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 The Story of Sailor Cosmos

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Star Seed


Star Seed

Title : The Hybrid Enigma
Posts : 1465
Join date : 2013-01-08
Location : A far away land, where mystery and adventure are rich and bountiful, and where dreams are not wished, but granted <3

The Story of Sailor Cosmos Empty
PostSubject: The Story of Sailor Cosmos   The Story of Sailor Cosmos I_icon_minitime16th May 2013, 6:39 pm

Trying to stay as true to canon as possible^^ enjoy.


Screams, darkness, pain, suffering. It’s all there was. Smiling faces… distant memories only further survived as a reminder of everything she had lost.

Their weapons clashed and a great explosion once again erupted as her enemy laughed in a condescending manner. Tears leaked from her own troubled and angrily tormented eyes.

A dark, bloodied staff filled with the negative energies of her opponent lowered slowly and her opposite smirked arrogantly. “You’ve lost everything. Even your purpose. Even yourself.” Sailor Chaos snickered again. “You say you fight to protect what you love… but everything you love is gone. Dead. Destroyed… why continue to fight?”

Her own staff, white and pure, lowered with her own growing sorrows. Her own confusion. Why? Why did she continue to fight? Narrowing her eyes, so slight even her enemy couldn’t notice where her vision lay. Dead bodies were scattered around her. The skeletal remains of a war the victims were trapped in against their own will. Which planet was this now? How many billions, trillions of souls had been caught up in something they should have never known of?

Smiling faces of a long distant memory made her breath hitch as she recalled a world that no longer existed. A planet destroyed in the collateral damage of good verses evil. Friends, lovers, children. Her family. She had once had one. She had once had a home.

All she knew now, all she had…was war, pain, and unfathomable loss.

Death surrounded them. Had she even been able to save anyone? She was so focused on her own selfish battle, she hadn’t realized...

Everything, everyone… everywhere. It reeked of death. Her gaze was no longer angry as her staff disappeared as she released her tightened grip on her weapon and she smiled sadly at her amused foe. She was no better.

She was no better than this monster.

She had been so focused on destroying Chaos, that she no longer even put anyone’s protection above her own cause. Her revenge. She forsake others in the ideal of destroying this monster, and now, there was no one left to protect.

These powers were a curse. Connected to a cauldron where all stars are born and go to die, all she could feel was a solar system racked with an over whelming silence.

There was no longer even any life left to die…

Her enemy cackled and she cried.

Was this all that her existence measured to be? Her purpose had always been to be the opposite force of all the darkness the universe had to offer? What point was there to this? How could she possibly be hope, the light to the galaxy… how? …When all her heart felt was an overwhelming darkness.

If only she had never come to exist.

Anger prickled deep within her soul. The sharp needles of rage stabbing at her existence as she stared down her enemy and the realization of her own failures. She was no better. Everyone counted on her and for what? It was truly over, everyone and everything was gone and the only two left, were two that utterly despised each other more than any kind of existence would ever be able to understand.

“Such a truly vicious expression, my dear Hope.”

And more than anything, more than her own selfish end, she wished her enemy… Sailor Chaos didn’t exist.

This hatred, this evil filling feeling was new and raw. Such a dark and disturbing instinct. Feral. Never before had she wished another living being could suffer as much as she wished this being could suffer. Never before, had she wished more for another being to not only die, but never even have the chance for birth… and with this feeling, something inside her broke and she screamed.

She screamed as her tormentor laughed. Tears of sorrow streaked her cheeks, as tears of amusement filled her opponent.

Everything, all the pain, the sadness, the memories, the losses, the failures recalled themselves in her mind as she screamed bloody murder amidst a galaxy filled with the silence of death, and the screams of her own torture.

Among the memories, a vision of a dear friend clocked in an aura of time held onto a small child with a smiling face with cotton candy hair flashed before her eyes, an odd vision, among a memory of a battle, the first battle she had fought Chaos, the last battle she had fought as Eternal Sailor Moon.

“It’s over.” Chaos crooned. gently touching Cosmos’s cheek.

Sailor Cosmos smiled for the first time, in what seemed like a millennia. Perhaps it had been. Time was a thing of the past, and she counted on it.

Chaos scowled like and animal as a power separated them. Cosmos’s silvery eyes glowing briefly with a deep maroon color, a timeless power radiating from her very being as garnet overcame her silvery Eight-pointed star insignia.

“What are you doing…”

Sailor Cosmos’s smile faded as she began to disappear. “Something I should have done long… long ago. It is over. If we can not live without the other, then neither of us will live. I now know true regret, and that no longer matters.”

Sailor Chaos snarled as the implications of her words were understood. “You’d destroy an entire future, for everyone, your own family, to win? I thought you never gave up on life, hope, and yet you intend to kill us all. You are nothing but a coward.”

Only Cosmos smile was left to answer, “I never believed I was strong. They believed I was. It was only for their hope, that I ever won. Now that they are gone, there is nothing left to hope for… except to hope this desolate future never comes to pass.”

They were her final words before she faded from her present into a place where time vibrated in energies unseen as she stepped into a realm of utter contradiction. A place enveloped in the power of time, and yet existed outside of time itself.

The Gates of Time.

The memory of a long ago battle. A memory which she has come to regret more than anything… she knew what this meant, and she knew what she had to do. It was such a long… long time age. Many millennia had passed since she last remembered this event. It was much more than a lifetime ago, she couldn’t even recall much.

If she went ahead with this, she knew she would have to hide. Disguise herself, or her plan wouldn‘t work.

She would get close to her past self. She wouldn’t have to live with this regret. She wouldn’t have to live at all, because she knew this time around… she would do what was right.

A smiling face, a baby’s first cries, and soft blue eyes holding a small child. A beautiful memory of the birth of a new star.

A lovers coronation before a city reborn in crystal.

If she went through with this, everything she had come to love would never come to pass. She would create the ultimate taboo of the Gates.

She would change time… and her marriage, her kingdom would never come to pass… and even her own daughter would never have a chance to exist.

Visions of a kingdom’s destruction, and the tragic death of her own child instantly strengthened her resolve.

The gift of life wasn’t worth the price of this death.

Nothing was worth this.

She’d need a disguise… and what better mask than one that reminded her of everything she would be giving up. All the memories of her dear friends, the Eternal Senshi, and her own sweet pink haired child.

As the gates opened and she stepped in, Sailor Cosmos was forgotten and small, pink haired child with a familiar umbrella was left floating through the skies.

Sailor Chaos would never harm anyone. Everyone she had loved and would come to love… would cease to exist. The pain they’d all felt through the countless eons of an illogical war fought between light and dark, good and evil… would end not in their own era- her present, but in the past, before tragedy could ever strike.

A place where before they all faded, and before her own inevitable death would occur …she could spend at least these final moments among those that she loved. Among memories long forgotten but cherished.

As she looked around at a city she loved the most above all, she was reminded of who she once was and she smiled, as none other than herself looked at her in pure and innocent wonderment.

She’d end it all, because they weren’t the same person… because this person, Usagi Tsukino, didn’t live with such a crushing regret, and Sailor Cosmos, no Chibi Chibi, should make sure that the crushing regret she felt would never even come to exist in the first place.


They were as adorable and as intelligent as she remembered them. The Amazonness Quartet.

“Are you… the Ultimate Sailor Moon?”

She can’t help but think of how sly she’s become, as she avoids answering the question directly.

How could she admit to being such a person? Eternal Sailor Moon… fighting until the end, even when everyone was gone, she never lost hope because the memory of everyone’s hope remained inside her. Everyone believing in her, no matter what. How could she admit to being the future, when the future she was from she had forsaken everyone. She had scuffed at hope, and intended to destroy everyone and everything so that a single being would never life. So that one person wouldn’t be born, she’d do so even if it meant billions and many more wouldn’t be born either…

She didn’t deserve the title. She didn’t deserve to be the future. She didn’t deserve to be Sailor Cosmos… she wasn’t the hope of the Universe… she was nothing but a failure living in the shadow of a person she once was and what everyone still wanted her to be.

Most people looked to the future, to dream about who they wanted to become. She came to the past, so that she could be reminded of who she once was. Who she was meant to be.

Everyone she loved had been lost, everything she knew was gone… but nothing in this universe is final, and to every end, there is a new beginning.

In the future, the end is waiting for me and it’s okay, because I’m sure that no matter what, with the power of hope and the cycle of our stars, we will find each other again. We always do, we always will and no matter how tragedy strikes, we can’t possibly hope to appreciate all the wonderful moments filled with goodness and happiness without first understanding all the bad and the sadness.

Because the power of hope is only born when one will fight no matter how helpless a situation has become, otherwise… no one would bother, and miracles wouldn’t exist to show us how worthwhile despite being mysterious, everything truly is.
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Unashamed Sailor Moon Crystal lover // Formerly Saturn Skyy - until I found out that it was the name of a car
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Age : 28
Location : Arendele

The Story of Sailor Cosmos Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Story of Sailor Cosmos   The Story of Sailor Cosmos I_icon_minitime16th May 2013, 6:54 pm

Gah!!! That was so good! The Story of Sailor Cosmos 378648805

I love how you added depth to her character without going away from cannon much!! The Story of Sailor Cosmos 2231137394
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Star Seed


Star Seed

Title : The Hybrid Enigma
Posts : 1465
Join date : 2013-01-08
Location : A far away land, where mystery and adventure are rich and bountiful, and where dreams are not wished, but granted <3

The Story of Sailor Cosmos Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Story of Sailor Cosmos   The Story of Sailor Cosmos I_icon_minitime18th May 2013, 12:07 pm

YEY Thank you, thank you that makes me very happy^^

Sailor Cosmos was such a tragic and surprisingly weak character for me. a lot of people call her really powerful and the ultimate Sailor Senshi but the manga admits that it was her past self, as Eternal Sailor Moon that was the ultimate. Sailor Cosmos may have immense power, but her heart had weakened immensely to where she made many mistakes, some that would have ultimately destroyed the entire cosmos if she succeeded.

It reminded me a lot of how I hear people in the police force or military speak some times.

"Sometimes sacrificing one life is the only option so that many others can be saved"

Sailor Cosmos train of thought was the exact opposite when she tried to get Eternal Sailor Moon to destroy the cauldron.

"The many don't matter, as long as the one dies."

Kinda startlingly considering Sailor Cosmos is the future self Usagi. She finally loses her way and tries to commit an evil act even though her intentions are good. In the end she's saved but it's the first time we ever get to see Usagi step off that pedestal so many people place her on^^ even I used too, it's nice too see the added depth to her character in such a strange and mysterious way.

We even see as Neo Queen Serenity this is around the time her heart starts to weaken.

Reminds me of how I liked being a carefree kid and wish I could go back to being that way lol
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Unashamed Sailor Moon Crystal lover // Formerly Saturn Skyy - until I found out that it was the name of a car
Posts : 1044
Join date : 2013-03-07
Age : 28
Location : Arendele

The Story of Sailor Cosmos Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Story of Sailor Cosmos   The Story of Sailor Cosmos I_icon_minitime24th May 2013, 11:06 am

Quote :
"The many don't matter, as long as the one dies."

Oh wow, I had never thought about this part of her plan.

I almost feel like Cosmos showed that even someone like Usagi can fall. She was a guiding light for so many people, but even she is not immune to the suffering and pain that she was put through all of her life. Also, in my head Sailor Cosmos and Chaos's battle was not until millions of years in the future, and I believe that all of her friends and family are long gone. Does not justify her actions but I like to think it adds to the tragicness
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Star Seed


Star Seed

Title : The Hybrid Enigma
Posts : 1465
Join date : 2013-01-08
Location : A far away land, where mystery and adventure are rich and bountiful, and where dreams are not wished, but granted <3

The Story of Sailor Cosmos Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Story of Sailor Cosmos   The Story of Sailor Cosmos I_icon_minitime25th May 2013, 3:33 am


With me, I feel that it was a millennium or more in the future when Sailor Cosmos and Sailor Chaos were born. I think that Crystal Tokyo thrived for much longer than the Silver Millennium. I believe Chaos did destroy her loved ones though.

I do like another theory. One in which the senshi might have passed on and Neo Queen Serenity was somehow immortal(Immortal doesn't always mean unable to be killed, sometimes this word is used to describe those that do not age or die unless someone or something kills them) which only made her weakened heart even weaker. Her senshi's remaing families and her own family were then slaughtered by Sailor Chaos.

Either scenario, it's mentioned in the manga Sailor Chaos kills her loved ones.

Another thing is mentioned, is that the battles between her and Chaos go on for such a long time, and she hints that there is no longer anything to save.

People often call her a coward and assume she ran away from the fight because she lost her loves ones or she was afraid of Chaos or she was losing and I don't see that perspective when I read the manga.

The battles were never ending, and only suffering was left everywhere. She was quoted saying the losses were too great, that even if she won it wasn't even worth it anymore. That is how she came to the decision to have Eternal Sailor Moon destroy the cauldron.

When she met the first real incarnation of Chaos that existed before Chaos became Sailor Chaos and before all those awful tragedies could ever occur.

To her, it was a fate worse than death, and death was kinder then letting these events come to pass, even if that meant everything would die from that point on.

I'm sure when she realized that fighting became pointless, she thought of everything. She didn't seem all that happy even as Neo Queen Serenity, she seemed tired and sad and her heart was weaker.

Many people mistake her weak heart as weak in powers and that is not what Naoko was trying to portray. You can be the most powerful being there is, but if your heart is weak, you are affected by your own emotions and that is something that makes people cause mistakes, and why Neo Queen Serenity regretted not executing the Death Phantom when she first had the chance. Her weak heart was tired of having to be the one responsible to kill or order peoples deaths, so she banished him and then it lead to the events of the Dark Moon saga, because her weak heart wouldn't allow her to kill a human, despite him having been a murderer.

As Sailor Cosmos she must have reached her own breaking point where that fatigue from fighting made her think ending it all was better than continuing after all, even Princess Serenity had been prone to think death was better than living lonely, killing herself when everyone she had loved died, her friends and her lover dead around her drove her to drive the sword through her heart rather than to keep fighting.

Neo Queen Serenity and Sailor Cosmos seem to appreciate Sailor Moon, Usagi, and they thank her, and they praise her as the one that is strongest because she is. Maybe not in power, because it's even stated that Neo Queen Serenity is a step above power than Eternal Sailor Moon but the strength they are talking about isn't magic or power but her heart which is still so pure and good because Usagi doesn't give up. She doesn't forsake anyone but she will also fight even if it means killing.

She had to fight her loved ones many times. Stabbing Endymion. Killing her senshi that had become evil after their starseeds were stolen. She still did it because she believed even though they died, she would either follow after them, or she would find another way to save them.

Princess Serenity hadn't had the chance to become anything. Not a warrior, not a pacifist. She didn't really know how to fight, when faced with the death of all her loved ones she took her own life.

Sailor Moon was a warrior, when faced with battle and the death of her loved ones she would fight. When she killed Endymion, she knew she had to but she also intended to kill herself right after. They survived but scenarios like this happened often. Her first option was always to fight, and in the end as Eternal Sailor Moon she didn't jump into the cauldron in order to kill herself even though she figured she might die, she did it to save everyone, a final "strategy" sacrificing herself in order to bind Chaos so that the battle would be over, and she didn't have to kill everyone by destroying the Cauldron.

Neo Queen Serenity was a pacifist. When creating her Kingdom, she banished those that didn't agree with her laws of peace. When a murderous man arose and started killing, she couldn't bring herself to fight him. It was her responsibility to stop him as Queen, but she didn't want to kill him despite that he had power he was still a human and she banished him instead to Nemesis. Because she couldn't fight, he grew in power, tainted people on earth to follow him and many many people died because she didn't want to kill one man.

Sailor Cosmos was a fallen angel of sorts. Always having been held in high regards but having fallen from grace, her heart at it's highest weakness. Where as Neo Queen Serenity she didn't want to kill one man and many died, Cosmos was ready to end the lives of everyone in order to kill one person, Sailor Chaos.

Both Neo Queen Serenity and Sailor Cosmos only realized the error of their ways, after being reminded of when they were at their strongest, when they were Usagi.

It's really cool for me to think about the deeper aspects of the story. To see how it unfolds and all the things. Too look at the perspectives of the characters through their own eyes, as they say, walking a mile in their shoes, to truly understand the intentions.

I like Sailor Cosmos's character, because it shows how human Usagi really is. Neo Queen Serenity may have made a mistake she ended up regretting but she was still such a saintly like character choosing not to fight, being the pacifist, while as Sailor Cosmos she started fighting again but because she had lost her way, she broke a lot of rules.

One being the intent to change the timeline, and the other intending to end everything.

Really mind blowing when you think about it^^

Other favorite characters of mine would be Setsuna, Hotaru and Minako because of their own unique mind sets^^
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PostSubject: Re: The Story of Sailor Cosmos   The Story of Sailor Cosmos I_icon_minitime

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The Story of Sailor Cosmos

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