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 [SPOILER] Something that's always confused me about R...

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PostSubject: [SPOILER] Something that's always confused me about R...   27th July 2013, 12:22 pm

I've always been a bit confused about Chibiusa in the R season and how much she knew coming into the past. She came from the future to look for the Silver Crystal. Upon arrival, she found Usagi, and she seems to know that Usagi Tsukino is the one who possesses the Silver Crystal (judging from how she pretty much demanded it from her with a gun).

But then it seemed as if she didn't know Usagi was Sailor Moon and the other girls were the senshi? There was an episode when she saw them transforming and she was all "What Usagi is Sailor Moon??"

So I'm confused. Did she not know that Usagi was Sailor Moon from the beginning? If so, how come she thought Usagi would possess the Silver Crystal? Did she just know that Usagi was her mother in the past and make the assumption that she would possess the crystal in the past as well? But then sometimes it's as if she didn't know about this as well and seemed just as surprised to discover that Usagi was her mom (or maybe I don't remember this correctly, it's been a while).

Anyway, yeah, maybe someone could shed some light on this. It's also possible I missed something entirely or forgot when it was all explained but it's been bothering me for a while.


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Star Seed


Star Seed

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PostSubject: Re: [SPOILER] Something that's always confused me about R...   27th July 2013, 2:03 pm

You know, that actually really confused me, as well... I was also confused when, in episode 62, Chibiusa thought that maybe Ami had the Silver Crystal; but, didn't she already establish that she knew it was Usagi who held it? So confusing...

Anyway, I've always heard the theory that Chibiusa doesn't recognize Usagi as her mother because present!Usagi acts nothing like Neo Queen Serenity... I'm sure that's true, but it still doesn't explain everything... Hmm... I'd like to know, too!
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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: [SPOILER] Something that's always confused me about R...   27th July 2013, 2:12 pm

It is confusing, little plot holes. My personal theory is that when ChibiUsa arrives from the future, she's so traumatized that she doesn't remember everything. She's this little girl after all whose being chased by these scary people who have attacked the only home she's known, her parents are disabled, and she's had to travel back in time to escape. I assume that she's blocking certain things to protect herself. Or that she isn't connecting all the pieces together until it's literally right in front of her so she can't deny it, such as the Senshi transforming right in front of her.


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[SPOILER] Something that's always confused me about R...

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