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 Sailor Pluto's Story

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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

Title : Goddess of the Sea
Posts : 218
Join date : 2011-08-01
Age : 28
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Sailor Pluto's Story Empty
PostSubject: Sailor Pluto's Story   Sailor Pluto's Story I_icon_minitime22nd August 2011, 6:14 pm

Sailor Pluto's Story
Chapter 1
A/N: I have not read the manga, but got a couple of things from it by researching, and other things were made up. Enjoy! (: Please R&R!!!

Time—we all wish at one point or another it could be stopped or turned back. I know now as guardian of time that memories are precious and life should happen as it does. Everyone has their destinies, and if mine is to be forever alone so be it. I strongly accept my duties to the king and queen and will always serve them. I have been jealous, but have long since overcome that. I do not express my loneliness with anger or resent, but with love—love and dedication. I am strong; I move onward. I am used to adapting to change; I am the soldier of
revolution—Sailor Pluto.

Time has always been a big aspect in my life. Every outing I took, I was always rushing to be home by ten o’clock. Father was in charge of time and would definitely know when I arrived. Hades, the god of the Underworld, always threatened to sic his three headed dog Cerberus after me if I did not obey Father.

I could not get very far with any man because I was always forced to be home early. Things never started heating up until late, and anytime I thought we might get intimate, the internal clock inside me told me it was time to go.

I would be too embarrassed to show my face the next day, and the men would not come to me either. I supposed they had moved on; I did not suit them.

In my spare time, I would sketch. I liked to design clothes. I did not know how well the designs were, but I loved them because they were my own. I even sewed some dresses for myself. One design I worked the hardest on was my wedding dress; I had ambitions of getting married one day. I vowed to myself that I would not
make it until I knew for sure I was to be married. I kept adding to the sketch in the back of my book, thinking of new ideas. No one saw my sketches, and few believed I created my own clothes.

Sometimes I felt like Cinderella, always having to rush home by a certain time. I had the dresses to match, but after all, I was a princess—Princess Pluto. I dreamt of fairy tales when I was younger as I played with my dolls, dressing them in pretty dresses and giving them happy endings. As I grew older though, I started realizing that happy endings are not so easy to come by. Often you may think you love someone, and then they just disappear, literally. Every man I had been with by this point had disappeared from my life, and I had not been sure why.

I had always had this internal clock that sometimes I wish I did not have—after all, I was daughter of Chronos. One night, however, I lost all concept of time after being introduced to alcohol by the man I was with.

We had perhaps too much to drink as the clock neared ten. My internal clock was confused with the chemicals I had consumed, and I had no sense to check the time. All I saw or cared about was Yumi, the blue haired beauty in front of me. His hands touched my sides; his lips ran across my shoulder. I felt like I was going to cry. I had never gotten this far before, and I felt like anything could happen. I was willing to let it; I felt I had waited too long.

“Princess Pluto…” he whispered.

“Hm?” I was so used to being addressed this way that anything less formal would confuse me.

“I think I am in love with you…”

I felt my eyes well up with tears. I said nothing back for I was not sure of my own feelings yet. It seemed I did not need to say a word for the next thing I knew, his lips were coming toward mine. I tilted my face towards his, anxious, yet calmly.

Right before our lips touched, I heard a curious sound of barking. Naturally, we broke apart, wondering what was going on. The barking got louder, and behind Yumi, the image of Cerberus, the Underworld’s guard dog, had appeared. I gasped and glanced at the clock, shutting my eyes. I had been warned that if I had disobeyed, this creature would come. What was to happen now?

“You have been forewarned,” said a deep, powerful voice.

Yumi looked around, confused. “Plu…What is going on?”

I was startled by the sudden pet name and blushed. “I am not sure…” was all I could say.

“You have disobeyed your father, Chronos, and now you will be punished,” came the voice again.

“Why can Father not be the one to punish me?”

“He is no good at that sort of thing. He would only forgive you or something ridiculous. Now say goodbye to your dear friend!”

I gasped. “What?!” I was confused. Why punish poor Yumi? He had done nothing; it had all been me. The one speaking still had not shown his face, yet suddenly from the ground sprang up an arm that grabbed Yumi by the leg. I screamed, “Yumi!”

“Pluto!” he reached out his arm toward me. I took his hand as I watched him sink slowly into the Underworld. My intention was to go with him, but a force snapped me back, disallowing me to follow.

I heard cackling from underneath the ground, making me resent Hades even more. I screamed into the night and ran home. Father was up and looked disappointed. “You are late,” he said simply.

“I know,” I said back.

“You are upset. What is wrong?”

I thought for a moment and said, “Can you turn back time, Father?”

“Can I? Yes. Will I? No. What is troubling you, child?”

I watched his old, wrinkled face turn worrisome. I latched onto him and closed my eyes, telling him what had happened. His face turned from worried to angry. “He has gone too far to kill an innocent man…I want you home for your safety. I would not severely punish you unless it happened more than once. Even then, I would never kill…” his brow furrowed.

“Is there anything you can do, Father?”

“No,” he breathed, “but there is something that you can do.”


“Yes. Go to the Underworld and pay Hades a little visit.”

“And?” I said anxiously.

“Do what you feel you must. I know you will act correctly.” I was confused. “Daughter, Princess of Pluto…You are daughter of I, Chronos; you are more powerful than you know, and I think it is time you understand just how powerful you are.” I trusted my father, but was completely baffled. “Posthaste, dear. Time is wasting,” he smiled a little.

I nodded; I was not sure what I was to do, but I did as I was told and headed for the Underworld.

The only passage besides dying was to go through the portal my father used. Once I arrived in the Underworld, I found it to be an awful place. It was terribly dark and cold, unlike what most may assume Hell to be like. There were people acting as slaves all over. I assumed Hades put people to work when they arrived. I heard the barking again, only to see the vicious three headed dog before me, acting ferociously.

“Heel,” came the powerful voice again. The dog whimpered slightly, but sat obediently, to my relief. Hades looked up. “It is only Princess Pluto. What did we do to deserve this honor?” His attempt was courtesy, but it came off as cold with his nasty grin.

“Oh, I do not know,” I said sarcastically. “Perhaps taking away someone dear to me?” Hades laughed a little. “I know you have never liked me; do not pretend that you have!”

“Is it your friend that you want? Well,” he chuckled, “you may have him.”

“I can?” I said hopefully.

“Of course, dear…” he said in his attempt to sound sweet. He then shouted, “Yumi-san! Get over here!” Yumi came forth, looking miserable and somehow older, as if his youth was slowly being taken from him.


“Pluto…” he said, his eyes like zombie’s and his pretty smile gone.

“What did you do to him?!” I demanded.

“This is the ways of the Underworld…” Hades said simply.

“Well I am taking him back upstairs!” I could not stand to see Yumi like this. He had so much life left in him, and now it was being taken away. I pulled him by the hand.

Hades smirked. “You may take him as you wish, but just know that taking someone back to the land of the living will make them miserable. They will not enjoy life as you do. Do you really want that for him?”

I stared at the ruler of the Underworld and slowly let go of Yumi’s hand. “No.” It seemed there was no hope for poor Yumi.

“Well, if that is all, I suppose you better be off. It is way past your bedtime, dear Princess.”

“Oh, no. I am not leaving here until you get what you deserve!” I felt all of this fury inside me—mourning for Yumi and hatred for Hades.

“Oh. What are you going to do?” he laughed.

I trusted in my father, and if he said I was powerful, then I must be, but was I powerful enough to overthrow the lord of the Underworld? I stood there, wondering if I should just attack him with my bare hands; I was angry enough to. I looked to Yumi a moment, seeing his zombie eyes; they looked a bit sad. It caused a tear
to fall from my own eye; my heart felt like it was breaking. I looked back to Hades, furious, feeling my forehead burn.

“What is going on?” Hades asked, suddenly looking frightened. “What is on your forehead?”

I had no idea what he was talking about, nor did I know what was going on. The next thing I knew, I was speaking in a voice much less timid than my own. I said, “Hades, ruler of the Underworld, it is time for you to go.”

“Who are you to say that?”

I felt a breeze blowing through my long green hair. I had realized that my clothes were different, as if by magic; I felt different. What I said surprised me. “I am Sailor Pluto, and I will not allow you to rule the way you do, pulling innocent people to their death at your hand. It is not right, and it stops now.” I outstretched my hand and said clearly, “Pluto Deadly Scream!” The man was knocked backward. I was surprised at my power. Father had been right.

He looked at me, bewildered. “Princess?” he choked out.

“Scared? You should be. I am now in charge of this Underworld. People will come here when it is time for them to go, not because you or I wish it so. You, on the other hand, will not leave this place, as punishment.”

Hades was then imprisoned in his own Underworld. I was sad to have to leave Yumi, but it was how things had to be.

I went back to Father; his eyes widened upon seeing me. I stared at him a moment; my strange outfit was still on. I then walked over to a mirror, examining myself. Upon my forehead was a strange symbol that looked like the letter ‘P’; my dress was a white leotard with a large maroon bow, a black skirt, and tall black boots on my feet. I looked back at my face to see a golden tiara with a gem had replaced the symbol. I walked back over to Father questionably.

“Sailor Pluto,” he smiled. “Your powers have awakened.”

“Huh? You knew?”

“For a time, yes. The queen of the Earth moon has sent this for you,” he produced a long staff in the shape of a key in front of him.

“What is going on?”

“Perhaps it would be best if the queen herself told you…”

I was thoroughly confused, but upon being introduced to the queen of the moon herself, I learned plenty. Not only did I learn her name was Queen Serenity, but I also learned there were seven others like me. Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus were the inner soldiers of the solar system and guardians of the princess, the queen’s daughter. I, along with Uranus and Neptune, were to protect the solar system from outside intruders. Saturn was not to be awakened for she could bring destruction and ruin to the universe.

I seemed to understand, but was bewildered. Upon receiving my time staff, I was appointed Guardian of Time. I thought this was Father’s job, but apparently I was taking over his post, as well. I looked to him.

“It is alright, Daughter. This is why you were born. I was only here to make sure you made it to this point.”

I looked at him with shining eyes. He responded by outstretching his arms for a hug. I embraced him, feeling his fatherly warmth.

It was time for my new life to begin.
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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

Title : Previously: Sailor Pluto
Posts : 2880
Join date : 2011-08-21
Age : 25
Location : Texas, USA

Sailor Pluto's Story Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sailor Pluto's Story   Sailor Pluto's Story I_icon_minitime10th September 2011, 11:41 am

This is an interesting snippet of a potential past. Is it stand-alone, or part of a chaptered story? Either way, I certainly enjoyed the beginning of it. The dialogue seems a little off, though. Not really personal, and some of it rather OOC sounding. Some of the OC dialogue is a little wooden, though.

If this is based in the Silver Millennium, it would be best to properly formalize it. If it's based afterwards, you'll want to add contradictions in. It isn't bad, but as every author can, it is open for improvement.
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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

Title : Goddess of the Sea
Posts : 218
Join date : 2011-08-01
Age : 28
Location : Texas

Sailor Pluto's Story Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sailor Pluto's Story   Sailor Pluto's Story I_icon_minitime10th September 2011, 11:58 am

It was supposed to be part of a chaptered story but Idk when I'll finish it. It was certainly different from my usual writings and i'm sure it was a bit ooc. But I felt the need to try something different for a change. It turned out okay I guess. I was confused myself writing it so...XD.


A World Without Haruka? Let it Burn.
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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

Title : Previously: Sailor Pluto
Posts : 2880
Join date : 2011-08-21
Age : 25
Location : Texas, USA

Sailor Pluto's Story Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sailor Pluto's Story   Sailor Pluto's Story I_icon_minitime10th September 2011, 12:10 pm

*Nods.* I see. Well, I'll follow along when you do update. I'm sure you've improved since you've written this. ^^
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Sailor Pluto's Story Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sailor Pluto's Story   Sailor Pluto's Story I_icon_minitime

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Sailor Pluto's Story

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