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 [Theory] Aging- Silver Millennium and Crystal Tokyo

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PostSubject: [Theory] Aging- Silver Millennium and Crystal Tokyo   2nd August 2013, 12:56 pm

Alright, I can't help but have theories and thoughts about stuff.  (Gods, save me, I was thinking of how old they are when they died too.)

So, the Silver Crystal - as we all know-  can extend lifespans up to 1000yrs.  (I haven't seen otherwise)

Most people stop aging at the peak of their prime years or something similar. 

Though I'm starting to wonder about the ages- primiarly of the Queens- of when they stopped aging and what that actually means. 

Queen Serenity, by the notes that Naoko has in the Materials, is stated to look about 18 yrs old. Which means she stopped aging at 18. 

Neo Queen Serenity, supposedly more powerful, stopped aging around 22-23yrs old.

Chibiusa didn't start aging until she was 901yrs old<- that's most of her lifespan. 

So the question is this:

 Is the aging dictated by when the come into power (ie: ascend the throne in this case) or is there another reason all together and is dictated by when they have a child?

I was considering this because of what King Endymion said about NQ Serenity having not only ascended the throne but also gave birth and stopped aging from that point onward.

Based on that I thought that maybe, if the aging is tied into anything - it's when they become Queen.  Though, it could also be when they have a child.  

If that's the idea there, than there's reason enough to think that Chibiusa will age up until she has a child of her own or takes the throne. (which ever seems to come first)

I would like to think that she probably would be at least 980yrs old when she takes the throne. (Appearing probably at 24-25 yrs of age most likely.)

I base that number (980) off of how old NQSerenity must be during Crystal Tokyo- which is based off of Chibiusa's last known age of 902.

Since they both share a birthday, it's reasonable to think that NQ Serenity would have lived for 78yrs more until she dies of old age.  (Thus living out her 1000yrs.)  Endymion and some of the girls (if not most of them, sans Saturn) would've died before her, of course in a succession of months to a year or so.

With Saturn, she would probably end up being the very last member of the original group to die. (barring illness, accidents and such)

Based upon her last appearance in the Manga and looking to be about 9-11yrs old.  It's safe to say that Usagi and the other girls are at least 5-6 yrs older than she is. 

So if (big if )  Saturn exists somewhere in Crystal Tokyo era, she would be 916 and would probably look 16 at that point and time.  

So the age gap between Saturn and Chibiusa would've been at least 14 yrs.

SO- if, NQS dies when Chibiusa is 980, that means  Saturn will die 14 yrs later which Chibiusa's  994. 

Then, Chibiusa herself will die 6 yrs after Saturn's death- completing the 1000yrs lifespan as a whole.

sticking point of all this is the assumption that everyone lives a thousand years, due to the power of the Silver Crystal.

The idea is that aging is negotiable to when the holder of the Silver Crystal either takes the throne or maybe when they give birth.   I'm leaning towards when they give birth but...

That would mean (Going back to the silver Millennium era) that Q. Serenity gave birth to P. Serenity (The future NQS)  at the 'age' of 18yrs old, which stops her aging process.  


Q. Serenity founded the kingdom/taking the throne at 18yrs of age and then late in her reign (Say at 800-900 yrs old) she gave birth to P. Serenity.


Originally I was going to ask what everyone thinks about the Silver Crystal (and maybe later the Pink Moon crystal) regulates when a person ages or not.  

It just kind evolved into how old NQ Serenity was during the scenes we see her in Crystal Tokyo and how long she would actually have to live.  Then how long Saturn would have lived, being that she's the youngest one in the original court, then how long Chibiusa would've lived there after.

These are all guesses though. 

So what do you think?


Ack, Mistake

I meant that Chibiusa would be 986, when Saturn dies.
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PostSubject: Re: [Theory] Aging- Silver Millennium and Crystal Tokyo   9th November 2013, 4:15 pm

Considering how danger shows up at their lives, it's pretty much possible that NQS and her court, died in battle, not of old age.
Same goes for Princess Small Lady Serenity.

For me dying in battle or something, looks better than old senshi. Great heroes are never supposed to get old. 
Just look to greek/roman mytholgy: Did you heard of any hero dying old? Smile
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[Theory] Aging- Silver Millennium and Crystal Tokyo

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