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 (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Venus

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PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Venus   18th April 2013, 3:03 pm

General Information
Name: Minako Aino
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 22nd
Birthplace:Tokyo, Japan

Used Canons: Mostly 90's anime, with some manga and PGSM thrown in.

Appearance: Minako is well known for her trademark red bow that holds her hair up in a half ponytail. Her hair is long and blonde, falling in thick locks to her knees. She nearly always has her hair tied with her red bow, though sometimes she has her hair down, or she uses a different colored bow that will match her current outfit. She has blue eyes that are reminiscent of the sky and pale skin, and it is very rare to see her without a smile lighting up her expression. She is athletic and of average height.

When not wearing her school uniform, Minako tends to wear whatever she feels like, and does not bother to worry what anyone might think of her. She loves to wear the latest and trendiest clothes she can find. Anything that is new and hip are things that she instantly searches for, wanting to keep up with the latest fashions. Sometimes she likes to throw together an outfit that she things will make her look edgy, although this can sometimes have varying results. She likes to go through magazines for inspiration for her clothing.

Personality: Minako lives life to the fullest and is always ten steps ahead of everyone else, never slowing down and not allowing herself to get caught up on anything. It is rare that she allows herself to think about things that will bring her mood down, and instead she focuses on anything and everything that will bring a smile to her face, or a smile to the people she loves. She flits from one thing to another as different things take her interest.

When she does allow herself to slow down, or when she needs to focus, Minako can be ruthless and very analytical. She is prone to small bouts of self doubt and depression which can make her do some crazy and dangerous things, but once she works through these things, she is back to her old self once again.

Minako always has a plan in order to get what she wants, and she does not back down when she is determined. She dreams to become an idol, to be rich and famous, and she tries many different things to get her name out into the world. She likes to join contests and she often chases after celebrities endlessly and with a lot of enthusiasm.

As a senshi, Venus is analytical and quick. She has a natural leading instinct and she knows just how to set her team up to get the best use out of all of her comrades. She can shut off her emotional feelings with ease and does what needs to be done. Her priorities are for her princess first, and then her friends second. She is incredibly clever and resilient and never stops trying.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
Athletic: Minako has a lot of agility and athleticism that she can use to her advantage in many different situations. Her skills have been honed through her years playing volleyball and other sports, as well as her time as a senshi.
Princess Double: Minako has posed as Usagi and the princess when the need had been great. Her similarities to the princess, as well as a little help from the Disguise Pen keeps most anyone from questioning her when she pretends to be Usagi.


During the Silver Millennium, Venus was the princess of her own planet, but she spent nearly all of her time as Sailor Venus, the leader of the Guardian senshi who were given the task of protecting the princess. This proved to be a difficult task, since the princess had a knack for disappearing at random times.

Eventually, Venus decided she would figure out where the princess was always running off to, and decided to follow her. She found herself on the planet Earth, and the princess was visiting with an Earthling man. Venus brought the princess back home as soon as possible. This kind of scenario happened a lot, and Venus found herself chatting with the Earthling man's own guardian, Kunzite. Slowly, her retrieval of the princess seemed to take longer and longer.

Peace did not stay long after that, and soon the Moon was at war with Earth. During a battle, Venus used her Holy Blade to kill Beryl, the woman who seemed to be in charge, but soon after, Venus fell in battle as well.

She was later reborn as Minako Aino and she lived a normal life for 13 years before one day she meets a white cat with a crescent on his forehead. He told her that she was someone who could actually transform into something more powerful, and more beautiful. He gave her a crescent compact that would transform her, and a disguise pen that would help her in her missions.

This is when Minako first became Sailor V, the soldier of justice. She would continue to get used to her powers and fight against the Dark Agency, run by Danburite who used famous idols to control mass amounts of people. During the end of her adventure as Sailor V, Minako learns that she has a true identity as Sailor Venus, and that there is a moon princess who is very dear to her, as well as other comrades to fight with. Her final mission is to find these girls.

Not much is heard from Minako until she finally meets up with the other Guardian senshi and Usagi. Though Minako pretends to be the princess in hopes that their enemies would not attack the real princess. It was a new thing for Minako to fight alongside comrades and it took her a little while to truly open up to them. She kept to herself with only Artemis as a true friend until she began to become close to the other senshi.

During the final battle against Metalia, Minako is killed after pushing Usagi out of the way of an attack by the DD girls. Vines pulled her down underground and Minako was able to kill one of the DD girls before the underground passage was filled with fire and energy, and Minako was killed as well.

Later, Minako was revived alongside with the other senshi, though at first she had no recollection of her powers or her past. These memories were given back to her soon after as the senshi were needed to fight once again. The memory of their last battle had to be pushed away so that she could focus on the task at hand. Together with her friends and comrades, they fought against Ail and En, and the Black Moon Clan where a lot of their future as rulers and senshi came to light.

Throughout this time, Minako was able to relax a little more and not keep to herself anymore. She embraced the fact that she had friends now, and she let loose, becoming almost unstoppable in her enthusiasm and hyperactive ways. But eventually her darker thoughts do catch up with her, and Minako had to pause for a few days during the fight against the Death Busters, worried that she perhaps should quit being a senshi altogether. After that bit of a breakdown, however, Minako was able to reaffirm her reasons and her belief in herself, and did not allow herself to get caught up in those kinds of thoughts again.

The biggest battle, however, was against Shadow Galactica. It was the toughest battle any of them had faced. With new allies and enemies, Minako and her comrades had to strengthen their protections on Usagi to keep their beloved princess safe. When faced against Galaxia herself, Minako and her senshi comrades fell and they had to rely the protection of the princess to their new allies the Sailor Starlights. It was difficult, to know that she had failed her princess, and it was the last thing Minako remembered before she disappeared.

When she was brought back by the warmth and light of Usagi’s love, Minako found herself surrounded by everyone she loved and cared about. They were all together again, and Usagi was whole and healthy and happy. It was the best feeling in the world.

Now, Minako and her best friends are mostly focusing on trying to finish school. They know that in the near future they will face another battle, one that will begin the changing of the world as Usagi takes the throne and Crystal Tokyo would be born. But for now, Minako wants to focus on enjoying life with her friends for as long as she can before her duty calls once more.

Storyline Specific Information:

Senshi Information

Senshi Name:Sailor Venus
Realm of Influence:Light and Metal
Senshi Fuku: As Sailor V, Minako's fuku colors are blue and red, with a hints of gold. Her sash is blue with a ribbon of red along the trim, and sitting underneath the sash is a set of white shoulder armor. Her front bow is red, with a golden center, but her back bow is blue, echoing the similar bow color difference she has as Sailor Venus. Her gloves are elbow length and end in a single strip of gold. She doesn't have a body suit like most other senshi, but instead her fuku is split into a skirt and an armored shirt. The skirt skirt is blue, with a stripe of red at the bottom, and the shirt is white with panels of red, ending the sleeves with a ribbon of blue with a strip of red in the middle. Her shoes retain the shape they have as Sailor Venus, high heels with a ribbon wrapping above her ankle, but are blue instead of orange. A crescent moon sits on her forehead instead of a tiara, her choker is white with a small golden crescent in the center, and she still wears her signature red bow in her hair. She always wears a red mask as Sailor V.

Venus’s main color is orange, with accents of yellow and blue. Her skirt and sash are both orange with a stripe of white going through the sash. Her front bow is blue with an orange gem in the middle, but her back bow is yellow, giving her a much bigger variety in colors than most other senshi. Her gloves go up to her elbows and end in three lines of orange piping. Her shoes are orange heels with a ribbon wrapping right above her ankle. Even in her transformed state, Minako still has her red bow adorning her hair. She also has a golden tiara with an orange gem, and and orange choker ribbon around her throat, and a red and gold chain clasped around her waist.

As Super Sailor Venus, she gets the same kind of changes as most other senshi.  Her orange gem brooch turns into a heart shape. Her orange choker gains a golden star, she gains see-through material on her shoulders and her back bow has longer tails to mimic Super Sailor Moon’s.

As Eternal Sailor Venus, again her changes reflect how the other senshi fukus change. Her orange choker changes into a v shape, and her shoulders gain a puff of orange transparent material ending in an orange ribbon. Her gloves become longer and have a strip of orange at her wrists. Her brooch is now star-shaped, as is the gem in her tiara. Her skirt now has two layers, the top layer still the same color whilst the lower layer is a paler orange. There is an orange ribbon that follows along the top of skirt and then goes behind to her back bow, leaving the tendrils of the ribbon to trail in the back of her fuku. Her high heels are now gone, leaving her with the white boots that have a thin orange strip through the top.

Henshin/Transformation Phrases:
Moon Power, Transform!
Venus Power, Make Up!
Venus Star Power, Make Up!
Venus Planet Power, Make Up!
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up!

Sailor V Kick! An attack she uses only as Sailor V, in which she quite literally kicks the enemy.
Crescent Beam! This is one of her main attacks and is completely offensive. A bright ray of golden light shoots from Venus’s point finger and strikes at the intended target, doing damage.
Crescent Beam Shower! This is nearly the same as Crescent Beam, except that the single ray of light becomes multiple rays and can strike at many different places all at the same time.
Rolling Heart Vibration!An offensive attack where Venus summons a heart in her hand and sends it at the enemy. Vibrations emanate from the heart as it cuts through the air.
Venus Wink Chain Sword! Venus takes the chain around her waist to create a sword made of metal and light, and uses it to attack her enemies.
Venus Love-Me Chain! Venus uses the chain around her waist to create a versatile weapon. This can either attack and damage the enemy, it can be used as a sort of lasso in which she can grab either an enemy to keep them from running away, or it can grab an ally to get them quickly out of danger. The whip can also be used as a rope, tying around an enemy to keep them still, or to even latch onto something in times of danger to keep Venus and her allies from falling.
Venus Love and Beauty Shock! An offensive attack where Venus creates a burst of heart-shaped energy that cracks through the air and attacks and damages the enemy.
Weapons or Magical Items:
Holy Blade Also known as the Sword of the Silver Crystal. This is a blade that the leader of the Guardian senshi uses in order to fight against any enemies that wish to harm the princess. Venus used this blade to kill Queen Beryl in the past and it has laid in the rubble of the Silver Millennium for a long time.
Love-Me Whip The red and gold chain that stays around Venus’s waist and is used for many different things, including offensive and defensive attacks.
Venus Crystal: The name of Sailor Venus’s starseed.
Artemis: A white cat with a crescent moon on his forehead. He is the one who awoke the powers within her when she first became a senshi, and he has been by her side ever since.

RP Sample:

Her heart raced and her hands shook. Her chest heaved with the struggle to fill her lungs with breathe and each one was a battle in and of itself. Blood dripped from her shoulder and splattered to the ground in a bright red trail, marking the way she had come.

But she couldn’t stop. V leaned against the wall, her muscles shaking from the effort to keep herself upright against the alleyway wall. No, have to keep moving.

No gain no pain, right?

V pushed away from the wall and began to run once more. The monster had been far stronger than she had anticipated. She had thought that the fight would be over quickly. She had even given a longer introductory speech in the beginning simply because she could.

Well, she certainly was regretting it now.

Turning a corner, V felt her foot stumble over something that she couldn’t see in the darkness, but her quick reflexes kept her from falling to the ground. She let out a small breath of relief. If she was to fall, she wasn’t sure she would be able to get back up again.

She didn’t even know where Artemis was. It felt strange to be running without him trailing her heels, barking orders at her or giving her advice. She hoped that he was okay.

Stumbling once again made V stop in her steps. She hadn’t fallen but she was so out of breath that she was beginning to feel dizzy, and a pain in her side had flared up. She had to stop, just for a small moment. It was almost deathly quiet, but every small sound caught her attention and V was ready in case the monster found its way to her. She had left quite a trail in her wake, after all.

A soft silver glow filled the dark alley, and V felt herself raise her gaze away from its watchful post and instead she focused on the now exposed crescent moon. Pulling her mask off for a better look, V stared up at the ethereal beauty. The words Artemis had told her earlier echoed around her. She had comrades out there, and a princess. It felt right to know this, though she couldn’t explain why or how. She knew nothing about these comrades, and she should have felt bitter about the princess.

But she didn’t. Instead all she felt was warmth and anticipation. And she knew that no matter what, soon she would no longer fight alone.

V tore her gaze away from watching the moon and she put on her mask once more.

Soon, she reminded herself.


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Venus   18th April 2013, 3:23 pm

Woot! It's been awhile since I last did a profile review. I promise this'll be quick.

Under the section for Metamorphosis, I'd like you to add a couple of sentences concerning the differences between the sixteen year-old Minako you described in the general profile and the Metamorphosis Minako. I'm assuming the Minako in Metamorphosis is older and, therefore, may or may not have experienced some significant changes. If anything, add a sentence or two describing how the death of Neo-Queen Serenity has affected her.

You don't have to pull out all the stops on this. Anything more than a paragraph would probably be more than necessary.



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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Venus   20th April 2013, 8:36 am

Oh I should have thought to do something like that xD You are correct because everyone would be much older, xD haha

I have added it in now though! It is colored in blue to make it easier to find! =]


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Venus   20th April 2013, 9:49 pm

(Thank you for reviewing this while I was gone Venus ^^)

I enjoyed reading Minako's history pictured more on emotional part than focusing on events Smile .

Approved Smile .


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Venus   21st September 2016, 11:36 pm

I've recently gone through and added in some more details (colored in orange) and wish to have this updated for current standards, please (aka: turning into a proper "advanced" profile since it was made before they even existed xD)!


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Venus   22nd September 2016, 1:31 am

Looks good! If you want this to be a general profile covering Minako of all eras, I would suggest adding some items to her list:

- Crescent Moon Compact
- Transformation Pen (from her Sailor V days and/or the one from the anime)
- Star Power Stick
- Crystal Change Rod

But other than that, everything is good, so I'll mark this as updated and approved. ^^


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(Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Venus

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