved me onward. In order for me to save them, they had to help me out first. We were a team.

The next room I found myself in was the room from the vision. It was dark and dusty, barred with cage-like cells all around like a dungeon. What really caught my eyes, though, was right in the center of the room. It resembled a gallows, and Amara was hanging from it. I screamed at the sight, falling to my knees, starting to cry. She had warned me of this, that one of us may not survive, but I had pictured myself going first.

“You did not deserve to go. You were the fastest, the strongest, and the smartest…I am just along for the ride. I am no good without you here…”

I heard a terribly familiar and booming laugh. I look up to see Galaxia levitating above me. “Silly, silly sailor senshi. You think you will win. What will you do without your precious Uranus?” she laughed again, disappearing into thin air.

I banged my fists against the ground and then looked up. “If there is a God up there, you better have let my Amara in!” I shrieked, and then my voice squeaked out, “She deserves it…”

I heard a desperate muffled sound behind me in the silence I had left. I turned behind me to see a young woman sitting behind one of the barred cells, gagged at the mouth and chained. It was indeed our daughter, Annabelle, just as the vision had shown. The girl had managed to scoot forward in her chair up behind the bars. I ran over and helped her get the gag off.

“Annabelle?” I whispered. She nodded. “Oh my God…” my eyes filled with tears. This was all too weird.

“Chaos has the keys to my cell,” she admitted, “but if you close your eyes and concentrate, you will be able to help me.”

I cocked my head to the side, but did as she said. I felt that same surge of power I had when Venus lent me her powers. I gasped and opened my eyes. “Now melt these chains.” I was bewildered, but concentrated hard on the chains that bound her as they melted her free. She stood up. “Thanks. Now stand back, Mom.” I smiled at being called this, my heart warming. I stepped away as I watched as my daughter suddenly transformed, much like we did, except her uniform was different. It was a solid purple dress with a gold belt around her waist. Her blonde hair was down, having a small tiara much like ours, but it was solid purple, with a gold star on it. She was wearing purple high heels. I watched as she melted the bars that enclosed her cell and step out. She hugged me tightly and whispered, “You do not know how strange this is…”

“Of course I do,” I whispered back. I was speaking to my daughter, who was now four years older than me; of course it was strange. “Would you care to explain?” I needed to know what was going on. Why did our daughter have special powers?

“I will tell you and Papa everything together.”

“But…” I looked towards the hanged Amara, mournfully.

“That is very most likely an illusion to fool you. I am telling you, this place is the creeps.”

She then took me by the arm and led me in the right direction to get to Media. I felt glad to have my daughter with me, but I felt weaker without Uranus.

The next room looked far too familiar. It was an exact replica of a room I had been in before. Uranus and I both had. There were blocks along the walls with huge holes I was sure would fire ammo. I was having terrible de ja vu hearing the organ music; it sent terrible chills up my spine. I took a hesitant step forward, instantly getting shocked from either side of the room. I yelled in horrific pain and staggered, trying to keep standing. The red haired woman at the organ turned around and laughed a high pitched laughter. “Well, well, well…If it isn’t Miss Neptune! Where is your lover?” she mocked. “You are always side by side no matter what happens to you…”

“She is near,” I said simply, not knowing where exactly.

The woman, whom I remembered to be named Eugeal, laughed again. “Stupid sailor senshi. You should not have come here.” She held up her gun. “I think I will take your heart crystal while you are here!” She did some acrobatic flips so as not to get hit by the blocks herself, and pointed the gun at my heart. Annabelle ran and knocked the gun out of her hands, getting shocked in the process.

“Annabelle!” I exclaimed, running over to her instinctively, getting shocked again. I was getting weaker.

“Stupid brat,” Eugeal said to Annabelle, reaching for her gun.

Suddenly, I heard a voice I was very glad to hear. “Neptune!”

I turned. “Uranus!” I exclaimed weakly. I was glad to see Annabelle had been right about the illusion.

Pluto came in soon after and told us that the only way to defeat Eugeal would be to use what she wanted most against her—our talismans. We would have to do a planet attack with them. Suddenly, Eugeal grabbed Annabelle and pointed her gun to her heart. “I will take you daughter’s heart crystal!” she threatened.

“Ignore her!” Pluto said. “We must attack.”

As much as I wanted to trust Pluto, I laid my aquamarine mirror in front of me in surrender. I would not see my daughter hurt. Uranus did the same, laying her space sword beside my mirror.

“That is more like it!” Eugeal said, picking up the talismans with satisfaction. She was about to use them against us when Pluto yelled, “Pluto deadly scream!” knocking Eugeal against the wall. With the power of her garnet orb, she summoned the other talismans back. We took them and quickly attacked while she was vulnerable. Her bands unclasped.

We all sighed a bit of relief. Then Uranus turned to Annabelle. “You are a sailor senshi?” her eyes were wide.

Annabelle nodded. “I will explain in due time. Right now it is time for you two to face the final battle, against Media. I wish you both luck.” She hugged us both.

“You cannot come with us?” I looked to each of them.

“This has always been your battle, from the beginning,” Annabelle smiled.

This really was true. It all started with our daughter being stolen. Who knew what hardships she had been through all of those years?

“We will be with you,” Pluto added, with a little smile.

“I know you will,” I smiled back.

“Good luck,” They each said, pointing us in the direction of a set of huge, black double doors.

Uranus and I exchanged a nervous glance, a brush against each others’ fingertips, and then walked onward. It was time to get revenge for our daughter and to save the world while we were at it.

We proceeded through the doors to find a large room with a single throne in which Media sat atop. Beside her was Galaxia, as if she were her right hand woman. They were both stone-faced, staring straight ahead.

Media spoke. “How dare you defeat my stars? How dare you defeat my friends? Alas, you still have Galaxia here. She will be more than willing to fight.”

“We are not interested in her!” Uranus said. “She put us through enough hell. We are only interested in you!”

“Oh…Pity. I did not want to be the one to kill you, but if you insist…” she extended her arm without moving from her throne, a great power forcing Uranus and I against a wall, huge vines imprisoning the limbs of our body. We struggled, but it seemed struggling only made it worse.

“Coward!” Uranus shouted. “You will not even fight?”

Media pondered over this. “Oh…You are right. It would make things more fun.” She let us down, and we fell to the floor with a thud. She laughed that frightening, dark laugh we heard in our heads yesterday as she stood and thrust off her cloak, revealing a very low cut, short jagged black and purple dress. “Give me your best shot,” She said with a wicked grin.

Uranus looked to me, and I nodded. We each used our talisman power in unison, knocking Media to the ground. She looked up at us and laughed. “Is that your strongest attack? That proves how weak you really are.” She paused a moment before saying, “Now it is my turn. Media Dark Power,” she said, sending red sparks as Beryl had, but these were much more powerful. I screamed as this excruciating pain filled my body. Suddenly that scratch I got on Amara’s trellis seemed small now.

“Stay strong, Neptune!” Uranus shouted through her own pain.

“I am trying!” I said back through gritted teeth.

Once Media lifted her powers, we fell to our knees once more, trembling. She laughed at us once again. I was starting to doubt our strength. How could we defeat her? She seemed to have the strength to kill us in a heartbeat.

After several more tries to defeat her, I felt as if I could just fall over dead at any moment. We were both growing weaker. I could feel my dear Uranus fading out as well, as if a star were losing its shine.

Out of nowhere, shadowy figures of all our fellow senshi, as well as Queen Serenity appeared around us in a circle.

“Do not give up,” Mercury said.

“We are with you,” Mars added.

“Give it all you have got!” Jupiter encouraged.

“Our powers are within you,” Venus smiled.

“All you have to do is believe,” Saturn said.

“Friends, we have faith in you,” Pluto added.

“You can do it!” Mini Moon winked.

“We all love you,” the queen added. “The power of love always wins. You just have to believe.”

I looked to Uranus with shining eyes. Love was what made the world go round, right? We had so many that loved us, and our love for them and our planet would be the key to defeating this heartless villain. We just had to believe. I squeezed Uranus’s hand a moment before we realized what came next. We nodded to each other.

What we shouted was nothing I had ever heard. “Sailor United Planet Attack!” seemed to be much stronger that a normal planet attack. I could feel all of the strengths of our friends pulling together and coming through the attack, though they were not present. It was that strong and filled with their love.

Not only did Media fall, but Galaxia’s bracelets unclasped for she was no longer under her control. Just when we thought it was over, we hear a laugh. We look to see a transparent form of a woman rise from Media’s limp body.

“You may have disposed of that body, but Chaos still lives! I am the almighty Chaos, and I will have my revenge! I will rule the universe!”

“Fat chance,” Uranus smirked.

“You doubt my power?” She raised an eye, looking deliberately to her. Uranus fell to her knees, letting out a God-awful scream. She seemed to be completely in pain.

“Stop it!” I shouted. “What are you doing to her?”

“Showing her to her worst nightmare—what she fears most.”

I looked back to Uranus in a panic. She was shouting, “It burns! It burns! Do not make me go there!”

“It’s just an illusion, Uranus! Chaos is tricking you!”

“Fool. She cannot hear you. She thinks she is burning hell!” She laughed.

Uranus was now laying in fetal position, saying, “Michelle went where all the angels go…I guess I was not good enough…” A tear fell from her eye.

“You are good enough!” I shouted desperately. “You deserve far more than I!”

Chaos seemed to be getting annoyed and lay her power off Uranus; I saw the light back in Uranus’s eyes as she came back to reality. Chaos was just about to try the same on me. I could not fathom the feeling of that and would rather not experience it. Uranus shouted, “Do not even dare touch her! She does not deserve to experience such pain!” she ran and kicked Chaos in the head, but since she was not human and transparent, it did nothing.

Chaos laughed. “Idiots.” She knocked us to the floor with a snap of her fingers. I could feel her digging into my mind. I hated this, finding it very intrusive. The pain slowly increased as I saw terrible images. First I saw Amara and I. We had just kissed, and then she started to walk away. As she walked away, she slowly started to disappear, her ashes floating up into the wind and being carried up to the Heavens. I, devastated, started to slowly drown in an ocean that suddenly had surrounded me. I could swim, of course, and did not fear drowning; I just feared Uranus leaving me, and I knew if she did, I would lose all strength.

“Amara!” I screamed. I felt so lost and alone. This dream felt so real to me, and I was frightened. I started crying.

Suddenly, Amara’s voice came into my head. “Think of happy thoughts and things you are passionate about. It will work; trust me.”

I smiled hearing her voice. I would try what she said. Closing my eyes calmly, thoughts of my music came to my mind, then thoughts of my family, Amara, and our queen…

I felt myself stand up, and with all the love in my heart, I shouted, “Deep Submerge!” at the same time Uranus was shouting, “World Shaking!”

I could feel the love in Uranus’s heart in sync with mine as we blew Chaos backwards and back into nothingness, sealed in her rightful place.

My first reaction at our close triumph was to embrace Uranus and kiss her. After all, I had been very close to losing her, and she losing me. We were interrupted shortly when Annabelle and Pluto walked inside. Pluto had stayed quiet, but Annabelle said, “Mom, do not be gross!” and made a gagging noise. I knew she had been joking, but I broke away from Uranus, embarrassed.

“Congratulations, you two,” Pluto said.

“Thank you, but we had help,” I smiled. I would not allow us all of the credit.

“You were very strong. I am proud, and everyone is very grateful.”

Annabelle hugged me and said, “Now you must know some things.”

I nodded, and Pluto said, “Take your time. You have lots to catch up on. Let me know when you are ready.”

“Ready for what?”

“It is time,” she said simply and walked out of the room.

I had no idea what she had meant, but at the moment I was more interested in what our daughter had to say.


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Chapter 5: Tying Loose Ends

Uranus, Annabelle, and I were sitting in a small room in the fortress, having turned a light on to make it a bit cheerier. Pluto and some of the other senshi had come and were helping the ones that had been under Media’s control back to where they came from. We were awaiting our daughter’s story she had.

“Well?” I said. “Tell us, darling…”

Annabelle informed us that Chaos, disguised as Media, stole her from us when she was four because she sensed something special about her. She raised her as her own child, and once she was fourteen, it became apparent why she was so special. It turned out that she was a sailor senshi. Once Media realized this, she locked her up. She suddenly stopped being nice to her and treated her like a prisoner.

“What was she going to do to you?” I asked.

“I do not know, and I did not want to find out. Thank you for saving me.”

“We came as soon as we could, dear.”

“I understand, Mom, and I am forever grateful.”

“Who are your parents though? Do you not know?” Only someone special could have produced a senshi.

“I do not know. Either the woman who gave me up was a senshi herself, or I have been reborn, which is very possible. I do not remember such. You are the only parents I have ever known and the only ones I will ever see as such.”

“I would not have it any other way, dear,” I hugged her tight. I heard a sniff coming from her, and I let go, looking to her. “What is wrong?”

She explained to us how being so far away from us for so long had made her very sad. She had missed out on her whole childhood. Sure, she had been raised, but not as she wished. She had loved us from the moment we adopted her, and she wished she had been with us instead. There had been no music, no laughter, little kindness, and those last four years had been hell.

Hearing this, my eyes filled with tears. How did we let Media get away? How did we allow her to kill us? “What can we do?” I wanted to help her.

She thought a moment, and then her eyes lightened slightly. She looked to Uranus and whispered something in her ear. I raised my eyes, not appreciating the secrecy here. Uranus sighed, but nodded upon hearing what Annabelle had whispered. She looked to me and said, “Get out.”


“Just do it!”

I felt tears of fright and worry fill my eyes, but obeyed quickly. I stood outside of the room nervously. After a few moments of eerie silence, there was a huge noise and a flash of green light that soon died, like a star losing its shine, a soldier dying out. I ran to the double doors, pounding on the screaming, “Uranus! Uranus! What did you do?!”

She came out a moment later and said a bit weakly, “I had to do it. She deserves a better childhood!”

“So you killed her?!” I shouted exasperatedly.

Uranus took me by the shoulders and looked me in the eye. “She will be reborn and have a new life.”

“She wanted a life with us, though! How can she be guaranteed that now?” I was still shouting. I could not calm down for our daughter had just been killed.

“Calm down. Saturn is aware, and she is going to do all she can to find her for us.”

“But what if she cannot?” my lip quivered as I held tight to Uranus.

Pluto walked up from behind us, saying, “Sailor Saturn is the soldier of death and rebirth. She knows what she is doing.” She paused a moment before saying, “Are you ready?”

“For what?” I asked.

“Come with me,” she said simply. We followed her as she led us out of the castle, and holding up her time key, she said, “Door of time and space, open at my command!”

At this time, I knew that we were going to the future. We followed her into the portal, and soon we were standing at the gates of time, in which as guardian, Pluto let us through. She led us into the glorious Crystal Tokyo and into the palace. It seemed they had been waiting for us for there was a big celebration waiting to happen complete with decorations, food, drinks, and music. Everyone congratulated us and cheered. They were grateful for all we had done. The queen and king were proud. Saturn was not present for she was out searching for our child.

Before the party started, Mercury made sure that Uranus’s and my wounds were dressed and bandaged.

We partied into the night, filling ourselves with food and drink, chattering, and dancing. It turned out Amara and I were excellent dancers. I supposed in our past life we were good at it, as well. I had never danced before in this life, aside from the Junior High dance, but no one had known what they were doing, really. That night we forgot about any pain that had come from that battle because we had the relief of it being over.

Once everyone started growing tired, they all departed to our rooms. We were escorted by Venus to where we would sleep. It was a single chamber with a double bed. The door had each of our planet symbols on it. The sheets were blue on the bed while the pillows matched our own colors, one being yellow and the other aqua. It was too perfect. I would actually get to sleep next to Uranus, and this made me very happy. Venus said to us, “I hope your accommodations are satisfactory.”

“They are perfect; thank you,” I smiled.

“Goodnight then,” she smiled and headed to her own room.

I smiled to Uranus, and we entered our room, shutting the door behind us. I just stood and watched as she got into her pajamas. She turned to me, amused. “Are you not going to get dressed?”

“Well,” I said slowly, “would you like to help me?”

Her eyes widened ever so slightly, but smiled. “Sure.”

After we were both dressed, we got into bed. We each had a few bandages, but we were alive and still had each other. Even though we always said that the princess was the only one that needed to survive, it would pain us beyond words if one of us left the other.

“Well, here we are,” Amara smiled.

“Here we are,” I smiled back. “We are home.” Pluto had informed us that our parents had been forced to believe we moved out, and that they were fine with it.[1] That way, we could still visit them. This had always been our real home—the place we were always headed.

Out of our excitement and relief of all of this, the two of us found love again that night. We fell asleep in each others’ arms as I had wished we had the first time.

The next morning, we woke pretty late, refusing to leave each others’ arms. “You are so wonderful,” I whispered.

“Not as wonderful as you,” her lips ran down my neck gently.

“Mm,” I whispered. “You know, I feel sorry for Pluto, not experiencing love.”

She is definitely missing out,” she agreed.

Suddenly, I felt a breeze as our covers were jerked off of us. We yelled in surprise as we see Pluto, who quickly put the covers back, seeing we were bare. She spoke. “Do you two know what time it is?”

I glanced at the clock on the table by the bedside. “11:00.”

“You should have been up hours ago. This is a palace, and you are servants like the rest of us. The queen wants to see you both.”

“Are we in trouble?” I asked, sitting up, keeping the sheets covering me.

“Of course not. Just be sure that you get up earlier from now on. We are happy servants here, and we have a gracious ruler. Things normally run smoothly here. Now get dressed you two, and there is no need to feel sorry for me,” she added.

“Oh, you heard that?”

She nodded. “It is fine.” She turned and left. As we got dressed, I could not help but wonder what she had behind that smile of hers.

We arrived to the throne room where Queen Serenity sat.

“Nice of you to wake up,” she said. We knelt and apologized. “It is fine; just know you are to rise earlier.”

“Yes, ma’am,” we smiled. It was such an honor to be in the presence of our queen. That warm feeling overtook my heart again.

“Uranus,” the queen spoke.

“Yes?” she looked up.

“You will be taking Small Lady to school in the mornings and wherever else she may wish to go. You will be taking Pluto’s place; she has her own duties to tend to. Neptune,” I looked to her, “you will be in charge of any musical affairs that may come up, and also keeping the pool in tip-top shape, along with Mercury.”

“Yes, ma’am,” we each said.

“On the subject of your daughter…” We looked up hopefully. “Saturn has found her and is working on getting her to you.”

“Ma’am,” I spoke up. “Is it selfish to want her back?”

“It is what Annabelle wanted, is it not?”


“Then it is quite selfless.” There was a pause and then she said, “You two can see this as a day off. Why do you not go relax by the pool? I am sure you, especially, Neptune, would enjoy that.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” we bowed and left.

I got to do one of things I loved most—swimming. Amara watched from the side for the land is where she always rather stayed. I swam for an hour, at least; I loved the feeling.

This is how the scene was the day Saturn came back. I was swimming, and Amara was watching. “Michelle,” she called my name.

“Hm?” I said absently. I was in my world again, where I just let all troubles float away, feeling the calmness of the water, as if I were swimming in an ocean.

“Come here!” she sounded excited so I came as she said, to find Saturn standing there, holding a small baby.

I looked to Amara. “Is this…?” She nodded, and my eyes filled with tears.

Saturn handed the baby to me. “Here is Annabelle. Her parents have no remembrance of having a child.”

“That is kind of harsh, is it not?” Amara asked.

“This is how things are meant to be. Annabelle wanted this.”

I held Annabelle close to me. It was hard to believe that she was only a tiny baby now, but now we would get to watch her grow up, and she would get the childhood she had missed out on, and we would be a part of it all.

Annabelle had been through a lot, and so had we. Now we would be the family we started out to be. It really showed how strong of a family we were and how much we loved our daughter. We fought for her at any and all costs to save her, risking so much to get us back together in the end. Some things were different, of course, but our love would always be the same.

[1] I figured if Rini could force Ikuko to think she is her niece, this could work, as well.


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Five years later…

I was awoken abruptly by Annabelle jumping into our bed, landing on top of me. My eyes flew open, and I started to feel sick to my stomach as she started jumping on the bed.

“Please stop jumping, Annabelle.”

She stopped, but said, “If you had not have filled yourself with so much food and drink last night at the party, you would not be feeling sick, silly Mama!” she touched her nose to mine.

“Oh, do not remind me…” I clutched my stomach. “If you had gone to bed at an appropriate time as we told you, then you would not have known that.” I poked her nose.

“Oh, do not remind me…” she moaned as I had.

“What time is it?”


“Why so early?”

“It is her first day of school,” Amara said, giving me a start for I had not known she was awake. She was lying on her back in her spot of the bed, arms behind her head, eyes closed. “Really, Michelle, you should have remembered such an important event in our daughter’s life.”

“It is early in the morning; I hardly know my own name at this time of day.”

“Mama?” Annabelle said.

“Yes, sweet pea?”

“Can you ride with Papa to take me to school? It would mean a lot if you were there to see me off on my first day!” She looked to me with pleading, bright eyes.

I looked to Amara, who smiled. “I think that could be arranged. I am sure the king would not mind her coming along. Since you are already up and dressed, why do you not ask him?

“Okay!” Annabelle exclaimed, kissing each of our cheeks and running out.

“Cute kid,” Amara commented.

“She is really sweet,” I agreed as we got up to get dressed. Once I stood up, I clutched my head. “Oh…” I moaned.

“Really, Michelle? You hardly drank anything last night. Your tolerance level is terrible,” Amara laughed.

“I will remember this next time…” I sighed.

She pulled some Advil from the medicine chest in our bathroom and handed two to me, kissing the top of my head.


“I will be getting the girls in the car, alright?”

I nodded. I would come shortly.

Dropping Annabelle off proved more emotional than I had suspected it to be. She had grown up so fast, but thankfully this time we got to watch it happen. It really is a miracle—life.

“Goodbye, Papa!” she said cheerfully, reaching for a hug. Amara bent down and hugged the small child with her new school uniform and backpack on.

“Have a good day at school, ‘Belle.”

Annabelle smiled and then looked to me expectantly. I bent and pecked her small lips and gave her a hug. “We love you, dear.”

“I love you both, too, Mama! See you later!” she waved as Rini took her by the hand.

“Come on, Annabelle. I will show you around!”

I was grateful for Small Lady; she would be of help with our daughter. It made me feel more comfortable leaving her at school. I still had tears in my eyes as she walked away, though.

Amara put an arm around my shoulder and squeezed me a bit. She then looked at her watch. “The queen will not be up for another hour so I think we can stand a little detour.”

“Detour?” I questioned.

“Yeah, come on.” She tugged on my hand gently, leading me back to the car.

We drove somewhere not too far away. There was nothing but a big grassy meadow. It was beautiful, but I was confused. She only smiled and walked us over into the field. She let go of my hand and sat. I cocked my head to the side.

“Well, are you going to sit next to me?”

“What are we doing?”

“Enjoying the morning,” she chuckled and patted a spot next to her.

I laughed softly and sat beside her. She brushed her fingers through my hair calmly. I closed my eyes, enjoying the moment.

“You know,” she said quietly, “with ‘Belle in school now, we can have more moments like this.”

“I would like that,” I smiled, snuggling to her.

She lay back in the grass, pulling me gently with her. We lay there for a while in silence, just watching the clouds and enjoying each others’ company. It was really pleasant. Once it became closer for time for the queen to rise, we went back to the palace for she would expect us at breakfast.


Later that evening, after Annabelle had been put to bed, Amara and I were sitting up in bed. I was going over Trista’s sketches as I had promised. I told her I would give her my opinion on them. She really was incredible at what she did. Just then, we heard a knock at the door. “Come in,” I called with a smile. Annabelle walked in. “What is it, sweet pea?” I asked.

“I had a nightmare…Can I stay with you tonight?” she rubbed her sleepy eyes.

I smiled and patted a spot between Amara and I. I set the sketch book on my bedside table.

“Michelle, I do not think letting Annabelle run from her fears is the best thing…”

“Oh, she is fine.” I patted the girl’s head. “Now dear, what has been troubling you?” I figured something had to have sparked the nightmare.

“All the kids at school tease me…” Her little head hung low.

“What? Why?”

She was silent a moment, but then spoke up. “They tease me because both of my parents are women.”

Both Amara’s and my eyes widened. “Of all the ridiculous things…” Amara muttered.

“They say that it is terrible, and I will end up like you.”

“So what if you do? There is nothing wrong with two women loving each other,” I said.

“I know, Mama. They are just so mean…” she started to cry.

I hugged her close, and Amara scooted over, patting her back. “Do not listen to them. If we do not bother you, then they should not bother you, either.”

“You do not bother me. You are the best parents in the world, and I love you very much.”

“Then toughen up; stand up for yourself. Let them know it does not bother you.”


“I do not know; punch them in the face.”

My eyes widened. “Amara!” I reprimanded.

“I am kidding.”

Annabelle giggled, wiping away her tears. “I doubt I can hit hard anyway. I will try not to let it bother me anymore, Papa.”

“Good girl.”

“Can I have some music before bed?”

I glanced at Amara and then the clock. It was only 8:30. What would it hurt?

We led our little girl into the grand music room of the palace. Amara set her down on a chair while we prepared to play for her—I on violin and Amara on piano. She loved to hear us play. We played her favorite song as a duet together, and when it was over, she clapped politely with a smile. “Pretty music,” she said. “When will I get to learn?” she ran over eagerly and started plinking on the piano keys.

“When you are seven, you may have lessons,” I smiled.

“That is so far away!” she protested.

“It is only two years away,” I chuckled. “Trust me, time flies, miss big school girl.”

She nodded and hugged me tightly. This time, we would most definitely teach her music. All the things we did not get to do with her as she grew up, we would do now. She would be the best musician in the world—I would make sure of that. Only the best for our little girl, of course.

I was so glad that this had all worked out in the end. Of course, we had no idea what the future would bring us. We could only hope for peace, but with all the jealous, selfish people in the world, our queen was never completely safe. We would always have to be on our guard, but that was just the life of a sailor senshi.

~Michelle Kaiou


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Reborn by Media.

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