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 The How and Whats of Guilds!

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Neo Queen Serenity

Neo Queen Serenity


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The How and Whats of Guilds! Empty
PostSubject: The How and Whats of Guilds!   The How and Whats of Guilds! I_icon_minitime20th April 2013, 11:56 pm

The How and Whats of Guilds! How_to11

A quick how to!

What is a guild?
A "guild" on GC is a group of people with the same interest.
Guilds are on private boards where people can share ideas, tutorials, offer help, etc.

Why are they private?
To make them feel special  The How and Whats of Guilds! 3120693907

I clicked the a contest and it brought me here...Why?
That's because the current contest is a Guild only contest. If you are not a Guild member yet, you would not be able to participate, and now you are here learning about our Guilds and will join so you can partake in our fun contests! Very Happy (See what we did? Heehee  The How and Whats of Guilds! 2695440696 )

Who can join?
ANY MEMBER! No matter your rank Very Happy

How many can I join?
Both if you want!

Who are the Guild Leaders?
Sailor Uranus - Writing and Roleplaying Guild Leader
Sailor Venus - Arts, Graphics & Cosplayers Guild Leader

How do I join?
Super Simple! Follow the below steps!

Arts, Graphics & Cosplayers Guild

Artists, Graphics and Cosplay guild is no longer hidden from everyone! now all members no matter your rank can see this creative part of our forum! feel free to join and learn about Cosplay or Arts and Graphics and let your imagination fly freely! What are you waiting for? all the information about joining can be found here..

And then click Join Group!

Writing and Roleplaying Guild

The Writing & Roleplaying Guild is now open! No longer locked secretly away, all GCers are free to come and go as they please to access helpful threads, play games, and talk and relax with other Writers! However, to get the full experience and all the associated perks, I highly recommend you enter the guild and go through the procedure to become a full-fledged member! Check this thread for information on how to join!


The How and Whats of Guilds! Nqs_ke10The How and Whats of Guilds! IZgnUMZ The How and Whats of Guilds! 9cSvZlY

The How and Whats of Guilds! RGoJoD8

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The How and Whats of Guilds!

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