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 The Price

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Queen of the darkside of the moon
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The Price Empty
PostSubject: The Price   The Price I_icon_minitime10th August 2013, 6:03 am

The Price

Seiya had known..

But she hadn't known anything at all!

She had known that the future held something for her Odango, but she hadn't really been able to see what it was clearly.  She had known that the future was one that was destined for Chiba and Odango- and she hadn't cared. 
She should have. She should have seen the warnings!

Before her, the thing she hadn't known about.  The very thing that even the other Sol senshi had exclaimed bafflement and fear to.  The Rise of the Black Moon Clan.  Only...

"They're so much more powerful than before!" Neo Queen Serenity had gasped at the deep craters in the city. "Where are they coming from?"

It's all...

She could only stare up at the crystal spires that smoked and crumbled. Even with her transformation, she had been beaten and had lost it somewhere in this.  Her body shook and quivered. 

"Where's Mamoru?"  Neo Queen Serenity had asked her team then. "Maybe.. with his help-?"
"We haven't been able to find him."  Sailor Mars told her, "We don't know where he is."

Crystal Tokyo had fallen.  Odango and the others..  Seiya's body trembled as a chocked sob escaped her mouth.  Odango...

"Usagi- NO!" 
Neo Queen Serenity had only smiled before following her friends into battle.  Never to return again.

That's when she heard it, the sound of footsteps coming closer.  Seiya turned, ready to fight, but was almost speechless at the sight.  

"It's..It's you!"

She'd recognized Mamoru anywhere from the coveted pictures that her Odango hid from her.  She threw herself at him, aiming a weakened punch to his face. "Where were you?  We..- SHE needed you and you weren't there!"     She couldn't stop the tears from falling anew, "Now- "  Her voice cracked with a chocked sob, "Now it's all gone! Everything is gone!"

But the man seemed unmoved by her and only waited until she cried herself out. 

"Well? What do you have to say for yourself?"

Mamoru- no, Prince Endymion in all his regaled form, offered his hand to Seiya. "If you want revenge for them, then come with me."

"Why should I?" Seiya's eyes narrowed, "What could you possibly do to help?"

"It's your choice, Seiya. Either stay here and wallow in your misery without any means to fight back, or come with me where you can be given an outlet for those emotions."

Seiya watched him for a long enough time before she closed her eyes and sighed. "Fine."   She took his hand, "I'll go with you."

She should have known that destiny.. fate.. whatever it was- it didn't like to be messed with.  It didn't like to be deceived.   Seiya would later believe that this was the punishment from the gods for wantonly derailing what they had ordain.

But she just couldn't help herself...

Though now, almost a year or two later,  Seiya would find herself in a position that was all too familiar. She ran her hand along the golden crib and watched the mobile chime out a soft tune.   She had done this before- wanted this before with Odango and she was certain that he had too. 

Why does she keep doing this to herself?

Her belly was round and she ran her hand over it trying to keep calm the child inside who was moving so much.  She sighed, annoyed with herself for this but at the same time, she found that this is preferable. After everything that had gone through together to earn this peace..

The price for a slice of happiness was too high. It would have been better for all if she hadn't persuaded Usagi to be with her instead.  Then ...everyone would be alive still.

Her daughter was the most curious thing on this planet. Red hair, bright blue eyes- she was a thing of beauty to them.  The most curious thing about her, though...

...was that she had a golden crescent moon on her forehead.


So yeah, I felt like throwing this drabble out.  Just cause, really.  This one is a wee bit tweaked from the others but still pretty good I think.
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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

Title : Book Addict of Fictional Books
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The Price Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Price   The Price I_icon_minitime20th August 2013, 10:27 pm

Yeah! I like how the story is similar to misconception, bittersweet. I hope u continue this drabble, and make it more into a story.


The Price DXHFt7w
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Queen of the darkside of the moon
Posts : 986
Join date : 2012-11-10
Age : 33

The Price Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Price   The Price I_icon_minitime21st August 2013, 2:31 am

The Decision

Kunzite had known that that moment could change everything.  

Since then he hasn't slept too well but his belief that his decision was correct is all that consoles him. 

Helios, the Priest that was helping them, had notified him of the problems of Earth. This 'Black Moon Clan' and their inkling attacking the false Queen of Earth and her court.  They could help.  They had the power to do this. 

He had known and withheld this information from their Prince.

For years, after the Moon Princess became queen of their land, they had retreated to Elysion. The one place she has- and could not- touch without their Prince's permission.  Here, cut off from their beloved home, they learned about their past once more. They learned everything they had ever forgotten.  Their powers had grown here, being nutured by countless hours of training and spiritual exercise so they could commune better with this world. 

He would not allow her to have his still lovesick prince wrapped around her fingers. Not again.  Not ever. 

It was only when he- having montiored the situtation-saw the imminent fall of that false queen's palace, did he alert them to the problems of the surface.  The look on his prince's face-

Oh it had torn him apart! Ripped him up from the inside, and yet.. He did what was right. It was for the good of ensuring the rebirth of the Golden Kingdom.

Kunzite doesn't think much of this 'Seiya' woman.  She was another outsider- a person that also destroyed his Prince's life.  Why had Endymion decided to take her in, he didn't know. Perhaps she was an asset.


With Zoisite, he can sleep better now.  The troubles of the waking world always melted away when he's with him. Maybe that's why...

Kunzite could only keep a watchful eye, even while he obeyed his King's commands, on the outsider.  Even as the woman grieved for the Moon Queen, even when she became something more to his king, he would not regret the decision he made. 

It was for the good of the Kingdom.
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The Price Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Price   The Price I_icon_minitime

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The Price

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