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 [One-shot] Learning Lunarian

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PostSubject: [One-shot] Learning Lunarian   [One-shot] Learning Lunarian I_icon_minitime19th April 2013, 6:23 pm


Seressena’i” Serenity quoted, her voice a lilting, whispery thing that recalled images of cool, breezy nights and soft moonlight over grassy plains. Her blue eyes were intent on his, intense and inviting, drawing out a response as she leaned towards him encouragingly, waiting for him to give the word a try. It was his first Lunarian lesson, brought on through curiosity and a challenge combined; but Serenity’s enjoyment of teaching him something for a change might have had something to do with actually going through with the feat.

Endymion watched her mouth for embouchure, but she had said the word too fast. He stretched his lips nonetheless into an ‘s’ position and started making a hissing noise, before stopping, “Say it again, please?”

She giggled, and said the word again, much slower and with exaggerated movements of lips and tongue, “Seh-ress-sen-na’ee.

Sereshenniee,” he tried and she chuckled and said it again. Very soon she had him repeating each syllable for pronunciation, and the lesson was becoming tedious and frustrating until, at last, she smiled and nodded her head enthusiastically. He repeated again, “Seh-ress-sen-na’ee. Seress-sen-na’ee. Seressen-na’ee. Seressena’i.” She nodded, smiling and leaned back. He smiled back at her and had to ask, “So, what did I just say?”

’The Moonlight belongs to me’,” she replied.

His smile fell as he considered the magnitude of her words – the phrase sounded so personal, what did she mean by teaching him that, first? Did she… no, there was no way she meant… she wasn’t ‘the moonlight’ in the phrase, right? That wasn’t something akin to an admission of… but it was so personal and – his faltering, broken thoughts slowed, taking her in, from her silvery hair sprinkled with springtime cherry blossoms to her blue eyes, sincere and trusting, and the small smile playing at her lips. He loved her. Was this her way of saying that his unconfessed feelings were mutual? “Really?” he asked, wondering where this might lead now…

She leaned in again, getting so close… her hand mere millimeters from his, her eyes half-closed… dare he kiss her? He leaned in, closer and closer… She started giggling, throwing herself backwards and covering her mouth with her hands, “No,” she admitted as he tried to regain some sort of composure.

He cleared his throat and hoped she didn’t know what he had been thinking. “Then what does it mean?” he asked, covering as smoothly as he could.

“’Let’s get lunch!’”

((Later, Endymion finds that ‘lunch’ wasn’t in that combination of syllables, but the possessive ‘mine’ was.  <3))


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PostSubject: Re: [One-shot] Learning Lunarian   [One-shot] Learning Lunarian I_icon_minitime20th April 2013, 10:45 am

This is very cute!!! The thought of a foreign language on the moon completely escaped me and it's such a wonderful idea!

I like how you used the idea too, the language how you wrote it reminds me of Tolkien Language of the Elves which just fits absolutely perfectly with Lunarians^^

I also love that you made the comment "the moonlight belongs to me" which is ambiguous and possessive and she comments it being about food(so Usagi) despite clearly being about something else but like other languages, a saying in English could hold a completely different meaning in another language and could even hold multiple meanings^^

I love this, very VERY VERY cute Very Happy
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[One-shot] Learning Lunarian

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