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 SeraMyu ~ Mamoru and Chibiusa's importance (Contains Spoilers)

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PostSubject: SeraMyu ~ Mamoru and Chibiusa's importance (Contains Spoilers)   26th May 2013, 2:06 am

Mamoru and Chibiusa's importance

The realization struck me a while ago when I listened to SeraMyu tracks and had watched a musical not long ago. I noticed that both, Mamoru and Chibiusa got a lot of emphasis throughout the Myu storylines and that many events' outcomes actually depended on them.

Chibiusa is the one who was there to give the enemies the final strike together with Sailor Moon in majority of the Myus and many times she is the one who transforms first or runs to help her friends when they are in danger despite the threat that she herself might get hurt badly (or even killed in Last Dracul). She even gets her own Sailor soldier group just like in the manga and comes to the rescue when most needed, just like Mamoru.

Mamoru is the one who gets a lot of chances and moments to shine and he actually takes down their enemies by his hands, stopping the battle all by himself. In Stars musicals he manages to get to Galaxia's headquarters alone just in time to rescue Sailor Moon before she and Galaxia would have started the final battle against each other and gives Usagi the strength to go on. And not only does he truly step inside the battle field but his future form, King Endymion, follows Chibiusa back to the past after her rebellion and helps out all Sailor Soldiers on the deserted Kaguya island, not to even mention that he joins the battle against Dark Plasman and is there with his past self in order to fight. In one musical Mamoru also had to disguise himself as one of the enemies to rescue Chibiusa and thanks to that he was able to get to the laboratory without anyone suspecting anything until he revealed his true identity.

He does not just use roses as his weapons but aims his Smoking Bomber towards the enemies. On top of that, Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber is not his only single attack since he also has two Myu exclusive attacks - Tuxedo Mirage and Tuxedo Reverse. And just like in the manga, Mamoru and Chibiusa join forces performing their combined attack, Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack.

Not only do these two have quite big parts and great moments in the SeraMyus but Mamoru and Chibiusa are the ones who get the majority of solo songs:

Mamoru's songs are Tuxedo Mission, Tuxedo Royale, a Knight for Sailor Soldiers, Miracle Twister, I Do Justice, And Believe in All, Here Comes the Tuxedo Mask, And Believe in All Summer 2004 version, Tuxedo Versus and Prince of the Earth.

Chibiusa's songs are Mata Mata Chibiusa Desu, Chibiusa no Kokoroiki, Chibiusa no Hanran, Kono Kodou Kara Yoru wa Umarenai, Pinky Typhoon, Pinky Typhoon Summer 2004 version and Chibiusa no Umi.

(I hope that I did not skip any song but I did this list being pretty tired so it is possible)

These are only the songs that Mamoru and Chibiusa have sung as solos and I must say that there are quite a few of them, aren't there?

As a synopsis of my thoughts I will say that I am very happy that Mamoru and Chibiusa got bigger roles in the Myus as seeing them in the spotlight, focused and developed as characters in the story is definitely something I greatly enjoy and like about.


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SeraMyu ~ Mamoru and Chibiusa's importance (Contains Spoilers)

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