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 Nemesis, The black moon

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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

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Nemesis, The black moon Empty
PostSubject: Nemesis, The black moon   Nemesis, The black moon I_icon_minitime27th April 2013, 9:55 am

Official Name: Alpha Centauri B-Γ (Pronounce: Alpha Centauri B-Gamma)
Unofficial Names: Nemesis, Black Moon
Designation: Planet. Penal World. Formerly Ice World.
Distance from Alpha Centauri B: 1,2 AU (roughly 180 million kilometers)
Orbital eccentricity: 0,07
Orbital period: 546.37 days.
Equatorial Radius: 3984±0.1 kilometers.
Polar Radius: 3967±0.1 kilometers.
Surface Area: 198,606,464.153 square kilometers (0,39 Earths)
Volume: 2,632*10^11 cubic kilometers. (0.243 Earths)
Mass: 1.035*10^24 kilograms.
Length of a Solar Day: 24 hours and 12 minutes
Surface Temperature:
  • Min: 200 K
  • Mean: 242 K
  • Max: 318 K

-76.08% nitrogen (N2)
-21.931% oxygen (O2)
-0.84% argon
-0.149% carbon dioxide[21]
-About 1% water vapor.



1: Discovery.
In the XXIth century, when Mankind first reached out to the stars, Alpha Centauri was the first system that they passed, estabilishing only a token presence on Gamma due to the other planets being uninhabitable. At that time, no senshi of the planets were encountered, and the colonists continued towards richer, more promising frontiers after a mere handful of years, continuing peaceful exploration and colonization for four centuries. The senshi of crystal tokyo didn't involve themselves in the effort, knowing that the explorator fleets were headed by the finest of mankind and fueled by the same inner determination that helped them through their many battles.

2: The Frontier Wars

The peace wasn't to last. Those who were left in the fleets' wake to populate the worlds formed alliances, and conflicts of interest were inevitable. Talks grew into battles, and battles, a war that engulfed system after system. New, fearsome weapons were brought to bear, and the death toll was colossal. Starships could pummel lush continents into nuclear wastelands, and developments in environmentally sealed exo-armor and vehicles brought personal warfare to the barren surfaces of moons and asteroids, where entire armies would clash soundlessly in the void to contest resource rich locations.

In such time of need, groups of senshi awakened almost simultaneously, young women intent on restoring peace and prosperity. Some were heeded as saviors, their home planets adopting pacifism almost overnight. Others worked tirelessly to persuade their kin away from senseless destruction and bitter acts of vengeance, and whether their success was because of their acts of magic, personalities, idealism, or determination, nobody knows. And though battles still raged in obscure places, rebuilding began at the earnest.

However, not all senshi enjoyed the benefits of success. In the Procyon system, the new senshi were imprisoned in the asteroid-based prison of Cerberus. Their captors set to experiment on them with great vigor to gain insight into their nature, and most importantly: the source of their power. But the experiments have gone awry, and within a week of their imprisonment, monsters burst out from their chambers. The guards, well-prepared to handle armed insurrections and prison breaks, were helpless against the swarm of horrors that had arms that could rend steel with ease or wither flesh with a mere touch. The tunnels of the Cerberus facility became the tombs of two hundred guards who fought until the bitter end.

In the end, the system's premiere prison going silent could not go unnoticed. The High Council of Procyon, impatient in the pursuit of unlocking the senshi's weakness, set out to "question the guards who falter in their duties in the hour of our greatest triumph.", unaware of the proceedings that went there. And such was the extent of their pride, that they went there personally, believing that their status would be enough to set things straight. And they were right in that regard, as they were held in high esteem for being visionary leaders who would bring humanity to a free future where everyone's equal. But in the tunnels of Cerberus, they found neither the guards, or the senshi imprisoned within. What they found, was grisly scenes of slaughter, and peering eyes in places where the lights were out.

As they were to leave, they found their crafts destroyed. And from then, the horrors that silenced the station would be their nightly companions for a month to come. Soon, their elite guard was scattered by claws, the horrifying visions cast with black magic, or the lure of illusions that led not one guard astray in false hopes of safety, into certain doom. In the end, the council became history, and no more obstacles stood between the demons and the unsuspecting galaxy.

Yet, in some fickle twist of fate, one of the council's bodyguards, a weaker, almost sickly man whose position was granted more because of his connections than anything else, was harboring latent psychic abilities. This allowed him to communicate with the otherworldly predators, and promise them something in exchange for his life: The senshi of Crystal Tokyo, and the allegiance of Procyon's armies and fleets.

The demons knew of the senshi from the past, having felt the destruction of the Silver Millenium resonating across their realms, their brethren that were forcefully yanked to realspace to become known as daimons. This deep hatred was shared by the bodyguard, and so was he led into the deepest recesses of the derelict facility to be better aquainted with his new allies.

Soon after he reemerged, he led Procyon into a bloody conquest. Against warships and warriors augmented by sorcery, no planet, or system could stand alone. Each subjugated world swelled his armies, as those unhappy with the senshi's rule were in plentiful numbers. Yet he did more than simple conquest. For on each world, he performed dark rituals that opened gateways to the dark realm, and offered the felled senshi to his allies, for though their bodies were broken, the senshi's souls were intact...

But before he could conquer the whole frontier, he set course to Earth at the demons' behest.

2: The Siege of Earth

Through the valiant sacrifice of a senshi trio, Neo Queen Serenity gained early knowledge of the coming attack, and they made preparations. Pluto manipulated the fabric of reality, so conventional ships would be slowed down to sublight speeds and take decades to accomplish a trip of months, Mercury worked with strategists and engineers day and night to help them fortify the palace to the fullest extent possible, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and the Kuiper belt senshi drilled together tirelessly, and armies were raised from the population in preparation for the inevitable war. Furthermore, anti-ship minefields were placed in the kuiper belt into the most likely approach, that would take great toll on the attacking army, hopefully enough to persuade them away from the attack. The queen herself, saddened to hear the loss of so many of her kindred, prepared to confront the leader of the black crusade herself, to punish him in the name of love and justice, for he caused so much death and suffering that it was unforgivable.

But that confrontation wouldn't play out as she planned. The demons, grown impatient with Pluto's meddling, tore open a rift to their own dimension, through which the fleet traveled unharmed and unhindered. Well, mostly unharmed, because grimdark means some possessions, flesh-metal fusings and stuff has to happen, but yeah, the ships all arrived.

From a gaping rift in reality over the Pacific Ocean the fleet emerged, weapons hot and armies ready. Great winged demons, attached to the bellies of the spaceships, released the fuselage with their claws and descended amongst the lander craft letting go of ear-piercing shrieks, massive laser and kinetic cannons locked onto Japan's island chain, seeking tectonic and other weak points, and lander craft, filled with vengeful warriors sped towards the surface.

The senshi fought tooth and nail, and the battle that initially looked to be the quick end of the surprised defenders, was soon turned onto the attackers. Anti-orbital cannons blasted ship after ship out of the sky, flak turrets made quick work of many demons, and where their foul kind made planetfall, they were met with fierce resistance from well trained millitia and the patrolling senshi. In the end, the silver crystal's might was unleashed, and that spelled the doom of the assault.

3: The Purification

The besieging fleet was soon in tatters, and the purification began soon after the siege. Neo Queen Serenity traveled from world to world, and restored their senshi to their rightful place as rulers of their planets, and resurrected them where they died. Those who harbored demons, and insisted in keeping their old ways, were banished to Nemesis as a compromise, for keeping them free was dangerous, but she loathed the thought of killing them. The cerberus installation was later purified, and all records of summoning demons were erased from databases through the power of the silver crystal.



Nemesis, The black moon Jadeit10
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Nemesis, The black moon

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