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 Mayo rewatches the french S anime

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Secretly Artemis in a suit
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PostSubject: Re: Mayo rewatches the french S anime   17th August 2013, 5:01 am

Episode 9
-Kaolinite refers to Daimons by their original name again. What was the point of even calling them "Demonia" in the first few episodes...?

-Instead of "I count on you to take advantage of that (the fact Uranus and Neptune are always around when Daimons attacks) and get rid of them", Tomoe says "Get rid of them as fast as you can."

-*Side eyes Bunny* Did she just refer to Fréderic with male pronoums...?

-*Raya and Bourdu talks about her with "she"* *sigh of relief*

-Mylène is voiced by Jupiter's VA again. Good! Fréderic didn't have this chance.

-"Gender shouldn't matter". I giggled like a 10 years old because the french word for "gender" is the same as "sex". And seeing this coming from a woman voiced by a 50-something-years old dude made it even more awkward.

-This Yamada guy is voiced by Tomoe's VA. He even adds a little evil giggles when he goes away. i though the guy was supposed to be honest...?

-() "He must have a pure heart..." () "Yeah! Surely!" ..... Bunny I don't think you were supposed to hear this bit.

-Mylène sounds like she's talking to the whole groupe when she tells Fred "We should follow him for a bit."

-I can't write what the doll-seller guy is saying because he talks to fast but damn this is the frenchest thing of the dub.

-"Pfff, She'll just take the next bus and that's all." ("tiredofyourshit" tone) A+ boyfriending, Bourdu.

-()"Woaw I love your perfume! What cologne do you use?" ()"Shut up." This scene gets me every times no matter what dub it is.

-The "The sea is rough" code is kept!

-(After Fred Left) () "Strange, Strange, Strange.... I swear on my rank as Sailor Moon I'll find out what she is doing!" (In the original: "What was wrong with her...?")

-"TIIIIREN" = "JE VEUX TON COEUR" .... again?

-Uncut Motocross guy agony. yay! Also he keeps yelling "NOOOOO"

-"Warrior of a new era, I am Sailor Neptune! For my mission's sake I'll be ready for action!" u ok mylène

-"TIREEEEN" = "DOOOOUBLE BACKFLIP". Okay. Tiren remained unnamed, BTW.

-()"Give up, Uranus, or your partner will die!" ()"Never!" A+ gilfriending.

-Sailor Moon's speech is the usual. (I fight for Order and Justice! My name is Sailor Moon, and in the name of the moon, I will punish you, so watch out!")


-"Tie them!" "WE TIE THEM". Okay.

-The whole conversation between Sailor Moon and Uranus about how sacrifices don't always have to be made is faithfully translated. However, Instead of almost crying, Bunny remains really calm and sounds like she's judging Haruka hard.

-()"I can't leave you injured" ()"...yeah if you say so".

-In the original, Sailor Uranus tells Sailor Moon she though she was a bother always getting in their way. in the french version, she simply says she though she was boring.

-Tiren's cries are replaced by stuff like "We'll get you!" and "Attack them!"

-Neptune shouts "Thanks you Sailor Moon" after Uranus tells her "She's the one who saved you".


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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Secretly Artemis in a suit
Posts : 2801
Join date : 2012-08-19
Age : 22
Location : In Mugen Academy

PostSubject: Re: Mayo rewatches the french S anime   20th August 2013, 6:00 am

About the french Opening:

Episode 10

-Raya's prayer, instead of being some shinto chant, is something like "Please grant my wish"... with what may I mention a very different voice from what Raya had up until now. She just reverted suddenly to her old voice so no, she didn't switch VA. She just basically took a creepy tone.

-I feel like Grandpa Hino is voiced by papa Smurf...

-Theodore (Yuichirô) is voiced by Good Fréderic's VA.

-"Why would you be spying on my grand-daughter in the middle of the night?" Oh Grandpa...

-In the middle of his speech, Grandpa gets a very villain-like-voice sometimes... Oh god I think this VA is Wiseman's.

-Grandpa Hino leaves while humming something.

-Raya's prayer when Theo enters her ritual room is something like "Please make it stop".... ;n; Raya

-Did Theo just call a rice bento "Spagettis"? Woaw, go home 4kids, this is the original Jelly Filled Donut.

-Whatever he proposed to her was changed to "Coquille Saint Jacques" in the dub.

-Instead of her usual incantation, Raya asks the fire to burn. Guuurl I understand why Theo is so concerned.

-Raya thanks Theo when he gives her his belt for her hair. I don't remember if Rei did...

-Oh my god Tomoe becomes really agressive against Carolina in his "WHY DO YOU WASTE EGGS" segment. Also, Daimons are Demonias again.

-As a response, Carolina seems horribly ashamed and speaks as if she was on the verge of tears. Of course she keeps a straight face on screen. The VA reverted back to Marcy's voice for a bit here.

-Somebody gives the guy voicing Tomoe an oscar.

-Nothing worth noting in the Bunny / Theo convo. I love this scene so much.

-""Oh you embarass me!" *hits Yuichirô*" becomes "Don't tell Raya I said that! *hits Theodore*" Bunny is blackmailing him D:


-Carolina says the tramway she is on is the 21th on the line. Is this revelant?

-Oh I know what this music when a daimon enter an object is! It's also used in the videogame!

-(Carolina) "I just have to wait here in this warm place. *teleports away*" ....?

-Sorry Fréderic but seeing you talk with this deep manly voice when you put on your lesbianest outfit is just weird.

-"What's this? It looks like a ribbon!" "Because it's a ribbon!" (talking about Yuichirô's belt)

-As Fred and Raya leave, Raya yells "Not so fast!"

-(Marcelle) "Raya, we're friends since years! You can tell me everything!" Uuuuh actually they met less than one year ago but OK.

-(Michiru) "Yes, We must lead our mission even if it means sacrifices will be made" is changed to (Mylène) "Yes, it's our duty."

-The uncut videos I watch still keep the eyecatchs. I love the S eyecatch so muuuch.

-Theodore haven't been named a single time in the episode... Fred just tells him" You wanted to see me?"

-(Haruka) "Hey....?" becomes (Fréderic) "Yeah I'm listening!" before Yuichirô tells him" leave this second girl.



-So the dub removed 90% of the insert songs after season 1, but here they replaced this song when Yuichirô leaves with Otome no Policy...?

-Ah, false alarm, it's a lyricless version. And doesn't fit the scene.


-"Mars Star Power, Make Up!" = "Pouvoir de Mars, Agis tout de suite!" instead of "Transforme moi".... SERIOUSLY? AGAIN?

-Instead of "It's not a talisman!" Carolina says "Oh great, another one is coming!" referring to Sailor Venus who shows up on screen some few seconds later.

-"Sparkling Wide Pressure" is "Eclair Suprème" again...

-"Akuryou Taysan" becomes "You stop right now!"

-"Burning Mandala" is "Ame du feu" instead of the usual "Cercle de feu"... The writters are stuck 2 seasons behind.

-Okay they ruined the episode's end. Raya said "You shouldn't have attacked somebody innocent!" And Yuichirô answers by "Innocent? My chibi!" So either the dub though BAD LESBIANS BAD, either they though it would be good for Rei to be canonically bi.

-"You want to rest on my shoulder?" becomes "Do I walk slowly enough for you?"

-The dub added a line by Bunny as the Inners watch Raya and Theo go away. "Aren't they cute..."


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Mayo rewatches the french S anime

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