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 [BUYING] Wish Listed Dolls

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Star Seed

Star Seed

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PostSubject: [BUYING] Wish Listed Dolls   3rd August 2013, 10:24 am

There are two dolls on my wishlist I would like to purchase.

1) Japanese Sailor Moon R Line - Neo Queen Serenity Doll -As far as condition is concerned , It can either be mint in box , mint contents damaged box , or Loose (Can be missing pieces , I am not picky on this one. As long as the main body of the doll is mint condition and the hair has not been altered in any way , I am interested. I would even be interested in a Nude Doll as long as it can be documented to be a Neo Queen Serenity doll)

2) Japanese Sailor Moon Super S Line - Crystal Power Chara Talk Super Sailor Venus Doll - As far as condition on this one , It can be either mint in box , Mint contents damaged box , or Loose. BUT I am a lot more picky when it comes to this ones loose condition. It must be gem mint and complete with all original accessories.
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[BUYING] Wish Listed Dolls

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