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 Candy's fanfic: Forever Intertwined

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Sailor Candy
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Sailor Candy

Pyramidal Crystal

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Candy's fanfic: Forever Intertwined  Empty
PostSubject: Candy's fanfic: Forever Intertwined    Candy's fanfic: Forever Intertwined  I_icon_minitime25th July 2013, 8:21 am

So, I got this idea randomly the other day. What if, in the manga, Usagi and Mamoru decided to work together after learning each others identities? I planned it out in my head and started typing. 

The first chapter has a lot of canon events, so I'm kinda sorry.  Candy's fanfic: Forever Intertwined  2869872805 I'm writing the second chapter now, and there is only my imagination. Yay. 
Anyway, here's the first chapter!

She woke up in an unfamiliar room and squinted as the rising sun's rays hit her face. Sailor Moon pushed the clean white sheets off her body and sat up in the bed. Where was she? The blonde only remembered her dream, the one she kept having each night. A man would call out to her, but she could never see him clearly. For some reason, it always made her feel depressed.

She glanced at her lap and saw a glittering object. It was a broken watch that showed the moon phases. Weird. Isn't that the same one as Tuxedo Kamen's? 
The girl de-transformed back into Tsukino Usagi and blushed, remembering he had seen her transformation earlier. Is he an ally? Why is he always there to rescue her? Who is he?

The door creaked open. "You're finally awake," said a man's voice gently. The odangoed girl turned her head, and couldn't believe her eyes. Standing right before her was Chiba Mamoru. That guy she accidentally throws papers at and calls her Odango What was going on? 

"Do you - ," 

"I live here." The blonde was puzzled. How did she get here? 
The black-haired young man asked, "You don't remember?" She spotted a cape, hat, and mask lying on the couch and felt her heartbeat race. "After the battle, you fainted or something and wouldn't wake up." 

Never had Usagi felt so stupid in her life. She hopped off the bed, grabbed the mask, and raised it to his face. It was so obvious! They both had the same voice, clothing, the same gorgeous deep blue eyes… 

"W-Why are you doing this," she stammered. Mamoru sighed and explained, "I have to get the crystal to get my memories. On my 6th birthday, my parents and I were riding in our car when we got into a car crash. I was the only survivor, but I couldn't remember anything. But in my dreams, there's this woman who tells me to get the Silver Crystal." 

The blonde murmured, "The moon princess." He cocked his head to one side. Moon princess? The young man demanded, "What's that?" Maybe she could help him. She is Sailor Moon, after all. 

"Well, Luna, my cat, said that the other Sailor Senshi and I are supposed to protect her and the crystal. So I think that when we find the moon princess, we'll find the Silver Crystal. But to find them, I think we need you." 

"You need me," he asked, full of shock. Usagi smiled and said brightly, "Of course! She's your dream girl, isn't she? I'll try to convince Luna and the girls, but for some reason she doesn't trust you. Ever since the masquerade ball, she's been angry at you. Do you know what happened? I don't remember anything after drinking that punch…"

Mamoru couldn't help but frown at the mention of Luna. That cat just hates him, doesn't she? He was sure she erased Usagi's memory with some freak moon cat mind powers so she'd forget the whole thing. But then again, it was kind of good now, because she'd never trust him after what happened. 

Exhausted from such a long night, the young woman reached for a glass of what she thought was juice. Sailor Moon became woozy, as the "juice" was actually wine, and fell into Tuxedo Kamen's arms. He carried her outside and laid her down on a bench outside. The man softly stroked her cheek. Ignoring his common sense, he bent over the girl and kissed her, feeling an odd sense of déjà vu. 

Suddenly a voice shrieked, "Get the hell away from her!" It was Luna. Tuxedo Kamen backed away from Sailor Moon quickly. She moved closer towards him. "Who are you? Why are you here?" He smirked and replied, "I need the Silver Crystal, same as you." She said coldly, "Are you an ally or not, Mamoru-san?" The man answered, "I don't know. We need the same thing, don't we? Maybe I'm an enemy." With a flip of his cape, he turned away and disappeared into the night. 

"Are you listening to me? Hello? Earth to Mamoru-kun?" Usagi's voice brought him back to reality. Blushing slightly, he said, "Sorry, I was thinking about something." She looked at him suspiciously. "Sure. Anyway, if you were paying attention to me, I was saying that maybe you have some kind of powers from the earth or something-"

"Why the earth?" 

"The moon goes around the earth." To her, it seemed like he was dumber every minute. She checked her wristwatch. It was getting late, and her parents would worry. 

"Before I go, I got to do something real quick," the blonde stated. She slapped him across the face. Mamoru yelled in pain, cradling his cheek. "What was that for?" She slyly smiled, and said, "That's for being a complete jerk and calling me Odango." Then Usagi pulled him into a hug before he could protest. She pulled away and headed to the door. "That was for trusting me. Can you meet me at 8:00 tomorrow morning in the park?" He nodded his head yes. "Okay then, see ya!" With a wink, she walked away. 

Did you like it? Please comment! Constructive critiques are appreciated!


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Love, Sailor Candy 
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Lotus Crystal

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Candy's fanfic: Forever Intertwined  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Candy's fanfic: Forever Intertwined    Candy's fanfic: Forever Intertwined  I_icon_minitime25th July 2013, 9:33 am

Great job my dear! I look forward to more! Smile


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Candy's fanfic: Forever Intertwined

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