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 [SPOILER] "Déjà vu"s of the anime

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PostSubject: [SPOILER] "Déjà vu"s of the anime   22nd May 2013, 12:31 pm

The Sailor Moon anime sometimes gives a second appearance for a one-time character or includes some once already seen theme/certain item into a later episode or movie. This is the place to discuss what deja vus you have experienced while watching the anime.

I noticed that some girls in the SuperS movie wore almost identical school uniforms to the Mugen Academy uniforms, except that the design looked more like a combination of the girls' and boys' uniform of Mugen Academy and the school crest was different. Maybe this similar design was made on purpose?


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PostSubject: Re: [SPOILER] "Déjà vu"s of the anime   23rd May 2013, 1:37 pm

I noticed in one of the episodes that I re-watched recently, that while the scene panned across Usagi's classroom, I saw that skinny dark-haired girl from the episode where they try to slim down. She was just sitting there in this episode while Naru and Umino talked to Usagi LOL


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[SPOILER] "Déjà vu"s of the anime

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