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 Altered Time

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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Altered Time Empty
PostSubject: Altered Time   Altered Time I_icon_minitime28th April 2013, 3:35 pm

I don't know if this is more art than story or more story than art. So it's kinda like a semi- comicbook-semi story-semi picture book thing. Some of it has been posted in other threads.

So, enjoy I guess. xD;

Altered Time In_which_time_was_altered_by_kuroshi_tenshi-d6367rj
Quote :
Pff, I need to stop but No, I got bored and I loved this idea in my head.

Basically, the summary is after the fall of the Silver Millennium, a mysterious figure appears after Artemis and Luna were sent off into the future. For whatever reason, the person decided to also reincarnate Queen Serenity into the future.

So in the first arc with Queen Beryl and all, we see the reincarnated Queen Serenity heading to work.

Everything else seemingly remains the same, with the exception that Luna finds her first.

there's Twists! and Turns and omg why, surprises.

Especially since the Girls are still Middle school age and Mamoru's a high schooler with Q.Serenity's reincarnation being an adult woman.

I figured that her job would be something that either invovled being a teacher or perhaps writer. Something invoviled either a flexible schedule or a really steady one.

Her name, in this new life, would be...

Miyamoto, Kimizuki

Kimizuki; breaks down to Kimi- Empress and Zuki- Moon

(which I completely made up by borrowing characters so it's probably gibberish in the actual language)

Miyamoto- Base of the shrine.

So you get "Empress Moon base of the shrine."

Or something like that.

anyway, she'd probably be known mostly by Kimi Miyamoto.

I picture her living alone in a small apartment with very fine and pretty things here or there and a huge book collection as she's an avid reader. Probably prone to be melancholy because her mother died while she was in the last year of her high school and she was quite close to her. I would imagine that her father still lives, but it seems he might be losing bits of his sanity either to his own depression or old age. She might have a younger sister who lives very far away- perhaps she's in America or maybe she's a famous model?
Kimi is a quiet person by nature, I would think. She gives off a very calm aura, even though a lot of the time she's not calm at all but pretending to be. She keeps a lot of things inside, rather than sharing them and has a hard time sharing what bothers her deeply. So she ends up losing sleep over her problems at times.
One of them being that she should be married with a child or two before her father passes on. She knows that's one of the things her parents wanted to see is at least one of their children settled down. However, she cannot seem to connect with the men (or women) in her life very well and it often ends in an awkward break up. Usually she ends up getting dumped.

Her dreams are really to pursue her hobby and would love to make a career out of it.


The screenshots are from The oracle (sailor moon one)
Things not from BSSM- Mine (and the storyline)
Bssm/Q.Serenity- Naoko T.


Altered Time 61abc3d5627d9f29ffdbba438a6d5078-d639ka9

Quote :
So, I imagine the first episode would go like this:

Kimizuki Miyamoto is an everyday salary worker. After being dumped by her boyfriend of two years, she decided to head to her favorite jewelry store, Osa-P, to see what kind of gems they had this time. She's very surprised to see a sell is going on, because those were rare and far between. Especially at the prices they were giving now!

She questions Osaka, Naru- the jewelry store owner's daughter- as to what has happened. Naru replies that her mother just woke up one day and decided to do a mega blow out sell. She remarks that it is very strange kind of thing. Either way, seeing as there's far too many people there, Kimizuki decided to leave.

While on her way to the store, she runs into an injured black cat. Seeing this, Kimizuki decides to help it and took the bandage off the poor thing's forehead, where she saw the golden crescent moon on it's head.
Before she could do anything further, the cat squirms and got away from her.

"What a pretty marking but how weird..."

After her trip to the store, she heads back home to her empty apartment. While waiting at the bus stop, she noticed a teenager wearing a tuxedo and sunglasses. Thinking to herself, she finds that today was a day for strange things. But she reasoned that the kid could be going to somewhere important and that she shouldn't judge people.

That night, while she was at home, she noticed the black cat again. "Well, I guess you like me, don't you?" She opened the window to let it in and wondered how the cat even found her- let alone gotten to this level. "Ah well, lets get you some tuna, shall we?"

That's when the cat spoke back to her.

"I can't believe it, but it must be you."

Blinking a few times, Kimizuki backed up from it, "Are.. are you a demon?" After all, there were strange things happening that day so maybe..." I- I don't have any wishes! Please go away."

"Demon?" Luna scoffed, "Hardly so, now listen, I know this is strange, but I think you can help me."

"Me? What..? No!"

Sighing, Luna was about to say something else when she heard something, "If you don't believe me, then come with me. I will show you the truth!"

"This is crazy." Kimizuki said but found herself putting her shoes on and running after the black cat.

That's whens he saw it, women in zombie like states heading to the Jewelry Osa-P. What was wrong with them all? "What is this? Did some spirit posses them?"

"Something like that." Luna said from beside her. "And you can save them with this."
Flipping through the air, a golden brooch appeared.

"With this?" Kimizuki picked it up and frowned looking at it. "I mean, it is pretty but how..?"

"Say Moon Prism Power, Make Up, and you will save them."

After a moment of deliberation, Kimizuki raised her hand. *I don't know if this is a good idea, but..* "Moon Prism Power, MAKE UP!"

In a flash she transformed and looked down at her outfit, "What...?"

Then realized how..rather short the skirts were. " Isn't this rather revealing!"

"First of all, you're in a double layered skirt." Luna said her ears flickered back "Second: You have to save them, Sailor Moon! This is no time to go on about modesty!"

"Oh.. Right!" Kimizuki, now Sailor Moon, moved into the jewelry shop and saw the shop owner transform into a hideous monster, grabbing hold of the girl, Naru, who eventually passed out from the lack of oxygen. "Stop right there!"

"Hm..?" The monster's head turned all the way around and looked at her, "What's this?"

"I.." That creature was really distrubing to look at. Sailor Moon felt her stomach churn, "I'm.. I stand for Love and Justice! The pretty sailor Suited soldier- Sailor Moon! and in the name of the moon, I will punish you!"

Without a moment of pause, the monster attacks her, dropping Naru to the ground. All Sailor Moon could do is dodge and run away. "I don't even know how to fight back!"

"Sailor Moon, what are you doing?" Luna yelled at her.

"Running! How do I fight back?" Moon yelled back and found herself caught between the wall and the monster that loomed above her. "Oh no!"

That's when a rose came out of nowhere and struck the monster, paralyzing it for the moment.

"Wha..?" She looked up and saw him, the masked tuxedo man. "Who is that...?"

"What are you doing, Sailor moon? Attack her!" He told her.

"Use the tiara, " Luna told her, "You'll know what to say."

Swallowing, she reached up and grasped her tiara, feeling the power that came over her, filling her up. The words.. she knew what to say now.

"Moon Tiara - Action!" The tiara transformed into a glowing energized frisbee of sorts before she threw it at the monster. Even though she could hear her heart pounding loudly, she barely could make out the words 'Jadeite' from the monster's screams.


"I shall take my leave then." His voice distracted her and she watched as he left.

"Who was he?" Sailor Moon muttered to herself. "I wonder...?"

Luna curled around her legs, "He may be an enemy as well, but you must watch yourself. We need to leave before the others wake up."

"Oh, right." Sailor Moon glanced around for a moment before leaving the store, wondering exactly how her life became so strange now.


Annd that's how I figured it'd go. I figured that Kimizuki would be quite modest woman. I also felt like changing the standard uniform, just because I'm bored and it'd be different. The colors she wears are rather washed out and pale versions of the original. (mostly because I couldn't figure out what good colors to do) But also it really signifies that she shouldn't be a senshi but is.

BSSM: Naoko T.
Story and stuff- mine.


Altered Time Moon_power___altered_time_by_kuroshi_tenshi-d63aghs
Quote :
How I'm imagining the episode with Ami went.

Realizing that this isn't a dream, Kimizuki splits her time between her work and helping Luna. Though, for the past few days, the world seemed normal and Kimizuki had taken to doing an exercise regiment of just jogging in the evenings. Sometimes on her jogs, she would spot a fellow jogger with dark hair, but most of the time she never sees his face or meets him at all.

One day, Luna appeared and informed her of a strange student at a jr. high that Kimizuki graduated from years ago. Luna believes that something about this girl, she may be an operative of the Dark Kingdom and that Kimizuki should go undercover to see if this is true or not. Luna then gives her the Disguise Pen to transform with for the mission.

Though, Kimizuki doesn't think it's highly likely, she takes a day off work to do so.

"Moon Power! Transform me into a Jr. High School Student!"

With that, she's magically dressed in a Juuban Jr. High Schoolgirl's uniform. She took only a few moments to admire herself in the reflection of a window before investigating this student that Luna told her about.

While on her way to the school, she bumps into a high school student. "Ah, sorry!" She bowed but looked up at him. Dark hair, deep blue eyes like earth's oceans. She was suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling- that maybe she's seen him somewhere before but she doesn't recall.

" Just pay attention next time." He said and even smiled a little at her before leaving.

"He was rather cute..." Kimizuki said to herself before turning to go on her way, "For a teenager."

Once at the school, she found she made it in time for the end of the day bell. Hundreds of students milled about, making it easy for her to slip in and be unnoticed.
That's when she found the girl she was supposed to investigate. Pondering on how to approach her, she over heard some girls talking and looking directly at the girl.

"Neh, didn't you hear?"

"About what?"

"That girl over there is Mizuno, Ami. She's supposed to be REALLY smart!"

"No way! Why is she here?"

"I heard she got kicked out of her old school because of cheating or something like that."

"Whaaat? No.."

Ami Mizuno, hm... Kimizuki wasn't sure if the rumors were true, however, she had to find some way of figuring out who this girl really was. So to that end, she ended up approaching Ami.

She found the girl interesting and their shared love of certain subjects made them fast friends. It was so interesting that the two actually forgotten the time or anything with it until Ami's watch beeped.

"It is that late? Oh no! I have to go!" She turned to leave, dropping a cd as she ran off.

"Wait!" But Ami was too far out of range to hear. Picking up the cd, Kimizuki turns it over, pondering over the words 'Crystal Program'. "Weird..wonder what this is?"

"Maybe." Luna crept out from behind a trashcan, "we should check it out first. What did you learn from your talk with her?"

"Hmm..." Kimizuki turned over the cd for a moment before scooping Luna up, "Well, she's an only child, her mother is a famous doctor and she attends cram school but she really loves books and wants to be a doctor herself to help people."

Luna didn't comment but directed Kimizuki to an arcade center and to one 'Sailor V' game. "Wait a moment." The Lunar cat jumps down and says a strange password , causing the machine to move and reveal a room underneath. "Quickly before someone comes!"

"What is a secret room doing here?" Kimizuki hurrined down the stairs with the game moving back in place. "What is this place?"

"Our secret headquarters where we can go over things hidden from the enemy."

"Right. Like the search for the Moon Princess and the Silver Crystal?" Kimizuki sat in front of a computer and figured out where to slip the cd in. "Lets see what's on this thing."

Whatever it was, there was a strange force and energy coming from it. It was strong enough that Kimizuki fell under it's influence for a while.

"Kimi!" Luna bit Kimi's hand before ejecting the cd, "I knew it! It must be part of the Dark Kingdom's plan! We must stop her!"

"Demo.. Luna..." Kimizuki rubbed her eyes, "Are you sure it's her but not the teacher?"

"Either way we have to check out that school at once!"


Kimizuki and Luna ended up heading to the school that very day, trying to locate where Ami's class was. They finally found it and a monster in it's place, forcing Ami to assimilate with the class.

"Transform! I will see what I can do for her!" Luna said running off as Kimi transformed into Sailor Moon.

During the course of the battle, it was revealed that Ami, herself, was actually another Sailor soldier- Sailor Mercury. With her help, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury joined forces and destroyed the monster.

Now that that was over with, when Kimizuki finally revealed that she wasnt' a student at all, Ami had been rather surprised by that. Very surprised.

Either way, their mission continues as they search for their princess and the silver crystal!


And yes, the person Kimizuki bumped into earlier is Mamoru. just fyi <3

Story/idea/minor artwork-myself
screencaps- the oracle.
BSSM- Naoko T.


Altered Time Thoughts_altered_time_by_kuroshi_tenshi-d63ecdq

Quote :
So more on Kimizuki.

During the investigation with Ami, Kimizuki ran into Mamoru then. Ever since, she can't really stop thinking about him. She feels like she's seen him before but can't figure out where. Overtime, she'll eventually run into him more often and will develop a crush on him, even though she knows she shouldn't because he's much younger than she is. However, as far as she can tell, he doesn't have anyone. She's tempted to ask him out for some coffee or something but has no idea if she should or not.

Of course all this "Will they/won't they' will eventually have a resolution in the end.

Question is: Will she let it go as is or not.

-screencaps: The oracle
story and the like- Mine
BSSM: Naoko T.
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Altered Time

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