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 Sailor Lambda- One Shots

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Queen of the darkside of the moon
Posts : 930
Join date : 2012-11-10
Age : 32

PostSubject: Sailor Lambda- One Shots   18th May 2013, 3:20 pm

So this has one-shots about Sailor Lambda (My oc) and the things she is/has/will do. I posted this before so..

Quote :

"We did it!" Neo Moon cried out as the enemy became dust. "It's finally over.." She turned and looked back at the others, yet found that she was still alone. "No..No where is everyone?"

She looked and looked, but couldn't find a single soul alive in the rumble of what used to be crystal palace. "No...Vesta..Ceres.. Pallas..Juno- "

Light of the moon fell on her in this desolet place as she realized she was the only living thing alive for miles on end. The only one that had survived the last encounter with one of Chaos's minions.

"Senshi of Love and justice."

Tear-streaked, Neo Moon Looked up at the figure illuminated by the moon, "Who..who are you?"

"Sanctity of the moon." The Figure continues, "What you have done was neither of those yet only one stands. Justice. Throw away those other useless titles and become a senshi of Justice- Sailor Neo Moon."

"But.. my friends.. I.."

"You stand for justice- that shall be your new purpose. Give Justice to the fallen. Protect those that seek only justice."

All at once, Neo Moon could feel a power foreign to herself over come her. No! Her memories! They were slowly disappearing, all that she was.. all that she had been-!

"No! Stop it! What are you doing to me?" She held her head, "I'm.. I'm Sailor Neo Moon! I'm Usagi! I'm Princess Lady Serenity! I'm Sai..lor.. Moon! I am SAILOR MOON! I-!"

"You shall start a new life as a solider for Justice." Toneless and almost cold, it was as if the sight of Neo Moon struggles didn't mean a thing. In fact, it really didn't.

Sailor Lambda thought this was such a pointless struggle on the senshi's part but in the end, the transformation was complete. Only a soldier of justice remained. Tapping the staff once on the ground, the Earth began to change slowly around them as vegetation overtook the ruined city of Crystal Tokyo.

"Start again and we shall see if it makes a difference." Looking towards the senshi that stood now she raised her hand. "Warrior for Justice, this is your new star. Your name-"

"I ..Am.."
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Queen of the darkside of the moon
Posts : 930
Join date : 2012-11-10
Age : 32

PostSubject: Re: Sailor Lambda- One Shots   18th May 2013, 3:40 pm

I wanted to try some second person thing. Just to see if I could.

End, Beginning

You stop, staring across from you is the very thing that had made you suffer for so much. All of your friends, your queen, your prince, your home- everyone (even your lover!) is gone because of this thing before you.

You managed to achieve Sailor Cosmos status because of them, though. Those that had followed you into battle are cheering in the background. They're calling for you- you who are now their new queen because you have just defeated the thing that destroyed all your lives.

Sailor Chaos is no more.

You think it's over, you have won and there's nothing left to do but to rebuild. You believe it will never happen again.

You are were so wrong about that.

You're still alive, thousands of years later, and you live as a beacon of several world's hopes. Yet you know something is not right. Something is slithering through the kingdoms you helped build. You try to investigate this, but it eludes you. What is it that is bothering you? Something..

Something is off here.

Yet even as you rise from your throne, you could feel the dread threading through your heart.

Because you know, you just know that peace was never truly meant to last. From here, you began to understand more and more the complexities of your world, your life, and your position.

But what conclusion will you come to at the end of this?

You don't know. All you know is that there are stars going missing and you, Sailor Cosmos, must find out why.


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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Queen of the darkside of the moon
Posts : 930
Join date : 2012-11-10
Age : 32

PostSubject: Re: Sailor Lambda- One Shots   2nd August 2013, 10:45 am

Death of a senshi 

You have observed this star's life almost from the very beginning of it's incarnation here. In this strange land, your tail sways and the quills on the back of your neck stand up as the wind ruffles through them.  This star- Sailor something or another.  She-he-whatever- has just completed their task.  Saving this alien world where the skies turn red and the evenings are blue,  she has collapsed on the ground and is staring up at you.

Her-his-whatever eyes dilate and a soft cooing sound tumbles out of the scaly throat as a greeting. You know what she-he-whatever is trying to say.  That this was the end, the cycle of life would end here.  You have no comforting words to offer, the sailor crystal was already separating from the body and those gathering around are moaning out a song of their peoples. 

'Hero' they say, 'savior'

But you're not paying any attention to that.  Your jaws open and shut quickly, turning your head you watch the Sailor Crystal fly off, knowing it will be reincarnated again- and soon. 

You think, perhaps this one might be the one to become a Cosmos. Perhaps. Maybe even take your mantle if it does well.  The thought is abstract, though.  Many had the potential but none have succeeded thus far. 

You stalk away, ignoring the calls to join in the mourning of this planet's guardian senshi. It is not your place nor do you feel incline to mourn over flesh.


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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Queen of the darkside of the moon
Posts : 930
Join date : 2012-11-10
Age : 32

PostSubject: Re: Sailor Lambda- One Shots   3rd August 2013, 4:51 am


You stare at her as she walks towards you in this place where the roar of life continues on and on.This is the palace that dwells at the heart of the Milky Way's Galaxy Cauldron.   Leaning against the arm of the chair, you know your next move as the person before you kneels. 

It is Sailor Agathos, back from her last mission, yet still she remains in that form of that Mauian. You idly wonder if she enjoys that form, but know that it doesn't actually matter.  Still, you lift your hand, and her yellow and black outfit disperses, leaving the crimson and reddish outfit of her true form. 


Not that she needs to.  You already know what transpired here, but you make her say it anyway so it is recorded in the memory of the Cauldron.  Her story will be a long one, you can tell- even if time is meaningless. 

She goes on about this "Sailor Moon"  for some length of time leaving nothing out and about her own life as 'Luna'.   Her story goes on and on as Sailor Kakos returns with her own tale to tell.  Just as well,  Agathos's story is ending soon. 

"Do you believe," Sailor Agathos looks up at you curiously, "That she could become Lambda?"

You already know the answer and you don't bother to even look at her when you say it.

"No.  That star is powerful, true, but it only has the capabilities to become a Cosmos. It's mate, however, could also ascend in a few more turns.  Now, Sailor Kakos, report."

Kakos launches into her life as the guardian of another senshi.   

Your eyes barely open as you know what happened there too.  You can already see it- that senshi will become Sailor Chaos.

It's fortunate for you that neither of your servants can see the tiny slip of a smile on your face as you think on the continuing cycle. Forever and ever.. stars being born and dying.


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Sailor Lambda- One Shots

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