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 A Charmed Story Idea

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PostSubject: A Charmed Story Idea   A Charmed Story Idea I_icon_minitime30th April 2013, 12:02 pm

Grabbing ideas from other series books and the like is one of things that inspires me most! A Charmed Story Idea 1955989781

Watching Charmed, they recently just shows the episode's where Pheobe and Cole were married and pregnant.

By the end of it and the Seer has stolen her baby fetus, Phoebe says it was never her or Coles child. this was only said after all the evil it had been doing and after what the Seer said.

An idea was born from watching this. If the baby wasn't either of their child, why was the baby always acting up whenever someone was saying something bad about Cole? Why would it protect Phoebe? I believe the evil tonic the seer had Pheobe drink greatly influenced the unborn fetus because as we learned the Tonic was of pure evil and the seer's own blood was mixed into it and we saw the Seer had hatched this plan, as she said she saw it from before the baby had even been conceived.

We see Wyatt inharits excalliber and is the King of all things good. The son of a charmed one and a Whitelighter/Elder.

We see that Cole and Pheobe when the baby was conceived was the son of the Source of all Evil and by married him Pheobe was the Queen of all evil and the baby had inherited the right of being the King of all Evil. The son of a charmed one and a demon/Source.

In the womb Wyatt used his powers- shielding, orbing, healing and etc. his would sometimes influence Pipers actions.

In the womb, Pheobe's baby used his powers-flames, electricity, telekinesis etc. he would sometimes influence Pheobes actions.

Now when the seer transferred the fetus to her, all the demons and herself was destroyed because the baby was just too powerful for them to handle but what would make for an AMAZING story idea is that instead the fetus transferred to another womb.

Thus an epic story could be born, of the King of good and the king of evil, cousins no less. where Pheobe gets to meet her lost unborn baby the symbol of her and Coles tragic love.

Could he really be all evil though, would the tonic always have influenced him after only having had a few glasses when she was told to drink it all and she hardly did? Could he possible be good?

Cole was good in my opinion, he was just used and often made stupid decisions^^ and like the series mentions throughout the entire show off and on. True Evil cannot love c:

Just a story to think about. I want to write it but I dunno if I have the time. Anyone else who wants to feel feel to use it^^
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A Charmed Story Idea

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