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 Saturn being awesome!

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Lotus Crystal


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Saturn being awesome! Empty
PostSubject: Saturn being awesome!   Saturn being awesome! I_icon_minitime29th July 2013, 10:00 am

Click for context

Chibimoon slowly got up to one knee and looked up in time to see Iscariot staring her down with a look of glee on his face. At last he was going to best the soldier that has been making his life a living hell. He charged up a powerful surge of dark energy and then released it in a wave towards the descendant of the White Moon. It rushed through the air as Chibiusa watched it through widened eyes and the Quartet cried out, “Chibimoon!” as they watched the scene helplessly. But just when all hope was about to be lost...


A powerful invisible barrier generated itself in front of Chibimoon just in time to stop the blast dead in its track and standing there in-between Iscariot and his prey was the representative of life and death, the grim reaper of the White Moon.

The Soldier of Silence.

“Hotaru-chan!” exclaimed Chibiusa happily.

Hotaru turned her head and offered a smile to her friend, “Setsuna-mama thought you could use some help.”

The happy reunion would be short lived as Iscariot released his frustration into a charge towards the Soldier of Silence. Chibiusa screamed, “Look out!” And Saturn turned her head back to the enemy in time to witness the impossible. Iscariot's hand breaking through the wall that was put up by the Silence Glaive and gripping the heart-shaped locket upon her chest.

“Embrace Chaos!” shouted Iscariot.

“NO!” screamed Chibiusa.

Chibiusa stood up to her feet with the Pink Moon Stick in hand but before she could do anything the black energy that poured out of Iscariot's fingertips and onto Saturn dispersed and to both his and Chibimoon's surprise, the Soldier of Silence stood immune to the energy's effect, large round violet eyes gazing sharply at the enemy before Saturn spun around and launched the Glaive into an upper-cut sending the man flying through the air away from the pair and crashing hard against the ground out in front of them causing a crack to form underneath the surface he landed on.

“I had enough chaos for one lifetime, thanks,” said Saturn.

Author Notes: As I'm no longer able to commit to writing the above fanfic in full I decided to write out individual scenes within the story that I had in my mind for months and were the scenes I wanted the most to publish. The point of the above scene, apart from introducing Saturn and showing how awesome she is, was to set up groundwork to suggest that her heart is more pure than Chibiusa's, as Chibiusa fell prey to the chaos within her heart whereas Hotaru was completely immune and would have been one of few to be able to resist the cult's power. Feedback is welcome.


Saturn being awesome! SailorVSig2
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Saturn being awesome!

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