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 Europa Knight's Fanfictions of DOOM!

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Europa's Knight
Star Seed

Star Seed

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Europa Knight's Fanfictions of DOOM! Empty
PostSubject: Europa Knight's Fanfictions of DOOM!   Europa Knight's Fanfictions of DOOM! I_icon_minitime21st June 2013, 12:30 am

Okay, I'm setting this up as a place for me to introduce, discuss, and randomly explode the various plot bunnies that have been running around my head. I am an absolutely HORRIBLE addict to crossovers and similar things, though I've rarely been able to do too much in terms of writing them. However, I STILL want to do so!

Personally, I find myself able to write more if I get feedback, so I'm hoping that you guys will be honest with me and tell me how good/bad/apocolyptically horrible they are! BRING ON THE FLAMES!

First Idea:

Name: Fate/Stay Moon
Type: Crossover
Titles: Sailor Moon, Fate series

Idea: This would be set in the Death Busters arc, but the senshi would be transferring out of Juuban and onto Homurahara Gakuen in Fuyuki City after the amount of damage done to Juuban's area was sealed off. What happens when the Senshi must find three sacred relics to prevent the Death Busters from gaining the Holy Grail.... while at the same time a group of local mages is trying to find their OWN way to it?

Tools by which to bring it about:
Kaolonite is a Sealing Designate who wants revenge on the Association and has decided to do so by using the help of two Types (Mistress 9 and Tomoe) in order to cheat the Grail System and thus gain the Akashic Root while everything else burns.

The Talismans are keys to unlocking the original Grail, not the Heaven's Feel one, but its energies allow for the summoning of the Fuyuki Grail early, thus allowing Angra Manyu to merge the two together in order to try and devour the world before Pharoah 90 can.

The Death Busters aren't as weak as before, and the power of Servants is actually required to bring some of them down.

Uranus and Neptune unknowingly trespass on Rin's territory, and are brought in to be questioned by Archer.

Pluto/Setsuna is either the actual Blue, or a similarly leveled magus known by the association, or just scares the pants off of them.

The Association has shut down Juuban area to investigate what is happening with the Senshi. (Beryl and the other Chaos children kind of made a gigantic mess over there...)
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Europa's Knight
Star Seed

Star Seed

Posts : 20
Join date : 2013-05-29

Europa Knight's Fanfictions of DOOM! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Europa Knight's Fanfictions of DOOM!   Europa Knight's Fanfictions of DOOM! I_icon_minitime21st June 2013, 12:42 am

Second Idea:

Name: Hollow Senshi
Type: Crossover
Titles: Sailor Moon, Bleach
Rating: PG 13

Idea:  This would pretty much follow the Sailor Moon manga from the beginning, with a bit of a change... Usagi can see ghosts.  While this doesn't really affect her life too much, she is seen as a bit of a wierdo for talking about them, or to them.  However, this changes when a certain black cat crosses her path and names her Sailor Moon.  Her first adventure saving Osaka Naru will go as normal... but what will she do when she returns home to find a Hollow attacking her family?

Yes, I know this is kind of odd, putting Usagi into Kurosaki's place, but bear with me!  First of all, she is NOT a shinigami, substitute or otherwise.  NO Rukia doesn't team up with her.  Why do I do this?  Because I got to thinking one day... Usagi's soul was stuck in the wait line for reincarnation for 10,000 years... All of that time unable to pass on... And those who watch/read Bleach know very well what happens to THOSE souls!

Usagi will retain her manga personality, at least for the majority of the story.  However, being that she's a reincarnated Hollow will make for some interesting events... I actually have the first section done up for this one, so please let me know what you think!  Oh, and 10 cookies to whoever figures out what the first part is!!!


Chapter 1: Moonlight Serenade

Blood and iron could be scented on the wind, along with the taint of burnt steel and claw, of sweat and breath from hoarse throats...  Sparks flew as metal grated along stone as hard as granite, multiple blades screaming along its surface in an attempt to vivisect the elusive being that their wielder fought against.  But the target practically pranced out of range as the delicate steel flared out at him.  By now this was an old game played between the two... though many would say that such a 'game' would only be found in Hell.  In a way, they would be right...

The male laughed as his opponent roared in rage and frustration and bloodlust, the light in her eyes showing that nothing would satisfy her short of his every drop of blood splattered onto the ground, or possibly down her throat...  Again his paw lashed out, claws outstretched to tear the expression from her once angelic face, only to have her talons rise and bat it away, forcing them further apart, leaving light scrapes along both of their iron skins...  His own eyes shone with barely disguised scorn and derision, while at the same time an insane light that drove him to continue to seek battle with this angry female in a combination of sadomasochistic glee and pure satisfaction of ancient hatred.  Digging his legs into the gritty sand and stone, he pushed off once more to slash at her, the air screaming in protest of the speeds that they moved at as his claws missed their main target, her collarbone, due to his slightly shorter opponent ducking into a sweep of her leg, which he nimbly flipped over, scraping her back with his rear claws as he pushed off of it before her wings came up and scissored where he'd been nanoseconds before.

Landing on the other side, the acrobatic male turned just in time to sway to the side in an effort to avoid a return strike from her hand, black claws like oil sliding through the air in a mirror of his own attempt moments before as her leg came up in a high kick to follow up.  It was a blow that her opponent helped by moving back, then lashing out with a kick of his own, landing on her calve and throwing her up and backwards as he almost dashed in, only to back off even before the bladed feathers threatened to carve him into meaty feline chunks.  Blue eyes narrowed as he grunted, smile threatening to rip his cheeks apart as he roared in response....


"USAGIIIII!!!!  Time to wake uuuuup!"

"Uuuuuggghhh.... Just five more minutes...?"

Hey there, my name is Tsukino Usagi, 16 years old, blonde, blue-eyed, and VERY much NOT a morning person.  Actually, I'm not much of a day person for that matter, much preferring to sleep in, relax, and read some manga in bed until late afternoon.  Sadly, life doesn't really seem to care all that much about what we want, and so I'm stuck going to Junior High like pretty much everyone cursed to be going through puberty...  Okay, so I failed two years, shut up already!  It's embarrassing enough to admit it!

"Usagi!  It's after 8 o'clock!"

"Eeeeeeeeeek!!  I'm gonna be late!"

Of course, that's not to say I *can't* get up when I need to.  I just need a little... prompting.  Yeah, that's the word I'm looking for.  I don't like to admit it, but I'm a bit of a crybaby.  I tend to whine when I have to do something I don't want to, like chores or homework...  It's really rather embarrassing, but I can't help it!

"Waaaaaah!  Mom you dummy, why didn't you wake me up sooner!  Why does morning have to come so early?  I'm still sleepy...  I don't want to have to go to school!"

"Watch it young lady!  You could get hurt rushing around like that!" a man said, hovering from the sidewalk.

"Sorry Mr. Hanchez!  Don't scare too many people!"

"Kids these days..." the old man stated before seeming to disappear.

Oh yeah... it doesn't help that I'm the only one who can see ghosts in this town.

Wierd, right?  I mean, you'd think that everyone could see them!  They certainly do seem to be able to do many of the things humans do...  They walk, they seem to breath, they like to see a sunrise, or smell cookies baking... But for some reason, everyone always looked at me funny when I told them about the ghosts!  Nowadays I keep it to myself, but it doesn't stop me from saying hi to them.  I guess most people just think I'm a little eccentric because of it...
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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

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Europa Knight's Fanfictions of DOOM! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Europa Knight's Fanfictions of DOOM!   Europa Knight's Fanfictions of DOOM! I_icon_minitime20th August 2013, 6:51 pm

Id say u continue stories. I'm Book addict, so I love reading. I actually am liking your ideas. Plz don't stop!


Europa Knight's Fanfictions of DOOM! DXHFt7w
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Europa Knight's Fanfictions of DOOM! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Europa Knight's Fanfictions of DOOM!   Europa Knight's Fanfictions of DOOM! I_icon_minitime

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Europa Knight's Fanfictions of DOOM!

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