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 Baldur's gate 2

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PostSubject: Baldur's gate 2   25th March 2013, 8:52 am

So it came, that with Mirror Mirror on the far horizon, I decided to shore up my paladin knowledge, and what a better way to do so than reinstalling and playing the best RPG of all time?

Anyway, I actually have a "flavor party" for myself in mind, and I'm interested to hear yours too.

The flavor is obviously being good, smiting evil, with as much paladin and fighter/cleric and mage/cleric goodness as I can throw in it.

Obviously, my new PC, Emericus is a paladin, cavalier kit, being THE typical knight in shining armor. Bastard swords++ Flails++ Longswords+

Party members I intend to keep around for the flavor:

Minsc(&Boo): Armed to the teeth, and packing a HAMSTER!
Anomen Delryn: Fighter/cleric who wants to become a paladin? YES!
Keldorn Firecam: THE real man. Destined to wield Carsomyr, and take down evil mages.
Aerie: She's the ingame Sailor Moon! Low HP, crybaby, blonde, mage/cleric, really wants to do GOOD!

The sixth slot is going to vary between Jaheira, Nalia, or Yoshimo, with Valygar or Mazzy thrown in for good measure: Depending on what I need. Sixth slot is for gameplay reasons. Nalia has good magic, a kind and generous heart, and can detect traps. Yoshimo is also a solid choice, being a single-class thief, Jaheira has been our companion for a long time, Valygar is interesting and Mazzy? I'll see how well she fits in.
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Baldur's gate 2

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