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 Nathy's story

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PostSubject: Nathy's story   Nathy's story I_icon_minitime26th August 2011, 12:30 am

Pairing: Mamoru/Usagi
Drabble based on "Lovesong", by The Cure

"Bijousho Senshi Sailor Moon" belongs to Naoko Takeuchi." I'm sorry for eventual mistakes, English isn't my first language. Nathy's story 2632955583


He kept having these dreams where the silhouette of this lady always asked him about the Ginzouishou - something that at the first moments, he didn't know what she was talking about and mostly, who was she; but there was something comforting in her voice, her presence and he felt it on his own heart. He remembers waking up right after the first dream he had, his heart was pounding so fast inside his chest and he realized that he wasn't able to sleep again or simply relax. He paced around his apartment, looking for things to do, a book to read but nothing seemed to soothe him. He turned the radio on; he knew that Juuban FM should be playing some classic rock songs and it would have some effect on him.

He listened to the song. The dream was making some sense to him now.


It was the first time that he and Usagi were on his apartment, right after the battle against the Black Moon was over; they knew about Chibiusa and that besides their past, they also have a future together. Both loved each other but, at the same time, they were confused about it: were they in love just because their past lives or theyr really loved each other?

Mamoru was at his kitchen, making some coffee for both while Usagi was looking for something on her purse.

"Mamo-chan, can I put some music for us?"

At first, he thought it would be some crappy and mindless pop music and sighed, before answer her sarcastically, "You better listen to good music, Usako. If you put some dumb pop song, I'll kill you!" and he could listen to her giggles while she was messing up with his stereo.

Familiar chords flooded his ears and he could feel Usagi's arms surrounding him from behind, her forehead touching his back and her voice singing along to the lyrics.

"The Cure?"
"Since when you like them?"

Mamoru turned around to rest his arms on her shoulders, crossing them behind her back. The coffee was brewing, he could feel its smell but he also could feel the strawberry scent coming from Usagi's body. She smiled, answering his question. "I went to the record store the other day with the girls and this song started to play. I don't know what happened inside me but I asked the guy from the store what song it was abd who was singing and he handled me a The Cure's cd and since then, when I feel alone or missing you, I listen to this."

Mamoru couldn't help but smile and say, along with the song, "Whenever I'm alone with you, you make me feel like I am home again" and before lean to kiss Usagi, he heard her reply, "However long I stay, I will always love you". Both smiled at each other and she caressed his hand, taking it and resting over her chest. "I will always love you, not because it was meant to be, but because it's you, Chiba Mamoru who makes me feel complete again".

His blue eyes were brighter, his hand could feel her heart beating calmly while his was like a drum. She got on her feet's tips and kissed him, a mix of chaste yet intense kiss.

He couldn't think about anything except Usagi and her words, her attitude but he lost his train of thoughts when Usagi took his hands and walked back to the living room, never breaking the kiss, sitting on the sofa, pulling him against her, feeling the weight of his body against hers. It wasn't the first time they were making out on Mamoru's sofa but certainly this was the most passionate so far.

"Not here... my room", Mamoru whispered in Usagi's ear, while kissing her neck.

"Free again... I will always love you." - she replied, before getting up from the couch with his help and starting unbutton her summer dress.



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Nathy's story

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