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 The 'Die Superhits fur Kids' albums

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PostSubject: The 'Die Superhits fur Kids' albums   6th June 2013, 3:18 am

And I thought the Japanese has some strange tastes, apparently Germany is just as guilty...well, thats the impression I got after listening to these things.

These albums are a real mixed bag. I can see why they where made, they used Sailor Moon as a marketing tool, take a bunch of hit songs, stick them on a CD and slap the Sailor Moon name on it to make it sell. Its a practice thats been done here in the US too. But the songs themselves range from "pretty cool", to "it's okay" to "really bland and boring" to "why is this on a Sailor Moon album?" to "ugh, really awful! My ears!" to "SWEET JESUS!!! You put this song on a CD FOR CHILDREN?!?!". I swear, some of the songs they put on here, they put them on there just because "they sounded cool" and didn't realize that some of the lyrics where inappropriate for kids. Some of the songs, like "Tarzan and Jane"(A5) by Toybox, are fine (as its one of those songs where its fun when your a kid, but you realize when your older what the lyrics *really* mean), but there's a few songs where they don't hide the talk about sex at all. The type of songs that would cause the more conservative parents to flip out. ><

(A#=Album #)
There's some gems on these albums, like Blumchen and Sash!, and tracks like "Hijo de Luna"(A5) by Loona, and "Dreams"(A4) by Nana is one of the few rap songs I've come to like. Hearing "Too much of Heaven"(A10) by Eiffel 65 and "Lucky"(A12) by Britney Spears made me smile and kinda nostalgic, as I loved those two as a kid.
But the remakes of classic songs like "Do Wah Diddy" (A1) and "Broken Wings" (A3) make my ears wanna bleed. Mythos N DJ Cosmo's version of "Send Me An Angel"(A9) is decent, but I much prefer Zeromancer's take on the song. They managed to capture what made the original great while adding their own unique, signature flavor. Then there's alot of rap tracks scattered throughout these albums that feel very out of place on a Sailor Moon CD, and tracks like "Hey you (open up your mind)"(A1) by Daisy Dee...why is this is even on a kids CD?! O_o
As for "I want you"(A7) by Michael Evans...is that supposed to be some TV theme song? Can someone explain? Google is giving me nothing on it.

This old site had a detailed write up of the first 3 albums. Album 1, Album 2, Album 3
I've been tempted to do write ups for the remaining albums they didn't do, but the later ones weren't as bad as the earlier ones where.

If you wanna hear for yourself, Sailor Moon Center has them, along with other German albums, including the Super Moonies.

Anyways, lets discuss. What do you think of these albums, are there any songs you really like/dislike? Any of these song/artists showcased on here your favorite?


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The 'Die Superhits fur Kids' albums

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